Hunger Speech by Samer Issawi
I am Samer Issawi on hunger strike for eight consecutive months, laying in one of your hospitals called Kaplan. On my body is a medical devise connected to a surveillance room operating 24 hours a day. My heartbeats are slow and quiet and may stop at any minute, and everybody, doctors, officials and intelligence officers are waiting for my setback and my loss of life.
I chose to write to you: intellectuals, writers, lawyers and journalists, associations, and civil society activists. I invite you to visit me, to see a skeleton tied to his hospital bed, and around him three exhausted jailers. Sometimes they have their appetizing food and drinks around me.
The jailers watch my suffering, my loss of weight and my gradual melting. They often look at their watches, asking themselves in surprise: how does this damaged body have an excess of time to live after its time?

 I’m looking for an intellectual who is through    shadowboxing, or talking to his face in mirrors. I want him to stare into my face and observe my coma, to wipe the gunpowder off his pen, and from his mind the sound of bullets, he will then see my features carved deep in his eyes, I’ll see him and he’ll sees me, I’ll see him nervous about the questions of the future, and he’ll see me, a ghost that stays with him and doesn’t leave.
You may receive instructions to write a romantic story about me, and you could do that easily after removing my humanity from me, you will watch a creature with nothing but a ribcage, breathing and choking with hunger, loosing consciousness once in a while.
And, after your cold silence, Mine will be a literary or media story that you add to your curricula, and when your students grow up they will believe that the Palestinian dies of hunger in front of Gilad’s Israeli sword, and you would then rejoice in this funerary ritual and in your cultural and moral superiority.  
I am Samer Issawi the young “Arboush” man according to your military terms, the Jerusalemite, whom you arrested without charge, except for leaving Jerusalem to the suburbs of Jerusalem. I, whom will be tried twice for a charge without charge, because it is the military that rules in your country, and the intelligence apparatus that decides, and all other components of Israeli society ever have to do is sit in a trench and hide in the fort that keeps what is called a purity of identity – to avoid the explosion of my suspicious bones.
I have not heard one of you interfere to stop the loud wail of death, it’s as if everyone of you has turned into gravediggers, and everyone wears his military suit: the judge, the writer, the intellectual, the journalist, the merchant, the academic, and the poet. And I cannot believe that a whole society was turned into guards over my death and my life, or guardians over settlers who chase after my dreams and my trees. 
I will die satisfied and having satisfied. I do not accept to be deported out of my homeland. I do not accept your courts and your arbitrary rule. If you had Passed over in Easter to my country and destroyed it in the name of a God of an ancient time, you will not Passover to my elegant soul which has declared disobedience. It has healed and flew and celebrated all the time that you lack. Maybe then you will understand that awareness of freedom is stronger than awareness of death.
Do not listen to those generals and those dusty myths, for the defeated will not remain defeated, and the victor will not remain a victor. History isn’t only measured by battles, massacres and prisons, but by peace with the Other and the self. 
Listen to my voice, the voice of our time and yours! Liberate yourselves of the excess of greedy power! Do not remain prisoners of military camps and the iron doors that have shut your minds! I am not waiting for a jailer to release me, I’m waiting for you to be released from my memory.
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  1. Fred said,

    April 10, 2013 at 17:18

    Such courage and such dignity the Zionists cannot imagine, even in
    their dreams

  2. GoodAmerican said,

    April 10, 2013 at 17:51

    i second that condemnation.

  3. Lokey said,

    April 10, 2013 at 18:09

    i bow in reverence to you Samer Issawi.

  4. mikael said,

    April 10, 2013 at 19:55

    I will promise you and the others in Palestina and its cause, that I will do what ever I can to ripp this tribe(zionists) apart.
    All the lies about their so caled superiourety and intellectual “reputation”, is what I will pulverise.
    I have stated earlyer that the glows are of, they(Israel) will be left without any kind of credibility.
    Right now, I have exposed the lies and forgerys of eralyer discoverys and sience, and I will tear them apart, bitt by bitt, untill all the lies are exposed, their forgeys of History, and also in the thefth of knowledge, wrappen in the MSM propaganda mascinery, since 1800.

    Einstein is a complet fraud, the knowledge is premival, the sience patheticly simple and all is stolen from others, and to day this criminal/fraudulent person is hailed as a genius, he was not that, ifact nothing of his work is done by him, the Media did that.

    And this is just the beginning of my quest.
    And I have also sayed that this quaest may be mindboggeling, but the lies and whats been hidden from US is the work of Zionists and the powers that are, like Zero point energy.
    Like the Doppler light effect to show the size/direction of the universe, something so f…. idiotic is common knowledge,
    And above it all, the real deal, is consciousness and the powers within it, this is the sole reason for the downfall of munaity.

    No, I am amazed of the low level of knowledge regading the present stage of Humanity, unnless the sick f…. and the Zionist lunatics is eradicated from our planet, we are doomed.

    The facts is that, the day Eretzh Israel is a fact, is the day the world becomes a slave planet.

    Never give in, palestinians and never give up.


    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  5. xham said,

    April 10, 2013 at 22:10


    Intrigued very much by the comments on Einstein. Are you saying there is something wrong with the interpretations or just that the theories are and were obvious before him? If the former can you provide a link?


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