How zion views the occupation ……

Events to celebrate the quinquagenary of Jerusalem’s reunification kicked off on Sunday night at an event attended by the president and prime minister. The official semicentennial takes place on Jerusalem Day, observed this year on May 24.

At a ceremony held on the backdrop of the Old City, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarked: “Fifty years ago we returned to the heart of our capital and our country, and 50 years ago we did not conquer—we liberated.”

Drones spell out ’50’ above Jerusalem (Photo: Mizmor Productions)


Drones spell out ‘Jerusalem’ above the capital (Photo: Mizmor Productions)


Drones form a Star of David above Jerusalem (Photo: Mizmor Productions)


The Old City (Photo: Mizmor Productions)


(Photo: Mizmor Productions)

Thank you America for making the occupation a reality!

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