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Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovision entry

Song includes condemnation against Israeli operation in Gaza, mentions number of dead Palestinian children.

(From an earlier post)

Israel is protesting Hungary’s Eurovision entry, which includes condemnation against Operation Protective Edge and mentions the number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 Israeli military campaign. 

Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor turned to the Hungarian broadcasting authority, expressed his country’s reservations over the planned song and asked that the problematic segment be removed.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Vienna, Austria. Hungary’s song this year, “Wars for Nothing,” will be performed by a group of three singers led by Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie. The song has an anti-war message, focusing on the victims of violence and wars in the world. One of the captions in the song’s video refers to Operation Protective Edge, stating: “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.”

Although Israel isn’t mentioned by name in the song, Ambassador Mor asked the Hungarian broadcasting authority to remove the sentence about the Gaza war, explaining that it is seen as an “inconvenient” political message against Israel.

And the 500+ dead children

Is NOT an ‘inconvenience?’


The Entry …

Here are the lyrics

Do you know our Earth is a mess?
All the wars for nothing, it never ends
Everybody deserves a chance
All the souls, all the souls
Can you hear them cry?

That you live in peace does not mean
It’s okay to ignore all the pain
I see children joining the stars
Soldiers walk towards the dark
Let me ask

Can you justify all the eyes
That will never see daylight?
Give me one good reason to hurt
A helpless soul, break a heart
Kill a mind

Do you know how many innocents
Are hiding from punishment
For crimes they’d never commit?
All alone, all alone
Do they deserve

To die for believing something else?
For having a face someone can’t stand
Do you know our Earth is a mess?
All the wars for nothing
It never ends

All the souls, all alone
Hold them tight
All the souls deserve a chance
At life

Israeli pressure on MTV has resulted in the following …

Israel was not mentioned but the if you missed it, the problematic sentence is “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.” MTV has agreed to remove this sentence for Eurovision, as also the rules are prohibiting any political influence.



Now it’s up to you to protest

MTV’s decision. You can

contact them via THIS link.



Hope for a Free Palestine and Peace

Hope for a Free Palestine and Peace

What was almost a tradition in Israeli elections came to an end this year. Traditionally, the Palestinian electorate in Israel called for a boycott of the voting process. This time was different with leaders of both Hamas and Fatah urging them to vote for the ‘Joint Arab List’. Their call was endorsed by local Palestinian leaders in Israel itself.

At least two prominent Jews in Israel also endorsed the Party, Avraham Burg  and Gideon Levy, both urging Jews to vote for it. Uri Avnery was tempted to join the endorsers, but if you read THIS you will see how his zionist sentiments stopped him.

On Election Day itself, Netanyahu posted the following on his FaceBook page …

”Right wing gov’t in danger Arabs voting in droves”

This alone was an endorsement

Well, they did ‘vote in droves’ and here is the result …

The Victors of Hope!


The following analysis from Ynet

While the Joint Arab List hoped to gain 15 Knesset seats in the recent elections, it still garnered a big achievement with the 14 seats it received in Israel’s 20th Knesset. 

The Joint Arab List: Seven new MKs, two women and a lot of hope

Newly formed Joint Arab List becomes third largest party in the Knesset after elections; party members promise to take care of important issues in Arab sector and strengthen Palestinian identity.

While the Joint Arab List hoped to gain 15 Knesset seats in the recent elections, it still garnered a big achievement with the 14 seats it received in Israel’s 20th Knesset.

After a high voter turnout in the Arab sector, some polling stations registered a voter turnout of more than 70 percent, the true test of the Joint Arab List will be to stay united and prevent itself from scattering into smaller factions. Many Arab Israeli citizens called upon the members of the party to continue working together on a joint political platform.

The party has seven new MKs, among them the head of the Joint Arab List Aiman Uda, a resident of Haifa. The other new members include Aida Touma-Sliman (Akko), engineer Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya (Tayibe), Dr. Yosef Jabareen (Umm al-Fahem), lawyer Osama Sa’adi (Arraba), and Dr. Abdullah Abu Maaruf (Yarka).

The Joint Arab List includes two women and 12 men.

New MKs plan out Knesset term

“I hope these results will be a lever for continued cooperation with the (Arab) sector, in order to serve it in all sorts of areas, even outside of the Knesset,” said MK Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya.

