Israel ranks as one of the world’s most unfavorably viewed countries among the UK public, second only to North Korea.

The results from the Chatham House survey confirm trends seen in other polls across the world, showing that Israel is consistently among the world’s most negatively viewed countries.

Survey Shows Britons Dislike Israel More Than Any Other Non-EU Nation (except North Korea)

Survey Shows Britons Dislike Israel More Than Any Other Non-EU Nation (except North Korea)

Negative views of Israel soar in the UK, new survey shows


  1. lolathecur said,

    February 3, 2015 at 13:49

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  2. legal eagle said,

    February 3, 2015 at 18:34

    Let’s see; IF (and I do say IF) Israel were to be wiped off the face of the Earth, would anyone really care? I mean other than the criminal Israelis and their bought off politicians that is.
    The utter narcissism demonstrated by Israel in continually placing itself at the center of the universe is not only getting old, it is downright annoying.

  3. R Davis said,

    February 4, 2015 at 04:45

    Doesn’t Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu look a lot like Winnie the Pooh.
    CATHAM HOUSE & other places like it need to be shut down – they surve no useful purpose to society at large other than to cloud & confuse reality & distribute propaganda & scaremonger.
    The money could be better spent in more useful pursuits that would make a difference.

  4. Tucker said,

    February 4, 2015 at 11:42

    And, this survey more than likely did not even address the complicity of the Israeli Mossad and their 5th column of treasonous neo-cons inside the US Government in the false flag events of 9-11.

    Add that bit of truth in to the mix, and I wonder what the world would think of Israel then?

    BTW: Today, over on, I spotted an article that was linked to that stated that Lucky Larry Silverstein, who has already reaped a $4 billion dollar bonanza insurance policy payoff on the two WTC towers which were destroyed by his pals in the Mossad on 9-11 is now trying to claim that the airlines who owned the planes that we were told ‘hit the towers’ owe him a huge pile of shekels in damages. His lawyers are also trying to finagle another $1.2 billion out of his insurers, who apparently won that amount from the airlines and security companies who were involved in this false flag event. Larry thinks that he should have got that money.

    Is there no end to the chutzpah of this tribe of conniving vampires?

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