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‘He wants to kill us’— Gazans fear for the worst as Trump severs aid to Palestinian refugees
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Women’s March 2018: Thousands of Protesters Take to the Streets

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Here are scenes from the March in New York City

Support for Ahed Tamimi was there in full force

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A prominent Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit, has reportedly called for raping and sexually harassing Palestinian females detained in Israeli jails and interrogation centers.

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Rape is but one war crime committed off camera

Israeli Journalist calls for raping Palestinian female detainees “but away from cameras”! Where is the outcry?

By Khalid Amayreh


A prominent Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit, has reportedly called for raping and sexually harassing Palestinian females detained in Israeli jails and interrogation centers.
“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, he wrote in Hebrew. See Link:
Although, the Hebrew article was published more than three weeks ago, it failed to generate any real outcry in the Israeli Jewish society or indeed among Israeli intellectuals, politicians and government officials.  The media treatment of the ghoulish remarks was minimal.
For several years, the Israeli Jewish society has been drifting to extreme chauvinism, jingoism and fascism as centrist and leftist political parties and organizations nearly disappeared from the public scene.
A few decades ago, a newspaper article encouraging rape would have landed its writer behind bars, and   turning him into a real pariah.
Now, with the fire of Jewish fascism spreading uncontrollably throughout Israel, racist and fascist-minded writers are looked upon as respectable role-models to be emulated rather than shunned or condemned.
Israel claims to be a democratic and civilized state. However, the fact that a prominent journalist can easily incite interrogators and security personnel to rape female detainees, and his call is treated just another piece of banal news, means that Israel has effectively entered the Nazi sphere.
This is why I feel I must appeal to all decent Jews to denounce, in the strongest terms, the obnoxious remarks attributed to Ben Caspit. Moreover, the American media, always shamelessly busy praising Israel, should condemn the hateful remarks reported. 
I won’t appeal to Netanyahu, Bennett and other Israeli leaders to confront this fascist trend, which really reminds us of the anti-Jewish discourse prevailing in Nazi German prior to the Holocaust. Indeed, Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, and  Treblinka didn’t really begin  in 1943 and 1944. They started much earlier, even before Kristalnacht, with the virulently racist anti-Jewish speech, which is very similar to what we hear and watch here in Israel today.
In the final analysis, Netanyahu and ilk are the paragons of fascism and racism. Hence, appealing to them to crack down on fascism in Israel would be as futile and pointless as having  urged Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann, and other Nazi leaders to stop the wave of hatred flooding Germany and much of Europe 80 years ago.
None the less, as it was clear then that not all Germans were Hitlers, Himmlers and Eichmanns, it is clear now that not all Jews are Netanyahus, Bennets and Liebertmans.
Needless to say, it is to these conscientious voices that I appeal to make a real stand against the wave of fascism now inundating Israel, an entity that falsely pretends to be Jewish and democratic.


A reader, apparently a Trump’s fan, has voiced consternation at my description of the American President as racist following his scandalous remarks about African countries and Haiti last week. See THIS post …

Mr. Trump: you are a cancer upon the conscience of Christ
By Khalid Amayreh
“There are many things about Trump that I don’t like, but to call him a racist is stupid and dishonest,” wrote the reader.
Well, I would like to say to the esteemed reader that I am not particularly eager to call people, even those who disagree with me, bad names and epithets.  People might thoughtfully and sincerely hold different views, even sharply different, views, without being racist or bigoted.
In many countries, including the U.S, even voicing manifestly-racist speech is not illegal.    
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech and expression from government interference. However, constitutional protection of “hate or racist” speech expires once that kind of speech crosses the verbal sphere, the ultimate red line!
 As a Muslim, I am against giving legal protection for hate speech this is because words can kill and do kill.  Bloodshed, even genocide, originates in the verbal sphere.
As to Trump, I wouldn’t call him “racist” solely because of the S-hole gaffe, even though what he said seems to epitomize his entire mindset. It is very hard for me to give him the benefit of the doubt. There are actually prima facie evidence that would incriminate and criminalize Trump as well as virtually all American presidents I know.  
In fact, Trump is more than just racist. He is a murderer who carries on his hands the blood of so many innocent people from many parts of the world, including my own country.
Don’t raise your eye-brows in disbelief. When a person, let alone the President of a powerful country like the United States,  helps, enables, encourages or abets a murderer to murder an innocent victim, the helper, enabler or a bettor is treated as murderer or co-murderer, and rightly so.
True, apologetics might cite certain “extenuating” circumstances such as non-awareness to mitigate the gravity of he crime… But can any honest person under the sun argue that Trump is not aware  that innocent people, including hundreds of children, have been killed and are being killed as a direct result of his ignorant policies and ignorant decisions.
In Palestine, my country, Israel, the brazenly racist military  occupier Trump embraces “soul and heart,” trigger happy-Israeli soldiers have murdered and maimed hundreds of Palestinians since his  scandalously short-sighted decision to recognize Jerusalem as Capital of the apartheid state of Israel several weeks ago.
The same story of death and maiming is repeated, almost on a daily basis, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and other Muslim countries America is hell-bent on destroying under the false rubric of fighting terror.
Don’t tell me Trump could have done nothing to stop the rampant murder. He could have but he chose not to because the lives of Muslims, Christians and others who dare say “No” to America’s hegemony and imperialism apparently  have no sanctity and mean very little to him and his administration. Which prompts me to ask: what sort of a Christian is he and what sort of Bible and Ten Commandments does he follow?
Mr.  Trump: you are a cancer upon the conscience of Christ.


There is a type of constructive nonviolent tension that is necessary for growth. . . . we must see the need of having nonviolent gadflies to create the kind of tension in society that will help men to rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood. So, the purpose of direct action is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.


A symbol of resistance for all of humanity

What MLK’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ tells us about Ahed Tamimi in a cold Israeli cell

In recent weeks, several people have said that the liberal indifference to Ahed Tamimi’s detention in an Israeli prison for slapping an occupying soldier on December 15 is reminiscent of the white liberals in Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, written in 1963. Today, you can give yourself no better political lesson than rereading that inspiring document of the American movement  for freedom.