“There are a lot of social causes that the Joint Arab List can contribute to. The results of the elections are not a surprise to us, but it is good news. The comments made by Netanyahu against the Arab sector in the last days of the campaign did not make a big impact, but the warning Netanyahu made is very dangerous for the continuation of co-existence,” said Hajj Yahya.

The Arab Israeli politician has already begun to plan his term in the next Knesset. “I am going to serve the Arab sector on central issues such as planning and construction law, in light of the problems we have in planning, industrial areas and building without a permit,” he said. “I will also take care of the advancement of local authorities because in my opinion authorities which plan to rehabilitate have not failed, but rather it shows that there is something in the government’s policy that needs to change.”

New MK Aida Touma-Sliman hopes to represent women. “I would like to deal with social issues in the next Knesset and the civil rights of the Arab population along with women’s rights which I have been occupied with for more than 20 years and will continue to be occupied with in the future.”

“Likewise, I will focus on the employment of Arab women and legislation to protect women from violence. Of course the diplomatic issue cannot be ignored and the aspects of political activity,” she added.

Regarding the election results, Touma-Sliman said: “Our results provide happiness and strengthen us. The public gave us its wide confidence and clearly said that it supports the approach of unity and the attempt to gain power and protect ourselves from the waves of racism that are washing over Israel.”

New MK Osama Sa’adi was disappointed with the change that did not end up coming: “The national right-wing camp and Netanyahu came out with a surprise and kept their reign. We are the third largest faction and this is the first time something like this has happened in history. We achieved another goal – the Yachad faction along with Eli Yishai and the racist Baruch Marzel are outside of the Knesset. Now the work begins to impact and bring about achievement for the sector that sent us.”

Sa’adi continued and said: “I want to work in my field, which is the Law and Justice Committee, to prevent racist legislation and to work for fair legislation for the Arab sector.”

Sa’adi also said he would like to work on the issue of Palestinian detainees which he says is “a subject that has been close to my heart for over 25 years.” Sa’adi also plans to work on subjects such as land confiscation and housing demolitions.

Regarding fears the list will separate once the new government forms, Sa’adi said, “We promised we would create a joint list and we created it, therefore the trust that the Arab sector gave us commits us to continue to work as one faction, there is no reason to break it down. We will not let the Arab public down.”

Dr. Yosef Jabraan, another new addition to the Joint Arab List, said that the party will focus on issues that were the basis of their election to the Knesset. “Education, housing and violence are the main issues that I want to deal with. These are the issues that our voters clearly brought up during the campaign,” he explained.

“The advancement of Arab education, including higher education, will be my priority, including the allocation of resources, including changing the curriculum to include the Arab-Palestinian identity as well as the restructuring of the system so that it will be managed by Arab educators. Without substantial reform of the education system, we cannot promote and advance the stance of the Arab citizens in Israel.”


The Final results as of today … Joint Arab List down one, Meretz up one


1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Gilad Erdan
3. Yuli Edelstein
4. Yisrael Katz
5. Miri Regev
6. Silvan Shalom
7. Moshe Ya’alon
8. Ze’ev Elkin
9. Danny Danon
10. Yariv Levin
11. Benny Begin
12. Tzachi Hanegbi
13. Yuval Steinitz
14. Gila Gamliel
15. Ofir Akunis
16. David Bitan
17. Haim Katz
18. Jackie Levy
19. Yoav Kish
20. Tzipi Hotovely
21. Dudu Amsalem
22. Miki Zohar
23. Anat Berko
24. Ayoub Kara
25. Nava Boker
26. Avi Dichter
27. Avraham Nagosa
28. Nurit Koren
29. Yaron Mazuz
30. Oren Hazan

Zionist Union

1. Isaac Herzog
2. Tzipi Livni
3. Shelly Yachimovich
4. Stav Shaffir
5. Itzik Shmuli
6. Omer Bar-Lev
7. Hilik Bar
8. Amir Peretz
9. Merav Michaeli
10. Eitan Cabel
11. Manuel Trajtenberg
12. Erel Margalit
13. Mickey Rosenthal
14. Revital Swid
15. Danny Atar
16. Yoel Hasson
17. Zuhair Bahloul
18. Eitan Broshi
19. Michal Biran
20. Nachman Shai
21. Ksenia Svetlova
22. Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin
23. Yossi Yona
24. Eyal Ben-Reuven

