December has turned into the month of good news ….. here’s hoping it’s the start of a new trend.

It started a week ago with these wonderful headlines ….

Normalization of relations with Cuba

Freedom for the Cuban 5

Governor of New York State banned fracking

 Legal aid criminal attorneys in Brooklyn all walked out of court 

Then yesterday I posted that Leviev’s Apartheid Emporium had closed its doors to the public in New York City….

…. Only to be followed by the good news of today;

The multitude of anti-Israel incidents, the aggressive discourse and the fact that almost every public event dealing with Israel, Judaism or the Middle East is accompanied by a loud public argument, instinctively deters many people from dealing with Israel, even in fields which have nothing to do with the conflict.

(strike the word Judaism from the text to get a more honest opinion … zionism is NOT Judaism)


‘Eviction notice’ for Israel on US campuses

What began several years ago as a local initiative in a few universities has turned into a poisonous, organized and well-funded campaign with clear goals – isolating and boycotting Israel in general and the Israeli academia in particular.

Peretz Lavie FOR

Several weeks ago, I returned from a coast-to-coast tour of the United States and Canada with mixed feelings. In dozens of events and meetings, I was exposed to a complicated and alarming state of affairs.

I’ll start with the good news: Our academic ties are in a state of unprecedented prosperity. In all my meetings with university presidents and senior officials, I encountered a favorable and warm attitude and a strong desire to advance academic cooperation in a variety of fields. So far for the half-full glass.

The picture is completely different on university campuses. Here Israel’s situation is difficult, or should I say on the verge of collapse. According to an Anti-Defamation League report, published about a month ago, some 90 anti-Israel incidents have taken place on campuses across the US since the beginning of the academic year – double the number of anti-Israel incidents in the same period last year.

These incidents include protests, mock “checkpoints” and “apartheid walls,” and even “eviction notices” slid under the doors of Jewish and Israeli students.

As many as 15 student councils discussed and voted on proposals for divestment from Israel and an academic boycott of Israel. Although not all of these proposals were accepted, the fact that the issue was raised for discussion and voted on to such an extent is an unprecedented phenomenon.

While the events of Operation Protective Edge provide a partial explanation for the rise in the number of anti-Israel incidents, the tone, the arguments and the type of incidents leave no room for doubt: What began several years ago as a local initiative on a few campuses has turned into a poisonous, organized and well-funded campaign with clear goals – isolating and boycotting Israel in general and the Israeli academia in particular.

These organizations are making wide use of the social media to distribute anti-Israel material, including clear anti-Semitic material.

At the same time, a campaign has been waged in many places in a bid to defame and intimidate pro-Israel activists on campuses. The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly at the University of Minnesota recently decided to blacklist an Israeli candidate for the Student Service Fee Committee. The decision likened pro-Israel organizations founded by the candidate to the notorious Ku Klux Klan.

Another alarming trend is the increase in the involvement of faculty and university academic departments in sponsoring and even taking an active part in anti-Israel events on campus. The ADL report includes 57 such incidents in the past two years.

The pro-Israel students feel helpless in light of this phenomenon. Many feel threatened, and in conversations with them they express their fear of highlighting Jewish features and publicly expressing their support for Israel. “Where are you? Where is the Israeli response?” they asked me repeatedly.

That’s a good question. For an onlooker, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that the State of Israel, and its different branches, as well as the Jewish organizations which are active on the campuses (sometimes in an outrageous lack of coordination), are failing to provide a real response to the anti-Israel wave.

The Jewish students themselves hardly take part in events on campus and are not showing much interest in workshops and programs aimed at training them to represent Israel on the PR level.

The multitude of anti-Israel incidents, the aggressive discourse and the fact that almost every public event dealing with Israel, Judaism or the Middle East is accompanied by a loud public argument, instinctively deters many people from dealing with Israel, even in fields which have nothing to do with the conflict.

Israel’s decision makers should give this important issue a higher priority on their agenda. There is an urgent need for a reorganization of the system on Israel’s image on campuses in North America and Europe. The state must urgently appoint an official to deal with this issue and back the appointment with funds and authorities.

Every day that goes by without firm action continues the destructive damage to Israel’s status and image among tomorrow’s leaders, movers and shakers and voters.

May they continue to whine and fret …. but may this trend of good news continue throughout the coming year!


  1. DDearborn said,

    December 23, 2014 at 13:41


    Here is a news flash to Israel: As Americans we have no legal, moral or ethical obligation to “support” Israel. Any more or less than all the other country in the World today. Israel’s incessant demand to be the dominant, front and center focus on every College Campus is inappropriate and totally out of place. This inordinate and disproportionate play on representation isn’t just totally out of line, it creates an unhealthy discourse on Campuses everywhere. A big part of the disease that Israeli supporters are spreading, is the constant drumbeat of Zionism. And along with that beat, the constant attempts by Israel to spread hatred for Islam.

    The threshold of awareness of the tyranny, terrorism and genocide of Israel as it steals Palestine from the Palestinians has now been breached. As time goes on, Israel will become more and more isolated. Eventually world opinion will force the appropriate changes on Israel. The world has already made clear that it has chosen right over wrong, and good over evil. That translate into total support for Palestine and the Palestinians in their quest for freedom and independence from Israel’s oppression, tyranny and brutality.

    If Israel want’s its voice heard on College Campuses, then stop your war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid against the Palestinian People. Return the lands you have stolen from them (all of them) Make reparations, in the very same manner in which Jews have received reparations around the world for more than half a century. Extend the right of return to all Palestinians, not Just to Jews. Revoke your racist, bigoted, discriminatory laws, rules, regulations and practices. Tear down the illegally built apartheid walls, roads, schools, cities and towns. In other words start acting like human beings instead of Monsters.

