Actually, the fight seems to be against online anti Semitism as can be seen in THIS report …


Google’s participation at the 5th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism was summed up in THIS report …

Also in THIS report …

All fine and good, right?


What about the online hate displayed daily by the likes of Pamela Geller on her BLOG, her FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER??

And the online hate directed at the Ethiopian JEWISH community in Israel???

Ironic that Netyanyahu, himself, was invited to speak at the Conference.                                        

His speech is presented here …

And of course there is


(Click HERE to see report)

Let’s not overlook the FACT  that much of the so-called online anti Semitism is criticism of Israel and zionism …. NOT OF JEWS as can be seen in the following two speeches by Roger Waters …


Definition of yesteryear —- An anti-Semite was a term designated to anyone who hated Jews.
Today’s definition —- An anti-Semite is anyone who is hated by zionists.
There is a difference …
Image by Pete Pasho

Image by Pete Pasho

 It’s time for Google to learn that difference!


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    I see no difference. The entire concept of Zionism is based on Judaism. No Judaism, there would no such thing as Zionism. Judaism is self worship. Its essence is racist, occultic and being that it hides these truths it is also deceitful to the 10th power. It is a curse on humanity from the dark side itself. There is no such race of people k own as Jews as every biblical patriarch was married to foreign wives. The Judaic law stating that if a mother is Jewish so are her children is a farce as well. Who is the first Jewish mother? One lie based upon another lie is all that Judaism holds in its hands. Its lord god is “Satan” the adversary according to their “Jewish encyclopedia”. Send Judaism along with its subversive sister Zionism to hell where it came from. It is not a religion so to say as it is not universal. This is shown clearly by those who call themselves Jewish in the illegitimate state known as Israel. Why is it illegitimate? States and nations have borders and Israel will not declare them in public. The set of texts that people know as the bible declares its borders; “from the Nile to the Euphrates ” and this is the reason for the ongoing expansion and continual wars and occupation. These texts in the old testemant lay the agenda of judaism out clearly, To rule over all other peoples with Judaic law. Their anti Christ messiah will be the one to make this reality and they have every protestant denomination believing that he is the second coming of “The Christ” and worshipping him. Protestants (all denominations) are not Christians, they are gentiles that have been deceived by the lies of Judaism. They worship the Judaic god (Satan according g to the Jewish encyclopedia) and await the Jewish Messiah who is the anti Christ without their knowledge of it because of the occultic KJV BIBLE. Anyone ever wonder why the Latin vulgate based on earlier Hebrew texts (not the masoretic texts of the pharisees and scribes) tells an entirely different story? Of course not, because they have not studied the earliest texts available. Protestants are a tool of the judaic system to destroy the religion of Christianity. These people, along with many who claim to be Jewish just do not understand any of this. They are their own worst enemy. This is Christianity and was for fifteen hundred years before anyone ever heard of a protestant. The Latin vulgate was the bible and unchanged for the same period of time before a newfangled, edited , subversive KJV ever existed.

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