Video of Israeli soldiers harassing Palestine TV presenter during its media coverage in the West Bank.

It’s disgusting


The above is better than other things these guys have done …..

Lets buy a pair and share each shoe!
These two friends lost their legs in Great March of Return protests.


  1. NuttyYahooPM said,

    September 16, 2019 at 19:11

    The IDF has become nothing more than thugs and bullies

  2. Richard Wicks said,

    September 16, 2019 at 20:57

    The IDF “has” become? It’s been this way for at least 30 years. Before that, I was simply politically unaware.

    Look, instead of wasting 30 years trying to get people to want Israel to reform, let me tell you the plan and why it’s going to happen:

    The plan is to eventually annex to the entire West Bank, then after a bit of time Gaza, and then probably to expand beyond that because Israel will always want cheap land they don’t have to negotiate or pay for.

    They will expel all the Palestinians, or possibly put them on reservations or just kill them, some combination of that.

    The reason this will happen is that this has been going on for 70 years. For some reason the US and the West want this continual conflict to continue, so it will, until they collapse themselves.

    No amount of explaining the situation will change anyone’s mind about the conflict. In 500 years, I think Israelis will be about as popular as Nazis are today of course, I’ll be long dead by then, and really I don’t know – but everything is recorded for those that want to record it and storage is just about free today.

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