Join (Arab) List

1. Ayman Odeh
2. Masud Ganaim
3. Jamal Zahalka
4. Ahmad Tibi
5. Aida Touma-Sliman
6. Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahiya
7. Hanin Zoabi
8. Dov Khenin
9. Taleb Abu Arar
10 Yosef Jabareen
11. Basel Ghattas
12. Osama Sa’adi
13. Abdullah Abu Ma’aruf

Yesh Atid

1. Yair Lapid
2. Shai Piron
3. Yael German
4. Meir Cohen
5. Ya’akov Peri
6. Ofer Shelah
7. Haim Jelin
8. Karin Elharar
9. Yoel Razvozov
10. Aliza Lavie
11. Mickey Levy


1. Moshe Kahlon
2. Yoav Galant
3. Eli Elalouf
4. Michael Oren
5. Rachel Azaria
6. Tali Floskob
7. Yifat Sasha-Biton
8. Eli Cohen
9. Roy Folkman
10. Merav Ben Ari

Jewish Home

1. Naftali Bennett
2. Uri Ariel
3. Ayelet Shaked
4. Eli Ben-Dahan
5. Nissan Slomiansky
6. Yinon Magal
7. Moti Yogev
8. Bezalel Smotrich


1. Aryeh Deri
2. Yitzhak Cohen
3. Meshulam Nahari
4. Yakov Margi
5. David Azoulay
6. Yoav Ben-Tzur
7. Yitzhak Vaknin

Yisrael Beytenu

1. Avigdor Lieberman
2. Orly Levy-Abekasis
3. Sofa Landver
4. Ilan Shohat
5. Sharon Gal
6. Hamad Amar

United Torah Judaism

1. Yaakov Litzman
2. Moshe Gafni
3. Meir Porush
4. Uri Maklev
5. Eliezer Moses
6. Israel Eichler


1. Zehava Gal-On
2. Ilan Gilon
3. Issawi Freij
4. Michal Rozin
5. Tamar Zandberg


And the Hope of Return!


Jon Stewart’s take on the Election results …

Jon Stewart Mocks Netanyahu: ‘Ginning Up Racist Fears of Minority Turnout’? That’s Our Thing!


The votes have been tallied from yesterday’s election … once again the people of Israel have lost their chances of becoming a part of the human race and taking its place in the community of nations.

The ugly face of zionization will still be the face the world sees when it looks at Israel …


There were at least two positive aspects of the election …

First, the combined Palestinian Parties in in the race maintained their power and came in third.

Secondly, the Party of Eli Yishai which put American born fascist Baruch Marzel in their 4th spot failed to get even one seat in the upcoming Knesset. Marzel swore to take the smile of MK Zoabi’s face, you will see in the photos below that this did not happen.

Baruch Marzel, Eli Yishai Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Baruch Marzel, Eli Yishai Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

It is still unclear who will be in the new government, but it will undoubtedly be headed by Netanyahu. The President of Israel seems to be leaning to declare a ‘Unity Government’ of the two major parties. This would only lead to continued stalemates on all issues and would surely mean another election in the very near future. It might be a ploy of Rivlin to get back at Netanyahu for not backing him in his bid for the Presidency a few months ago.

But, as things stand, Israelis voted to maintain the anti Israeli feelings that are manifesting themselves throughout the world, especially in Europe, in many instances at the cost of many innocent Jewish and Muslim lives. They have voted to continue the policies of Apartheid, Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing within Israel itself. They have voted to continue building new and expanding illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank. They have voted to continue the siege of Gaza. Jerusalem will remain as an undivided city under zionist control with home demolitions and mass evictions in the Palestinian sector continuing. The ugly face of zion will remain for now.

Here are the faces of the next Knesset …. another post will soon follow as to who will be in the government itself.

Likud (Right)


Zionist Union (Slightly left of Right, but still wrong)


(Genuine Left)


Yesh Atid (Right of Centre)


Kulanu (Right of Centre)


Bayit Yehudi (Very Right of Centre)


Shas  (Religious Right)

Yesterday, many voters received SMS text messages from the grave of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,  late spiritual head of this Right Party, saying that if you don’t vote for Shas that he won’t forgive you in this world or in the world to come. 

