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Netanyahu urges Arabs to ‘take part in our society’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apologizes for controversial election statements about Arab voters – then ‘goes one step further.’

And the reactions to the above …

“When I saw you chose to contact us in English,” he continued, turning directly to Netanyahu, “I understood exactly where this message is intended and for what purpose. So I say to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Arab public that we are not buying his show of hypocrisy.”

Arab MKs blast Netanyahu video to Israeli Arabs

Arab Knesset members unimpressed with Prime Minister’s appeal to Israeli Arabs to take full part in Israeli society, call it a “spin”.

Arab Knesset members on Monday night blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after he released a video urging Israeli Arabs to take full part in Israeli society.

Joint List chairman MK Ayman Odeh responded to the video and said, “I watched the video tonight and I asked myself whether this is the same person who tried desperately to prevent the economic plan for Arabs, who tried to add more conditions to the program so that it would not be implemented? Is this the same Prime Minister who incited against us in the elections and since then has only worsened his inciting statements?”

“When I saw you chose to contact us in English,” he continued, turning directly to Netanyahu, “I understood exactly where this message is intended and for what purpose. So I say to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Arab public that we are not buying his show of hypocrisy.”

MK Ahmed Tibi blasted the video as well, saying, “Mr. Netanyahu’s passionate appeal to the residents of Rahat and Taybeh in English brings upon a smile and raises questions about the background of this spin. If you saw some shaking in the video it’s because the video guy couldn’t stop laughing. Netanyahu did not even apologize for his past racist remarks, and only ‘apologizes if his words were misunderstood.’ Again the Arabs (and Jews) did not understand his thoughts.”

“I wonder whether the motive is criticism by the OECD or another international body. He and his government are personally responsible for the huge disparities between Arab and Jewish communities and he is the one who boasts about destruction of homes rather than real integration. This spin will not hold water either,” said Tibi.


Let’s see Netanyahu explain this to the ‘Arabs’

Image by Carlos Latuff

Mother Palestine and the Israeli settlements

Mother Palestine and the Israeli settlements


Just in case you are wondering where your US Tax dollar$ are going …

Benjamin Netanyahu Spent $1,600 for Haircut on New York Trip

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly last October (Photo: AP)

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly last October (Photo: AP)

 By Marcy Oster

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to New York last fall for the U.N. General Assembly cost more than $1.7 million, including a $1,600 haircut.

An itemized list of the trip’s expenses was released Tuesday by the Jerusalem district prosecutor’s office after a Ramat Gan attorney filed for the information under Israel’s Freedom of Information Law after being stymied in his efforts to see the list. Haaretz first reported the existence of the list and its contents in its main Hebrew-language edition Wednesday, and that the Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign ministry tried to suppress it.

Most of the expense of the six-day trip at the end of September and beginning of October was the flight, which cost $1.5 million. The prime minister does not have the use of a private plane and must rent one for such trips.

Among the other expenses on the list reported by Haaretz: make-up artist, $1,750; wine bought for the prime minister, $64.20; chocolate, $4.

Other line items include: removal of furnishings from the hotel rooms, $3,500; storage of the removed furniture, about $16,000; laundry for Netanyahu and his wife, $210; meals for Netanyahu and his wife, $1,860.

The Israeli Consulate in New York and the Israeli mission to the United Nations, under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry, handled the details and paid the bills, according to Haaretz.

The Prime Minister’s Office did not offer any comment in response to a JTA request asking about the expenses.

In May 1993, the Belgian-American hairstylist Cristophe Schatteman gave President Bill Clinton a $200 haircut while Air Force One was sitting on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. It was dubbed “the most expensive haircut in history,” according to Wikipedia.



Does Israel want the Palestinians to thank her for not exterminating them once and for all? 

Needless to say, this is a classical example of “going beyond Chutzpah” 

By Khalid Amayreh in Jerusalem

Khalid Amayreh challenges Jews to abide by the tenets of their religion:


Like apartheid South Africa did to Justify its repulsive approach toward its majority black citizens, Israel is making all sorts of similarly despicable arguments to justify its decades-old evil occupation  and systematic persecution of Palestinians. 

As some of us remember, the apartheid South African regime had argued that black South Africans ought to be grateful to the White regime for giving them employment and enabling them to have a semblance of decent life. 

The White regime’s PR machine would shamelessly argue that “Our black citizens have a higher standard of living than other fellow black people anywhere in the continent.” 

When I was studying in the states in the 1980s, I remember a visiting high ranking official from the apartheid regime boasting about the high living conditions enjoyed by blacks in South Africa in comparison to the rest of the continent. 

“Ask them (South African black majority): would they prefer to live in South Africa or in Zimbabwe,” the official said. 

What is wrong with this argument is that it doesn’t really distinguish between humans and animals. In the final analysis, humans, unlike animals, don’t live by bread alone. They are also entitled to freedom and dignity. This is the crux of the matter which fascist and racist regimes love to ignore. 

