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Just a week after receiving an award for his work as a Peacemaker at Yeshiva University, Jimmy Carter is already working towards his next award ….
       Carter Center Expresses Concern Over Palestinian Prisoners

ATLANTA… On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, April 17, The Carter Center expresses concern for the treatment of 4,750 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which contravenes international law and human rights norms. The prisoners, 106 of whom have been detained more than 20 years, include democratically elected members of the Palestinian legislature, such as Marwan Barghouti, Ahmad Saadat, and Ahmad At-Toun, as well as 235 children.  The fate of hunger striking prisoners is of special concern.  Samer Issawi has been on hunger strike for some 270 days, and his health has gravely deteriorated. Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters have occurred over detainee issues.  Should one of the strikers die, wider violence could erupt.

“The thousands of prisoners held by Israel are a persistent cause of resentment for the Palestinian people,” said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. “Israel’s treatment of Palestinian detainees should be consistent with its obligations under international law.  Practices such as transferring prisoners out of the occupied territory, extended solitary confinement, torture and ill-treatment, and the use of ‘administrative detention,’ which allows prisoners to be held for extended periods without trial or charge, should end.  Release of a significant number of prisoners could contribute to efforts to find peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

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  1. ermanno said,

    April 19, 2013 at 19:56

    Former President Carter is a great Americam and his voice of truth and of reason reaches many thoughtful Americans. At the same time the Jewish lobby AIPAC aided by the mainstream media which they also control reaches many more Americans and therefore most innocent America people as misled and misinformed on most issues affecting our own common good. The irony is that through their control of the media they are successful in placating any concerns we have and convince us to spend our own money and to shed the blood of our own children fighting misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran for the good of Israel and bankrupting our nation in the process,

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