Halloween came early this year ;)


United Torah Judaism (Religious Right)


Yisrael Beytenu list (Extreme Right)


Meretz (Left)


The above results are not 100% conclusive, there might be slight changes.

Hopefully soon a more positive report will follow …



Surprised? You shouldn’t be as it was raised and defended by fascist candidate Baruch Marzel.

“We came here to say we’re devoted and committed to continue the battle till the last illegal resident from Africa will (go) back to his home in Africa,” said Marzel.

When asked about allegations of “racism” being leveled by leftist sources against the struggle with illegal immigration, he remarked “if saving the state of Israel from millions of Africans coming in and destroying the state of Israel is racism, that is the problem of (those) saying it. I’m fighting for the existence of my country.”

If anyone is an illegal immigrant it’s Marzel himself, a founding member of an outlawed terrorist organisation on both sides of the pond.

Sad that the fascists are the only ones honest enough to raise issues

Sad that the fascists are the only ones honest enough to raise issues


Bibi’s song and dance on Iran wasn’t going too well …

In fact, the video shows how his opposition cashed in on the speech.

… So, it was time to pull out the Holocaust Card by acknowleging Elie Weisel in the audience.

As if that wasn’t enough, our dear Shmuley (Boteach) pulled the card out a little more afterwards by devoting his weekly Jerusalem Post column to Weisel.

Before I post his words, I must state that I am not in the camp of holocaust deniers as some may think. I also do not have to be reminded by the likes of a Weisel, Boteach or Netanyahu that it occurred. I lost the entire Paternal side of my family in Auschwitz and am reminded of this daily as I carry the name of my Grandfather who was one of the victims. Unlike Weisel, who made and continues to make million$ through his writings and guided tours through the various camps, I have dedicated my entire life to ensure that those horrors never happen again TO ANYONE. Boteach and Weisel both limit the ‘Never Again’ only to members of his own tribe.

The day before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s masterful oration to Congress, our organization, This World: The Values Network, held one of its most moving events yet, “The Meaning of ‘Never Again’: Guarding Against a Nuclear Iran,” in Washington. Elie Wiesel joined me along with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to discuss the genocidal threats from Iran and the rise of global anti-Semitism.

No Holds Barred: At Bibi’s speech with Elie Wiesel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with author Elie Wiesel after speech to US Congress in Washington. (photo credit:AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with author Elie Wiesel after speech to US Congress in Washington. (photo credit:AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

This week I traveled with Prof. Wiesel and his wife, Marion, and my wife, Debbie, to the prime minister’s speech as guests of Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner.

Elie Weisel and I took out ads in America’s major newspapers supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right to speak to the American Congress about the Iranian nuclear threat. The ads were beautiful and biblical, retelling the story of Esther and the choice she was given between alienating her king by speaking up for her people and remaining silent. She chose to save her people from annihilation.

The speech was magnificent and did much to vindicate those who put their reputations on the line to support it.

The day before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s masterful oration to Congress, our organization, This World: The Values Network, held one of its most moving events yet, “The Meaning of ‘Never Again’: Guarding Against a Nuclear Iran,” in Washington. Elie Wiesel joined me along with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to discuss the genocidal threats from Iran and the rise of global anti-Semitism.

The event sought to lend support to Netanyahu’s campaign for a tougher stance against the Iranians’ nuclear program, particularly in light of their genocidal threats against the Jewish state; it was Elie Wiesel at his most eloquent.

We had scheduled the event to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the murder of Anne Frank, who died in the first week of March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen. The exact date is not known.

The most famous survivor of the Holocaust would commemorate its most famous victim.

And what better way to respect her memory than in protecting her people from the threat of yet another genocidal regime, yet again from Persia.

The event got off to a heated start as protesters from Code Pink stormed the floor, trying to disrupt the procession with banners and screams. From the time the event began, though, and from the time Wiesel began to speak, there was barely a sound. All were entranced by his soft-spoken, yet all so powerful, words of wisdom.

Wiesel spoke of the differences between today and his years in the Nazi death camps.

Today, we have friends who will protect us.

Back then, he lamented, America did far too little to protect the Jews of Europe, a failure which Cruz said underscored the importance of acting against Iran today. More important, Elie Wiesel pointed out that today we have an army dedicated to the protection of the Jewish People. Indeed, he spoke of the sense of wonder that overcame him the first time he saw an IDF uniform. Yet he also lamented the key similarity between now and then – the presence of anti-Semitism. It is the eternal companion of the Jewish People, yet, the professor offered, it can be ameliorated through education.

