Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes – video animation

In March 2013, reports of a hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, the US detention camp in Cuba, began to surface. Details were sketchy and were contradicted by statements from the US military. Now, using testimony from five detainees, this animated film reveals the daily brutality of life inside Guantánamo. Today there are 17 prisoners still on hunger strike, 16 of whom are being force-fed. Two are in hospital.
 Warning: contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing
From The Guardian


  1. October 24, 2013 at 00:33


  2. Davol said,

    October 25, 2013 at 05:21

    Americans are ready to make all of this stop. Americans, now more than ever, realize this war on terrorism is not what we are. This is not what we represent to the world as Americans, and we are realizing that this war has really been a war on us. This is destroying America from within with something that is so not what my country was ever meant to be that it just has to be something foreign, like a coup de’ tat from within that the government itself has known all too well for quite a while now. What I I’m saying is that this country, not just me, realizes this now has to stop now. This country is so ready to make this stop now that it’s a collective self-preservation rising in masses that will soon make all of this war on terror bullshit stop. This is our self-preservation on it’s way to save this country, as well as our humanity, our morality, our sense of decency, our souls. Very little is in the way of this now happening. I feel it like a wind, and I see the desperation of a government that feels this too, about to crack down on what they can not stop. Good morning Americans.

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