There is a Yiddish expression ‘Shlepping Nachas’, which is commonly used by proud parents referring to the accomplishments of their children. It is exactly how I felt when I read the following in the weekend edition of the Jerusalem Post.
Carlos Latuff has on many occassions made me proud to be associated with him, but in this case he really outdid himself.

Anti-Semitism in the guise of Holocaust education?


Belgian authorities under fire for school lesson plan comparing Israelis to Nazis.

Caricature drawn by Carlos Latuff for Belgian educational website.
Caricature drawn by Carlos Latuff for Belgian educational website.Photo: Courtesy

Jewish groups criticized Belgian educational authorities this week after a government-funded website was discovered hosting lesson plans comparing Israelis to Nazis.

A lesson plan on the database included a cartoon comparing contemporary Gazans with Jews incarcerated in concentration camps as well as a roleplaying exercise in which students were asked to imagine the world through the eyes of a Hamas sympathizer, Joods Actueel, a monthly Jewish newspaper, reported.

Teachers looking for lesson plans on the Holocaust and other atrocities are referred to the site by a link on the homepage of the Special Committee for Remembrance Education (BCH), which is funded in part by the Education Ministry.

The BCH represents both “the school advisory boards of the various educational networks” as well as the Flemish Education Ministry, according to its website.

The Gatestone Institute, a conservative think tank based in New York, translated the lesson.

“You have sympathy for the radical group Hamas. You live in Gaza and go to work every day in Israel. It takes you four hours to go to work as you need to pass the border control between Gaza and Israel. You are already on your way at 4 a.m. You have two children in primary school. As a consequence, the death of a Palestinian girl shot by Israeli soldiers in the school playground has shocked you deeply. Israel denies having shot the child, but according to representatives of the United Nations in Gaza everything indicates that she was killed by the Israelis. Hamas has fired six rockets toward Israel. Israel has to stop with its attacks.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the lessons, calling them “a classic example of Holocaust inversion, in which the descendants of the victims of the Shoah are portrayed as the new Nazis.”

“This is a total perversion of the of the lessons of the Shoah and a phenomenon which is cause for grave concern.

It also underscores the potential dangers of the misuse and exploitation of the recent expansion of Holocaust education in many countries in the world, and especially in Europe,” the center’s Efraim Zuroff told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

While “the extreme anti- Israel and anti-Semitic material was not part of the official curriculum on Holocaust education,” it was “in the database available to teachers,” Michael Salberg, the Anti-Defamation League director of international affairs, said.

While the lessons have been taken offline subsequent to theJoods Actueel story, Salberg said it was still “shocking that material so offensive and dangerous found its way into any classroom anywhere.”

The system for providing teaching materials, “while based on good intentions, has produced consequences that call for reviewing and improving the process.”

A spokesman for the Brussels- based European Jewish Association told the Post the group planned on “filing a suit for slander against the group that is circulating the inflammatory materials.”

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the EJA, called for “an immediate cessation of funding” to and said the Jewish community was “battling an anti-Israel sentiment that has degenerated into a new form of anti-Semitism in all arenas – legal, political and the media.”

Anti-racism volunteers registered 80 anti-Semitic incidents throughout Belgium in 2012, according to a report released by the Antisemitsm.Be watchdog group. This represents a 23 percent increase over 2011.

In response to an inquiry on the lesson issue from the Post, a representative of the education minister said that an “answer is coming soon.”

In a statement on its website on Thursday, the BCH denied any connection to the materials.

“To reach a wide range of teachers we started last year a collaboration with KlasCement, an organization that holds a database with educational materials. This organization is also part of the Flemish government. The database of Remembrance Education is in therefore only a part of the bigger website.

BCH emphasizes that the two cases, discussed in the article, were not published in the database of Remembrance Education.”

“We will not support any Israel-hatred or Jews-hatred lesson practices,” BCH asserted.

“We are not accepting the accusations made in this article and we already have asked a right to reply,” the BCH’s Klaartje De Boeck said.

Guido Joris, the reporter who initially wrote about the lesson plans, disagrees.

“BHC is a government institute and KlasCement is also a government institute,” Joris told the Post. “Both are under the authority of the Flemish minister of education.”

“An official from the Education Ministry has to give approval for everything on KlasCement,” he said.

While he believes that BCH was unaware of the alleged anti-Semitic content, he believes it had a responsibility to know what was on the website to which it was referring teachers.

“You cant say ‘I’m not responsible,’” Joris said.

JTA contributed to this report.





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  1. skulzstudios said,

    September 22, 2013 at 17:22

    Brother Carlos rocks.

  2. mikael said,

    September 22, 2013 at 17:58

    I begg for forgivness, its not easy to squice milleniums of history into a short space, but this is a outline of the majore events, to clarify to you all, to the semittic people.

    I never stop to be amazed by some of the “jews” wild statments, and some of them are flatout lies.

    This enternatl chanting, the same mantra, anti-sionism/semstisme is so hollow, and missused so many times regading the atemt to distract critics against Israeli policys, with They claim is not representing all the “jews”,but once the critics comes along, everything is “anti semitism”.

    Its becomed a semantical and for the moust of the literate/educated public, rethoricaly dead.
    And I will lett it stay dead.