King’s letter is an explanation of the need for “direct political action.” King addresses a group of white liberal ministers and rabbis who have said they’re against segregation but times are changing, so why do “extremist” black clergy have to risk a backlash with provocative demonstrations? King answers that time is neutral and won’t do anything on its own; blacks have waited for hundreds of years for some modicum of justice and learned that the privileged will never give up privilege without pressure. White businesses promised to remove humiliating signs directing blacks to segregated water coolers and bathrooms and never followed through, and meantime anti-colonial struggles in other countries have outpaced American change, and inspired blacks to dream of an equal future.

We need to ratchet up political tension so as to precipitate a crisis, King explained:

[T]here is a type of constructive nonviolent tension that is necessary for growth. . . . we must see the need of having nonviolent gadflies to create the kind of tension in society that will help men to rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood. So, the purpose of direct action is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.

Liberal ministers and rabbis were a bigger obstacle to this process than outright racists, King said, because they defused that tension among progressives with “lukewarm acceptance.” In the distant past the church had ended infanticide and gladiators’ fights to the death, but now the church was ineffectual. King warned:

It is so often the arch supporter of the status quo [as to]. . . be dismissed as an irrelevant social club with no meaning for the twentieth century. I meet young people every day whose disappointment with the church has risen to outright disgust.

Some whites had walked in black people’s shoes and understood the “urgency of the moment,” King said, but the moderate ministers were blindly supporting order, however unjust.

You warmly commended the Birmingham police force for keeping “order” and “preventing violence.” I don’t believe you would have so warmly commended the police force if you had seen its angry violent dogs literally biting six unarmed, nonviolent Negroes.

And he warned that the black community now includes many nationalists who advocate violence against Jim Crow.

The analogies of King in the Birmingham city jail to 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi in an Israeli jail are many. Occupied Palestinians have waited decades for justice as other struggles in the world have been successful. Palestinians have long been promised sovereignty and never gotten it. “Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber,” King writes, but Palestinians have seen their lands robbed year after year with no enforcement mechanism from the world. Many in the Palestinian community now advocate violence. But in their little village the Tamimi’s are part of a non-violent struggle against a violent occupation.

Ahed Tamimi caused tension– and a “crisis-packed” situation– when she slapped the soldier in her tiny village of Nabi Saleh on December 15, just hours after her cousin was maimed by another Israeli soldier.

But her weeks in jail are greeted with indifference or contempt by leftwing Israelis and American liberal Zionists, who tell us there must be equal sympathy for the Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian children. While the U.S. press writes articles about Tamimi’s choice in clothing, suggesting her encounters were staged. These people rationalize Israel’s brutal policy of a “managed conflict” forever with “lukewarm acceptance.”

Some will say, what about Ahed’s slap? Wasn’t that violent? It was not. Violence entails the possibility of producing injury to another. Tamimi’s slap of a towering, heavily-armed soldier was merely an insult, and a resonant one. “We must see the need of having non-violent gadflies.” (And as for throwing stones, even the New York Times Magazine has justified that as a legitimate response to occupation).

King’s letter is a challenge to the indifferent who rationalize the status quo. Moral people — church people, political people — must either take action or support it, he said. Geography is no barrier. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” is the most ringing line in the letter (which one of us used as an epigraph in his book againstSouth African apartheid).

Today we revere King for precipitating radical political change in the U.S. and sacrificing his life to do so. The letter speaks to all who cherish the hope of ending other injustices. It is NOT meaningful as a nostalgic signpost of a huge battle our society won 50 years ago. It is ONLY meaningful as a signpost for what actions we should take today.

King ended his letter with a prayer. It is consciously a spiritual statement. Birmingham 1963 is the “eternal now of the letter, and the message passes from King’s soul to the reader right now. It addresses the struggle we all feel inside ourselves: It calls to the idealistic and motivated parts of our nature that see a way to address injustice, and against the lukewarm, timid despairing acceptance we feel in the face of huge odds.

For people who care about the Middle East, the letter can have only one meaning, to look on the lives of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and to hate the occupation and anything that rationalizes it. King tells us to be with Ahed Tamimi in her cold cell, and fight for her freedom.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was released from the Birmingham jail after 11 days. Ahed Tamimi, 16 years old, is still in an Israeli jail — 27 days later, and counting.

Here is the last speech made by Martin Luther King Jr. …..

“I may not get there with you. But we, as a people, will get to the promised land!” He was shot the next day.



Portrait of a boy with the flag of Palestine painted on his face

Recently, the struggle for Palestinian human rights gained international attention surrounding a new icon of resistance–16 year old Ahed Tamimi. While in the West Bank in late 2016, Abby Martin interviewed Ahed Tamimi about her hardships and aspirations living under occupation and it becomes clear why her subjugators are trying to silence her voice. Her brother Waad and father Bassem also talk about their experiences with Israeli soldiers harassing their village and targeting their family. In this exclusive episode, Abby outlines the Tamimi family’s tragic tale and unending bravery in the fight for justice and equality in Palestine and how the story of their village of Nabi Saleh is emblematic of the Palestinian struggle as a whole.


The proud Father …..


2  Articles by Khalid Amayreh …..

“The heart of the fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing, but the mouth of a fool belches out foolishness. ….”

