Shout this out .... LOUD AND CLEAR!

Shout this out …. LOUD AND CLEAR!


In your name, Israel in 2006, 2008-2009, 2012 and now in 2014, dropped millions of bombs, bomblets and missiles all over South Lebanon and Gaza, exterminating thousands of innocent people, and destroying tens of thousands of homes. You have made Gaza look like Hiroshima in 1945.

My Message to the Jews

By Khalid Amayreh

I realize very well that Jews are not carbon copies of each other. And I also know perfectly well that there are many Jews around the world who truly despise what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people in your name.

I earnestly commend these conscientious Jews for their morality and human decency. It is these honest and honourable people that enable us to retain the hope that counting on Jewish morality is not a lost cause.

None the less, one must be faithful to one’s conscience and intellectual honesty. That is why we must recognize that there are huge numbers of Jews who have found themselves transformed thoroughly into soldiers of darkness and advocates of evil. Today, there are Jews, too many of them, who shamelessly advocate the total annihilation of the Palestinian people. We also know that yesterday, there were many non-Jews who shamelessly advocated the total annihilation of Jews.

We have seen some of many Jews celebrate the mass murder of Palestinian children. There is no point in denying the undeniable.

Unfortunately, these psychopaths don’t seem to be an isolated or marginal minority. I hope and pray they don’t represent a majority among Jews.

But I am afraid they really do. But even if they don’t, they can still bully whatever “silent majority” there is in Israel into doing their bidding.

Recent history taught us what an extremist vocal minority is capable of doing. You certainly understand what I am alluding to.

It is these misguided and misguiding Nazi-like multitudes of Jews I am addressing in this article. And, in truth, my ultimate goal is not to vilify and demonize, but rather to warn and admonish them to wake up from worshiping this modern Golden Calf, otherwise known as the State of Israel.

To begin with, I would like to remind you of a Talmudic story, which I believe is familiar to many of you. The story is told that a heathen came to Shammai with the request to be accepted as a convert on condition that he was taught the whole of the Torah while he stood on one foot. The Rabbi drove him away with the yard-stick which he was holding. He then went to Hillel with the same request; and he said to him: “What is hateful to you yourself, do not do to your fellow-man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary. Go, learn it.”

Yes, yes, what is hateful to yourself, don’t do to your fellow-man. What beautiful words of light and wisdom!

Now are you mentally prepared to accept this universal law, which nearly every Jew on earth would agree encapsulates Jewish and universal morality?

If you are, then you should thoroughly examine your attitudes toward Israel, a state that has more in common with the ideas of Hitler than it does with the teachings of Moses Ben Maimon.

Israel is deceiving you, lying to you and betraying your moral legacy, the legacy bequeathed to all of us by the Israelite prophets, and their (our) forefather Ibrahim.

I am sorry to speak in such a harsh tone, but, in truth, Israel and Zionism succeeded through the years in transforming you from a people who believe in justice and value morality into murderers and justifiers of murder, into thieves and justifiers of theft, and into liars who have to change the black into white and the white into black in order to cover up their shame, and then call the lies strange names such as hasbara and public relations and political correctness and what have you.

In your name, Israel, knowingly and deliberately, is slaughtering innocent people, including children, en masse.

This is not done by mistake as Israeli leaders and spokespeople would falsely claim. When “mistakes” happen every day and every hour and every minute; these mistakes are no longer mistakes. They are policy. Besides the images are too graphic to be ignored and too obscenely brazen to be dismissed as “Arab propaganda.” They transcend reality.

In your name, Israel has been committing every conceivable crime against humanity. Don’t just invoke your usual defensive reflexes and claim that violence and oppression are not Jewish values. Your acquiescent silence in the face of Israeli crimes suggests that violence and oppression are totally compatible with Jewish values. After all, the pornographically Nazi-like oppression being meted out to the Palestinians is coming from the very people who claim to adhere to the Ten Commandments.

In your name, Israel in 2006, 2008-2009, 2012 and now in 2014, dropped millions of bombs, bomblets and missiles all over South Lebanon and Gaza, exterminating thousands of innocent people, and destroying tens of thousands of homes. You have made Gaza look like Hiroshima in 1945.

Is this the light upon the nations that you claim to be? Shame on you!

It is because of your crimes against man and God that we, the Palestinians, have effectively become “the Jews of our time,” while you have effectively transformed yourselves into the “anti-Semites or even the Nazis of our time.” You, the Jews, the premier victims of the holocaust, and the numerous pogroms and inquisitions, have turned out to be like all underdogs, when you get on the top, you become as murderous and as brutal to your victims as your former oppressors were to you when you were underneath.