Today, apartheid Israel is making virtually the same arguments to justify and defend its manifestly criminal treatment of the Palestinians. 

Thus, whenever Israel’s sinister occupation is criticized, we see that big-mouthed Israeli officials and professional hasbara liars try to make black look white and the white look black by claiming that Palestinians are better off than most other Arabs. 

Now, as the BDS movement is gaining momentum to the chagrin of the Israeli establishment, Israeli officials and other hasbara mouthpieces are becoming more brazen in their defensive but mendacious discourse. 

And, yes, as usual, lying is their modus operandi. 

They are saying the Palestinians ought to be thankful to Israel for not treating them like Bashar Assad or Abdul Fattah Sissi are treating their own peoples. 

One Zionist pundit wrote recently that were Israel to follow Arab rules, all Palestinians would have been expelled from “the Land of Israel along time ago.” 

Needless to say, this is a classical example of “going beyond Chutzpah” 

After all, since when the Hitler of Damascus, who murdered half a million of his own people, and the virulent tyrant of Cairo, who usurped power from the only truly democratically elected regime in Egypt’s history, were role models for the world to be followed or emulated? 

So, Israel, “the purported light upon humanity” wants the Palestinians to thank Israel for murdering their children on the spot in the West Bank, and not burning them alive by way of dropping barrel bombs on their homes and schools as Assad is doing in Syria. 

Yes, Israel would like to see the Palestinians “thank” her for conducting slow-motion genocide whereas “human-rights unfriendly states” would pursue fast-motion genocide” and get rid of the problem once and for all. 

But it is only sick and depraved minds that are capable of making such nefarious   arguments. 

Otherwise, we should thank the Iberians Catholics for not playing by the rules of Old Testament and exterminating every Jewish man, woman and child during the inquisition!! (Israelis are embarrassed when explaining the Tsfarad Geroush” (the Spanish inquisition” because it reminds them of something they don’t like to remember, namely the golden age Jews had undergone in Islamic Spain!!! 

According to the morbid logic we hear from some Israeli officials, we should also thank the Nazis for building the concentration camps relatively later in the course of the Second World War, because had these death camps been established earlier, a greater number of Jews would have perished. 

Yes, sickening arguments are only the product of sick minds. 

Today, in its rabid reaction to the non-violent BDS movement, Israel and its hasbara shipyard dogs, from Sydney to California, are arguing that it is the BDS campaign, not the malignant occupation, that is hurting the Palestinians. That it is the BDS movement that is impeding the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, not the ubiquitous proliferation of settlements, inhabited by fanatic cutthroats who believe spilling more innocent blood would expedite and accelerate redemption and salvation!! 

I don’t what sort of Torah are those people reading and following: The Torah of Moses or the Torah of Satan? 

Well, in the Torah of Moses, Jeremiah 7:6, the God of Israel equated oppressing strangers living amongst Israelites with the greatest sin ever in Judaism, namely the unforgivable sin associating gods with God. 

And in Exodus 22:21: The Almighty commands the Israelites, telling them in straightforward manner” Do not mistreat or oppress a stranger, for you were foreigners in Egypt.” 

Don’t tell me I am being selective or quoting things out of context. For even the Talmud, who Orthodox Jews consider the verbal Torah, states that true Jews are not supposed to oppress non-Jews living in their midst: 

Let us consider the following Talmudic story which sums up the point I am trying to make: A heathen came to Shammai with the request to be accepted as a convert to Judaism on condition that he would be taught the whole of the Torah while he stood on one foot. The Rabbi drove him away with a yard-stick he was holding. The heathen then went to Hillel with the same request. Hillel said to the man what is hateful to yourself, don’t do to your fellow man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary. “Go, learn it.” 


Maya Angelou stood with Palestinians, but Israeli military uses her for Black History Month hasbara ….

On the morning of February 8, the IDF spokesperson’s office tweeted this:

 To commemorate #BlackHistoryMonth, we find strength in the words of the late author & poet, Maya Angelou.

To commemorate #BlackHistoryMonth, we find strength in the words of the late author & poet, Maya Angelou.

Perhaps they have forgotten that Angelou stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people when she honored the late Rachel Corrie:

The video above was produced to be part of the Rachel’s Words event to honor the life of Rachel Corrie in 2012. Writer Jen Marlowe was involved in organizing the event and remembers:

Dr. Angelou’s reading of Rachel’s words was powerful and poignant. But I was moved for reasons beyond that. I was moved that Dr. Angelou recognized the importance of Rachel’s writings, and of why we were insisting that Rachel’s voice not be silenced. I was moved that, in participating in the ‘Rachel’s Words’ event, Dr. Angelou was making her own stand to honor not only Rachel, but the dignity and humanity of the families in Gaza that Rachel was there to protect.

There is no doubt that it was the courage of people like Corrie and Palestinians living under occupation that Angelou sought to honor, not that of an occupying military.

Thanks to Dave Reed

And to Adam Horowitz of Mondowiss for the above


Does this poem sound like it was written by a supporter of zionism?


Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s prison sentence has been reduced …. perhaps what follows might explain why. The space might be needed to soon house the Netanyahu family😉

Netanyahu family requested that state pay for their dog’s care

The Netanyahu family with their dog, Kaia

The Netanyahu family with their dog, Kaia

The latest installment in the ongoing saga of the Netanyahus’ dog arrived on Tuesday when it was discovered that the family had requested that the state pay for Kaia’s care and food.

The request, which would have essentially meant that expenditure for the dog would have been footed by the Israeli taxpayer, was refused by the Prime Minister’s Office on the grounds that it constitutes a personal expense, rather than a state one.

Full report HERE

Meanwhile, here is how Sara tried to make steal a few extra Shekels to feed the family ….

Image by Latuff

Sara Netanyahu pocketed bottle deposits cash

Sara Netanyahu pocketed bottle deposits cash

Sara Netanyahu To Be Questioned in Bizarre Bottle Deposit Scandal

JERUSALEM — Israel’s first lady will be questioned over suspected spending irregularities at the prime minister’s residence.

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly will be questioned Thursday, despite a request by her attorney to close the investigation.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein in February announced his recommendation of a preliminary investigation into allegations of overspending following the release of the comptroller’s report noting that expenditures at the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem “do not conform to standards of reason, proportionality, economical management and efficiency.”

Weinstein also took issue with expenditures at the family home in Caesarea.

He ordered that the probe be postponed until after last March’s national elections; the criminal investigation began in July.

Sara Netanyahu also is believed to have pocketed thousands of dollars from deposits on bottles paid for by the state.

She was sued in March 2014 by a family caregiver over claims that she was abusive and in 2010 by the family’s housekeeper for withholding wages and verbal abuse.


Nice, trustworthy family, eh?


With Israel’s failure to convince the world not to sign the Iran deal, they had to find something new to kvetch about ….

Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely meets European officials to demand governments stop providing cash to allegedly anti-Israel organizations.

Israel to EU: Halt funding of NGOs working against us

Israel is demanding that European Union member states halt funding to non-governmental organizations allegedly working to delegitimize the Jewish state. The Foreign Ministry claims that European governments provide 100-200 million euros annually to said groups.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has begun a series of consultations with European foreign ministers, their deputies, and ambassadors of several European countries, in which she is presenting evidence that their governments provide financial assistance to organizations that support boycotts against Israel, “blacken its face around the world, accuse it of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and war crimes; deprive the Jewish people of their right to self-determination, call to prosecute Israel in the International Criminal Court at The Hague, and support the right of return”.

Hotovely claimed that some of these organizations are associated with and actively support terror groups.

Hotovely has met withthe Dutch foreign minister, the Spanish deputy foreign minister, and the ambassadors of Sweden, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Switzerland.

According to Hotovely, the diplomats were presented with detailed documents collected by the Foreign Ministry and the NGO Monitor organization that prove the “problematic” funding. She emphasized that Israel sees support for organizations opposing its right to exist as crossing a red line.

Hotovely has instructed Israeli ambassadors in Europe to demand that ministries increase thier overview of funds given to such groups, warning that if her premptive diplomatic move fails, Israel will be forced to adopt legislation forbidding foreign countries from backing organizations with a clear anti-Israel bent.

According to Deputy Minister Hotovely, these are some of the European investments in such organizations in recent years:

The Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, managed by the Institute of Law at Birzeit University in the West Bank, which received $10.5 million from the governments of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The funds were to go to 24 political organizations over three years.

In 2014, the governments of Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the EU provided NIS 415,741 to the Coalition of Women for Peace, an organization that supports aspects of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

The Netherlands provided NIS 13 million in the last three years to numerous NGOs, including Who Profits, Al-Haq, the Coalition of Women for Peace, and Al-Mezan.

Denmark provided NIS 23 million in the last three years to several NGOs, including Breaking the Silence, BADIL, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and other Palestinian organizations.

Switzerland provided NIS 5 million over the last three years to organizations like the Alternative Information Center, Zochrot, the Applied Research Institute, and Terrestrial Jerusalem.

Spain gave NIS 3.8 million in the last three years to groups including Breaking the Silence, the Coalition of Women for Peace, the Alternative Information Center, and NOVA, a Spanish BDS organization.

The United Kingdom provided NIS 12 million in 2008-2011 to Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din, Gisha, Bimkom, Terrestrial Jerusalem, and No Legal Frontiers.





The Billion$ will continue to flow in …..
Spoof by Latuff

Spoof by Latuff


No commentary necessary …..



As deal between US and Iran seems more likely, some Israeli sources say it might be time to shift gears and trade silence for compensation.

Worse part is that the US will probably agree to this😦

F-35 stealth fighter jet, a possible price for Israeli silence on Iran? (Photo: AP)

F-35 stealth fighter jet, a possible price for Israeli silence on Iran? (Photo: AP)


Israeli sources: Israel willing to accept Iran deal for US compensation

The US Congress will not be able to stop a nuclear deal with Iran from being signed, according to recent assessments by sources in Israel’s Foreign Ministry, the intelligence community and AIPAC, who now believe it might be time to shift gears.