The Loquacious fool at the White House

“The heart of the fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing, but the mouth of a fool belches out foolishness. ….”
On Thursday, President Trump questioned why the US would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, suggesting instead more immigrants should come from Norway, whose prime minister he had met on a day earlier.
Trump reportedly said: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” The White House did not deny the account, instead highlighting Trump’s hardline immigration stance.
Well, who would say it better? The mouth of a fool belches out foolishness.” This is exactly describing Donald Trump.
 I surely don’t know if King Solomon had Donald Trump in mind when he uttered these words of infinite wisdom. But I am completely sure that each of these golden words of wisdom  applies rather squarely to the idiot  of Washington or, probably more correctly, the fool of the White House, the very man who has brought indignity, dishonor and disrepute to the office he holds.
Sometimes, the dignity of the office gives honor to a mediocre officer, enabling him or her to give some of the best they could offer. History is rife with examples to that effect.
Sometimes, it is the officer that gives the office the dignity and honor by way of displaying lofty characters like love, grace and wisdom.
In Trump’s case, however, it is obvious that the officer is bringing dishonor and disgrace to the office., It is not only that he is less, much less, than mediocre.  His insidiousness leaves no possibility for rehabilitation.  How could you rehabilitate a fool who insists he is a genius?
Trump has repeatedly proved himself to be a loquacious, abusive idiot who is also thoroughly odious, mean-spirited and arrogant. The scatological language he used in reference to black people is not only an insult to the office (the President of the United States of America), but also to the entire American people, especially those who elected him to lead their country.
The use of this contemptible language to put down hundreds of millions of people spells racism, hatred, incivility and intolerance. After all, these people, like all of us, never chose to be who they are, nor did they choose the countries where they were born. You claim you are a genius! How come you can’t comprehend this most axiomatic fact of life in this world?
The Nazis did agree with you in case you don’t know. They called the people you now call “shithole ” untermenschen, the inferior masses of the east! You see you and the Nazis have much in common. Halleluiah!
And perhaps you would try to bring Benyamin Netanyahu, Nafali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman along with you. They, too, would fit in perfectly.
Indeed, just as you want to keep “Shithole” people out of the US, Netanyahue, Benette and Lieberman,  presumably your ultimate role models,  want  to expel, sorry transfer,  millions of Palestinians from Palestine\Israel because they are not Kosher! Because they are not bona fide members the holy tribe! Because they are goyem! Because they are children of a lesser God
You see, it’s the same racism, same sickness! Same madness.  You call Africans shithole people  just as Netanyahu, et al, want to expel Palestinians from their ancestral homeland  or  force them to accept apartheid so that he could realize his sick mantra,  a pure Jewish state….just as Hitler wanted to realize his mantra,   a pure Aryan state,  “undefiled” by Jews, non-Aryans and other inferiors! You see! It is the same thinking, same ideology, same words, same arguments, and same goals!
Mr. Trump: You are a real malignant cancer upon the conscience of your people just as Netanyahu and ilk are a real cancer upon the conscience of Judaism and its true adherents who value humanity, justice and peace.
So, are you, too, trying to realize your mantra? I am afraid; actually I am sure, you will fail.
Is India’s Modi rewarding Israel’s Netanyahu for his slow-motion holocaust against the Palestinians?

Image by Satish Acharya

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, received a cordial welcome upon their arrival in New Delhi Sunday.
 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to welcome them in person, even though the foreign minister is normally the one greeting dignitaries to the country.
India has been widely lauded  for voting at the United Nations last month n favor of a  UNGA resolution considering President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as  capital of the apartheid state of Israel as null and void. That is what all people of moral conscience had expected India to do. And, thankfully, India didn’t betray them.
Now, however, India is giving a red-carpet welcome to a repugnant symbol of fascism and racism that shamelessly enjoys watching his trigger-happy soldiers showering school children and peaceful protesters with bullets.
I do realize that nation-states have political and economic interests that must be promoted and maintained.  But, India, the de facto leader of non-allied nations,   has moral principles that should be maintained as well, even at the risk of losing some economic and other benefits.
Netanyahu is seeking to sell India Israeli weapons and military technology. However, Indian leaders, especially those still valuing human rights and dignity ought to understand that every dollar paid to Israel means more Palestinian blood will be spilled, more Palestinian homes demolished, and more Palestinian land stolen by Israel. India,   a country of a thousand million people, should never allow its basic moral stance against racism and apartheid to compromise by a cold-blooded criminal who carries on his hands the blood of thousands, of children and other innocent people. We have their names and pictures, so let no one assume me I am making a hyperbole.
True,  Modi is no Mahatma Gandhi, or Jawaharlal  Nehru or even Indira Gandhi, who would internalize and act upon a moral appeal. However, India is not Modi and Modi is not India. This is why the  ultimate target of my appeal is by no means the current Prime Minister of India, who is very much part of the problem than part of the solution, but  the collective conscience of all Indians, irrespective of their religions and sects.
Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of an insidious apartheid regime that torments, persecutes and discriminates against millions of people because of their different ethnicity and religion.  Don’t let him defile your country’s moral integrity.


“Democracy and respect for human rights have long been central components of U.S. foreign policy. Supporting democracy not only promotes such fundamental American values as religious freedom and worker rights, but also helps create a more secure, stable, and prosperous global arena in which the United States can advance its national interests.”


The Heartfelt Hypocrisy Of The American Conscience

by William Hanna
While many of us may applaud the commendable outpouring of American public outage over President Trump’s racist “shithole” comment, we should not forget that those same Americans have maintained almost seven decades of unconscionable silence over far worse racist comments by Israeli leaders who take pride in statements that characterise and dehumanise Palestinians as never having existed; as having to be killed unless they were resigned to live as slaves; as being beasts walking on two legs; as being like crocodiles who when given more meat, wanted even more; as a people whose physical homes should be obliterated to prevent more snakes being raised in them; and as deserving to be bombed back to the Middle ages.
Furthermore, those currently outraged Americans have not only remained silent over rampant racism in Apartheid Israel but they have gone a stage further by wholeheartedly financing Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people: and they have done all this despite the U.S. Department of State’s alleged respect for democracy and human rights.
“Democracy and respect for human rights have long been central components of U.S. foreign policy. Supporting democracy not only promotes such fundamental American values as religious freedom and worker rights, but also helps create a more secure, stable, and prosperous global arena in which the United States can advance its national interests. In addition, democracy is the one national interest that helps to secure all the others. Democratically governed nations are more likely to secure the peace, deter aggression, expand open markets, promote economic development, protect American citizens, combat international terrorism and crime, uphold human and worker rights, avoid humanitarian crises and refugee flows, improve the global environment, and protect human health.”
“The protection of fundamental human rights was a foundation stone in the establishment of the United States over 200 years ago. Since then, a central goal of U.S. foreign policy has been the promotion of respect for human rights, as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United States understands that the existence of human rights helps secure the peace, deter aggression, promote the rule of law, combat crime and corruption, strengthen democracies, and prevent humanitarian crises.”
Ultimately, irrespective of how many American lawmakers, TV anchors, and pundits condemn the racist comments of their incumbent and ignorant President, the inescapable fact remains that not only did 62,980,160 Americans vote for him, but also the reality that most Americans are nothing but lamentable cowards and hypocrites when it comes to criticising Israel’s blatant and barbaric disregard for the human rights of the indigenous Palestinians. Thanks to their unconditional support for Israel, the American people have lost their moral compass, abandoned the true principles of democracy, and shattered the American Dream.
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Support for Ahed Tamimi is going viral internationally

Bassem Tamimi, father of jailed 16-year old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, says the arrest of Ahed along with her mother and cousin won’t break the family’s determination to resist Israeli occupation

16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi hasn’t seen a day of freedom. She’s spent her youth protesting a foreign army that has jailed, shot, and killed her unarmed relatives. After defending her home from Israeli invasion, she now faces years in prison. Imagine if this was your reality.



