Man Booted From Plane in ‘Merry Christmas’ Fracas

Grinchy Passenger Objected To Holiday Greetings


An irate airline passenger who objected to ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings was reportedly booted off an American Airlines flight at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

“Don’t say ‘Merry Christmas,’” the grumpy traveler told flight attendants on the Dallas-bound flight on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

The man, who was not named, was escorted off the flight after he refused to calm down. Other passengers cheered as security took him away.

The Yuletide fracas started at the gate when the man objected to ground staff wishing passengers a merry Christmas as they prepared to board the flight.

“You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas,” the man snapped, according to the Post. “Don’t say, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ”

Once seated on the plane, the man again loudly objected when the pilot and flight attendants used the public address system to wish passengers a happy holiday.


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BUT …..

I’d rather read this type of nonsense than reports about bombings, murders, terrorist attacks, etc., etc!


  1. Smelly said,

    December 27, 2014 at 21:08

    I have never heard anyone complain when I’ve wished them a Happy Hanukah, or a Merry Christmas, or even a Happy Eid. I’ve never heard a Chinaman complain when wishing him a Happy (Chinese) New Year.

    One stupid grump on a plane bitches, and the people on the plane CHEER as he’s thrown off. I can only imagine this turd made some sort of display to be thrown off, and not just for bitching about Merry Christmas being said.

    This guy is the walking definition of “schmuck.”

    Oh, and if I may say Englishman, or Irishman, or Frenchman, why is it un-PC to say Chinaman? Just asking, schmuck!

  2. joekano76 said,

    December 27, 2014 at 23:46

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  3. RoHa said,

    December 28, 2014 at 00:43

    Yes, the vast majority of people are sensible. They accept the greetings as a sign of good will, not as an assault on their beliefs.

    “if I may say Englishman, or Irishman, or Frenchman, why is it un-PC to say Chinaman?”

    It’s a bit odd. “Englishman”, etc., follow the pattern “adjective +man”.
    “Chinaman” has the pattern “name of country+man”. To be consistent we should say either “Chineseman” or “Englandman”.

    But I have no idea why it isn’t PC, since I didn’t even know it wasn’t.

    Unless, of course, you are using “Chinaman” to refer to Americans or Australians of Chinese ancestry. Then you are just being silly. They are Americans or Australians.

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