Sources in Jerusalem have now realized that instead of continuing to fight a lost cause, Israel has another route that could help secure its interests – namely, asking the US for compensation in the form of expensive weapons or other favors.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could either continue to fight the deal or he could swallow the deal, asking in return far-reaching benefits from the US, the sources said.

A high-ranking government official told Ynet’s sister publication Yedioth Ahronoth that “The White House is willing to pay a hefty price to get some quiet from the Israelis at this point. We are surprised the demand has not been made.”

A week ago, the Senate voted in favor of a bill that would allow Congress to review any nuclear deal President Barack Obama intends to sign with Iran. According to the legislation, Congress would have 30 days to review the deal and pass a motion of disapproval.

The bill is considered only in principle, and even Obama chose not to oppose it. The bill’s opponents were unsuccessful in passing an amendment requiring any agreement to be submitted to the Senate as a treaty. Under the constitution, that would require approval of two-thirds of the Senate.

One of the most pivotal and vocal senators working against the Iran nuclear deal was former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez.

The bill’s opponents, including those in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, had hoped that Menendez would be able to stop the bill from passing, mainly because he was a key Democrat willing to speak out against the White House, but a recent corruption investigation opened against Menendez by the US Justice Department caused those hopes to diminish.

In light of the investigation, Menendez announced on April 1 that he was suspending himself from the Foreign Relations Committee. “With his departure from the scene, at least at this time, the most important engine working against the signing of the deal has disappeared,” said a Senate staffer.

A journalist who regularly covers the White House said that over the past two weeks, there has been a sudden change in tone with regards to Netanyahu.

“It is not because all of a sudden they love the prime minister of Israel there,” he said. “But rather because, in their eyes, everything must be done to get the deal with Iran approved, if and when the remaining details that were left out of the outline signed in Switzerland are agreed upon.”

According to the sources, the White House is willing to seriously consider substantial compensation to Israel so long as it does not provoke strong protest against the agreement until the deal is signed in July.

According to these sources, at a meeting between the Pentagon and State Department, various possibilities that could meet Israeli demands were discussed – with the most reasonable option thought to be an increase in the amount of F-35 fighter jets given to Israel.

The US would be willing to consider a “serious subsidy” of some of the additional jets whose acquisition has been stalled. Another option is the production of additional Iron Dome batteries – paid for the by the US.

Israeli sources say they believe the US would be willing to pay a high price for Israel’s silence, but is in no hurry to make any demands.

“If we come with demands at this point, it would mean that we have given up our objections to the deal, and now it is just a matter of at what price,” said an Israeli source.

“If Israel believes that the deal is a bad one for its security, it cannot appear as someone who gave up in the end,” said the source.




Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovision entry

Song includes condemnation against Israeli operation in Gaza, mentions number of dead Palestinian children.

Israel is protesting Hungary’s Eurovision entry, which includes condemnation against Operation Protective Edge and mentions the number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 Israeli military campaign. 

Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor turned to the Hungarian broadcasting authority, expressed his country’s reservations over the planned song and asked that the problematic segment be removed.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Vienna, Austria. Hungary’s song this year, “Wars for Nothing,” will be performed by a group of three singers led by Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie. The song has an anti-war message, focusing on the victims of violence and wars in the world. One of the captions in the song’s video refers to Operation Protective Edge, stating: “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.”

Although Israel isn’t mentioned by name in the song, Ambassador Mor asked the Hungarian broadcasting authority to remove the sentence about the Gaza war, explaining that it is seen as an “inconvenient” political message against Israel.

And the 500+ dead children

Is NOT an ‘inconvenience?’



The last time a relative invited me to a family wedding in the States there was an airline ticket included.

This was not the case in Netanyahu’s (non) invitation to speak to a joint session of Congress…

And who invited his wife?

Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu about to embark to Washington (Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)

Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu about to embark to Washington (Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)

The report states that The sum was paid by the state to El Al, which won the tender announced by the Prime Minister’s Office. The plane was outfitted with a resting chamber for Netanyahu and his wife. 

But, in reality the Israeli American Taxpayer will be footing that bill.

Ynet reported the following

Price of Netanyahu’s Washington flight: $1.57 million

El Al provided airplane with resting chamber; PMO says no additional cost was involved; accommodation and security costs unknown.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday returned to Israel following a trip to Washington that he called “historic”. The flight that brought the prime minister and his entourage to the American capital cost $1,157,000, which is NIS 4,611,000.

The sum was paid by the state to El Al, which won the tender announced by the Prime Minister’s Office. The plane was outfitted with a resting chamber for Netanyahu and his wife.

The couple spent the flight resting, and the prime minister did not at any point come out to speak with reporters accompanying the flight.