Facebook has been on a censorship campaign against Palestinian activists, deleting accounts at the direction of the US and Israeli governments.

Images by Carlos Latuff

The ‘War’ was started by the Israeli government issuing a blacklist …..

Omar Barghouti: “By waging an all-out war on the peaceful #BDS movement for Palestinian rights and by now banning international human rights organizations from entry, Israel’s desperate and brutal attempts to weaken support for BDS are already backfiring.”


We seem to be used to cruel images showing children in the middle of wars, misery, and starvation. Calls for donations for children in Yemen, Syria, or Africa are often made. But what has become more apparent is that images of Palestinian children under Jewish occupation are almost never shown, and calls for donations are never made.

An image is doing the rounds!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski,  English translation by Milena Rampoldi

We seem to be used to cruel images showing children in the middle of wars, misery, and starvation. Calls for donations for children in Yemen, Syria, or Africa are often made. But what has become more apparent is that images of Palestinian children under Jewish occupation are almost never shown, and calls for donations are never made.

After the cruel images of the 50-days Israeli orgy of violence against Gaza “Protective Edge,” during which among the 2.205 murdered Palestinians there were also 480 children to be mourned and thousands of others injured including hundreds severely injured to the extent of being handicapped for the rest of their lives. These children never made the news headlines. Not to mention the countless orphans and half-orphans!

Even if the tragedy of the predicted uninhabitability of the destroyed Gaza Strip becomes apparent — the promised reconstruction by the “community of values” has yet to happen — the urgent necessity for medical aid is anotherdisaster, the school education system remains under the Israeli blockade and at the hands of the Israeli regime, but only a small part of the media covers this reality.

Another reality is the military detention of Palestinian children who are exposed to physical and psychological violence without any protection. For the Israeli military law, the compliance with children’s rights during interrogations in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories does not exist at all. Children who are arrested because they throw a stone, are exposed to the occupation power without any protection and may get maximum penalties up to 20 years because of their resistance.

The “Jewish defence soldiers” treat Palestinian children without any respect. These children are just struggling for their freedom. The shameful occupation policy of collective punishment does not exclude children and is applied with brutal force. For this purpose, also dogs, in particular German shepherds, are used to chase frightened children. This reminds me the stories of my father of his times in the Nazi concentration camp. There similar methods were used against frightened Jewish prisoners.

While Judaic settlers are protected by “Jewish defence soldiers,” defenceless Palestinian children are exposed to settler violence. All additional announcements of authorisations of new settler home units is exacerbating thesituation.

Violence, intimidation, and humiliation in the illegally occupied Palestine happens daily and is accepted by the hypocritical “community of values” without any criticism. Even statements by the activists of “Breaking the Silence,” which should shake everybody, have remained without any consequences up to now.

The systematic policy of arbitrarily imprisoning Palestinian children is horrifying and is not restricted to minors. According to the Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghuti, since 2000, 12.000 Palestinian children between 12 and 17 have been arrested by the “Jewish security forces,” for minor offences like throwing stones and that number has since dramatically increased by.

Organisations for the protection of children such as DCIP (Defence for Children International-Palestine) have published research studies which prove that children’s rights are violated after their arrest and interrogation as for example with regards to information about their rights including the right to have a parent or solicitor present.

Even though according to the UN children rights convention every child has the right to be visited by the family, this right can also be denied for weeks to the Palestinian kids in prison. The child welfare organisation UNICEF, which referred to “children’s mistreatment” in 2013 as a “diffused, systematic and institutionalised phenomenon,” with theadditional damning verdict that: “there is no other country in the world where children are systematically brought before the military tribunal.” B`Tselem has also denounced the double standards in the treatment of Jewish/Israeli and Palestinian children. Israeli children are not sentenced to prison.

This state of affairs is reflected in the racist discrimination in the illegally occupied West Bank where there are two parallel “legal systems”: while for the Judaic settlers and land occupiers the Israel civil law is applied, the Palestinian occupied population is sentenced according to military law. According to the Israeli civil law, children are criminally responsible from the age of 14, while according to the military law, Palestinian children are criminally responsible from the age of 14. While an Israeli guy is treated as an adult before the civil court at the age of 18, a Palestinian is treated as an adult before the military court at the age of 16. Welcome to the “Jewish Apartheid State”!

Human rights organisations have been criticising this treatment for a long time, by pointing to the traumas of children and young people because they are almost always arrested during the night, when hordes of “Jewish defence soldiers” surround houses to attack them, to arrest the alleged stone-thrower, by denying parents to accompany the kid.

They also do not stop at the destruction of Palestinian property and in 20% of the cases violence is applied. As Palestinian solicitors regularly report, during interrogations a confession is forced. In some cases, Israeli authorities do not even stop at threats of sexual violence. With this threat, for Israeli security forces it is an easy game to force a confession. After up to 6 months provisional detention according to military jurisdiction the frightened kids and young people confess to almost anything, if you consider that they are also without legal assistance.

The presumption of innocence does not apply to Palestinians and the release on bail is denied in the majority of the cases. What remains, are traumatised children. The “Jewish State” signed the children’s rights convention, but this convention is just valid for Jewish-Israeli children, while Palestinian children living under occupation are defenceless.

Since their childhood, Palestinian children have known nothing apart from a horrifying daily life under occupation with check points, humiliations, arbitrariness, and indignity. If they oppose the arbitrary confiscation of Palestinian property, land, or houses of their families by throwing stones, they are put into jail.

