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Palestinians must be stopped!

By Sam Bahour

I have had enough of those Palestinians. I think the world in general is also fed up with Palestinians. They have gone too far in demonizing Israelis and must be stopped. The international community must act now before it is too late and Israel is wiped off the map and a second tragedy of historic proportions fall on a significant part of the world’s Jewish population.

For starters, Palestinians embarked by land, sea and air onto Israel and displaced more than half the Jewish population of Israel in 1948. Imagine, more than half of the population of Israel displaced, forced to live to this day, 66 years later, in squalid refugee camps only hours from their homes. Other than some faint attempts to fight their way back to their homes in Israel, Israeli refugees have been “unreasonably reasonable” in accepting their fate, and continue to patiently wait for word when they can return home to Israel. This man made tragedy was perpetrated by Palestinians, who continue to this day to strangulate Jewish citizens of Israel by the use of brute force and economic suffocation in an attempt to have them voluntarily emigrate elsewhere.

Palestinians are a violent people. Every Palestinian high school graduate is forced into mandatory conscription, three years for males and two years for females. During this military stint, every Palestinian citizen is trained on the use of weapons and combat methods. Many Palestinians brag about how they brutalize Jewish Israelis during their military service; some have even posted photos on their Facebook wall of them posing with Israeli corpses or a blindfolded Israeli who was taken prisoner.

Palestinians are making Israeli livelihood miserable. They have set up military checkpoints in and around major Israeli cities, like Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Eilat. Palestinian soldiers stop only Israeli cars, sometimes for hours on end, while letting Palestinian registered cars ride through their checkpoints unhindered. When an Israeli wants to leave Israel, s/he must get Palestinian permission beforehand. If any Israeli gets on the Palestinian blacklist, his/her ability to leave Israel is impossible. Imagine not being able to leave your own country or being allowed to leave but not to return. Even when Israelis want to travel from one Israeli city to another, Palestinians have set up checkpoints, which resemble the border terminals between the US and Canada, with one difference: the process to pass is one of pure humiliation, more like cattle being pushed through caged pathways than passengers crossing a terminal.

Israel has a huge potential to be a regional economic hub of tourism and trade, but Palestinians are blocking Israel’s ability to economically develop by every means possible. Israelis love technology, but every smartphone in Israel is a dumb phone because Palestinians are refusing to allocate the electromagnetic spectrum—which they control as part of their occupation of Israel—required for 3G services to Israeli telecommunications companies. Can you imagine, those Palestinians are actually refusing to free the airspace above Tel Aviv to Israelis! It gets worse. Israelis have found a huge natural gas well in Israeli territorial waters, in the sea of Tel Aviv, and the Palestinians are refusing to give Israeli firms access to tap the gas. Even Israeli fishermen are routinely shot at when fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

As if all of this was not bad enough, for the past 47 years Palestinians have slowly moved their citizens to the hilltops around Israeli cities. The hilltops were first confiscated by the use of force, then Arafat, and now Abbas, send Palestinian security forces to protect the confiscated lands. Once the lands are ready, Palestinians have tapped the huge amounts of funds that donors have passed to them and used the funds, not to build schools and a health care system, but rather to build permanent housing in these military enclaves around Israeli cities, in order to entice Palestinians from Ramallah and Hebron to move to Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. This is not only against international law, but defies common sense. How can Palestinians keep paying lip service to wanting to live in peace with Israelis when they keep gobbling up more Israeli land and move their population to take up residence inside Israel?

You think it cannot get worse? Well, you’re wrong. Palestinians have kidnapped 5,000 Israelis from their homes, about 200 are Israeli children under 18 years old, and have locked them into Palestinian jails. These jails that the Palestinians maintain are all built inside Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza. When Israeli mothers want to go visit their loved ones, they must get permission from Palestinian security forces to visit. Hundreds of those 5,000 prisoners are being held without charge; the Palestinians deceitfully call it Administrative Detention. You would think the world would hold these Palestinian jailers accountable, but they haven’t for decades. This is why the time has come to stop those Palestinians once and for all.

Israelis cannot be expected to live like this forever. Something must be immediately done to stop these Palestinians and hold them accountable for the daily atrocities that they are committing against humanity. Israelis are a peace loving people. They come from a religion that rests on a pillar of social justice. What is being done to them is beyond imagination.

Israeli civil society has made a call for the world to divest from Palestine. Israelis across the political spectrum are referring to how Jews around the world supported the boycott and divestment of Apartheid South Africa, which successfully collapsed that racist regime. Jews are pointing to their always being on the correct side of history, from the US civil rights movement to people’s struggles in Latin America. They now beg the world to act to stop Palestinians before it is too late.

The time is now to boycott Palestine, divest from Palestine, and apply serious sanctions on Palestine until it removes the boot of military occupation from the necks of Israelis.

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American business consultant in Ramallah, the West Bank, and blogs at He contributes this satirical piece in the spirit of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984). To make this piece fit today’s reality, just reverse the roles of Israel/Israelis and Palestine/Palestinians.


Palestinians steadfast as Israel steps up terror campaign in West Bank

From Khaled Amayreh in al-Khalil (Hebron)

Political analysis

“We thought that (Palestinian Authority-PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) Abu Mazen had succeeded in domesticating the Palestinians by inculcating them with a new spirit and new culture based on consumerism and love of life. We apparently were mistaken.”

Palestinians in the West Bank are showing spectacular steadfastness and resilience in the face of an unprecedented rampage of terror and vandalism by the Israeli occupation army.

The rampage, which began five days ago when three army-age settlers went missing and were presumed kidnapped by suspected Palestinian militants, is assuming unmistakable terrorist proportions.

