Some thoughts for Mother’s Day in Poetry …..

First, one I wrote many years ago, dedicated to my mother. I read it at her funeral. Although she is long gone, I still honour her daily, not just on this so-called Mother’s Day.

Here’s a photo of my Mom keeping up with world events through the pages of The Daily Worker.


Nine months of discomfort and some pain,

Nine months of wondering, hoping…

Are there regrets?

Hope not.

Years of commitment,

Years of unselfishly giving,

Was there more to give?

If only you could.

So much to teach,

So much to share,

How can one be expected to do it all?

But it was done.

Out of the holocaust there came a commitment,

We shall remain and flourish,

Can it be done?

Hope so.

So much to tell the world,

So many wrongs to right,

Will there be help?

There must be strength.

Now you must rest,

Your work is done,

Are there regrets?

Hope not.

This one was written by an unknown poet …

She is the one that carried me in her womb for nine months.
She is the one that nursed me with nutrition from her own body.
She is the one that stood over me and protected me from all harm.
She is the one that loved me no matter what I did.
She was my mother, that’s what they do….
You are who you are today because of your mother, never forget that.
She loved you every day of your life, never forget that either.

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  1. Ladybat2 said,

    May 12, 2019 at 15:08

    That was beautiful. My mom was very special compared to most other moms. Because she did not give birth to me. She chose me, when I was 6 months old, saved me, loved me as if I came from her body though I did not.
    The day she died I was 12 years old. Every second of that 12 years I am extremely grateful to God for.

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