Now an image is doing the rounds: the photo of Ahed Tamimi, a wonderful Palestinian girl, defying the ugly symbol of injustice, by slapping the face of an Israeli “defence soldier,”  Ahed Tamimi comes from a famous family of the Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation: parents, uncle and aunt have been arrested; another uncle was killed, and a cousin lays in a coma after a headshot. This last person was the trigger of the actual resistance actions. However, the story had already begun in 2009, when the inhabitants of the Palestinian village Nabi Saleh protested against the land and resource grabbing for the illegal extension of the Jewish settlement of Halamish.

The “balanced” representation in the German media of the heroic family with their unbending resistance against the illegal Jewish occupation cannot be taken seriously. The “slapping” Ahed Tamimi is the pure image of the resistance. And neither the media nor Israeli right-wing extremist politicians can drag it through the mud.

After this slap, in the night, the henchmen of the occupation, dragged this brave, courageous girl from her bed. They arrested her like a criminal. And up to today, she has been in prison. She has to appear before a military court. While war minister Lieberman is foaming with rage, and wishes her, her parents, and her “environment” all imaginable penalties, the uneducated minister of education Bennett calls for “life imprisonment.” A real state under the rule of law, this Israeli state of occupiers!!

In this context, I recommend the Guardian comment by Harriet Sherwood, in contrast to the German media report. (1)

The same can be said about the homicide of the wheelchair user Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, who lost both legs during an air raid of the “Jewish Star of David bombers” in 2008, and was shot to death by “Jewish defence soldiers” in December, after the protests in the Gaza Strip. The inhuman response of the army after the investigation succinctly read: “No moral or professional error was determined.” Like Ahed Tamimi’s photo, also this image did the rounds as symbol of Palestinian heroism against the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

I would like to know how long it will take for the German government and the EU to oppose these Israeli crimes including crimes against international law and human rights, committed by the so called “only” democracy of the Middle East, and by the so called “most moral” army of the world.

After Trump’s Jerusalem decision, every day the Netanyahu regime announces new violations against international law and human rights, the construction of thousands of new settler units, the elimination of the relief organisation of Palestinians and the travel bans for representatives of NGO like “Jewish Voice for Peace” and of the BDS movement (2)

It is surprising that considering this horrifying Israeli cabinet, the CDU/CSU faction is inclined to submit a decision to the Bundestag, exactly on 27 January, to threaten with expulsion all Muslim immigrants who call for Jewish hatred, refuse Jewish life in Germany or doubt about the existence right of Israel.

In my opinion, this is just shameful  news that avoids any criticism against Israel! As expected, the president of the Central Council of German Jews Schuster was excited. He supports the request and thinks that such a law will protect democracy in Germany.

Mr Schuster, I can do without this “protection,” since democracy in Germany is at risk because of Jewish officials like you, who do not dissociate themselves from the Jewish anti-democratic crimes, committed in the “Jewish State” and turn the mood against Muslim refugees. You are a shame for all other Jewish citizens in Germany who still have some decency.

And you, Chancellor Merkel, defending “Jewish-Christian values”, stand for democratic values in the “Jewish State,” since the crimes committed in the Jewish State are not “self-defence,”, but Israeli cruelties you cannot blandish!

After Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh’s image, the photo of Ahed Tamimi is also doing the rounds. The legitimate Palestinian resistance is unbroken, and we will support it!


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Once viewed as a pariah by the so-called Nationalist camp in Israel, Kahana has effectively become a symbol of pristine  ideology as his ideas are being adopted  as a manual for action by the entire right camp in the Jewish state.

Evil is written all over his face

The Return Of Kahanism in Israel
By Khalid Amayreh
Meir Kahana- the Nazi-like American-Israeli militant rabbi, who in the 1970s advocated mass expulsion of Palestinians from mandatory Palestine, must be dancing in his grave as his brand of  insidious Talmudic Jewish fascism has now come to dominate and shape Israel’s political and ideological landscape. Once viewed as a pariah by the so-called Nationalist camp in Israel, Kahana has effectively become a symbol of pristine  ideology as his ideas are being adopted  as a manual for action by the entire right camp in the Jewish state.
Kahana, it seems,  not only has succeeded in conquering  Israel. He has also conquered the White House as apparent from president Trump recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So, has Trump converted to Kahanism or Jewish Nazism?  This is not a facetious question by any means and the answer is a clarion yes.   
Now with the final collapse of the so-called Middle-East “peace process,”  mainly  as a result of Israel’s aggressive Lebensraum in the West Bank, and President Trump’s brazen embrace of the Nazi-like policy, it should be sufficiently reasonable, at least at the academic level, to argue that that the Israeli Jewish society is undergoing a really ghoulish transformation,  which prompts some avid  observers , like this writer, to foresee conclusions that were considered  unthinkable only a few years ago. 
For example, can we really rule out the occurrence of  a possible  Israeli holocaust of some sort against the Palestinian people in the  not-too-distant future? I am asking this hair-raising question  in light of the ascendancy to prominence and  leadership by the forces of fascism throughout Israel?  After all, it is these forces that stress day and night that ethnic cleansing (they use a plethora of euphemisms to denote their nefarious objective).
 I am not a prophet of doom and gloom, nor am I particularly  skilled in the art of clairvoyance or obsessed with prognosticating the future. However, there are certain worrying signs occurring in Israel now which really show that true fascism has become the main gravitating point throughout the Jewish state.   
Indeed, the skyrocketing growth of vindictive anti-Palestinian racism, the nearly daily promulgation and hasty approval by the Knesset of manifestly racist laws, invariably intended to harm Palestinians and narrow their horizon, and especially the virtually daily preventable and unjustified killings of young Palestinians  at the hands of trigger-happy Jewish  settlers and soldiers should remind us of the dark clouds which descended  over Europe prior to the Holocaust.. And just as the figurative clouds then were a definitive admonition that something very dreadful, was going to happen, the current toxic discourse spreading rather rampantly in Israel should serve as a real harbinger portending a huge evil in the offing.
How can a writer with a keen eye to the future  feel otherwise when I watch young Israeli Jews in the thousands fall into gleeful hysteria over the murder of a Palestinian child? Or Israeli lawmakers vowing to grant monetary awards to an Israeli soldier who finished off” a dying and harmless Palestinian in Hebron about a year ago. Or the Minister of justice in a state that pretends to be democratic who  had the audacity to claim that the life of a Jew, even a Jewish murderer, is worth more  and has more sanctity than that of a non-Jew!
Last week, the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, passed a draft bill imposing death penalty on Palestinians convicted of killing a Jew.
 In fact,  Israel has been carrying out extrajudicial executions of Palestinians since time immemorial. More to the point, the Israeli occupation army has unwritten instructions urging soldiers to shoot to kill Palestinian (but not Jewish) would- be- killers.
When pressed to explain how Israel would justify the scandalous duplicity to an increasingly critical international community, a co-sponsor of the draft law said rather laconically “don’t worry about that.” When further asked whether the draft law would be carried out against Jews convicted of murdering Arabs, the same official resorted to prevarication and equivocation, saying, also tersely. “Don’t worry about this either.”
This draft bill per se doesn’t make Israel particularly fascist, but it is undoubtedly an additional sign underscoring the trend Israel is drifting to. In fact, Israel already has a bloated body of manifestly racist laws each of which is sufficient to eviscerate the Israeli myth of being a liberal democracy of any truth.
I don’t know for sure when Israel will reach the point of no- return as far as its current fascist modus operandi is concerned.   What I do know, however, is that the absolute, unconditional and unlimited support and backing Israel is receiving  from ignorant friends, such as Donald Trump, is inducing Israel to pursue the path of fascism and shun the path of reason and moderation.


