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Even before the suspects in the Boston bombing are apprehended, the verdict has already been handed down and it apparently has been decided that they are Moslems.
Needless to say, the corporate media is having a heyday with this  …

According to several Muslims interviewed by the media, when a white man carries out a crime, he is looked at as an individual, but when the suspect is Muslim, the entire Muslim-American community is labeled.


After Boston attack: US Muslims reliving post 9-11 experience

Some 6 million Muslims live in US, and in days following Boston Marathon attack, they say they are experiencing anew harassment and anxiety which took place after 9/11. Says one Muslim youth who was at marathon finish line and whose photo was posted online, ‘I’m afraid to go to school’

Yitzhak Benhorin*

Muslims in the US are living in fear, praying that those responsible for the bombings in Boston will be apprehended and shown to be non-Muslim. Over the last few days, reports of harassment of Arabs and Muslims have been coming up throughout the US, especially at places of employment and in schools.

Apprehensions were raised among Arabs and Muslims after the New York Post published the photos of two Muslim teens, who the paper’s headlines claimed, were wanted by authorities for questioning in relation to the Boston bombings.

A short time after the attack, the main headline on the newspaper’s site had stated that at least 12 people had been killed and that the main suspect was a Saudi who had been arrested by Boston Police. Law enforcement quickly denied the reports, saying they had not arrested a Saudi national, or anyone else.

On Thursday, the New York Post published a photo of the two youth, both 17. The paper wrote that Salah Eddin Barhoum and his friend, Yassine Zaime, had been seen close to the marathon finish line. Later the paper retracted its earlier report, saying the two were not the ones being looked for and that the FBI had identified other suspects.

But Salah Barhoum, a son of Morrocan immigrant parents and a high school track runner, was so shocked by the publicity, that when he noticed someone in a car outside his high school watching him and talking on a phone, he quickly ran back into the school.

הרגעים שלאחר הפיגוע בבוסטון (צילום: AP)

Police, runner react to explosion (Photo: AP)*

Barhoum said that after his photo appeared on the cover of the Post, he received over 200 messages, one from someone in Oregon saying, “How could you do that? Did you even think about the consequences?”

In an interview with the AP, Barhoum said he will not feel safe until the party responsible for the attack is caught. “I’m going to be scared going to school. Work wise, my family, everything is going to be scary.”

The Barhoum family emigrated from Morocco to the US five years ago, and the father, El Houssein Barhoum said he is afraid someone will shoot his son, and that he worries about the safety of his wife and daughters. He himself admits he is afraid to go to his job at a Boston bakery.

The BBC also spoke with several random Muslims they met on US city streets. One 10-year-old boy, identified only as Yusef, said when he arrived at his Ohio school after the attack, he was asked questions by classmates regarding his family. During a class discussion on the attacks, another student asked whether Yusef would blow up the school. The teacher, who did not understand Yusuf’s reply, pulled him aside and held him back until his school locker was checked.

Since the Monday attack,US Muslims are experiencing an intense change in the treatment they receive from others, as they did after September 11. Memories from 2001 are resurfacing for the estimated 6 million Muslims throughout the nation.

The greatest apprehension for Muslims following 9/11 was brought on by the fact that the attackers did turn out to be Muslim.

According to several Muslims interviewed by the media, when a white man carries out a crime, he is looked at as an individual, but when the suspect is Muslim, the entire Muslim-American community is labeled.



  1. mikael said,

    April 19, 2013 at 19:48

    I belive this is a beta-test to iflict harm on The Others and like before, the UssA have a reputation of depotations of people of other creeds, into camps, the people will cheer the hunting of muslims, when they suddenly have a common enemy, all trails so far leads up to this great war. How wacko the gov of the UssA realy are, after the slaughter of 10-15 millions indiginous people, and to day they are compresed into camps.
    It still is, but not widely talked about, 3 world bantustans inside the UssA.
    Filled with people, cept in their “propper place”, by a evil regime.
    And they have the nerves to talk about others as Evil.
    There is no other country to day that kills and maims as mutch as the terrorstate the Noe Faudalistic ruled, UssA.
    I was afraid the Boston is a start to demonise Muslims in a larger scae, in context regarding the coming great war, agains Iran and then Russia.
    I am frankly not that suprised Chtchens where involved, they are like the MBH controlled oposition and used as “rightious soldiers” in present Syria in the Al Queda whatever legion.

    So, and he may well be a person trapped into something, and now the trapp slammed shutt and he is sacrifyed.
    A Mossad/CIA runnerboy.
    Like the episode in Bulgaria.
    The rightwinged fring drivel peobably backfired and they changed the topic to Muslims, instead, and belive me, this works mutch “better”.
    In a primitiv warlike sosciety like the UssAs goverment, and their politicians.
    The islamic paranoia is fead into our land as well(Norway), the “evil muslim” dogma is screaming into our sensess with war type sized headlines, I am afraid, there is sonething coming and its going top be bad.
    This si the start signal, and the roundup will beginn, then yoy know what comes, this is becoming a parodic propaganda stunt, but the people belives it and swallow this raw.
    And then the war and genosides will come.
    It will, it was planed a long time ago, and its THAT inertia I am beholding, the rest is meer talk.
    Keap your eyes on the boots on the ground.

    wake up


  2. sc00ter313 said,

    April 20, 2013 at 00:03

    As time passes and incidents unfold: I become evermore ashamed to be known as an “American”. The writings and teachings of DR. King, Gandhi and a simple poor man, Jesus Christ tell me how we must treat each other. While being indoctrinated by our educational system: I honestly believed that America held those values too. WHAT A FING CROCK!
    I thought the Neanderthal had become extinct because their evolution had skipped the humanity gene. Now: I know they evolved into Priests, Rabbis, imams, LAWYERS, BANKERS, Generals, used car salesmen and POLITICIANS!
    Racism, intolerance, hatred, stereotyping and perpetual violence are as “AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE”.
    Because I am extorted to pay the taxes that support the most sinister purveyour of sheer terror the world has ever known, I am guilty.
    I apologize for what is done in my name. I only have one voice, a voice that I raise in opposition every waking moment. I understand and accept that I, or us, will ever be forgiven
    It is most unfortunate that this empire never was what i was told to believe. The world would be a much better place if……
    Our involvement with the Fascist Theocracy of Apartheid (NAZI) israel has opened a deeper tunnel under the rabbit hole those in power have dragged us down into, a deeper deviance than ever imagined by the sickest psychopath or dictator, a collective effort of many twisted minds.
    We shouldn’t wish or pray for America to “recover”, recovery would would only restart the same old cycle that has alienated the entire planet. We need to CHANGE. What we have now is the “change” Obama drove down our collective throats. We should regurgitate every last morsel and feed it back to them. Not one article of his “change” should be considered part of a “healthy diet”.

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