Wiesel spoke of how he truly believed that after the unspeakable crime of the Holocaust anti-Semitism would die down, perhaps be purged from the earth forever. Surely now the nations of the world, having seen where their hatred can lead, would forgo revulsion for the Jews. But there was no such thing. Wiesel said he was horrified to see it all return so viciously.

Wiesel stated his absolute support for the prime minister’s speech. He said that we must rely as much on the threats of our enemies as we do on the promises of our friends. We dare not downplay the danger posed by Iran. “Especially when their threats are repeated, we have to take them seriously,’’ he said. “I need proof that Iran has changed its policy. If the evil begins its work, don’t give it another chance.”

Cruz, too, took a hard line on Iran. The prime minister’s speech had been become mired in politics, yet “politics are not what matters now,” he asserted. “What matters now is the single greatest national security threat to the world today – and that is preventing a nuclear Iran.” Tehran could not be trusted in negotiations, he said, and “those who are negotiating with Iran fundamentally don’t understand who they are dealing with.

“History may well record it as a mistake and a catastrophe on the order of magnitude of Munich,’’ said Cruz, referring to the failed 1938 “peace” deal that allowed Hitler to annex parts of Czechoslovakia. “When our negotiators return with a promise of ‘peace in our time,’ we should believe this no more now than we should have believed it then,” he said.

The most moving part of the event came at the end. Wiesel told the spellbound audience: “Everything I have endured could have led me to choose despair… I could have said, ‘Goodbye world, you’ve rejected me. You’ve killed off my father and mother, and everyone I’ve loved.’ I could have moved to the desert. I could have chosen to forget and just to enjoy my life; after all, I deserved it. And yet, I rejected that.

I chose to remember and to teach.” He said that he rejected that path because he could not live a life of loneliness. “Only G-d is alone.”

He needed to embrace others, and help them when he could.

And indeed, he stood before us having just flown in to Washington at this critical moment, all to support the Jewish People in its time of need.

Right after the prime minister’s speech, Wiesel and I went to a reception with prime minister Netanyahu where the prime minister thanked him warmly for attending. In the speech itself he had been the only person the prime minister welcomed personally. As we left the reception, and Debbie and I escorted the Wiesels to their car, it was freezing cold with a snowy breeze. I saw Wiesel huddled against his overcoat as the wind blew around him. Before me I saw the great hero of the Jewish People, prepared to meet any threat his people faced, prepared to always speak out.

Prepared to speak truth to power. Adamant that Never Again must mean exactly that.

And as he left, I told him, in the endearing term I’ve used for him for 25 years, “Reb Eliezer. You are our prince and our great light to the nations. God bless you with long life and the best of health. I cannot imagine a world without you.”


Today, synagogues throughout the world commemorated Shabbat Zachor (Sabbath of Remembrance). On this day the first known enemy of the Hebrews, Amalek, is remembered. On this day as well the combined Hate Lists of the ADL and the Wiesenthal Centre are dug out to confirm that Amalek still lives today.
Yes, Amalek still lives. There is no doubt in my mind about that, BUT NOT ON THOSE LISTS. Amalek lives right here in Israel. He is remembered every day of the year by Palestinians, but especially this week, the 21st anniversary of the massacre in Hebron by a crazed American zionist.
The week a mosque was torched in the Occupied West Bank and a Christian Seminary torched right here in Jerusalem. Both incidents the work of crazed settlers.
thumb hebron
He is remembered every day that a Palestinian child is lowered into the grave, yet another victim of Israeli terrorism.
He is remembered when a family in Gaza visits the graves of loved ones killed by Israeli soldiers.

gaza graves

How quickly zionism forgets the war crimes committed daily against the Palestinians. How quickly the Western World forgets them as well, mostly due to media blackouts in the zionist controlled press in those countries.
The fate of those who resist the above atrocities is also remembered …
Yes, we remember those crimes every day of the year. And yes, we will never forget them or forgive those that committed them.


As BDS gains support on nearly every major US Campus, the zionists move into ‘panic mode’ and fight back.

Internationally the Movement is gaining support in the Academic and artistic communities as well.

The following video produced by the zionists is typical of their tactics, lies, exaggerations and quoting out of context …. see for yourself.