We boycott to support the right to resist! ….

They can’t arrest us all …. so this is the latest tactic ….

Who’s Who on ‘The List’?

Here’s a good question ….

Why has Israel banned Jewish leftists but not members of Nazi-linked groups?

Israel has banned leaders and key activists from Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, among other groups that support BDS, from entering the country. So why doesn’t it extend the same restrictions to members of Nazi-affiliated groups?

Read THIS report to find out why

Enjoy the following ….

(Israel isn’t the first to blacklist Freedom)


Who speaks about the uncountable arrests by the Jewish occupiers or the air raids against Gaza? All that this Judaic State terror regime does, is allowed because it is all justified as “self-defence,” To every desperate rocket from the staved concentration camp of Gaza the “Jewish State” reacts with massive murderous bombing attacks.

As long as the “Jewish State” is focusing on war, from head to toe, we will be obliged to oppose to it!

Image by Carlos Latuff

All with the blessings of the White House

Focusing on wars, from head to toe!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski,  English Translation by Milena Rampoldi


Apparently in Germany, Europe and the USA it is not even permitted to talk about what the illegal occupation of Palestine stands for.
Punctually, for the New Year 2018, at the 70thanniversary of the foundation of the “Jewish State” at the expense of the local Palestinian people, the governing Likud party announced that more parts of the illegally occupied West Bank will be annexed soon. What is surprising is that this decision of the Party Committee was taken in absentia of Prime Minister Netanyahu, even if it perfectly corresponds to his political view.
This annexation deliberation is not obligatory, but it focusses on the objective of “Eretz Israel”, pursued from the beginning. And after the shameful Jerusalem decision taken by Trump, while the Western “community of values” remains silent about this provocation concerning the annexation of Palestinian land. 
This silence in particular permits the more than 600.000 Judaic settlers and land grabbers residing in the illegally occupied Palestine, and that approximately 2,9 million Palestinians are entirely at the mercy of these settlers “moving” on their land.
When the young Palestinian Ahed Tamimi is brought to justice because she desperately tried to oppose the illegal occupation, then she is a hero and a symbol of this struggle for freedom and should be supported by the whole community of states! (1)
The reactions following Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the “undivided” capital of the “Jewish State” were too moderate, apart from a couple of desperate reactions ending with murdered Palestinians. At the moment his announcement to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is just a symbolic act, but one of big entity! It does not just reflect a violation against international law, but it also does not care about any UN resolution. Neither the USA nor the Netanyahu regime, accept internationally recognised rules, because they are sure they will never be held responsible for their arrogant and illegal way of acting.
Jerusalem may be the undivided capital of Palestine in a future-oriented model of a free State for all citizens and ethnic groups, having the same rights and obligations. For this objective it is worth to struggle.
However, Trump and his “Kosher Nostra” create facts which do not even consider the oppression of people living under occupation in Palestine, and do whatever is required to establish the “Jewish State” as absolute ruler. The game of power-politics violating human rights is facilitated by the increasing support offered by many Arab nations, in particular by Saudi Arabia, to the USA and the Netanyahu regime. Let us not deceive ourselves: there is only one loser, and it will be Palestine and its people.
While the Saudi regime commits its crimes against humanity in Yemen and the desperate population in the blocked Gaza vegetates in a more and more merciless way, in the German media the “Jewish State” celebrates itself for supporting Syrian fighters. While Gaza does not get almost any medical aid, Syrian jihadists are treated by the Netanyahu regime, after having been massively supported by the “Jewish State”.
If the “model Jew” Rafael Seligmann publishes his comment in the FAZ whose warmongering and distortions of facts cannot be outdone, and who indirectly calls for the German reason of state related to the security of the “Jewish State” and even does not shy away from the war against Iran, then the red line has already been crossed. In fact, the real background of the riots in Iran, is connected with the struggle against Hezbollah and Hamas.
So we have to ask who are the real agitators and who controls them. (2)
If Palestinian President Abbas uses the Gaza population as pledge for his own power without paying their wages and starves them out, and if the Netanyahu regime wants to avoid democratic elections, this will only promotes the total destruction of Palestine.
Who speaks about the uncountable arrests by the Jewish occupiers or the air raids against Gaza? All that this Judaic State terror regime does, is allowed because it is all justified as “self-defence,” To every desperate rocket from the staved concentration camp of Gaza the “Jewish State” reacts with massive murderous bombing attacks.
While every week in Tel Aviv thousands of protesters oppose Netanyahu and his corrupt affairs and nobody calls for the end of the occupation, then something is really wrong in this State! However, Netanyahu declared that even in the case of a trial against him, he will not resign. In the meantime, the Knesset already passed a law trying to cancel justice and to protect politicians from trials.
Last week, again 14.000 new settler units were announced, but this was not worth one line for the media. German politics and media are adapted from head to toe to the Jewish occupation of Palestine. While Germany is very quick with sanctions against Iran, Russia, and other “evil” States, when it is about Israelis crimes against international law, Germany does not even consider them, but just shamefully accepts the injustice committed.
In addition, at this time the “Jewish State” intervenes all over the world, in particular at U.S. universities to oppose the important and efficient BDS campaign. It invests millions of dollars and is supported by dedicated helpers in countless Jewish organisations and think tanks, from the Jewish Agency to the Reut-Institute and the Hasbara opinion manipulators of the “Israel Project.” In addition, Israel is supported by countless Christian-Zionist evangelicals, consolidating these conditions. Even if so much donations are used for this doubtful lobby work, and for new laws to silence all criticism, we have not to give up and continue to support the BDS movement. It is a war which has already started.
In the meantime all is superimposed by an evil diversionary tactic which is anti-Semitism, Muslim anti-Semitism and the nomination of a representative for anti-Semitism. This is a master propaganda performance behind which all true intentions are hidden.
