Those pesky Palestinians ... Image by Carlos Latuff

Those pesky Palestinians …
Image by Carlos Latuff

Here’s the reason why …

Israel must understand the following

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Israel’s seemingly hysterical reactions to ongoing Palestinian protests against efforts by Messianic Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, caricatures a state and society overwhelmed by collective psychosis and mental disorientation.

Features of this collective mental disorder includes feelings of megalomania and  supremacy, utter contempt for laws and norms regulating relations among individuals and societies as well as an utter disregard for the lives and rights of the “other” in this case the Palestinians.

In projecting this all-encompassing morbidity, Israelis, including government officials, media operatives as well as ordinary people, constantly feel the urge to lie, even maliciously, in order to maintain the mental sanity of their society and reassert the staunchly-guarded myths and legends they were taught and became part of their lives since early childhood.

Thus it was the Arabs who invaded Israel, not the Zionist gangs which came to Palestine from the far reaches of Europe to arrogate a land that didn’t belong to them.

And it was the Arabs who first attacked Jews, not the Jewish gangs that murdered Palestinian civilians en masse, stole their land, destroyed their homes, and bulldozed their fields before dispersing to the four winds.

Interestingly, the Zionists, after all of this, have the audacity to call their victims terrorists.

Now, the Israeli machine of mendacity is working around the clock, manufacturing lies and repeating stale lies, forgetting that this is the age of the internet, twitter and facebook.

Indeed, anyone affronted with listening to Netanyahu and his numerous mouthpieces would get the impression that it is the Palestinians who have desecrated Jewish holy places and that it is the Palestinians who are burning Jewish families alive, carrying out field executions of Jewish youngsters, setting Jewish olive groves on fire and terrorizing unprotected Jewish civilians all over the West Bank, not the other way around.

I don’t know if the liars of Zion believe their own lies or not. I don’t even care if they do or don’t.  Lying, after all, has always been a built-in Zionist character since time immemorial.

None the less, the Zionists must understand the following facts:

First, we Palestinians will cling to our ancestral homeland till death. We have no other homeland. We have no other country. We have nowhere else to go. So will stay here for ever and ever and ever, no matter how many of our children will be killed by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers.

Second, we will not accept a life of dogs or slaves or second-class citizens.

In the final analysis, we are not children of a lesser God. This means that what Jews wouldn’t accept for themselves, we won’t accept for ourselves and our children.

Third, we don’t seek to kill Jews or throw them into the sea. We obviously cannot do that, even if we wanted.

However, we will not allow Jews to throw us into the desert as Jewish circles keep dreaming.  Hence, we are here to stay. Period.

Four, the Aqsa Mosque is the ultimate red line for the vast majority of Palestinians. It is a matter of life or death for us.

Indeed, when it comes to the Haram Ash-sharif of Jerusalem, a no-hold-barred conflagration with Israel becomes inevitable.

Indeed, when the matter has to do with the Aqsa Mosque, Israel can’t and shouldn’t count on the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, Abdul Fattah al-Sissi or the Arab league to restore quiet because the issue transcends and overrides all these parties.

Hence, Israel must understand, that unless all attempts by government-backed Messianic Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at the Aqsa Mosque are terminated, the present wave of unrest will continue unabated, no matter how many emergency sessions the Israeli cabinet holds, how many draconian laws are passed and punitive measures are decided against our people.

Finally, we have always hoped and we continue to hope that some level-minded Israeli leaders would step in and reverse this march of the folly, led by Netanyahu, Yaalon and Bennette, which will, if not stopped in time, take both our peoples to the squares of bloodshed and endless confrontation.

Unfortunately, what we discovered is a society and government intoxicated with the arrogance of power. So, please don’t transform each and every Palestinian into a walking time bomb.

We certainly don’t want to die or see our children getting killed or maimed in the streets of this tortured land.

But, for us, there are certain things that are more paramount than life itself.

Needless to say, al-Masjidul Aqsa is one of them.


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