Our story is the story of all people who have ever been in bondage. Let us celebrate our freedom and strengthen ourselves to join the fight against injustice wherever it exists today. As long as one person is oppressed, no one is free.

Happy Easter! I hope everyone celebrating has a wonderful day with friends and family.

And from me  …

Regardless of the fact that I am not a Christian, Easter has always been a very special holiday to me. It is the celebration of the life of a very great Man. I wrote the following poem a number of years ago, please read it and enjoy… and Happy Easter!

The Nazarene

The Passover is once again upon us and

We reflect on the years gone by;

Of the tribulations of the people

And the heroes of the ages.

The traditional feast, the Seder, has

Been with us for thousands of years.

For most it has always been a joyous meal,

But for One it became the Last Supper.

So cruel they were to You as they

Nailed You to the cross on the hill

Treating You like a common criminal

Rather than the great Man that You were.

You felt no malice towards your betrayers,

Instead You asked Your God to forgive them

For the crime they committed against You

And those who were close to You.

Two thousand years have passed since

That shameful day and each year

The crime is reenacted by those

Who usurp Your name.

You taught love and tolerance

But most of that message is ignored.

Instead there have been wars in Your name,

Something, I am sure You would oppose.

Where are Your powers today, when they are

Needed to cleanse the earth of its hatred?

The very ones who slew You sanctified

Your name and continue to slay.

Is there no way You can show them

How to change their ways and to live

As You would have wanted them to

Instead of the way they are?

Great temples have been built in

Your honor on every continent

But the message is lacking

One of Your basic teachings – Love.

Oh, great one that You were

You must show them the way

Before there are more, like Yourself,

Nailed to the cross for refusing to hate.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    April 2, 2018 at 18:56

    Justin Trudeau is an incredibly huge looser!

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