Interesting to note that Israeli law forbids me to post a swastika on this Blogsite, but the zionists themselves are allowed to do it.

Also remember ….

Stand with US and help us break the silence! Image by Latuff

Stand with US and help us break the silence!
Image by Latuff



Cartoon by Nick Hayes, Guardian

Cartoon by Nick Hayes, Guardian

A US jury on Monday ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority to pay more than $218 million for providing material support to terrorists, a victory for Americans suing over attacks in the Jerusalem area more than a decade ago.


Who has been funding the Israeli terrorists responsible for the murders of Rachel Corrie and Furkan Doğan, both American citizens. What about the attack on the USS Liberty?

Both of the above murders and attacks and many more were outrightly funded by the US Government themselves. Where is the judgement against them? Will there ever even be one??

A report on yesterday’s ruling from the NY Times can be read HERE

Palestinian Groups Are Found Liable at Manhattan Terror Trial

Not only is she blind, she's also stupid!

Not only is she blind, she’s also stupid!


Herr Lieberman and his cronies organised free distribution of a recent issue of Charlie Hebdo in Israel ….


Their plans were put to rest when one of the Palestinian Members of Knesset, Ahmad Tibi, appealed this decision to the Central Elections Committee.

Lieberman’s party activists responded with “We were astounded to learn that the Central Elections Committee acceded to MK Ahmad Tibi’s request to stop the distribution of copies of Charlie Hebdo,” the petition read. “This is a serious blow to the freedom of expression. It’s capitulation to radical Islamic terrorism and its representatives in the Knesset.”


Suddenly, when their own hateful activities are at risk it is a serious blow to the freedom of expression.  


It’s OK to petition against a Palestinian Member of Knesset, Hanin Zoabi, from being allowed to run again in the upcoming election.

Fascism has no limits as can be seen in the following report. (click on link to read)

Yisrael Beytenu protests ban on Charlie Hebdo distribution in Israel


Click on Google today and you will be directed to stories and exhibitions about the liberation of Auschwitz 70 years ago. This week the entire Web is full of the same …. including one from the greatest profiteer of the holocaust himself.


What about the horrors of today? Where are those stories??

Image 'Copyleft' by Carlos Latuff

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff


Also by Latuff

Also by Latuff

And now in song …. 

Naima Shalhoub – Ferguson-Gaza Blues

I wrote this song in August for the people in Ferguson, Gaza and elsewhere rising up against horrific racial injustice, and for those that continue to grieve, rage and rise. As an artist I’d like to make it clear that the tragedies in Ferguson and Gaza are not isolated nor limited to these regions, but are parts of a greater evolution of racism that continues to isolate, confine and destroy lives and communities. Resistance and resilience of the people are not new either, but are hopefully making an impact that is is received differently today because of the daily struggle that has been happening for years prior.

This video captures the first live performance of this song on November 28, 2014 at The Sound Room in Oakland, as well as various clips from moments in Gaza, Ferguson, Oakland, and elsewhere.

Written and sung by Naima Shalhoub
Bouchaib Abdelhadi – Oud
Jeremy Mitchell – Drum kit
Timothy Wat – Piano


See this report by Alex Kane (click on link)

Delegates on the Dream Defenders delegation pose in front of Israel's West Bank wall, near Qalandia checkpoint (Photo: Christopher Hazou, IMEU)

Delegates on the Dream Defenders delegation pose in front of Israel’s West Bank wall, near Qalandia checkpoint (Photo: Christopher Hazou, IMEU)

The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine

#JeSuisCanadien ~~ OY CANADA

Canada Post has reached a new low by issuing a postage stamp honouring the dishonourable!
Oy Canada!

Oy Canada!

See THIS related report
The following is from the archives
Despite the 30 Billion a year that the US taxpayers send to Israel, Netanyahu considers Harper his best, perhaps only, friend among today’s world leaders, and to be a wholehearted supporter of his government’s policy.
Neither seem aware of the Canadian Government’s policy …
On the eve of Harper’s visit to Israel, the Foreign Ministry in Ottawa issued an updated policy paper on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although many on the right believe the Harper government to be a full-fledged supporter of Israeli policy on the Palestinian issue, the policy paper states that Canada believes the settlements are illegal and an obstacle to peace.
AntiZionism (1)


And being anti-Harper is not being against Canada!

