Definition of ATROPHY …. (FROM)

Decrease in size or wasting away of a body part or tissue; also : arrested development or loss of a part or organ incidental to the normal development or life of an animal or plant
Here are the manifestations of the above …. as seen on YouTube via FaceBook ….

 Israeli mob celebrates savage beating of Palestinian man, shouts racist slogans

Full report by Ali Abunimah can be read HERE regarding the above incident.

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  1. michael mazur said,

    February 26, 2013 at 21:03

    Yesterday i phoned sbs.tv, Australia, and started to say that presstv showed IDF beating up a Palestinian on the West Bank and he hung up on me.
    I was going to say to him for that to appear on the evening news service.
    SBStv is also Israeli occupied territory.

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