    We all know the story, even thoe its basicly fake, in every way, a total reversal of reality, and the story of the diasapora, a lie, it never happened, because, the semits are stil there, in Israel and Palestina, the only difference is the Slavic khazars.
    Witch to day is 90 % of the “jewish” Israel.
    And a man from Polan, babling about their lost homeland is ridicoulus and a lie, simply putt.
    The facts are, all the monoestic religions are the same, the background exactly the same, their God is the same, the only two variables is time, the Islamic the latest, the Christians so and the thorah, a religion originating from the Persians/Sumer.
    In historical terms there is a vast timespann, from the Sumerian/thorah to the christians and then the last Islam, all writen in their in the mind sett fo that spesific time.
    The span is 3000 years, at lest to the Islam in the 600, aprox, (for this moment).
    In the time of Muhamed(pbwh), to be a man of compasion, love and repecting everything, was seen upon as Weekness, and even lack of Propper Conductit, laws of the conlure, witch was very macho/patriacal in the times of the prophet.
    And even the more hilarious use of the exresion Aryan.
    Aryan have never been “white”, the have been a people that even to day have intergety, intelegence and high morale, underestemated but to me they are brothers/sisters, the Persians, people from Iran.
    Their religion, based on the scriptures a colletion caled the Aryan Avesta (like the bible), with tales like Zarathustrat tales, and their Fire/sun god is Ahura Mazda.
    I have had the plesure of meating a Zoroastrians.

    I hope people understands the debth of all this various scams and foregrys/missconseptions/flatout lies/a.s.o., where the Chatoic Vatican controlled church have had a majore role in this, forgerys and creating of boundraies that never was there in the first place.
    The religions and teachings of Islam, Judeoism; and christians, they all are the same religion.

    Religios warfeare is a westernised consept and a way of controlling the masses, by a paternal/heraclial/pyramidical system, compared to the older and since time imemoriable maternal/flatt system of thinking and acting.

    No, the truth is that the Zionists have destroyed everything, whats the factual isse is that they have even perverted their own story, and done the same to the name of Semenitsm.
    They have used time to create a vedge, into the 3 monestic relgions, they are the biggest liers of them all, and they have now, begunn to loose the ground, and howls Names and Acustaions, stupid strawmen and the rest of it, we all know the story.
    Thats becomed obvious, exept for the Zionists, of course, they will neve admitt their lies, will they.

    This the truth, whats the problem.
    I cant see anything, only the lies and Zionism, otherwise, no problem as it was for milleniums, before.


  3. September 22, 2013 at 23:06


  4. DDearborn said,

    September 23, 2013 at 01:49


    Once again criticizing a sovereign state such as Israel that is made up of many different races, creeds colors and religions is NOT anti-Semitic. Unless of course the Jewish members of the Israeli population are suggesting that only Jews are of material importance in Israel and therefore any criticism of Israel is criticism only of Jews and hence the Jewish faith. And if this is in fact the case (which it most clearly is not) then the Jewish citizens of Israel are directly responsible for all the war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights violations, illegal use of gas, napalm and depleted uranium against unarmed women and children and of course genocide against the Palestinian people by the STATE of isarel. SO which is it people?

    And let us all be perfectly clear here. Being Jewish does not mean that you are automatically above criticism or negative commentary simply because you are Jewish. Being Jewish does not provide blanket immunity. For those lucky enough to live in the United States we have something called the First Amendment which grants all citizens complete and total freedom of speech. And that means that citizens have the right to speak out against anybody for whatever reason they deem fit. Now as the recipient of such speech you are not required to like it. And you also have freedom, and that freedom is to NOT LISTEN. What you do not have is the right to stop the other person from speaking his peace. Sorry there is no special exemption or privilege bestowed upon Jewish Americans. Anti-Semitism in this context is nothing more than a euphemism for censorship and is not just a violation of our basic way of life it is against the law. If you don’t like what someone is saying don’t listen people. Sadly much of the world’s population does not have freedom of speech. However is should be noted that in America we the people have the freedom to criticize anybody. And that includes people of all faiths.

    Now I realize that in some countries laws have been put in place to stop criticism of Israel by hiding behind the specter of “anti-Semitism”
    What these people should be focusing on and demanding a response to instead is the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. The war crimes, crimes against humanity and civil rights violations that Israel has been raining down on the indigenous population for decades. It is truly sickening to listen to the people attempting to defend Israel while completely ignoring the truth. And the truth is that the state of Israel is in fact utilizing the very same tactics against the Palestinian people that the Nazis used against the Jews. It is the state of Israel on trial in the eyes of the world, not Judaism. Yet this group of people are so blinded in their allegiance to Israel they pretend to not see this. It has gotten so egregious that these radical demented supporters are now complicit in the ongoing crimes committed by Israel. It is very important to note that many of these radicals are not Jewish. So again criticism of “supporters” of Israel is NOT anti-Semitic!!!!!

  5. September 24, 2013 at 15:33

    […] * There is a Yiddish expression 'Shlepping Nachas', which is commonly used by proud parents referring to the accomplishments of their children. It is exactly how I felt when I read the following in…  […]

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