Prime Minister says looming nuclear deal amounts to rewarding Iran for its aggression in the region

The moderate and responsible countries in the region, especially Israel and also many other countries, will be the first to be hurt by this agreement.” 

Israel is moderate and responsible?

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Netanyahu: World Closing its Eyes to Iranian Aggression

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has once again waved the red flag regarding the deal currently in discussion with Iran over its nuclear program.

“The agreement being formulated in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price for aggression and on the contrary – that Iran’s aggression is to be rewarded,” the prime minister said in a statement at a ceremony honoring outstanding Prime Minister’s Office employees.

“The moderate and responsible countries in the region, especially Israel and also many other countries, will be the first to be hurt by this agreement,” he added.

Admonishing western powers for what he claimed amounted to willful blindness to Iran’s real intentions, he continued:

“One cannot understand that when forces supported by Iran continue to conquer more ground in Yemen, in Lausanne they are closing their eyes to this aggression,” he said, referring to Tehran’s backing of Shia Houthi rebels.

“But we are not closing our eyes and we will continue to act against every threat in every generation, certainly in this generation.”

It comes as the P5+1 talks with Iran over its nuclear program go down to the wire, with just a day to go until the latest deadline on March 31.

On Sunday, reports surfaced suggesting a provisional deal had been made with Iran, as all the negotiating teams sat for their first-ever joint session. Iran later denied those reports.

Earlier Sunday Netanyahu had claimed the deal under discussion was even worse than he had feared.

“The dangerous accord which is being negotiated in Lausanne confirms our concerns and even worse,” Netanyahu said in remarks at a meeting of his cabinet broadcast on public radio.

“Even as meetings proceed on this dangerous agreement, Iran’s proxies in Yemen are overrunning large sections of that country and are attempting to seize control of the strategic Bab-el-Mandeb straits which would affect thenaval balance and the global oil supply.

“After the Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad axis, Iran is carrying out a pincers movement in the south as well in order to take over and conquer the entire Middle East. The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous for humanity and needs to be stopped.”

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon also was quick to react to the disputed reports of a deal later that day, warning such an agreement, if true, would merely embolden Iran to be more aggressive.

“Iran is receiving a reward,” Yaalon tweeted Sunday afternoon. “The West is letting Iran into the family of nations, through the front door. The Iranian appetite to export the revolution through terror will only grow.”

“A very bad deal could be signed in Switzerland with Iran, a country with a radical and out-of-control regime that succeeded in hoodwinking the entire western world,” he added.

“Iran uses subversive and murderous terror and is involved on the wrong side of every Middle Eastern conflict,” he continued, “and turning it into a nuclear threshold state as will happen after the agreement is signed could be no less than a tragedy for the moderate regimes in the Middle East and for the entire Western world.”


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  3. Albert said,

    March 31, 2015 at 21:23

    Dear “Bibi”, SO WHAT,?,,,,,,,,,,,,TOUGH TOOTIES.! The World

  4. Will Davis said,

    March 31, 2015 at 21:38

    Sign the petition……
    Cease all United States foreign aid to nuclear armed Israel as sanctioned by United
    States law
    With the declassification by the United States government of the report entitled
    “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations” which gives a
    detailed description of how Israel developed its nuclear infrastructure, the
    U.S. now openly admits that Israel possesses nuclear weapons. Israel is not a
    signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to comply with the
    International Atomic Energy Agency regulations and inspections of Israeli
    nuclear facilities, we the people of the United States demand that the U.S.
    abide by the Symington Amendment and the Glenn Amendment (Section 102 of the
    Arms Export Control Act) which prohibits the U.S. government from providing
    taxpayer treasuries to nuclear armed non signatories. Cease all US foreign aid until
    Israel abides by the NPT.

  5. Greg Straw said,

    March 31, 2015 at 23:42

    The worlds not buying Netanyahu’s lies anymore.

  6. R Davis said,

    April 1, 2015 at 03:33

    Netanyahu is only doing the bidding of the US so as to save both the US & Israel from obscurity.

    Wall St & the BANKS sparked a chain rection with their frenzied gambling sprees which brought on the 2008 GFC.
    Today the nations of the world are about ditching the IMF, the World Bank but also replacing renegade banking cartels like Rothschild, JP Morgan & the like.
    Today the nations of the world, at the request of, & indeed backed by GLOBAL CORPORATE & BUSINESS INTERESTS are about building a new global financial system.
    The US, BRITISH, GERMAN money system is all but over.
    Power & control of the world is slipping out of the hands of the US, Israel Germany & Britain & they are desperately trying to hold on.
    These are indeed interesting times.

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