The first holocaust deniers

The first holocaust deniers

If you Google the words ‘Define Holocaust’ You will get one link after another from various dictionaries defining ‘The Holocaust’. One gets the impression from this that there was only one in the past century …. but what about the ‘other one’? It took 100 years for a Catholic Pope to call the slaughter of a million and a half Armenians as the ‘first genocide’ of the 20th century …. but the term ‘holocaust’ was not used.


How many millions have to die to get the recognition??

Pope Francis calls Armenian slaughter ‘first genocide of the 20th century’

Pope Francis sparked a diplomatic incident with Turkey on Sunday by calling the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks “the first genocide of the 20th century” and urging the international community to recognize it as such. (Read more HERE)

President Obama even refuses to call this mass slaughter of innocents a genocide …

Obama won’t call it Armenian ‘genocide’ on 100th anniversary of atrocity

President Barack Obama, wary of damaging relations with Turkey amid growing unrest in the Middle East, won’t use the 100th anniversary of the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire to declare the brutal episode a genocide. (Full report HERE)

The Prime Minister of Turkey offered condolences this week to Armenians, again without using the term holocaust …

Turkish Prime Minister Offers Condolences to Armenians for Genocide

Today April 24th is considered Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day by Armenians throughout the world. Yesterday for the very first time in history on the eve of the 99th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Turkish government abandoned its century long official wall of denial when  the Turkish Prime Minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan expressed his condolences to Armenians around the world who lost ancestors at the hands of Ottoman Turks. It was a historic gesture welcomed by many including a handful of prominent and outspoken Turkish historians who have been encouraging the government to change its longstanding policy of denying that Turks ever killed Armenians at all. After reading his conciliatory message before the Turkish parliament, Erdogan received a warm reception from his ministers and legislators. (Full report HERE)

Ironically, Israel has been instrumental in this particular holocaust’s denial.

Again WHY?

Israel, the denier of another nation’s holocaust

But Israel hasn’t been willing to forgo its monopoly on victimhood or share its exclusive right to be the persecuted. It always has its cost-benefit analyses and global interests to consider — whether with apartheid South Africa or the juntas of Argentina and Chile. (Full report HERE)

The above, despite the fact that thousands of Armenian live in the Old City of Jerusalem …

Urging recognition, Jerusalem Armenians mark 100th anniversary of genocide

On Thursday evening at 6:15 p.m., as barbecue smoke wafts over the entire length of Israel as Independence Day ceremonies draw to a close, church bells will peal over the Old City of Jerusalem, echoing through its ancient stone alleyways. The bells from 18 churches will ring 100 times in succession, one toll for each year since the Armenian Genocide, which started on April 24, 1915. (Report HERE)

Again, WHY HAS TURKEY BEEN PROTECTED FOR 100 YEARS AGAINST ITS EVIL DEED? How long does the nation of Armenia have to wait for the recognition this horror deserves??

Just as Israel ‘cashed in’ on its holocaust, Armenians deserve reparations as well. An apology is far from enough!

A young Armenian shows her arm tattooed with the land of Armenia, on April 12, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

A young Armenian shows her arm tattooed with the land of Armenia, on April 12, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)


In a strange way I found something rather amusing this morning as I was skimming through the ‘news’ on Ynet’s site. There was a report about Israel possibly recognising the Armenian holocaust as an actual event in history. There definitely is no humour involved in or connected to this very dark period of history, but what I found amusing were the reasons why the call for its recognition now, almost a century after the fact. The reasons are not out of sympathy for the Armenian nation, but because of the status of Turkish-Israeli relations. It has nothing to do with the suffering that the Armenians went through. As the report itself states; The question of what exactly happened there is irrelevant to this issue. After all, no sane historian is willing to accept the Turkish claim that it was merely a matter of a civil war and not a methodical massacre of the Armenians by the Turks.
The full report can be read HERE

Recognize Armenian Shoah

Op-ed: With Turkey ties at nadir, time is right to finally recognize Armenian tragedy