And being anti-Harper is not anti-Canadian!


The Palestinian view …

“We regret the Canadian government’s decision to stand on the wrong side of history by blindly supporting the Israeli occupation and its apartheid policies.”

“Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has contributed to Israeli violations of Palestinian inalienable rights, including our right to self-determination, by systematically lobbying against all Palestinian diplomatic initiatives.”

“The Palestinian people as well as the rest of the Arab and Muslim countries deserve an apology from the Canadian government for years of systematic attempts at blocking the right of the Palestinian people to a state of their own.”

Angry Palestinians Hurl Eggs at Canadian Minister

The motorcade of Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird was struck by eggs as he left a meeting with PA counterpart Riyad al-Malki.


Feminists prove that you don't have to be a dummy to Photoshop

Feminists prove that you don’t have to be a dummy to Photoshop

The extremists have a history of denying the existence of women as can be seen in the following photos … (as much as we might like to deny Hillary’s existence, there are better ways than cutting her out of a photo)

Hillary Before …
Hillary After …
They even went as far as denying the role of women during the holocaust
The original …
Where are the two women in the photo? …

Two can play at the same game …. 

Feminist Paper Photoshops Male Leaders from Paris March Pics

Feminist paper’s novel response to hareidi papers photoshopping ‘immodest’ pictures of female leaders from publication…
The original
Embedded image permalink
The Feminist version
B7PummfCEAAN1j1 (1)
And finally, the extremist Hareidi version
Who ever said the camera does not lie?


‘All is forgiven’ states the latest cover toon at Charlie Hebdo, with yet another image of the Prophet Mohammed holding a ‘Je Suis Charlie’ sign. The edition was sold out hours after printing and went into a second one …. The Guardian reported that a record 3 million copies of the magazine, in 16 different languages, have been printed for the return to the newsstand on Wednesday. News sources claimed they were sold out within minutes.



My censored version of the image

My censored version of the image

new-charlie-hebdo-coverjpg-a9ad9675cd23fc1c (1)

See here why the Prophet would not/should not have asked for forgiveness

Kudos to Sky News for refusing to show the image!

The ziopress referred to Sky’s actions as Moral Cowardice …. strange accusation coming from folks who have no morals whatsoever.

Read the linked post to see why Islam forbids images of the Prophet Mohammed



In the words of Vittorio Arrigoni  "STAY HUMAN"

In the words of Vittorio Arrigoni

YES to the question above!

A very simple lesson indeed … there is no reason to offend! I will elaborate …

Recently a very dear friend presented me with a beautiful porcelain statue of Buddha from his native Sri Lanka. It was very similar to the one in the image below. I placed it on a shelf in my living room. To my surprise it offended some of my close relatives as it is forbidden by Jewish Law to possess graven images of ‘other gods’. They asked me to get rid of it and without making a fuss I placed it elsewhere where I alone can enjoy its serenity and beauty.

If my relatives in question were extremists they might have destroyed the statue and/or caused me bodily harm for possessing it. Neither happened.

Simple and to the point!

The above raises another question; why is it permissible for a devout Jew to enter, or even pray in a mosque but not a church?

Islam, like it’s brother religion Judaism, forbids images for the simple reason that the Prophet Mohammed Himself was aware that if people saw his face portrayed by people, they would soon start worshiping Him. He spoke against such images, saying “I’m just a man.”

Therefore, there are no images or statues of the Prophet in mosques, unlike many churches which prominently display images of their various Saints or of Jesus Himself.

A more comprehensive discussion as to Why Islam forbids images of Mohammed can be read HERE.

The Cave of Machpelah in Palestine houses the tombs of our Father Abraham and His Family. It serves both as a mosque and a synagogue.

The Cave of Machpelah in Palestine houses the tombs of our Father Abraham and His Family. It serves both as a mosque and a synagogue.

No one but the extremists themselves benefit from extremism. We saw that after 9/11 … 

We saw it from the 'Christian' extremists

We saw it from the ‘Christian’ extremists


We saw it from the zionist extremists

We saw it from the zionist extremists

… and we see it today.