In my opinion, we urgently need a racism representative overseeing media debates who would certainly not be cowed by countless threats from the Israel lobby.
It is not acceptable that the term “anti-Semitism” superimposes on everything, while the term occupation is not even mentioned.
The number of Jewish critics dealing with the subject is increasing, and the same can be said for non-Jewish critics. This kind of marginalisation, also including professional consequences, is a power factor which reminds me of the age of totalitarianism. And if this marginalisation is not stopped, it will extend to become of catastrophic dimensions. What about the freedom of opinion guaranteed to us all according to our constitution, if by one measure only we have all to be silenced?
This cannot be a democratic world view, if the loyalty towards the “Jewish State” is like a brand label, and there are only two categories of Jews: the first one are the Jews who are in solidarity with the illegal occupation and support it; the second Jews are the rebels who do not want to accept this injustice and do not want to be held responsible for it.
In fact, I am concerned that certain Jewish officials, organisations and politicians always try to represent themselves as something ‘special” to avoid any criticism. While in the past it was reprehensible to accentuate the religion of a Jewish citizen, today it has become a normal propaganda practice to put “Jew” before the nationality. The reason is that this way you can reactivate “tribalism” and “Jewishness” to be displayed everywhere. Of course, this behaviour just applies in case of successful people, athletes, artists, authors, while in case of unsuccessful people or criminals this fact is ignored, and they are marginalised.
Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, but means criticism against the Jewish Apartheid State, and this is increasingly important. Defamation campaigns against critics will be reinforced this year on the occasion of the “70 anniversary celebrations” of the “Jewish State.” The public pressure against us will increase, and it will be more difficult to act, because also within the group of pro-Palestinian activists there are many enemies. People try to pursue their own goals, and so in the end this will just be an advantage for the Zionists themselves.
If right and left-wing activists support the “Jewish State” against other activists, then the final point will be reached, because there is only one path in Germany which should be followed by the whole society: we have to struggle for the freedom of Palestine.
I feel ashamed and it hurts me when Muslim refugees are called anti-Semites, and when Muslim citizens and Islam are increasingly offended.
How can it be that Arye Shalicar, an actual Israel government official of the Israeli Intelligence Ministry and former gang member in Berlin, on Facebook openly calls for the hunting of Palestinians in Germany? (in the meantime, the call has been deleted) (3)
Does this not exactly fit with the research conducted by The Intercept which concluded that Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) increasingly resigns to Israeli and US orders? (4)
In 2018 the criticism against the “Jewish State” will gain importance: it has to focus on the racist Apartheid politics of the “Jewish State,” and oppose  the illegal occupation of Palestine, the violation of international law, to illegal construction of settlements, and to the oppression of all Palestinian rights. In particular Germany is responsible for the Palestinian people, the last victims of Nazi Germany. If Star of David flags are burnt, then this only prove the pent-up anger looking for an escape valve, which is more than understandable.
Unfortunately, in Germany there is only one Party, the MLPD, supporting the unshakeable and legitimate struggle for the liberation of Palestine. Its party chairman, Gabi Fechtner, was the only party chairman in Germany participating to the 50thanniversary of the foundation of the PFLP. Gabi Fechtner personally, the Internationalist League and the MLPD have already offensively supported the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people during the Federal Election Campaign. Thank you, MLPD!
We have to hope that the Turkish President Erdogan will continue to engage for Palestine and build up the axis Iran/Russia/Syria. This would be an important start into the New Year, and an important signal for Palestine!
As long as the “Jewish State” is focusing on war, from head to toe, we will be obliged to oppose to it! A Happy New Year 2018!
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JVP NYers and 100s of others showed up at Grand Central Station to support Ahed Tamimi, her mother Manal, and all children being held in military detention by Israel.

Free Ahed!



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We are all mighty proud of you Evelyn!

Here are a few examples. In Germany, the BDS movement has Evelyn Hecht-Galinski at its service. She is the daughter of Heinz Galinski, a former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and chairman of the Jewish congregation of Berlin, who was one of the greatest and outspoken fighters against any form of anti-Semitism.

Criticism of the ‘Jewish State’ is NOT Anti Semitism!

The strange case of self-hating Jews 

It’s hard to understand—and even harder to accept—Jews who target their own people, but whether we like it or not, this is a reality; it’s clear, however, that these lunatics won’t succeed in harming the development and future of the Jewish state.
To tell you the truth, it doesn’t bother me that Lorde isn’t coming to sing in Israel. We survived Pharaoh, we’ll overcome Lorde too.It really bothers me, however, that the young singer from New Zealand decided to boycott Israel because of incitement and alleged words of “explanation” from another young woman from the same serene, remote country—Justine Sachs, a Jew who supports a boycott of the Jewish state.

That young woman, who is not very wise to say the least, isn’t the first Jew targeting her own people. There were others in the past, and there are some in the present. This self-hatred is very strange, and even insane, but it’s a phenomenon we mustn’t belittle.

Here are a few examples. In Germany, the BDS movement has Evelyn Hecht-Galinski at its service. She is the daughter of Heinz Galinski, a former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and chairman of the Jewish congregation of Berlin, who was one of the greatest and outspoken fighters against any form of anti-Semitism.

Galinski, who I shared a “block” with at Auschwitz and who “got stuck” in Berlin after the war for some reason, would issue a scathing response to any anti-Semitic comment in the German media—and in many cases, he even won the authorities’ support. His daughter, on the other hand, is one of the most fanatical slanderers of Israel and is among the top supporters of a boycott against the Jewish state, which her father defended with all his might.

