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Q. Do you know what Obama coffee is?

A. Black and weak.

That’s supposed to be funny?

Well it’s NOT!

Nothing more, nothing less

Nothing more, nothing less

After removing the ‘joke’ the poster said in an apology to the President, “I like people no matter about their race and religion.”

Brings to mind the classic anti Semitic comeback of  “Some of my best friends are Jewish”.

Israeli Minister’s Wife Tweets Offensive ‘Obama Coffee’ Joke

The wife of Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom apologized after tweeting a tasteless joke about U.S. President Barack Obama.

Judy Shalom Nir Mozes posted the joke Sunday and removed it shortly after, but not before unleashing a storm of criticism.

“Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” read the offensive tweet.

After deleting the tweet, Mozes apologized in a second tweet, which said: “I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me.”

A second apology posted a half hour later was directed at the U.S. President: President Obama I shouldnt have written the inappropriate joke I heard. I like people no matter about their race and religion.

A third apology read: “Sorry if I caused any offence to anyone. I hope I will stay married when my husband will land and hear what I did.”

Mozes, an Israeli talk-show host, has nearly 75,000 Twitter followers.

Shalom, of the Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, also is a vice prime minister.


  1. rumplelstilkskin said,

    June 22, 2015 at 16:41

    Not funny? What’s not funny? Of course it’s racist. That’s a problem in Israel? Get real. The American political system requires a President that is weak and easily bought. JFK was the last person there withideas of his own.

  2. jojo archers said,

    June 22, 2015 at 17:03

    Do you know what Obama coffee is?

    A. Black with soured cream.

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