There are over 2,500 Armenians living in the city of Jerusalem. The non recognition of the holocaust has not been the strongest point in forging friendships between them, as a community, and the Israelis living in the city. Israel seems to have a knack of not caring about others, especially if they are not part of the ‘chosen ones’ …. perhaps this will be the start of a new policy, although it is highly doubtful.
Ok… at this point you might be asking what all of the above has to do with the Crucifixion. I’ll tell you …. I have a God-daughter in Canada named Stephanie, named after me…
She is the daughter of my very dearest friend. His family are French-Canadian Catholics. Not all of the members of the family were thrilled when I, le Juif (the Jew), was asked to be the God-father.
At a family dinner that I was invited to I was teasing the wee lassie about something until her grandmother butted in and said “if you don’t stop teasing her I will tell her what you did”! I asked what that was ….. her response shocked me, “You killed Jesus”!
Here it is almost 30 years later and that very same logic is being used by some Israeli officials …. both shocking and amusing at the same time. For Israel to speak of holocausts when they themselves are committing one against the people of Palestine is more than ironic.


Kudos to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan for his position on the holocaust in Gaza…. a position that resulted in a hero’s welcome on his return home.

But what about the ‘other‘ holocaust….. the one in Armenia…. the one that Turkey itself is responsible for. Let’s not bury that in the garbage dump of history… there are still apologies and retributions to be made to the people of Armenia…. go for it Erdogan!

The following deals with the remarks on Gaza…..


“The world has not respected the political will of the Palestinian people,” the premier told The Washington Post. “On the one hand, we defend democracy and we try our best to keep democracy in the Middle East, but on the other hand we do not respect the outcome of . . . the ballot box. Palestine today is an open-air prison. Hamas, as much as they tried, could not change the situation. Just imagine, you imprison the speaker of a country as well as some ministers of its government and members of its parliament. And then you expect them to sit obediently?”

“There had not been any casualties in Israel since the cease-fire of June 2008,” Erdogan said. “The Israelis claim that missiles were being sent [from Gaza]. I asked Prime Minister Olmert, how many people died as a result of those missiles? …The United Nations Security Council makes a decision, and Israel announces it does not recognize the decision. I’m not saying that Hamas is a good organization and makes no mistakes. They have made mistakes. But I am evaluating the end result.”

“We have a serious relationship [with Israel],” Erdogan told the Post. “But the current Israeli government should check itself. They should not exploit this issue for the upcoming elections in Israel.”

The above quotes are taken from THIS HaAretz report….

The following is from THIS report found at the Palestinian Think Tank site…..

Erdogan: One minute.
Moderator: Mr. President, well, you know
Erdodan: One minute, one minute! No! One minute.
Moderator: Ok, but I want you not to speak more than one minute.
Erdogan: Mr. Peres, you are older than me. Your voice is very loud. I know that you are speaking aloud because of the requirement of a sense of guilt. My voice will not be that loud. About murdering, you know killing very well. I am well aware how you murdered children on beaches. Two former prime ministers of your country had important sayings to me. You have former prime ministers who say When I entered Palestine over armed combat cars, I consider myself more and more pleased. I can give their names, maybe some of you wonder. Besides, I condemn those of you who applaud this persecution. Because applauding these killers who murdered those children, who massacred those people is, I believe, also another crime committed against humanity. Look, we cannot disregard a reality here. Here, I jotted down a lot of notes, but I dont have time to answer all of them. But, I will say you only two things:
Moderator: Excuse me Prime Minister, we can’t start the debate again.
Erdogan: Excuse me. First, excuse me, do NOT interrupt me! First, The Old Testament says in the 6th commandment: You shall not kill! But there is murder here. Second, this is also very interesting. Gilad Atzmon, a Jew himself, says: Israeli barbarity is far beyond even ordinary cruelty. Besides, Avi Shlaim, Professor of Oxford who performed his military duty in Israeli army, says in the Guardian the following:
Moderator: Prime Minister, Prime Minister. I wanna ask to our host.
Erdogan: Israel became a gangster state. (to the moderator) I thank you, too. For me, Davos is done for me from now on. I will not come again. You all know this in this way. You are not letting us speak. (Showing Peres) He spoke for 25 minutes, but you let me speak 12 minutes. No way!