Jerusalem correspondent stumbles upon a narrowly averted attack of Arab workers at a convenience store by far-right activists

The main group of protesters, which was controlled by the police, didn’t engage in physical violence, but small splinter groups moved toward the city center and began searching for Arabs. They entered stores, asking clerks if Arabs were employed there. They asked employees random questions like “what’s the time?” in order to test their accent.

Policeman arresting far-right Jewish protester in Jerusalem (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)

Policeman arresting far-right Jewish protester in Jerusalem (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)

On Thursday night, with the current terrorism wave on my mind, I covered a violent protest organized by two far-right Jerusalem groups, which was attended by about 700 people. Police reported that the protesters threw stones toward officers, and a few protesters were arrested.

During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and Lehava (a right-wing organization dedicated to preventing the “assimilation” of Jews with non-Jews in Israel), the protesters chanted slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “may your village burn,” and looked for Arabs to attack. And indeed, after the protest ended a number of the participants attacked a taxi driver and attempted to attack other Arab passersby.

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As a sidenote ….. (Click on link to see report)

Israel may outlaw far-right Lehava organization



  1. mikael said,

    October 11, 2015 at 21:12

    Il bett, nothing, abolutelly nothing would happend to the Israelis if the clens Palestina totally, wipe them from the face of the earth.
    This isnt H. Stern talking, this is the Gov. of Norway.
    We have MP whom whines about Muslims but have nop problems with wiping out Christians to since Palestina is the homeland of christianity.

    We have an etire gov. whom suports neoNazis and Jihadist fighting in Ukraina, and the norwegain MSM havent writen anything about Ukraina and the insanity going on there.
    In this, the Palestinians are muslim terrorist, period.

    In the west, nobody cares.
    In the Arab world, nobody cares.
    In the rest of the world, dont give an rats ass about Palestinians.

    I know we lost, my people was chruched 70 years ago, by the Norce gov. and by the Russians, and now, the Palestinans will be wiped out.

    I sometimes HATE to be right, but I know this is lost, the powers of the terror state Israel is to high, the Russians would do nothing, the Ussa will do nothing.

    Im not writing this with an easy hart its cuts, deep into my soul.

    whats more to say
    Good night Palestina, I feel with you and will bleed with you from my hart.


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  4. R Davis said,

    October 13, 2015 at 05:29

    Hello Mikael,
    It is amazing that the global banking system is owned & run by the Jews starting with The House of Rothschild –
    Who let this happen ?
    He who controls the money of the world, owns the world.
    You are in Norway – according to The Crazz Files & others – at least 15.000 army personnel have entered Europe – these men are paid mercenaries – on someones payroll – hired to do a job.
    All Muslims in Europe need to be very careful – who knows why these soldiers are in Europe – what they are being paid to do – and the Muslims will be blamed.

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