The Nazis looked down on Jews and others as Untermensch, and you are looking down on us as “dirty Arabs”.!! The Nazis sought expansion at their neighbours’ expense and called it “lebensraum.” And you are doing the same, under the pretext of building “settlements for Jews.”

The Nazis carried out “pacification operations” in which innocent people were mercilessly killed; and you carry out rather routinely “defensive operations” during which you wreak death and havoc on innocent people. At least the Nazis didn’t lie about their criminality like you do about yours. The Nazis didn’t brag about their monstrous crimes like you gleefully do. You are not only evil murderers and child killers. You are also nefarious liars.

The Nazis believed in an Aryan “master race” and you, Zionists, are trying to make a “race” out of Jews. Your methods are similar and your goals are nearly identical.

You can’t deny this; we are not naïve North Americans or Europeans whom you think you can bamboozle very easily. We have been through it all, from creation to destruction.

I am saying this because in the final analysis when people, any people, including Jews, behave and act like the Nazis did, they themselves become Nazis. Evil, whether done by a “master race” or a “chosen people” is evil. Evil can’t be kosher. True, there are no gas chambers in Gaza and Hebron. But the Jews are bringing gas chambers to every Palestinian home, hospital, collage, mosque and neighbourhood.

Don’t say I am exaggerating. If you do, just try to have a fleeting look at your shame.

Too harsh?

In light of your criminal callousness to what you have been and are doing to us, it is immensely naïve to think that you will experience a moral awakening. At the very least, you should stop asking why the Germans were silent when Jews were being shipped to the concentration camps. Whether we like it or not, you are now in the Germans’ shoes. Don’t deny it; the images from Gaza are too graphic to be denied.

Many of you may be forgiven for being ignorant of Israel’s evil reality. But you are not a people of ignorance, which means you are doing and supporting evil knowingly and consciously. If so, you are no better than your past tormentors.

Don’t be so excited about America’s unlimited and unrestricted support and backing. America is not helping you to uphold your moral principles, America is “helping” you to destroy these principles, which you are doing anyway. And you are so happy about it!!!

Needless to say, when an evil power “helps” you corrode your moral system, this should not be a cause for joy and satisfaction. I am sure that wise men and women amongst you understand the meaning of my words.

Finally, I call on you to wake up from this toxic arrogance of power, this collective megalomania and false sense of triumph. You are actually experiencing a collective psychosis, a virtual moral meltdown. Hence, you are really in a big trouble.

If I were you, I would immediately stop killing and tormenting the helpless Palestinians for you had been helpless yourselves. Stop killing their children. Stop destroying their homes. Stop confiscating their land. Stop imprisoning their sons without charge and trial. Stop narrowing their horizons. Stop your mass murder, mass terror and mass oppression. Stop making turning our daily life into an unrelenting hell. Yes, stop it, if not for justice and human decency, then for your own safety. Oppression eventually boomerangs on the oppressors.

And remember, it is not an act of heroism to murder unprotected innocent civilians, using the state-of-the-art of America’s technology of death. History won’t be kind to you.

What heroism is there in having an F-16 fighter rain death on sleeping children and women in an apartment building? It is very much like sending trains, packed with people, to a concentration camp.


  1. Harry said,

    September 13, 2014 at 19:37

    They worship a WAR god.

  2. 7toedcat said,

    September 13, 2014 at 20:46

    Well said Mr. Amayreh

  3. September 13, 2014 at 23:19


  4. Laskarina said,

    September 14, 2014 at 05:22

    May God bless you Mr. Amayreh.

    Free Palestine!

  5. Joyce Chumbley said,

    September 14, 2014 at 15:33

    When about four years ago I began following and then working for the freedom of Palestinians, I discvoered DesertPeace. Since then I have been reading it every day, and I am always impressed with the collection of items that Steve puts together. I have not “left a reply” in a long time, and I apologize that that. But I want to say today that Khalid Amayreh’s brilliant piece “A Message to World Jewry From Palestine,” moved me to tears and to joy because someone was finally saying such things. Thank you. Bless you. And may we achieve in our lifetimes the release and rehabilitation of both Palestinians and Jews.

