FaceBook has become the zionists’ newest forum for spreading their hatred as can be seen in the following …
Golani Brigade soldier: “May all Arabs die … I am a proud racist.”

“May all Arabs die!” Israelis on Facebook express joy at Jordan bus crash that killed Palestinian pilgrims

 by Ali Abunima
Israelis, including at least one person identifying himself as a soldier, reacted with genocidal joy on Facebook to the horrifying news this morning that 17 Palestinians returning from a pilgrimage had been killed in a bus accident in Jordan and dozens more injured. Early reports had put the number of dead at 14.

According to The Jordan Times, the accident occurred as the bus descended toward the Jordan Valley “and slammed into a passenger vehicle causing it to overturn. The bus then slammed into a truck and the two vehicles crashed resulting in the deaths and the high number of injuries.”

Israelis overjoyed at horrifying deaths

“I couldn’t ask for a better morning than this,” wrote Facebook user Kobi Yaacov Saroussiunder an item about the accident on the Facebook page of Israel’s Channel 2, “Shame there isn’t another zero at the end [of the number of victims].”

Kobi Yaacov Saroussi is disappointed there weren’t ten times as many deaths.

There were dozens more similar comments. Facebook user Demri Alice wrote “Finally it’s possible to ‘Like’ something,” to which she added a smiley face.

In horrifying deaths of Palestinians, Demri Alice finally find something to “Like” on Facebook.

Many were brief. Tomer Reuven simply commented “Very good.”

“Great! Let’s hope everyone on the bus was an Arab!” said Eitan Wolfer Eifergan.

“I’ve never tolerated Arabs,” wrote Kobi Noga, “I’m an extreme rightist. We should kill them all.”

Kobi Noga, self-described “extreme rightist,” thinks all Arabs should be killed.

Shenhav Sharbit, using the perjorative term “arboushim” – roughly the equivalent of the N-word – said Arabs could “all die” and that was “all good.”

Shenhav Sharbit uses a racist epithet for Arabs to express her joy at their deaths.

Golani Brigade soldier: “May all Arabs die … I am a proud racist.”

In a screenshot from his Facebook page, Chen Shaptiban is seen in a uniform bearing the tree symbol indicating that he is a member of the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade.

Among the most horrifying of the many horrifying comments were those of Chen Shaptiban who, based on a photo on his Facebook page, appears to be a member of the Israeli army’s notorious “Golani brigade” which was recently in the news because some of its members have posted shocking photographs on Instagram. One of Shaptiban’s reactions to the road accident was this:

May all Arabs die. There is no place for Arabs in the land of Israel. Maybe it sounds terrible to some people in north Tel Aviv, but they too do not deserve to live in this state, and yes, I am a proud racist, proud of my state and the soldiers guarding it!

Objections to racism shut down with more racist abuse

Some Palestinian citizens of Israel and Israeli Jews objected to the pervasive racism. Facebook user Marwan Momo, for example, wrote, “You keep crying Holocaust Holocaust but look how you talk!”

Gilad Kapeliuk wrote, “The sickening racism does not surprise me …. I’m ashamed to be part of this nation.”

But Avigail Mishaiv replied to Kapeliuk, “Gaza is waiting for you with open arms. You can go and be proud over there.

Golani soldier Shaptiban also retorted, “Gilad, you leftists are the cancer in the state, traitors to the state, the garbage of Israeli society.”

Regev Cohen, responding to another Facebook user, whom he addressed with a homophobic epithet, wrote, “All the terrorists in the world, all the fucking martyrs, who are they? Arabs and Muslims” before referring to Arabs as “barbarians” and “human waste.”

Ori Avraham reacted to criticism of the racist statements from a user called “Irit” by telling her, “Do you know what the biggest dream of the Muslims is? To exterminate all the Jews by any means, so be quiet.”

Not an isolated incident

It is important to emphasize that the racist comments in this incident were not rare or exceptional, but numerous and pervasive.

While the comments above were collected from the Facebook page of Israel’s Channel 2, many similar racist comments could be seen just as frequently under the news item about the crash on the Facebook page of Walla! News, another major Israeli media outlet.

At Walla! for example, Elior Mizrahi commented, “Sabbath morning, a beautiful day!” and added a smiley face. Shai Hadad expressed the sentiment, “14 is too few, shame it wasn’t more.”

Nor is this an isolated incident. The Electronic Intifada has previously documented numerous examples of Israelis expressing shocking racism and calls for racist and genocidal violence on Facebook.

Today’s disgusting comments are also reminiscent of what happened when some Israelis expressed delight after a number of Palestinian children were killed in a bus accident in February last year.

