News such as the following was on the front pages of  every Israeli newspaper over the weekend … (Click on link to see report)

Spain passes law of return for Sephardic Jews

Applicants to be vetted by local Jewish community, face language and history tests before securing new passport

My response, as one of those descendants follows …

Descendents of Sephardic Jews expelled in 1492 can now apply for Spanish nationality

Descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled in 1492 can now apply for Spanish nationality

Open Letter to the Parliament of Spain

It was of much interest to see that your government has passed legislation granting citizenship to the descendants of the Jews expelled from your country in 1492.

Jews leaving Spain in 1492

Jews leaving Spain in 1492

Allow me to fill you in on the ‘journey’ of my own family after the expulsion; Rather than going to one of the Muslim countries in North Africa, as many others did, they chose to go to Turkey. Those that went to North Africa received a much warmer welcome, which resulted in my family eventually going on to a new situation in Holland.

They found there that in order to succeed economically they would have to assimilate with the Eastern European Jewish Community (Ashkenazim), a fate much less severe than the forced conversions to Catholicism for those who remained in Spain.

Again, after a number of years they once again moved on, this time splitting up, some going to Slovakia, the others to Hungary. Many of those in Hungary pursued their Jewish educations and became prominent members of the rabbinical community, included was Rabbi Shlomo Gantzfried, co-author of The Code of Jewish Law.

Those in Slovakia basically worked the fields to survive. My grandfather, Yisrael Mayer, whose name I bear, was a cobbler.

In both cases, in Hungary and Slovakia, the Jewish community was rounded up and sent to various labour camps. My family wound up in Auschwitz where they were brutally slaughtered by the nazi beast, with the blessings of your Francisco Franco and your Pope, Pius Xll.

My father was spared these horrors as he immigrated to the United States when he was still in his teens. Hence, I am here today to tell this saga.

I have one question of you before I continue, Why was this ‘offer’ not granted to the descendants Of the Muslim community who were also expelled by King Ferdinand?

In 1492, simultaneous to the discovery of the New World was the start of the Spanish Inquisition, a massive expulsion of Jews and Muslims.

In 1492, simultaneous to the discovery of the New World was the start of the Spanish Inquisition, a massive expulsion of Jews and Muslims.

Today, I reside in Israel, a country which in 1948 employed the same tactics against the Palestinian population when the zionist regime stole much of their lands. Close to a million people were forced to leave their homes and country. Over a million of their descendants still languish to this day in refugee camps.

Will they have to wait 500 years for an offer to return to their land as well?

Does this look familiar? See image posted earlier.

Does this look familiar? See image posted earlier.

Fortunately, that will not be the case. A growing number of Jews, both in Israel and in the Diaspora are involved in movements which daily expose the crimes committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians. Their day to day work in these matters will usher in changes much sooner than your government did.

There are many Jews of conscious throughout the world

There are many Jews of conscious throughout the world

Now, as for your ‘offer’, I will try to be as diplomatic as possible. Simply stated,this gesture is much too little and comes much too late. Therefore, I personally do not accept it.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Amsel (Yisrael Mayer)

PS …. despite all of the above, or perhaps because of it, ‘my thoughts remain free’ …..


  1. tom karlson said,

    June 14, 2015 at 12:13

    good stuff tom

    Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 05:47:44 +0000 To:

  2. lolathecur said,

    June 14, 2015 at 14:30

    Yes, there are many of good character. Please speak loudly. You ask this of the Muslim community and need to do the same. Thank you to those of both who do. Now, it we could only get the nut case, confused evangelical so called Christians to do the same. Those Christians that do speak are criticized as being anti Semites and Nazis by the Zionist crowds whether Jew ish or gentile.It does appear that the BDS Movement is the only effective weapon here. Join it!!!!!

  3. lolathecur said,

    June 14, 2015 at 14:59

    yes, there are many Jew ish people of good character. Speak up loudly just as demanded of the Muslim community. If one could only get through to the crazy evangelicals we might have something here. One problem is ANY christian of ANY flavor(and it has become like baskin robbins) that speaks, they are accused of anti semitism and being a Nazi by the Zionist factions whether they be Jew or gentile. It is an evil ruse.

  4. lolathecur said,

    June 14, 2015 at 15:22

    pious x11 was an anti pope who changed the baptismal rite of the catholic church from Holy Ghost to holy spirit. In doing so, he established judeo Christianity within the catholic church. Remember that religious faith always is a belief in some deity. These two deities are not one in the same as shown by the Latin Vulgate clearly. Therefore changing the deity of the faith.

  5. Ed said,

    June 14, 2015 at 18:46

    Yes, let us not forget Palestine aka GAZERNICA:

    “This land of God cannot be for some a land of life and for others
    a land of death, exclusion, occupation or political imprisonment.”

    – Archbishop Michel Sabbah
    Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem

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