Netanyahu landed in Washington on Sunday and departed on Tuesday afternoon. The $1.57 million price tag did not include the cost of a hotel or the expenses for the entourage’s accommodation and security.

“The procedure for the prime minister’s flights abroad for diplomatic meetings has not changed and is identical to what was the norm in the Prime Minister’s Office in the past,” the PMO said in a statement.

“In accordance with instructions by the security forces, the prime minister flies abroad only on Israeli airlines. Communication with the airline companies is done by the government’s travel company, which answers to the Finance Ministry.” The PMO added that El Al’s price quote included a note that there would be no additional charge for the resting chamber.


Uncle Sam is finally fed

up with the bullying he

has been subjected to by

the zionists, especially

polices regarding Iran

This is what used to be ….


Times have changed for the better …. FINALLY one of the  promised changes we have been waiting for …

Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, who is in charge of the nuclear talks with Iran, has announced that she is no longer briefing Israel about the talks, because the Israeli government is using the information in a manipulative and political way.


Report: US ‘Punishing’ Israel by Not Updating it on Iran Talks

Move is in retaliation for Netanyahu’s Congress speech, and ‘manipulative and political use’ of information by Israel, claims report.

The US administration under President Barack Obama has stopped updating Israel on the progress of talks with Iran over that country’s nuclear program, in retaliation for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s intention to speak in Congress March 3 at the invitation of Republican Speaker John Boehner.

According to Israel’s Channel 2, Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, who is in charge of the nuclear talks with Iran, as announced that she is no longer briefing Israel about the talks, because the Israeli government is using the information in a manipulative and political way.

Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, has also announced that she is cutting off contact with her Israeli counterpart, Yossi Cohen, because Israel has turned an international security issue to a political one, and is using it to influence internal US politics, reported Channel 2.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in response that “the strategic relations between the countries are deep” and that Cohen will be meeting both Sherman and Rice in Washington later in the week.4



Read HERE the latest from Mondoweiss …

Dershowitz story is also

an Israel  story

“The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this” as well, he said. “I’m not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years.”

Alan Dershowitz says ‘anti-Israeli zealots are loving’ accusations against him

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Anti-Semites and anti-Israel “zealots” are having a field day over sexual abuse allegations leveled against him, prominent Jewish American law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.
Dershowitz, who is well-known for his pro-Israel advocacy and high-profile court cases, has been accused of engaging in sexual relations with a young woman employed by former client Jeffrey Epstein.Beyond the damage to his reputation, Dershowitz bemoaned the fact that he was “beginning to get all kinds of emails [from] anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups, the most recent one saying ‘see Jews have always been in charge of the sex trade.’”“The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this” as well, he said. “I’m not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years.”Last week, Dershowitz was named in a lawsuit charging that federal prosecutors in Florida broke the law by granting Epstein a plea deal to avoid a federal prosecution. According to a court filing quoted by the website Politico, Epstein forced the minor, referred to as Jane Doe #3, to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew, Dershowitz and other prominent figures.“I don’t know this woman. I’ve never been with this woman. I’ve never been in the places and times they say I was. I can prove all that,” Dershowitz told the Post.

Doe’s aim was to show that Epstein’s plea deal was invalid by showing that his attorneys were involved in sexual activities, he continued, adding that the allegations against him were “completely fabricated and made up out of whole cloth.”

Beyond the damage to his reputation, Dershowitz also bemoaned the fact that he was “beginning to get all kinds of emails [from] anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups, the most recent one saying ‘see Jews have always been in charge of the sex trade.’”

Dershowitz stated that he will not rest until the world knows that the charges against him were fabricated and in pursuit of this goal he will be file disbarment proceedings against Doe’s legal team for “filing a false statement in court” as well as initiating a defamation action.

“I am seeking to enter an appearance in the case in order to be able to challenge them in court. I am filing a sworn affidavit which subjects me to perjury prosecution if I am lying and I am waving the statute of limitations on any criminal charges and challenging the woman to file criminal charges against me because if she does she’s committed a crime by filing the false charge,” he said.

Dershowitz encouraged Doe to “speak out” and provide details of her allegations to the media so that he could refute her point by point.

“There is an irony to it in that she has said I am trying to silence her. To the contrary I am trying to make her make her speak so she repeats these statements,” he said.

Doe alleged that she had sex on private airplanes and in multiple locations in the United States with Dershowitz and that Epstein made er have sex with the Duke of York in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island, as part of “an orgy with numerous other under-aged girls.”

Her accusations came as part of an ongoing civil case brought against the US government by several women claiming they were abused by Epstein, who served jail time on state child sex charges but was not prosecuted in federal court as part of a plea agreement.

More from Mondoweiss (Click on link)
Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave


Many have argued that Pollard’s ongoing incarceration is anti-Semitic, a charge made by Former CIA Director James Woolsey and Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) among others.



Netanyahu Demands Release for Pollard After Hospitalization

Pollard released from hospital – and back into his jail cell, apparently needs surgery. PM to Kerry: ‘Pollard’s life is in danger.’

