The anti BDS campaign continues in today’s Israeli press …. never before has Israel seemed as desperate as it is now to justify their policies of Apartheid and Occupation.

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From the greatest BS'er of the all

From the greatest BS’er of them all


Israeli left must battle BDS


Israel to allocate NIS 100 million for BDS


Netanyahu tells Jpost Conference: Iran, BDS emerging as threats to Israel on world stage


This is their latest video


Gideon Levy has a positive take on the Boycott in today’s HaAretz

For the sins of occupation, boycotts are a light punishment

Orange or SodaStream, academic or artistic boycott, the penalties will grow worse the longer Israel persists in settling, exploiting and stealing Palestinian land.

What are you defending? What are you fighting for? Over what are Israelis entrenching themselves now, with the assaults of the nationalist politicians and the populist media fulminating against the world. Why are they patriotically covering up the orange flags of Orange with the blue-and-white national flag? Has anybody asked why? Why is the boycott starting to gnaw at Israel now, and is this all worth it?

As usual, there are questions that are not even asked. Soul-searching, after all, is a clear sign of weakness. And so an explanation has been invented that absolves us of responsibility: The boycott fell out of the sky, an unavoidable force majeure of Israel hatred, and the only way to fight it is to fight right back at them. Israel always has an abundance of fitting (and sometimes violent) Zionist responses, but it’s always about the outcome, never about the reasons. That’s how was with terror, that’s how it was with the position of the world that Zionist Union chairman MK Isaac Herzog, of all Israeli ultranationalists, rushed to label with the ridiculous name “terror of a new kind” (referring to thestatements by Orange SA CEO Stephane Richard). Never give in. That’s fine, but why? We are fighting the boycott, but why did it break out?

Israel is now defending the preservation of the status quo. It is fighting against the whole world to preserve its advanced school of brutality and cruelty, in which it is educating generations of young people to act brutishly toward human beings, old people and children, to tyrannize them, to bark at them, to crush and humiliate them, only because they are Palestinians.

Israel is defending the continuation of apartheid in the occupied territories, in which two peoples live, one of them without any rights. It is defending its entire system of justification for this — a combination of Bible stories, messianism and victimhood, accompanied by lies. It is defending “united Jerusalem,” which is nothing but a territorial monster where separation also exists. It is fighting for its right to destroy the Gaza Strip for as long as it cares to do so, to maintain it as a ghetto and to be the warden of the biggest prison in the world.

The Israelis are fighting for their right to persist in settling, exploiting and stealing land; to continue breaking international law that prohibits settlement, to continue to thumb its nose at the whole world, which does not recognize any settlements. They are now defending their right to shoot children who throw stones and helpless fishermen pursuing the crumbs of a livelihood in the sea off the coast of Gaza, their right to continue snatching people from their beds in the middle of the night in the West Bank; they are fighting for the right to detain hundreds of people without trial, to hold political prisoners, to abuse them.

That is what they are protecting, that is what they are fighting for — for an area that most of them have not been to for years, and don’t care what happens there, for conduct that is shameful even to some of them. These are the sins and this is the punishment. Does anyone think that Israel can go on without being punished? Without being ostracized? And to tell the truth, doesn’t Israel deserve to be punished? Hasn’t the world been unbelievably tolerant so far?

Orange or SodaStream, academic boycott or artistic boycott, these are light punishments. The penalties will grow worse the longer Israel avoids drawing the necessary conclusions. As opposed to attempts by Israel and the Jewish establishment to divert the discussion, at its heart is not anti-Semitism. At its heart is the occupation. That is the source of the delegitimization.

The nation can fight against the position of the whole world. It can stand up for its rights (which are not its rights) and think that it is fighting for its survival. But do the Israelis know what they are defending now? What they are not willing to surrender? Is all this worth it to them? That discussion has not even begun here.



  1. R Davis said,

    June 8, 2015 at 10:53

    Regarding the “anti -Jewish sentiment on campus” talked about in the video.
    I understand their feelings perfectly
    * “pro Israel sentiment” said one young lady

    Q: if she were one of the young pregnant ladies in Gaza who, at the last attack by Israel upon the people of Gaza, had a sniper shoot her belly away
    I wonder what her sentiment would be then …/?
    * she gooes on to say “as a student the paradynamics are there, I feel powerless in a sense & very intimidated that these figures of authority & academic knowledge are basically invalidating everything I support.”

    Q: is this the next generation …/?
    Q: is this young woman going to take her place in the world & be in some kind of authority & have a say as to how things are run in the world …/?
    A self absorbed, cry baby dill.
    Dear God save us from this ….

  2. R Davis said,

    June 8, 2015 at 11:05

    I also wanted to say this.
    The US has had a gut full of Israel & the billions they demand has become rediculous.
    They enjoy a lifestyle that is beyond outrageous.
    Do not think for one moment that other nations are not demanding the disassembly of Israel behind closed doors.
    The US cannot ignor this kind of discontent & the repocussions it brings.
    The way to ‘take down’ an undesirable situation is from within.
    I smell US Political approval at least – if not structural assistance all over this.
    You demolish a wall one stone at a time & before long it is gone.
    Israel has more than passed it’s used by date.
    Good bye, good bye & may our paths never cross again is the goal here..

  3. R Davis said,

    June 8, 2015 at 11:21

    One last thing –
    the 2008 GFC has decimated the Global financial structures
    No one has recovered from this catastrophy
    Therefore the only solution is WWIII …/?
    It is the US Federal Reserve & the Jewish Banks that took planet earth to this disaster.
    What’s more the greedy pigs want even more
    Look at the EU & Greece
    “Pay UP You BUMS or Else” threaten the EU.
    Only 3% of the monies from the loans actually went to Greece the 97% went to BAIL-OUT international banks
    Some how though Greece has to pay the 100% of the loans back & with interest.
    Therefore this must have been the case with all the EU member nations.
    Forgive me but I don’t get it …unless
    Can you see THEFT written all over this …/?
    The US & all Western governments have to make the system right or we are all lost.
    JP Morgan
    It is not looking good for you guys right about now.

  4. doodaa said,

    June 8, 2015 at 19:44

    I totally agree with R Davis on some aspects. Yes, the American people are totally fed up with Israel’s behavior and sucking the life from our own pockets. The U.S. is breaking their own laws by giving a nuclear armed country money in the first place. Unfortunately, we have politicians like Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham that really should just move to Israel and stay there. It will take awhile, but, these traitor’s days are numbered.

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