It is also notable that while the habitual expressions of joy by Israelis at the deaths and suffering of Palestinians go largely unremarked, an Egyptian activist, Samira Ibrahim, was the focus of worldwide condemnation recently after her nomination for a White House award was withdrawn when it came to light that she had expressed joy on Twitter at the deaths of Israelis in the July 2012 bombing of a bus in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas among other objectionable and racist comments.

Words lead to killing

This shocking and pervasive racism is not harmless. Many of those expressing it are members of Israeli occupation forces who hold immense power over the Palestinian population.

In at least one case we know about, an Israeli occupation “border policeman,” Maxim Vinogradov, had expressed a desire on Facebook to assist in “annihilating” Arabs just one week before he shot dead Palestinian father Ziad Jilani at a checkpoint in eastern occupied Jerusalem, a killing for which Jilani’s family continues to seek justice.


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  1. March 16, 2013 at 18:43

    […] FaceBook has become the zionists' newest forum for spreading their hatred as can be seen in the following … * Golani Brigade soldier: “May all Arabs die … I am a proud racist.” * “May all Arabs …  […]

  2. Iain Yuile said,

    March 16, 2013 at 19:13

    This is the kind of mentality that has taken control of the United states, Canada and other western countries. It makes you shudder from the cold in-human bloodthirsty hypocrisy.

  3. Blake said,

    March 16, 2013 at 19:25

    Utterly revolting. One must ask who rear people like that

  4. Jeff said,

    March 16, 2013 at 19:59

    The double standard here is egregious. Can you imagine the reaction from the Zionists and their government/corporate media shills if Arabs had said something like this about Jews?

  5. Big Man said,

    March 16, 2013 at 20:00

    So wonderfully ecumenical those Israelis are.

  6. Roberto said,

    March 16, 2013 at 20:06

    It’s like Israeli Jews deliberately want people to hate them so that they can then justify their own diabolical behaviour.

  7. Dan said,

    March 16, 2013 at 20:17

    Maybe, now, it is time for Israel (the nation) to die. I don’t think the Jews should die, just bring them to their real promiced land – America – and give Palestine back to the
    Arabs. By the way, who is Poncho Threetrees?

  8. Freemanontheland said,

    March 17, 2013 at 10:33

    Israel is finished. No one wants them. No one likes them. They are barely tolerated by those who are blackmailed by them. They had the chance but they blew it. Time to end the experiment and send them back to a confined Birobidjan, where they can do no more damage.

  9. Salzburg said,

    March 17, 2013 at 13:01

    I get some satisfaction of the fact ( heard it on 60 Minutes) that in not too many years, the Palestinians will outnumber the Israelis in their own country.

  10. March 17, 2013 at 14:36

    […] Israelis, including at least one person identifying himself as a soldier, reacted with genocidal joy on Facebook to the horrifying news this morning that 17 Palestinians returning from a pilgrimage had been killed in a bus accident in Jordan and dozens more injured. FACEBOOK OR ?HATEBOOK?? | Desertpeace […]

  11. Bluesman said,

    March 17, 2013 at 14:40

    The two state solution is mandated because it’s the *only* way Israel (as a homeland for the Jewish people) can survive

    If the single-state-advocates get their way, ISRAEL (as a Jewish homeland) WILL CEASE TO BE, at the very moment those of Palestinian/Arab descent gain a majority in the Knesset, which unless a single-state-Israel is an apartheid/racist state with suffrage determined by ethnicity and/or religion is *absolutely inevitable*

    It will by the very process of democracy become an Arab/Muslim nation in the Arab/Muslim Middle East, and there is Jack-Shit the zionists can do about that, *if* Israel is to be a single-state legitimate democracy with equal rights for *all* it’s citizens

    These racist zionists may yet find themselves being deported from Israel in a few very short years (having of course served jail time for their hate-crimes 😉 )…

    *IF* that is, they don’t have the wit nor the will to control their avarice racism and bloodlust (and their hate filled rhetoric of course) and to get on with the two state solution

    However, looking at Israel’s historical record it is arguable that the dissolution of zionist Israel might be a good thing for world peace…

    This isn’t anti-Semitism or hate-speech, the facts speak very clearly for themselves…

    Israel have after all been caught trying to sell nukes to South Africa, it’s attacked its “allies” (the attack on the USS Liberty for example), stolen it’s “allies” passports to commit acts of murder and espionage world-wide etc etc,

    Israel is certainly NOT a force for world peace in light of these irrefutable facts

    Can anyone reading this think of a single instance where Israeli action has *prevented* bloodshed, or brought about peace, where Israel wasn’t forced or coerced into the action by the international community???

    I sincerely hope that these racists get *exactly* what they deserve, and the Palestinians get the justice (and the independent/secure state of Palestine of course) that *they* deserve

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    God Damn israHell

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