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard Yehuda Glick

After losing consciousness and being hospitalized last Friday, 60-year-old Jonathan Pollard has emerged from the imminent danger posed to his health – and been returned to his jail cell, where he has been incarcerated for the past 30 years.

Pollard’s wife Esther was informed of his release from the hospital. Apparently he will need to undergo surgery in the near future.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday night, and during the conversation said “Pollard’s life is in danger, and after 30 years in jail the time has come for him to be released and live the rest of his years as a free man.”

Pollard, who has been jailed on charges of passing classified information to Israel on regional threats to the country, has suffered multiple health problems over the years, for which he was finally hospitalized in March and underwent a surgery then.

At the time his wife Esther noted the conditions he is held in are not conducive for healing from his health problems. Those conditions are said to be dire, with his basic needs barely being met.

Late last month, as Pollard started his 30th year in a US jail, the Parole Board of the US Justice Department rejected Pollard’s parole, with senior US officials involved in the case writing to US President Barack Obama to complain that the decision was “deeply flawed.”

They noted that the length of his sentence was unprecedented compared to others who were held on similar charges of spying for an ally nation, and that the legal justifications for the decision were based on clear mistakes.

Last Friday with Pollard’s hospitalization the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Chairman Robert G. Sugarman, and Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, wrote of “the need for immediate action for his release.”

“It is regrettable and inexplicable that the Parole Board denied his application after serving 30 years, much of it in solitary confinement, far beyond anyone accused of a comparable crime,” wrote the two, backing the letter sent by senior officials to Obama.

The letter written by the two added that “underscoring the misguided decision regarding his parole was that he was given the highest score for suitability for release. There are many other factors that make clear that his unconditional release is long overdue.”

“We urge President Obama, especially in this holiday season and given Mr. Pollard’s worsening health, to take steps immediately to expedite gain Mr. Pollard’s release and to commute his life sentence to the more than 29 years he has already served,” concluded the two.

Many have argued that Pollard’s ongoing incarceration is anti-Semitic, a charge made by Former CIA Director James Woolsey and Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) among others.




*A Jerusalem court has ordered the State of Israel to compensate a family in Gaza  after finding it directly responsible for attacks that killed 23 members of the same family.




WHOA ___________________________

That didn’t happen at all ….


Here’s what did ….

Obviously, Israeli lives are worth more than Palestinian ones …


Israeli Weights and Measures 'Copyleft' by Carlos Latuff

Two Weights, Two Measures ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff


PA ordered to compensate Israeli family over deadly attack

Palestinian Authority transferred weapons, money used by terrorists who carried out attack that killed 3 members of the same family in 2001.

Jerusalem court has ordered the Palestinian Authority to compensate an Israeli family after finding it indirectly responsible for an attack that killed three of its members.

The decision from September 22 states that the PA had transferred weapons and money used by the terrorists who carried out an attack on a highway which killed the three Israelis in 2001.

Yaniv and Sharon Ben-Shalom were returning home from Jerusalem, where they spent Shabbat with Sharon’s parents to their home in Ofarim with their two daughters – Efrat, 20 months old, and Shahar, 8 months old – and with Sharon’s brother.

Palestinians opened fire from a passing vehicle, killing Sharon and Yaniv. Sharon’s brother Doron Sviri was fatally wounded by a shot to the head, and died the following day.

The PA knew of the potential dangers of using the arms and did not warn the users, so it therefore “owes damages to those who were hurt”, read the ruling, distributed on Sunday.

The district court added that popular Fatah leader Marwan Barghuti, serving multiple life sentences for his role in attacks on Israelis, “knew about the attack and was briefed on it after it was carried out”.

A spokeswoman for the court said the trial, which began in 2009, was still ongoing and the judge had yet to decide on the amount of damages the PA would be ordered to pay.

Other courts in Israel have in the past ruled that the PA pay damages to Israelis, but according to Haaretz newspaper the PA tends to reach out-of-court settlements with plaintiffs.

There was no immediate reaction on Monday from the Palestinian Authority to the latest ruling.


Love that wine cake

Love that wine whine cake best of all


They wage war and then they whine that there was a drop in tourism as a result. If only the people of Gaza had such ‘problems ….


“The tremendous blow to tourism suffered by the Israeli economy in all areas of Israel as a result of canceled visits is a factor in the economic slowdown,” Tourism Ministry director general Amir Halevy said in a statement. “Everyone understands the importance of rehabilitating tourism as an engine for economic growth.”


Israel August Tourism Numbers Take a

Sharp Downturn From Last Year

182,000 Visitors Recorded in 2014, Down 36% From 2013





Israel’s August tourist numbers took a sharp downturn from the previous year’s figures.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 182,000 visitor entries were recorded for the month in Israel, down 36 percent from August 2013. Of the visitor entries, 164,000 were tourists staying more than one night, 32 percent less than August a year ago.