And talking about Germany, we should also mention Moshe Menuhin, the father of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Here’s a Jew who named his son Yehudi (“Jew”), yet kept writing for years for neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic weekly National Zeitung, attacking Israel and the Jews in the most blatant manner. It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact. Reacting to one of his father’s anti-Israel articles in 1968, Yehudi Menuhin said: “It is a source of great pain to me.”

Still in Germany, we have Felicia Langer, a lawyer who defended terrorists in Israeli courts for years. One day, she decided to immigrate to Germany, where she has been incessantly inciting and slandering Israel. She is also active in the boycott movement, of course. Langer, by the way, was awarded the fifth highest of Germany’s federal order of merit’s eight ranks in 2009. In 2012, she was awarded a “medal of excellence” for her activity from the Palestinian Authority.

I could go on with the list of Jews who hated Jews in different periods of time, but there’s no need. It’s a phenomenon which is hard to understand, and even harder to accept. But whether we like it or not, it exists. And occasionally, it causes us trouble. It’s clear, however, that these lunatics won’t succeed in harming the development and future of the country they are attacking—their own people’s state.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot to mention that the phenomenon of a Jew attacking Jews has existed since the beginning of the Christian religion. The root of anti-Judaism was Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle).


I know it is still a taboo to call Israel a Nazi or Nazi-like state. However, an honest writer should always be guided by his or her moral conscience and never succumb to the tyranny of public opinion or prevailing media discourse.  An honest writer, let alone an honest person, should therefore never flinch from calling the spade a spade.  If this task proved too risky, then another job ought to be sought immediately.

‘Respect, Past and present’

Israel is a Nazi-like state with a potent public relations machine
By Khalid Amayreh
 I believe that we Palestinians who live under the yoke of Zionism here in Occupied Palestine know Israel better than anyone else. That is why we tend to reject with utter contempt lectures by condescending outsiders, irrespective of their intentions, on how we ought to relate to our tormentors and the choice of words we use in describing the killers of our children.
I am not calling Israel a Nazi-or Nazi-like entity because I am convinced that Israel used the very same tools in effecting the Nakba that the Third Reich used in effecting the Holocaust against European Jewry in the course of the Second World War.  No, Israel, which for me and my people is and will always be a gigantic crime against humanity, has not perpetrated a holocaust in the classical sense against my people.
But Israel has been adopting Nazi-like policies against my people. The Lebensraum policy is referred to here as settlement-expansion policy. The ubermenschen-untermenschen doctrine finds a real expression in the Jews-vs-goyem perceptions transcending every conceivable aspect of life in Israel-Palestine.  In Germany there was the Master race; here in Israel-Palestine we have “God’s chosen people. Versus the water carriers and wood-hewers!
“It is  like tweedledum and  tweedledee!
 Yes, numerous massacres have been committed and continue to be committed, even on a daily basis, by Zionist Jews against virtually unprotected Palestinians who are also betrayed by the world, including their impotent brethren.
 Nonetheless, no Palestinian would candidly claim that Israel is adopting the same crimes against the Palestinians that the Nazis had used against European Jewry.
But, if so, what then justifies calling Israel a Nazi or Nazi-like entity? Well, Israel is a Nazi entity because it employs the very same perceptions and doctrines against its victims (the Palestinians) that the Nazis had used to demonize and dehumanize their victims (e.g. Jews). I am alluding to cruel dehumanization that eventually created the mental underpinning among the Nazis which eventually made the Holocaust possible.   Needless to say, the Holocaust would have never occurred had it not been for that underpinning.
Today, most Israeli Jews hold extremely racist (even criminally) racist perceptions of the Palestinians. The Palestinians, if only for being Goyem,  are viewed as children of a lesser God, whose lives are therefore worth less!  Whether we like it or not, this malignant combination of hatred, racism, and dehumanization constitutes the mental underpinning of a possible Zionist Holocaust against the Palestinians.  
Just ask an average Israeli whether he or she thought that murdering Ibrahim Abu Thurayya, the legless and harmless Palestinian demonstrator, by an Israeli army sniper a few weeks ago,   was right or wrong, and you would be surprised to hear the hair-raising answers as the otherwise normal-looking young man or woman would tell, almost innately and without batting an eyelash, that “it is right, it is right, he deserves it, he was a terrorist!”
Terrorist!  It is now the mantra the invoking of which justifies anything, including of course, the cold-blooded murder of a handicapped person whose legs had to be amputated as a result of another previous Israeli action. I remember that the T-word was often used to describe a person who killed an innocent person. Today in Israel, anyone advocating basic human rights, especially for Palestinians, is a terrorist or a potential terrorist. Just ask Naftali Bennett or Avigodor Lieberman! Or probably Donald Trump!
To conclude, a state can be Nazi even without carrying out a holocaust against another people. Being mentally prepared to carry out a holocaust is sufficient to qualify for the Nazi title.  This is because the rest (the modalities of executing the decision) belongs to the realm of possibilities and circumstances. It is very much like taking the decision to murder someone. the decision is the essential part whereas carrying it out is just a detail.
I know that some Zionist hasbara operatives will rile, rant and rave against any comparison between Zionists and Nazis. And the readily-available charge of anti-Semitism will be their ultimate weapon of choice to shut critics up and keep the sacrosanct heifer unscathed. Well, I don’t give a damn about either the heifer or its defenders. I have been through it all, from creation to destruction and one more barrage of abuse by the shipyard dogs of Hasbara wouldn’t harm much.
 But before I go,  I do want to quote Santiago Alba-Rico, the Spanish philosopher,  who adamantly refused to be silenced or intimidated by Zionist hasbara doctors  who are  prompted to think that no other pain should be compared to the calamity of the  Holocaust and therefore Israel must remain above the laws of men and  never be criticized  regardless of whatever it does to the Palestinians. 
Perhaps Palestinians are not the most punished people on earth, but they are indeed the most openly punished people on earth; perhaps they are not the people who have suffered the most but they are the people whose sufferings are the most uninterruptedly visible. Paradoxically, this visibility (beyond the lies) makes the victims even more vulnerable; it confers a kind of biblical dimension to the aggression.”


Ahed Tamimi: A symbol of Palestinian resistance

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