San Patricos

© by Tom Karlson


But what of the patriots?

St. Patrick’s battalion

Organized by Irish Major Riley

500 redheads

500 Catholics

Irishmen fleeing

From the famine

From the terror

From the crown

To their new country

Army for quick citizenship

Shipped out to Texas, then Mexico

The Polk Scott Taylor war of empire

The 500

Refuse to bring famine, terror, and tin-crowns south

Refuse to be transplanted police

They become the patriots

St. Patrick’s battalion

Organized by Irish Major Riley

500 Blue-eyed new Mexicans battling rough and ready Taylor

Army, blockades, that future sea to sea colossus

With war loving congress

Manifest destiny

Pacifism be damned destiny

Abolitionism be damned destiny

Where Lee, Grant, Jeff Davis

West point officers

Fight on the same side

Invading, occupying

Driving the 500 over

Creating that St. Patrick’s battalion

Who fight and die

Hero to one and traitor to the other

Prologue that should be

He remembers Polk’s deception

He remembers the Maine 266 dead

American blood spilled on the left side of the Rio Grande

For 1,000,000 square miles of north Mexico

He remembers the Maine 266 dead

Pacific and Caribbean empire

The Texans lie called the Gulf of Tonkin incident

2,000,000 indo Chinese 56,000 us dead

He will remember the weapons of mass destruction

And that good 10 year 3 trillion dollar war, 2,000,000 dead 

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