During the month, hundreds of rockets were fired at Israel, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, amid the Israeli military’s operation in Gaza. Foreign airlines canceled flights for at least two days after a rocket landed near Ben Gurion Airport in central Israel.

It is estimated that Israel’s tourism industry generates about $11 billion annually and is responsible for creating 200,000 jobs domestically.

“The tremendous blow to tourism suffered by the Israeli economy in all areas of Israel as a result of canceled visits is a factor in the economic slowdown,” Tourism Ministry director general Amir Halevy said in a statement. “Everyone understands the importance of rehabilitating tourism as an engine for economic growth.”

It is not unusual for Israel’s tourism numbers to dip during times of violence. This year’s August statistics were lower than all the August statistics from 2007 to 2013, but 49 percent higher than August 2006, the time of the Second Lebanon War, with 122,000 entries.

This week, the Tourism Ministry is convening all the Israel Government Tourist Office directors from around the world to formulate a plan for attracting tourists to Israel.




Israel …..

A State that has NOT stood on its own financially since its inception

A State that has ignored EVERY UN Sanction against it since its inception

A State that has sent spies to the very nations that have kept her alive

A State has displace millions of people from their homes and properties

A State that, in this decade alone, has murdered thousands of innocent civilians including women and children


YET, this is how the zionists portray the latest events …


Netanyahu: UN Grants Legitimacy to Terrorists

UNHRC overlooks massacres committed by Hamas, IS, in favor of investigating Israel for defending itself against rocket attacks from Gaza.

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lashed out Wednesday at the UN Human Rights Council, accusing it of granting “legitimacy to terror organizations” by investigating Israel for alleged war crimes in Gaza.

“UNHRC gives legitimacy to murderous terror organizations like Hamas and Daash (Islamic State),” he said, accusing the rights body ofoverlooking “massacres” committed elsewhere in the Middle East in favor of investigating Israel for defending itself against rocket attacks from Gaza.

The UNHRC has selected Prof. William Schabas to head an investigation into Operation Protective Edge. Speaking in a 2013 panel, Schabas clearly revealed his great eagerness to bring about the prosecution of Israel over its actions in Gaza, even if that involved“twisting things and maneuvering” in the international legal arena.

Asked about the possibility of prosecuting Israel for “ecocide” as well, Schabas expressed optimism on gradually enlarging the scope of legal accusations against Israel. “Years ago there were no courts at all,” he noted. “When [the term] ‘genocide’ was invented there was no court at all. There was no court for crimes against humanity, but we have them now. And with a bit of luck and by twisting things and maneuvering we can get them before the courts.”

Schabas did not deny Wednesday, in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, that the international community has a double standard regarding Israel’s conduct of war.

Channel 2‘s anchor, Danny Kushmaro, asked Schabas if there is not a double standard involved when that thousands of innocent civilians were killed in Chechnya by the Russians, and by NATO forces in Libya, yet there was “not one international investigation,” whereas Israel acted in self defense in Gaza and two investigations have been launched in the course of six years.

“There are a lot of double standards in the international level,” answered Schabas. “This is explained by the relative strength of the powers,” he added, and noted that some claim there is a double standard in Israel’s favor in the UN Security Council, where anti-Israel resolutions are vetoed.


This is the latest example of blatant cultural appropriation of indigenous Palestinian and regional culture to add to a long list that already includes falafel, hummusolive oil, maftoul (“Israeli couscous”) and other staples that are frequently misrepresented and promoted as Israeli, while erasing or denying their connection to the country’s indigenous people and culture.


Did you know? Palestine’s knafeh is now “Israeli” too?

This image is making its way around the Internet. It comes from a feature published by BuzzFeed, sponsored by the ice cream maker Talenti, purporting to promote “17 Incredible Desserts From Around The World.”

There’s mooncake from China, maple taffy from Canada, sachertorte from Austria and then “from Israel,” there’s “kanafeh.”

This is the latest example of blatant cultural appropriation of indigenous Palestinian and regional culture to add to a long list that already includes falafel, hummusolive oilmaftoul(“Israeli couscous”) and other staples that are frequently misrepresented and promoted as Israeli, while erasing or denying their connection to the country’s indigenous people and culture.

Knafeh (it can be transliterated many ways) is perhaps the most iconic Palestinian dessert for which the occupied West Bank city of Nablus is particularly renowned.

As the Institute for Middle East Understanding explainsknafeh is “made from mild white cheese topped with a crispy layer of shredded wheat, and covered with sugar syrup.”

A tray of knafeh being prepared at Jafar Sweets in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem (Ho John Lee/Flickr)

Many Palestinians, excluded from returning to their country, have fond memories of eatingknafeh at Jafar Sweets in eastern occupied Jerusalem – a place that still serves it up every day.

Knafeh is so iconically Palestinian that a few years ago, in an effort to establish legitimacy and popularity, the US-backed, appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad took part in a photo op in Nablus with what was claimed to be the world’s biggestknafeh.

Personally, I admit a strong pro-knafeh bias: it is delicious. But it is not “Israeli.”