  2. jay di said,

    December 23, 2014 at 18:28

    I’d like the Hegelian dialectic please with extray order out of chaos thanks

  3. Will said,

    December 24, 2014 at 00:20

    The anti-Israel people who also turn to antisemitism are just as bad as the Israeli terrorists. The only people surprised that people don’t like Israel are the ones in the dark about what Israel is really doing to Palestinians, or they are the ones who equate all Palestinians with Hamas. The only reason Bibi isn’t hanging from a tree somewhere is the absurd support they get from Ameica, which explains why American media doesn’t give Israel the criticism that would come with honest journalism. We should all ask ourselves why our government is supporting a terrorist regime who is illegally occupying a sovereign nation against international law and kills this nation citizens with impunity to take their land.

  4. December 24, 2014 at 01:26

    […] here for the […]

  5. lolathecur said,

    December 24, 2014 at 15:28

    I must disagree with the statement ” Zionism is not Judaism” . It actually is Judaism on steroids. At the same time, it perverts and exploits its foundation ( Judaism) at every opportunity. Freemasonry is the same. If you remove the traits of Judaism from either if these two abominations, there would be nothing left and no basis for either. This is exactly why rejection of the lord god jehova/ yhwh is so important if the world is to ever have peace. To accept this satanic entity as “GOD” would also mean to accept all he says and does as legitimate and true. If this is “GOD”, then the gentile world should want no part of “GOD” . yhwh/jehova is perpetuation of evil until all his demands are met. There is no salvation ( deliverance from evil ) for any gentile found in yhwh/jehova. Not even if the world submits to his demands. That is unless one considers being slave and considered an inferior human creation to a minority of the population of the planet as being delivered from evil (salvation). If this religion exists in some other form , then present it to the world and speak out against rabbinical Judaism. It also could not be based in the old testament scriptures which would automatically make it something other than Judaism anyway. Yes, there is a small faction of Judaic who do not consider the disgusting , racist works of the Talmud to be part of this abomination known as Judaism, but the old testament still makes the reality very clear without the Talmud anyway. Submission to yhwh/ jehova is submission to a minority of the people on this planet who worship him. Judaism is no ones friend except one who is Jewish. Even if you were to convert, you would still be considered inferior as you would not be Jewish according to halachic standards. You would just be considered a good, submissive gentile. Judaism and its lord god must be rejected and eradicated from this earth or there will never be peace on this planet. We have other issues to be dealt with , we all know this, but this single issue is the most important one that needs to be dealt with as it divides and conquers everything according to its own texts. It is nothing more than a blueprint for world do.inaction by agroup that calls themselves jewish, whatever that is. I say this because this term is like a chamellion that changes itself to be whatever it wants to be for convenience of the subject at hand. There is NO TRUTH in it at all. yhwh/jehova is the antithesis of the “concept” of “GOD” and his ideology is the antithesis of “religion”. Any religion that submits to this entity (Jehovah), whether it be judeo christian, Islam or Judaism is the enemy. If protestants( judeo Christians) do not consider yhwh to be “GOD” THEN YOU BETTER HAD COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND SCREAM IT! You will then find that you are in the wrong place of worship as you WILL be condemned for this position. Islam, the same and Judaic, the same. By doing so, makes the texts of the old testament null and void as they should be considered. We , that have a belief in some thing we call “GOD”, must immediately recognize that regardless of what these texts say, jehova/ yhwh can never be considered “GOD” . The world and its population is tired of yhwh and his believers and we are going to condemn and abolish your belief system and its so called god. Better to understand this and not be silent or you will be considered the enemy. Yes, eventually we will prevail because we must or we will be totally enslaved by you. I will die fighting first. Put jehova in the trash in of history where he belongs. If you do not believe me when I tell you that jehova/ yhwh is actually “the adversary known as Ha shatan or Satan” or considered “anti CHRIST” , just pick up the Jewish encyclopedia which outright tells us this. If you can not believe a rabbi ( or in this case, over 400 of them) on who their god is, who can you believe then? Amazing what one can learn if they study Jewish literature instead of believing the happy face lies slapped on the thin facade of this creation known as Zionism/ Judaism…… in the same.

  6. lolathecur said,

    December 24, 2014 at 15:29

    Reblogged this on Lolathecur's Blog.

  7. PJ London said,

    December 24, 2014 at 20:39

    “The Jewish students themselves hardly take part in events on campus and are not showing much interest in workshops and programs aimed at training them to represent Israel on the PR level.”

    Why should American students who happen to be of the Jewish faith wish to represent a foreign state?
    It is Israel who is equating Israel = Jewish, the rest of us see that Zionism and Israel is a political entity not an ethnic or religious entity. We are not “anti-semitic, merely anti zionist.

  8. DDearborn said,

    December 24, 2014 at 20:51


    Actually “Zionism” is generally accepted as a term describing a political ideology. Were as Judaism on the other hand, is generally accepted as describing a form of religion. Zionists are made up of a large variety of races, creeds, colors nationalities and regions. There is no requirement for Zionists to be Jewish, or even hold that the Jewish faith, in of itself, is righteous and good. By the same token there are many Jews who do not consider themselves Zionists.

    The sole reason for the attempts to claim that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same is being made by those attempting to silence the critics of Zionism and the actions of the State of Israel. As with Zionism, criticizing the State of Israel is no more anti-Semitic than criticizing the United States is a criticism of Christianity, or for that matter Judaism.

    However common logic, rational thought and common sense dictate however, that if Judaism is deserving of criticism, than there is absolutely NOTHING wrong in doing so.

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