‘All the racism that’s fit to print’ …. OR NOT!


The Times must apologize to all its readers, especially to those who are “Palestinian Arabs,” and the newspaper should also reprimand the editor who allowed this libel to get into print.


‘NYT Book Review’ owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians


  1. truthaholics said,

    March 25, 2014 at 14:23

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  3. mikael said,

    March 25, 2014 at 21:08

    You see, Destert P, whom is the problem.

    Thru all this years, some of us have been acused for a lott, but I have never instigated or agitatet violence, selfdefence is something totaly different.
    Israel isnt doing anything even remotaly close to self defence, never was and never will be, unless the people changes.

    Its wasnt and havent been about the f…. jews, all their lies and forged historys and I dont give a ratts a… about the blame game, the result is glearing obvious, and the palestinians is loosing everything, incl their ancestral land, and the very land their greatest son and the light of the world, was born into.
    Yeshua ben Yoseph(since the letter J, isnt semittic at all) a Palestinian Elomitt, speaking the tung of the land, Arameic, witch is now, pushed back into darkness, and is found to day, in Syria.

    How deep into the dungeons into the very gates of hell, will the followers of the Torah sink. I will not judge you, that I leave to the creator to do, I never swear/curse on anyone, because I know it can easely backfire, the dobble edge of words, witch moust of you dont know anything of, anyway.

    the emperor is without clouths what so ever, aparent to any sane person.
    the problem is and have always been marginal groups intresses on the behalf of the comon man/woman.
    Israelis stil dont gett it, You are cannonfodder, and nothing more, their plans dont involve You at all, since it requires Your death, to forfill their madness of sacrificiale insanity, wrapped in as theology.

    No, Israelis, I fear your ignorance, arogance and voilence will be the final downfall of your people and the present institution knowns as Israel, runn by insane people and warcriminalsall, this downfall will be done by You.
    Despite the massive barrage of propaganda and lies, everyone know this.

    Wake up.


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