Sometimes, when Palestinians react to Israeli efforts to appropriate their culture, they’re scolded: shouldn’t cultures mix and share?

Of course they should – Palestinian cuisine has its own distinct features but shares many features and influences with food from other parts of the region, including desserts (there are many regional variations of knafeh including in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey – a wonderful resource on Palestinian cuisine is Laila El-Haddad’s book The Gaza Kitchen).

Palestinians frequently see the efforts to market their culture as “Israeli” as part of Zionism’s ongoing campaign to erase them culturally and physically from the geography, history and future of Palestine.

Resisting this cultural appropriation can therefore take on great significance for Palestinians.

BuzzFeed, for its part, is a company that poses as a “news” site, but in fact sells advertising that blurs the line between editorial content and news – the word is “advertorial.”

This particularly item, as noted, comes from an ice cream maker, rather than a pro-Israel organization.

But as Joe Lo reported for The Electronic Intifada recently, pro-Israel groups are making use of BuzzFeed as well.


First, the definition …


And the Award goes to …


But first, the whitewash …

The United States was aware of the shipments “in real time,” Israel’s Channel 2 news reported, and was thus able to thwart them. The TV report added that “it has to be assumed that Israel knew too, and was updated by the United States.” Finally, the Channel 2 report suggested that this may have been some kind of sting operation against the Iranians, since “it could be that whoever did this was not acting against Israel’s interest.”

Israeli Arm Dealers Planned to Breach Iran Embargo

  • By Umberto Bacchi

iran fighter jet

US and Greek authorities reportedly foiled an attempt by Israeli-based arm dealers to smuggle spare parts for fighter jets to Iran

US and Greek authorities foiled an attempt by Israeli-based arm dealers to smuggle spare parts for a fighter jet to Iran via Greece in violation of an international embargo, a newspaper has revealed.

Two separate shipments containing replacement parts and ammunition for F-4 Phantom aircraft were seized by Greek officials in December 2012 and April 2013, Kathimerini newspaper reported.

The daily said it had access to a probe carried out by the Homeland Security in the US in cooperation with the drugs and weapons unit of Greece’s Financial Crimes Squad.

According to the probe, both cargos originated from the Israeli town of Binyamina-Giv’at Ada, about 60km north of Tel Aviv.

They were shipped to Greece by courier, but investigators believe the final destination was Iran, as Tehran has a large fleet of F-4 Phantoms.

Containers loaded with spare parts for the jet fighter were received by a phoney company registered under the name Tassos Karras SA in Votanikos, near central Athens.

A contact number for the company belonged to a British national residing in Thessaloniki who could not be immediately traced, Kathimerini reported.

An Athens court ordered the seized cargo be handed to US authorities in November.

Sanctions against Iran were imposed by the US after the Islamic revolution in 1979. The embargo was later adopted by other nations and expanded in 1995. The UK has had a national arms embargo in place on Iran since March 1993.



Related Reports …. Here and Here


It all boils down to …


And the bunk is …


First read THIS ….
Former US official: Demand to free Pollard is Israeli ‘chutzpah’

Israel is hypocritical asking to stop US spying on country but to release its own spy, says former US Homeland Security officer Stewart Baker*

Officials: Pollard release to be part of peace negotiations

PM Netanyahu will include release of Israeli spy from American prison as part of talks with Palestinians, according to Israeli officials. Ministers push for spy’s release after disclosure of US tapping on Israel

Following the exposure of US surveillance on top Israeli leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  is expected to demand the release of Jonathan Pollard, who has been jailed in US prison for nearly three decades, from American prison as part of negotiation efforts with the Palestinians, Israeli officials estimated.

“With regard to things published in the past few days, I have asked for an examination of the matter,” Netanyahu said in broadcast remarks, in a clear reference to the alleged espionage.

According to undisclosed Israeli officials, Netanyahu’s demand for the release of the Israeli spy through the platform of peace talks with the Palestinians could be executed in one of two ways: A release of the Israeli spy as part of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement pushed by the Americans for next month, or through a deal aimed at releasing Arab-Israeli prisoners.

PM Netanyahu meets with Israeli spy’s wife Esther Pollard (Video: PMO)

Documents leaked on Friday by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden showed the NSA and its British counterpart GCHQ had in 2009 targeted an email address listed as belonging to then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and monitored emails of senior defense officials.

“In the close ties between Israel  and the United States, there are things that must not be done and that are not acceptable to us,” Netanyahu said, speaking during a Likud party faction meeting.

On Sunday, several Israeli cabinet members and lawmakers said disclosure of US spying on Israel was an opportunity to press Washington to free jailed Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard. Netanyahu informed Likud party members on Monday that he had met with Pollard’s wife Ester “and updated her on our unceasing efforts to free Jonathan.”

Pollard was sentenced to a life term in 1987 in the United States for spying for Israel. A succession of US presidents have spurned Israeli calls for his pardon.



See my post from yesterday dealing with this HERE

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