The immortal words of Ariel Sharon



Once regarded as a voice of sanity in a very insane world, The Guardian has for years presented the news as is … unlike the rest of the corporate media. Their positions on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has had the zionists spinning around to condemn most of what they had to say …. they even have a Website which ‘watches and monitors‘ their reports.


But this weekend a report surfaced offering praise to one of the most vicious leaders of the State of Israel, Ariel Sharon. A man equally despised by both the Left and the Right in Israel. From the left because of the crimes committed against humanity during his entire political career, and from the Right for pulling out of Gaza, a move to get all of the Jews out safely so the area can finally be leveled in what he saw as the Final Solution. Obviously, even the Right does not agree with this opinion (I’d be shocked if they ever agreed with me on anything).


The report mentioned whitewashes this move and tries to make it look like this might have been his attempt to establish Peace in the region. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is nothing virtuous about Ariel Sharon, and definitely nothing Peaceful about him.


Shame on The Guardian for allowing such zionist dribble on their otherwise politically correct pages.


The report labeled ‘Ariel Sharon’s final mission might well have been peace’, written by one Jonathan Freedland, can be read in full HERE. Comments are still open on the site, let them know what you think.


Again, shame on The Guardian!


  1. U22 said,

    January 6, 2014 at 05:59

    the guardian has been a waste of time for years. maybe you missed their despicable campaign to bomb Syria. among some highlights was the demonization based on the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ series…

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