And we all know that CNN never lies ....

And we all know that CNN never lies ….


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is notorious for making theatrical attempts to find “distractions” or “red herrings” in order to divert attention from his unceasing efforts to decapitate all chances for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank.

What makes Israel so hell-bent on lumping Hamas with ISIS?

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is notorious for making theatrical attempts to find “distractions” or “red herrings” in order to divert attention from his unceasing efforts to decapitate all chances for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank.

Netanyahu has effectively tripled the building of Jewish colonies in the West Bank. He has also allowed millenarian Jewish settlers to carry out almost daily provocations against Islam’s third holiest sanctuary, namely Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque. This could trigger a worldwide conflagration that would put an end to peace efforts in the region.

Netanyahu hopes to desensitize any semblance of Western, especially American, opposition to Israel’s lebensraum policy in the West Bank and the Jewish states’ unrelenting efforts to kill any remaining prospects for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

However, Netanyahu’s diversionary tactics seem to have been blunted by two main recent developments: The Swedish decision to recognize a future Palestinian state and the British Parliament vote to do the same.

None the less, the news from London and Stockholm is not expected to make Netanyahu change his mind or rethink his policy. After all Netanyahu is more of a dishonest demagogue and pathological liar than a straight, honest statesman who would value truth and rectitude.

Netanyahu would insist and swear that Israel wants peace and aspires for peace. He would go as far as making all sorts of solemn testimonies and eloquent statements underlining Israel’s desire for peace. But the truth of the matter is that all of his declarations are sanctimonious and mendacious.

In the final analysis, however, a country that truly desires peace doesn’t build hundreds of settlements on its neighbor’s territories. A country that truly desires peace doesn’t transfer hundreds of thousands to live on a land that doesn’t belong to them.

Netanyahu and the other shipyard dogs of Israeli hasbara would never cease invoking old lies that the settlers are simply returning to their fathers’ land.

But would anyone under the sun give up his home and land if a stranger showed up, insisting that the property belonged to him and claiming that his ancestors owned or occupied the area five thousand years ago???

Needless to say, this analogy more or less epitomizes the entire Palestinian question.

Red herring policy

Israel’s “red-herring policy” is not new. During Egypt’s Gamal Abdul Nasser’s rule, Israel argued that if only Nasser would stop rotating in the Soviet orbit, peace would be around the corner.

In the 1970s and the 1980s, Israel argued that if only the PLO and its leader Yasser Arafat would recognize Israel and revoke the PLO charter that called for Israel’s destruction, peace would be within reach very soon.

In fact, Netanyahu himself repeatedly blamed the lack of progress in talks with the PA on Palestinian disunity, namely the rift between Fatah and Hamas. In numerous TV interviews, he argued that the “the Palestinians are not speaking in one voice.  Let them get united first.”

However, when Hamas and the PA finally agreed to reconcile, Netanyahu got quite hysterical and convulsive. He warned that the PA would have to either make peace with Hamas or Israel, claiming that Palestinian national unity was the ultimate antithesis to peace.

Now, Netanyahu is playing the same Hasbara game once again. And the reasons for this game of make believe remain unchanged, namely morbid Israeli efforts to distract attention from Israeli recalcitrance, intransigence, and rejectionism.

The ISIS Mantra

Having failed to destroy Hamas militarily and liquidate the Palestinian people’s enduring struggle for freedom and independence from Israel’s Nazi-like occupation, Netanyahu is now trying to lump Hamas with ISIS.

His ultimate goal is to make the international community demonize Hamas and therefore distract the world’s attention from Israel’s nefarious occupation.

But Hamas, a national Islamic liberation movement that appeared on the Middle East’s political horizon after winning transparent democratic elections in 2006, is simply something different.

Hamas’s strategic goal is liberty, not domination, or hegemony or anything of this nature.

Hamas’s ultimate goal is to enable the thoroughly tormented Palestinians to live a normal life. like the rest of the peoples of the world, free from Nazi-like Jewish Zionist roadblocks and checkpoints, enable them to travel freely,  pray freely in their mosques, especially in Jerusalem’s Aqsa Mosque, to harvest their olive fields freely and be able to move and commute freely from one locality to the other.  Is this too much?

Hamas wants the Palestinian people to live in dignity and be able to do the sort of things that other peoples around the world take for granted.

Hamas would like to see the Palestinian people free from the specter of fear and terror, including arbitrary arrest at the hands of Gestapo-like Israeli soldiers who routinely raid Palestinian homes in the quite hours before dawn.

In brief, Hamas is not evil. That is why at least 50% of the Palestinian people back Hamas.

In fact, Israel doesn’t hate Hamas because Israel believes Hamas is evil.  As far as evilness is concerned, even Satan himself learns from Israel.

Israel hates Hamas for an entirely different reason, namely the conviction that Hamas is the main hurdle that prevents or impedes the realization of Israel’s ultimate goal: the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

It is not true that Hamas stands in the road to peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Israel has been negotiating with the PA (not in good faith) for over 20 years, but to no avail.

The failure of peace talks between Israel and the PA cannot be attributed to Hamas. Those claiming it was are simply not telling the truth.

The real cause is Israel’s adamant insistence on retaining the spoils of the 1967 war.

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