Believe it or not….. that was the type of headline we used to see in the American press in the 50’s…..
or ones like this…
I have been reminded of those headlines recently while reading about ‘Palestinian terrorists’ in the Israeli press. I wrote about this yesterday, but the situation is getting worse as the days go by.
An Arab in Israel is suddenly referred to as a Palestinian if he commits a crime. Just who is the actual criminal? …. That is the question.
Just as the Negro is now called a man, so will the Arab from Palestine be called a Palestinian …. WHEN HE IS NOT ACCUSED OF A CRIME!
Here’s an example of this type of reporting from today’s ziopress ….

Two stabbed in terror attack at West Bank supermarket

Palestinian assailant shot by off-duty security guard at Rami Levy store in Mishor Adumim east of Jerusalem; two others detained

Read the full report HERE


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    The other time a Palestinian is an Israeli is when he is killed by a rocket from Gaza. Prior to Cast Lead four Israelis were killed by rockets from Gaza. Three of them were Arab construction workers, but calling them Israeli makes everyone think that evil Palestinians had killed Jews, with only one Jewish life actually being lost.

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