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President Obama will arrive in Israel for a whirlwind tour this coming Wednesday. Below you will find a video of where he will be making stops ….
… But more importantly is where he won’t be making stops;
He won’t be stopping at Sheikh Jarrah to take part in the weekly demonstation in support of families evicted from their homes by illegal settlers.
He won’t be stopping at Al Aqsa Mosque on Friday to see the restrictions put on Muslims who want to pray there.
He won’t be stopping at Bil’in on Friday to see the weekly protest against the wall of apartheid.
He won’t be visiting families of children massacred by the occupation forces.
He won’t be visiting Gaza to see the devastation there resulting from Israel’s attacks.
No, there appears to be no interest in the results of US Tax Dollars being poured into the country used to destroy the little that is left of Palestine.
Yes, this will be a visit that promises NO CHANGE to the region.
Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes previews the President’s trip to Israel, The West Bank and Jordan
The new mantra…

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  1. Redpossum said,

    March 18, 2013 at 15:28

    “the future of Israel, and the enormous economic progress they’re making there”

    Yeah, with our 12-15 billion a year in subsidies, while twenty million Americans are unemployed, and ten million more are only working part-time.

    USA is so broke we are cutting Food Stamps, for god’s sake, but there is always money to send to the Zionists.

    It makes me so angry I cannot write coherently.

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