This terror includes destroying homes by missiles, storming homes and blowing up gates and outer doors, vandalizing property, beating up innocent people and grossly mistreating children and women.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Club, a body that monitors Israeli treatment of Palestinian detainees, Israeli troops have so far raided and thoroughly vandalized 750 homes in the Hebron region alone.

As many as 350 people have been detained, including 50 former political prisoners released from Israeli jails three years ago.

One Israeli commentator said the Israeli occupation army was tormenting each and every Palestinian as if they were personally responsible for the disappearance of the three settlers.

The no-holds-barred campaign, said the commentator, reflected the state of affair of a country which has gone mad.

I asked another veteran Israeli journalist to explain the conspicuous vengeance characterizing the current military campaign in the West Bank, especially in the Hebron region.

He said “the Israeli political and military establishment cannot fathom or come to terms with the fact that a defeated and largely demoralized enemy could still call the shots and hold the entire country hostage.”

He added: “We thought that (Palestinian Authority-PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) Abu Mazen had succeeded in domesticating the Palestinians by inculcating them with a new spirit and new culture based on consumerism and love of life. We apparently were mistaken.”

Rampaging arrests

One of the main aspects of the ongoing campaign is the sweeping arrest of Palestinians deemed supportive of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic liberation group Israel is accusing of carrying the abduction of the three settlers.

Hamas has not claimed responsibility for the kidnapping but Israel is effectively saying that Hamas bears ultimate responsibility regardless of whether Hamas actually did or didn’t carry out the presumed kidnapping.

Hamas is viewed by the Israeli political and security leadership as representing Israel’s main ideological enemy.

“It is the ultimate anti-dote and neutralizer of the brashly racist Talmudic mentality prevailing in Israel these days,” says Muhammad Hamza an Israeli Arab academic.

“Hamas is not hated so much because of what it does. The real reason behind Israel’s hatred of Hamas is the group’s ideology. Israel has more or less succeeded in neutralizing and softening up Arab regimes, Sissi, the Saudis, Fatah, etc. Only Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood are maintaining their principled rejection of Israel and Zionism.

“And the problem is that there are millions of Arabs and Muslims who listen to and believe these people.”

According to the latest reports, newly-arrested Palestinians include lawmakers, former cabinet ministers, college professors, writers and intellectuals.

Many of the detainees have been sent to the notorious Kitziot internment camp in the Negev desert near the Egyptian borders, where they are subjected to degrading and cruel treatment.

Israel has held thousands of Palestinians in so-called “administrative detention,” a form of draconian punishment dating back to the British mandate era. Palestinians and human rights organizations refer to this open-ended incarceration as “politically-motivated captivity.”

Some Palestinian inmates have spent more than12 years languishing in administrative detention, without being charged of any wrongdoing and certainly without being prosecuted by a genuine court of law.

A few weeks ago, a Palestinian college lecturer from Hebron who spent a total of 7 years in Israeli captivity without charge or trial, intimated to this writer that he had repeatedly appealed to the Israeli judge to “let me know why I was being held and what crime or wrongdoing I was accused of having committed.”

“But the judge told me this: Don’t you even dream of me telling you why you are being held in jail. This is a state secret I won’t give you the privilege of knowing.”

It is widely believed that the administrative detention policy is one of the main reasons behind the latest incident of kidnapping.

Propaganda war

In the meanwhile, Israel is waging a relentless propaganda war on the Palestinians, claiming the Israeli army has dismantled the “organizational infrastructure of Hamas in the West Bank.”

The Israeli media has also been boasting about inflicting huge economic losses on the Hebron region as a result of the hermetic blockade imposed ever since the disappearance of the three settlers.

The Israeli propaganda war may succeed in assuring Israelis and boosting their morale. However, it is unlikely that the vociferous and gleeful ranting would seriously succeed in weakening Palestinian public support for Hamas.

Indeed, a fleeting look at Palestinian public reactions to the ostensible kidnapping of the three settlers suggests that virtually all Palestinians blame Israel not Hamas for the latest escalation.

What is next?

Israel is likely to make every possible effort in order to know the whereabouts of the kidnapped settlers. However, there is no guarantee that these efforts will produce a successful and happy ending for the Israelis.

Indeed, the likelihood that the three settlers would be found alive is dwindling with the passage of every day and hour. This really is forcing the Israeli establishment to contemplate bleaker scenarios, including negotiating a possible prisoners’ swap with the presumed kidnappers.

This dilemma is causing the Israeli government and army to lose composure and vent their frustration by further terrorizing the local Palestinian population.

The terrorism, vandalism and repression, screened around-the-clock on Israeli television, are intended to appease the Israeli Jewish public, especially the more extremist segments which would want to see the Israeli security apparatus take Gestapo-like measures against Palestinian civilians.

As to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, he seems to think that by displaying a combination of submissiveness, obsequiousness and capitulation to Israeli whims, he might be able to wrest some achievements for his people from Israel’s unimaginably parsimonious hands.

Abbas has condemned the kidnapping in the strongest terms, vowing to punish whoever stands behind the incident, which he said hurt Palestinian interests and gave Netanyahu an excuse to torment the Palestinians.

In his speech before the Arab foreign ministers’ meeting in Jeddah on Wednesday, Abbas did ignore Palestinian grievances, including Israel’s long-standing policy of arresting Palestinians for prolonged periods without charge or trial.

However, it is amply clear that Israel, especially under this manifestly fascist government of Netanyahu and Bennett, will continue to view Abbas and his nominally autonomous authority as no more than a mere servant of Israeli security interests.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist living in occupied Palestine


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