Yousef Munayyer who is the executive director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation wrote this brilliant Op-Ed which I found in the International Edition of The New York Times. It certainly puts a new and different perspective on the outcome of the Israeli election results.

Replacing Mr. Netanyahu with his challenger, Isaac Herzog, would have slowed down the B.D.S. movement and halted pressure on Israel by creating the perception of change. A new prime minister would have kick-started a new “peace process” based on previous failed models that would inevitably fail again because of a lack of real pressure on Israel to change its deplorable behavior.

The re-election of Mr. Netanyahu provides clarity.

A victory for Palestine

A victory for Palestine

Netanyahu’s Win Is Good for Palestine


  1. joekano76 said,

    March 22, 2015 at 00:40

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  2. R Davis said,

    March 22, 2015 at 08:28

    NETANYAHU SAYS :- there will never be a Palestine on his watch
    Just how long does Mr. Netanyahu expect to be around ?
    Benjamin Netanyahu BORN October 21 1949 (aged 65)
    Benzion Mileikowsky passed away at 102 year of age (biological father to Bibi)
    It looks like we are in for the long haul with Netanyahu.
    But he will not be PM for much longer so his powers & influence will be nil.
    What Netanyahu does not understand is that it is not up to him:
    It does not all fall on his say so or approval:
    When the money runs out so will the upper eshalon who frequent Israel.
    What reason will they have to remain in Israel.
    The owners of Israel the Rothschild are broke – the oil in the Middle East is all but gone – financial support from the US will dwindle as money is invested else where – private donations have droped to almost zero – no one wants to be associated with a looser & murdering terrorists – it is bad for business.
    For the times they are a changing –
    Enjoy your moment as Proudly Captain Dreadful – Bibi Netanyahu because it is all but over.
    The next generation is up & coming & they are not as understanding & tolerant.
    I read that the election was close & much independent power has been stripped from Netanyahu & his party – co-opperation is not Bibi’s middle name.
    Sparkes will fly

  3. R Davis said,

    March 22, 2015 at 08:38

    Seeing how Benjamin Netanjahu is going to be around for such a long time, there is plenty of time to get him hauled up before the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges.
    Everyone has a long memory
    They will get you there yet MAN.

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