  6. John said,

    September 14, 2014 at 19:42

    I have been saying for some time now that the original Left Zionist ideology adopted in the early days of the colonial Zionist state has gradually become transformed into a far-right ideology, reaching a crossing point where it now represents something along the lines of a form of National Judaism, similar in nature and content to the National Socialism developed in Germany in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.
    It is intriguing to see the remaks by Khalid Amayreh above, in which he says similar things.
    The Zionists have ended up with an ideology which is centrally focused on the concepts of blood, soil and race. They use their equivalents of the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegesmarine in pursuit of an Eretz or Greater “Israel” or Reich in pursuit of almost unlimited liebensraum.
    They are slow-motioning themselves into becoming Nazis or Najus.
    Their treatment of the people of Gaza is similar to the Nazis decimation of the Poles during the Warsaw Uprising of 1994, when – again – world powers largely stood aside and did nothing to help the courageous defenders of their city.
    The Naju treatment of Palestinians in the “west bank” is similar to the Nazi treatment of the French and others under occupation.
    To fully understand this, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Administration_in_Belgium_and_Northern_France#mediaviewer/File:France_map_Lambert-93_with_regions_and_departments-occupation_Belgium.png.
    In the same way as the Nazi Reich had to go for Europe and the world to be free, so too must “Eretz Israel” go for Palestine and the world to be free. Even those who share the religious ideals of many living in the occupied Palestinian territories – Jew, Christian or Muslim – will get this.

  7. Abigail said,

    September 15, 2014 at 18:40

    Dear Mr. Amayreh,

    Your words are wise, and true. Objectively true. So don’t apologize for using harsh words because they are not. Actually, I was surprised about the Shammai and Hillel piece. I wonder how many of us know anything about the Q’uran, Hadit.

    As a matter of fact, your words not only ring true but are rendered very eloquently.
    It’s the content that weighs heavy on my heart and soul since I cannot stop this murderous madness and evil. And yes, the nazis were not a one time phenomenon, unfortunately.

    But however much I think, read, and feel sometimes heartbroken that we – I am Jewish – have descended to the level of those, I have come to feel that even when our sages don’t count Jews who commit grave transgressions and crimes as having Jewish values (actually, they condemned those in no uncertain terms and excluded them from the Jewish people) I think it better to feel as a human being loving other human beings. Learning from and living with while keeping my own identity. Love, respect. Not hatred, fear and contempt (which is basically rooted in wanton hatred which is the core of all evil).

    And what has been going on since before the inception of the state of Israel until today – where the mass incarcerations, discrimination, and dispossession continue daily and more heavily from time to time (“mowing the lawn” another diabolical expression by a heartless wicked man) and with high-tech weapons, the starvation (“diets”), the destruction of people’s livelihoods to make Palestinians powerless, despondent and dependent, it is totally incomprehensible and unacceptable that a majority of Jews are still under the influence of this massive zionist lies as zionist propaganda consists of.

    Which has been thrust through our throats as (victimhood) narrative. I also grew up on that. Part of it was fear and trauma by holocaust survivors who did not know what had been and was happening in real time miles away in the Middle East. The western media were not really helpful either, were they? Think geopolitics.

    Meanwhile progapanda through youth organizations headed by Israeli zionists sent abroad everywhere, did its poisonous work. That and instilling fear because of e.g. hijacking of planes when I grew up by the PLO, hit a chord.I am not trying to exonerate anyone least of all the state of Israel who used that to instill fear and “justify” their existence. But I am trying to give you a bit of perpective of how the diaspora Jews lived and grew up. Then I have to say that the original Judaism has also among the orthodox (many denominations among them) been forgotten and changed into strictly following rules. Those who claim they are holy are nuts. As well as the distortion of being a light among the nations. We could be, could have been, had the potential. Now, since all Israel (meaning all the Jews, not that state) is responsible for one another, I fear how this will play out eventually. For what has been done by us is beyond words. What is going on ibidem. To me it’s like living in a parallel universe. How can this be possible? How can we, after all that has been done to us and so recently as well, be even able to do this and willing? I am a down-to-earth person and blessed with a sound mind and good intelligence. But I fail to understand.

    But I feel the tide is slowly turning as there is a battle for the truth on esp. US campuses but also elsewhere. The younger generation of Jews are waking up.

    May all of the Jews now still asleep (I am not talking about the perpetrators of crimes committed, those who think up policies of crime upon crime) experience a total transformation and come back to the world of humanity. And see that they can live without the evil of the war and oil/gas industries which brings no safety but death and destruction and amorality as a result.

    We have been too silent too long. Although, for sure, there are many Israeli and non-Israeli Jews who do fight and speak up and organize, inform and battle. And the Jewish ranks are growing. I am afraid that this lethal zionism which has nothing at all to do with Judaism (and I am an observant Jewess) indeed has poisoned us. Let’s pray for a anti-serum for the very lives of Palestinian people are at stake.

  8. September 15, 2014 at 18:56

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