Memorial Days

© By Tom Karlson

they sang and prayed,

naming that day in May,

257 Union men captured, starved

mass-graved, bodies twisted,

joined at hip arm and head, this

Charleston South Carolina

Babi Yar Confederate style burial

re-interred with honor and memory

by 10,000 Freedmen

in 1865 that first day of mourning

the first Memorial Day

today we are at Jones beach

it is Memorial Day

we are fifty souls

remembering our dead, the dead

hundreds of Long Islanders

thousands of North Americans

a million Iraqis and Afghanis

families stroll past

some look, others visionless

all have come to eat, drink,

and salute that insatiable war-beast

they watch the Blue Angles

spin, flip, dive, and swoop,

aging chicken hawks

beg boys and girls to sign up for

the navy, the marines, the air force


the Turkish flotilla

bringing aid to Gaza

the Israeli attack,

nine dead on Memorial day


steelworkers are strike Little Steel,

families march

police-guards-scabs open fire

ten dead

thirty shot

one hundred clubbed

on Memorial day

let us remember all our Memorial Days

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