Rambling down Memory Lane…….

July 1st has always been a special day for me. Forty nine years ago today I left the United States and applied for Landed Immigrant Status in Canada. My wife and I picked this date as it was a National Holiday and we figured there would be less security at the Toronto Airport…. and less questions. It was a special day in Canada, it was the 100th anniversary of Confederation.
My suspicions proved correct…. there was only a handful of security personnel on duty and I was asked only two questions…
“How long do you plan on staying in Canada?”…. to which I responded “Forever!”
The second question was “Are you a subversive?”…. to which I responded quite naively “What does that mean?”
“Do you consider yourself a threat to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second or any one of her heirs?” (pronounced ‘hairs’ when I verbalise this story)…. to which I responded “Definitely not!”
“Welcome to Canada! Here is your Landed Immigrant Status Card!” (Let it be known that in no way did I consider the Royal Family ‘Divine’ in any way, but I did not feel I was a threat to their existence.)

Little did that Immigration Officer know, but in the United States I WAS considered a subversive…. in fact, I carried with me a ten page document of allegations against me from Army ‘Intelligence’ which ended with the words “Your entrance into any branch of the Armed Forces at any time would be detrimental to the security of our nation.” How much more of a ‘subversive’ can one hope to be?
It would be ‘safe’ to say that I owe my life to the FBI. The document I mentioned above was full of information provided by them. Their ‘planted’ informants knew the exact date and time that I joined the Communist Party of the United States. They knew every move I made during all my years of activity.
On my 18th birthday I registered with the Draft Board. We had to do that by law in those days. A few years later I received my order to report for my physical examination. I will never forget the short, burly man in charge that day…. Sgt. Randazzo. His face and voice haunts me to this day. The day I had to report was like a mini High School Reunion. Almost every male in my graduation class was present that day. We were lined up and were asked if we were interested in volunteering for the Marines. As this was a sure way to be sent to Viet Nam, there wasn’t a single volunteer. Randazzo then proceeded to pick every third person in line to serve in the Marines. But…… immediately before that an announcement was made…. “Anyone that was ever arrested, please go to Room 101.” Off I went….. which meant that poor Michael, who was standing next to me, was picked to be a Marine…. it should have been me, but I was being interrogated instead. Needless to say, Michael does not speak to me to this day.
If you move the ‘timer’ to 10:05 on the following video, you will get a pretty good idea what that interrogation was like….

A few months later I received my 4F. At first I was given ten days to deny the allegations in the document I received…. non compliance earned me my 4F. The rest is history…..
Moving on…. here we were in a new country, a country with totally different values and definitions than the one we had just left. But, I felt that we were still not ‘home free’…. our new government might discover our past and deport us, so we prepared for this by purchasing a framed photograph of Her Majesty and hanging it in the hallway of our new apartment. If the Royal Mounted Police ever came to ‘visit’ it would be the first thing they saw. We had two new statuses that we did not want to lose…. Landed Immigrant and NON Subversive!
My political activities continued throughout my years in Canada, including running in elections for both the Federal Parliament and the Province of Ontario…. on the ticket of the Communist Party of Canada. This Party was/is legal, so my status of Non Subversive did not change.
The Mounties never came and we were never deported. Canada was a totally different world than the one we had just came from… that was in 1967. Today Canada is once again a very hopeful nation. The Torries are history and hopefully Justin Trudeau will once again make it The True North Proud and Free.


  1. Arnold Johnson Walker said,

    July 1, 2016 at 22:06

    I had the same hopes for Justin as you express. However, bit, by bit, I fear we both may be disappointed.

    Firstly, I admired Pierre’s resistance to getting young Canadians killed in Vietnam for nothing. Secondly, I appreciated the fact that he didn’t recognize the crime of “draft dodger” as a cause to arrest young, American immigrants to Canada. These were good things.

    Also, as Chretien, his old buddy from the Trudeau era, did send Canadians to Afghanistan, he refused to send any to Iraq.

    Points scored, but only recently, I discovered that in the early 70s, Pierre sold Canada off to the IMF’s cabal of central banks. Prior to that, Canada printed the money the country needed to facilitate the functioning of the economy. After that, money was borrowed from commercial banks and had to be paid back with interest. Look at any graph of Canada’s debt and that’s when the line went from almost flat with just a slight rise, to the exponential curve we see today.

    See this from a 12 year old Canadian for a fuller understanding.

    I’ve sent a dozen or more emails to various politicians, including several to Justin’s office. Not a peep from any of them.

    Also, Canada is about to be sold out again with the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership. A bad deal that subverts Canadian law where any corporation can sue Canada if legislation interferes with their profits. Such as banning bovine, growth hormone. Or labeling GMO food.

    Having said that, without a doubt, I am very much glad to be Canadian. Hell, we even investigate former Prime Ministers, (Mulroney) for taking bribes in brown paper bags. Compared to these crimes, http://www.arkancide.com well, words fail me.

    Glad you’re here and very much happy about the work you do.

    Fireworks tonight at the local park. Yaay Canada. Go Leafs, go.

  2. Stan said,

    July 1, 2016 at 22:27

    Interesting that this communist immigrant thinks Canada is just great under Justin Trudeau. To many old time Canadians of European stock like myself, Trudeau is considered a subversive cultural Marxist who really doesn’t think to much of Euro Canadians. Justin is a disaster for Canada.

  3. legal eagle said,

    July 2, 2016 at 02:08

    Rainbow Justin is already wavering on electoral promises; what a surprise eh?

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