Whenever I see the term ‘Progressive zionist’ I can’t help but feel confusion and revulsion. It’s got to be the greatest of oxymorons and definitely one that might be understood by morons themselves.
The rest of us have to question how this could be …. is it possible to be a ‘Progressive fascist or nazi’? How than is it possible to be a ‘Progressive zionist’? The Editorial in today’s Forward shows their true colours ….
One cannot be a fence sitter when the very existance of an entire nation is at stake.
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Academic Hypocrisy

The American Studies Association Veers Towards a Boycott of Israel



The decision by the National Council of the American Studies Association to support a boycott of Israeli academic institutions is hypocritical and short-sighted. We’re not of the belief that college campuses are as rife with anti-Israel sentiment as some activists contend, but this unanimous vote by the leadership of a sizable cohort of scholars is a stain on their integrity and a worrying sign that some are willing to put simple-minded politics way above adherence to genuine academic values.

Where to start? The ASA’s claim that this boycott is against only institutions and that individual Israelis will be welcome at scholarly conventions as long as their positions aren’t funded by the government is disengenuous and impossible to disentangle. Will Palestinians teaching at Israeli schools be shunned, too? Genuine academic freedom demands that scholars be allowed to speak, teach, research, publish and collaborate without regard to borders and nationality. Are some Palestinians restricted thus? Yes. But singling out Israel for censure is simply hypocritical.

And counterproductive. Calls for academic boycott will not hasten the end to Israel’s immoral and harmful occupation of the Palestinians; it will only hurt the wrong people and further isolate a recalcitrant government, while cutting off opportunities to support Israeli progressives and others striving for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

The ASA hasn’t announced when the resolution will be put to all its members. It should be resoundingly defeated. It is not possible to curtail academic freedom in the name of promoting academic freedom, just as scholars cannot defend some human rights and disregard others.


Read HERE what was behind the decision to support the Academic Boycott .

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Both pieces are absolutely brilliant!


  1. December 5, 2013 at 18:35

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  2. peter vojta said,

    December 5, 2013 at 19:26

    Absolutely, World has to stop Zionism …and by any means. Zionism is “visible satanic organization” on Earth. Place in Palestine called Israel /resp. its regime/ is the only child to this Evil ideology…
    Colonialism is unfortunaly part of human history, yet Rape of Palestine, this barbaric takeover with most arrogant etnic cleansing is the most embarising and deaply tragig event in latest history.
    If these criminals will be able to continue in their way of destruction, murder and deception…then very soon Whole World may became United occupaid territories….
    People disregarded message from scriptures, people dont care whats really written, so those responsible for most of human suffering on Earth can continue brainwash and brainwash mankind with such lies….
    If only people asked Truth Jewish people those who has been holding Torah !!!!! above Talmud. If people came to understand that Zionist version is unbelievable lie…If people understood, that whole Old Testament /Torah/ is relelation to God…If people understood, that this part of Bible deals with Gods endless pations with people whom he liked….If people understood the basic message from the Bible, that God simply on the end got angry with people he liked and Kicked them for their neverending rebelion against Gods commandments…If people understood, that God instructed people of jewish faith to live in Diaspora!!!!!till appointed times among nations and humbly …if people understood that God forbid!!!!!!! these people enjoy their own state…..if people undestood these basics, then Propaganda lie preached by satanic zionist priests would be reviled so quickly…

    Enough …this is also preaching….just do your own research and read whats written in Scriptures for your self….
    Did you red ir? So now you understand, that Colonial Zionist Project called Israel is last blashemy against God, last disrespect to God from confused jewish tribe…and most disqusting insult to inteligent world community…..peter czech
    PS: All above is written in the Bible. So why not to take time and surch especiallywhen such barbaric udeology claims that God was some kind of Realestate Agent fulfiling Restitucion claims long overdue? Found out what buls..t these people have been preaching,,,,,,

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    […] Whenever I see the term 'Progressive zionist' I can't help but feel confusion and revulsion. It's got to be the greatest of oxymorons and definitely one that might be understood by morons themselve…  […]

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