After 10 years of Israeli siege, the United Nations says Gaza is effectively unlivable.

Israel has consigned the people of Gaza to “living in abject poverty under practically inhuman conditions unparalleled in the modern world,” the human rights group B’Tselem said last month.

Video: Break the silence on Gaza with people power

In recent weeks the situation has deteriorated even further, as Israel has sharply cut the electricity supply, bringing available energy in Gaza to the lowest level ever.

Health, water and sewage treatment systems are breaking down, making life unbearable.

“This is not a natural disaster. This is a policy choice by Israel to do this to 2 million people, and it’s a policy choice the so-called international community are supporting,” I told Aaron Maté of The Real News.

“At best the so-called international community scrambles to do an appeal to various donor governments to patch up, to do palliative care,” for people in Gaza, I told Maté. “What they don’t do is challenge Israel and hold it accountable.”

By refusing to provide people in Gaza with basic health and other services, Israel, as the occupying power, is committing war crimes, I argued.

And it’s happening in silence – even Democracy Now, a flagship progressive outlet, has mentioned the situation only in brief and infrequent headlines.

The humanitarian catastrophe is also the result of collusion between Israel and the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Abbas wants to put political pressure on Hamas, which governs the interior of Gaza, by inflicting additional suffering on the 2 million Palestinians who live there.

This pressure has included curtailing medicine supplies to Gaza and refusing medical referrals for hundreds of patients who need urgent treatment outside the territory, leading to more than a dozen deaths.

“It’s up to us to challenge the institutional complicity and silence,” I told Maté. If regime media don’t make noise about Gaza, “people should be demonstrating, holding protests at the UN and Israeli embassies, at Palestinian Authority embassies, because they’re all complicit in this siege.”

Watch the video above.

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  1. July 19, 2017 at 16:48

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  2. JOHN CHUCKMAN said,

    July 19, 2017 at 19:44

    This is the most shameful set of acts of our time.

    Israel, America’s colony in the Middle East, literally gets away with mass killing and atrocities under America’s protective wing, and almost no one – at least of those in power in the West and of our corporate press – says anything.

    It ignores democratically elected government like Hamas while propping up a man, Abbas, as head of government for Palestine, a man who hasn’t faced an election in years.

    Israel’s recent atrocities include spraying great areas of Gaza with herbicides and turning off electricity, but those only add to the terrible burden of everything else from conducting an immoral blockade and shooting fishermen to arresting or assassinating elected members of government.

    God, and you wonder how the Nazis got away with their crimes?

  3. DDearborn said,

    July 19, 2017 at 21:02


    At this point the ONLY country in the Middle East still committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid is….Israel. And yet the only country in the Middle East the US has no plans to attack is….Israel.

    And while these horrific crimes are also being committed in other countries in the Middle East, they are done so by Israel and/or the US or their proxies.

  4. Hank said,

    July 20, 2017 at 00:17

    Let’s face it Americans- “our” leaders are NOT the good guys we have all been brainwashed to trust since childhood! Anyone who would turn a blind eye to this atrocious crime against LIVING people should NEVER be in a position of political power! The sad irony is Israel’s continual usage of the Holocaust and it’s “right to self defense” as “justifications” for its illegal actions while waging a modern-day holocaust! Logic only tells me that the profound silence of American “leaders”- and even their support for- Israeli violence against entrapped and defenseless Palestinian civilians in broad view of the whole world- only tells me just how blackmailed US “leaders” are by Israel!

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