Whitewashing his own crimes for the world to see

Whitewashing his own crimes for the world to see

So why does Charlie continue to feed extremism, both Islamic and zionist? Satire is funny …. hatred certainly is not. Charlie has in its pages poked ‘fun’ at everyone at one time or another. That’s fine UNLESS it’s an insult and a spit in the face of millions of people throughout the world. That’s what they do when they depict images of the Prophet Mohammed in compromising or rude situations. They know it will only hurt people yet they continue to do it and plan on continuing as can be seen HERE.

Charlie Hebdo’s Next Issue to Feature Cartoon of Mohammed

The cover this week’s Charlie Hebdo shows a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed crying and holding up a “Je suis Charlie” sign.
Surely the editors at Charlie Hebdo know that within the Muslim and zionist communities there are extremists, not as tolerant as the relatives I wrote about above. Why continue to feed them the ammunition they seem to thrive on? Was there not a lesson from the horrors of a week ago?
Image by Gianluca Costantini

Image by Gianluca Costantini


How WE see Freedom of Speech

France is going to give Charlie Hebdo a million Euros to "support free speech" for a magazine that was on the verge of failure because nobody bought it, offended Christians and Jews, but fired one of their writers for anti-Semitism! Image by Latuff

France is going to give Charlie Hebdo a million Euros to “support free speech” for a magazine that was on the verge of failure because nobody bought it, offended Christians and Jews, but fired one of their writers for anti-Semitism!
Image by Latuff

And how the zionists see it

The pages of Charlie Hebdo have been filled throughout the years with anti-Islam images. The images are so offensive that this site cannot reproduce them to show as examples. Yet, the French government granted them full ‘freedom’ to continue with their hateful publishing agenda.

Tom Lehrer performed this parody on hate years ago …. it’s valid today as an example of what I’m talking about …

Now, getting back to Charlie Hebdo … The italics are from yesterday’s post

Since the brutal attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo there have been vigils throughout the world simply stating ‘I AM CHARLIE’.

That one of those murdered happened to be a Jewish ‘cartoonist’ gave call to the zionists to pull their anti-Semite card and raise the false flag to the top of the pole as can be seen HERE.

Extremism of any nature nourishes itself on hatred. Charlie Hebdo provided that ‘food’ with nearly every issue of their publication. France does not stand alone in its guilt, extremism has no boundaries.

The magazine inflamed those in the extremest camps who took what they saw as justice into their own hands. Killing sprees at supermarkets leave innocent people dead and give ammunition to the zionists and hatemongers to continue with their ‘mission’.

As one zionist stated “My explanation of the anti-Jewish outbursts by French Muslims focused on radicals wanting to participate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and picking on their French Jewish neighbors as surrogate Israelis.”  Taken FROM

As stated on this site many times, NOT ALL JEWS ARE ZIONISTS!

But, that’s exactly what is happening.



The following video, sent by a loyal reader, simply explains why the Muslim Community should not apologise for other people’s crimes …


If anyone still believes that all extremists or terrorists are only Muslims, the following is a must read …

All terrorists are Muslims? Hmm. A few of the most horrifying acts of slaughter of recent years seem to have been forgotten. They were committed by white, Christian men, but who’s counting? In that case they are always “individuals” who acted alone, mentally ill and disturbed. Anders Breivik, who killed 75 people in Oslo and Utoya Island – is he a Muslim? And the series of massacres in the United States – at Columbine High School, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and at Virginia Tech. Were all these perpetrated by Muslims?

Meanwhile, Gideon Levy receives a death threat

A menacing letter mailed to Haaretz shows that it’s not only Islamic extremists who seek to blunt press freedom with violence.

“The European Court for Anti-Semitic Crimes. Court Execution squad.

“Re: Proceedings against participants in anti-Israeli activities.

“The Court has been asked to look at the activities against Israel by Gideon Levy, journalist.

“Witness Number 1 showed the article ‘Lowest deeds from loftiest heights’ (Haaretz, July 15, 2014) … Chairman of the court: The court has been convinced that pro-Nazi propaganda has taken place. Once this has been proved, the court has no discretion whatsoever as to the verdict, therefore the above culprit is convicted to death. Given the amount of damage he created, his elimination should take place shortly. Death by ‘accident’: poison, wasps, snakes, viruses, etc.

“P.S: The Pulsa Denura court has no connection with the Israeli security systems … This court is chasing the enemies of Israel wherever they are and verdicts are carried out by the court’s execution squads … Please place this letter in several places in your offices.”

This letter, written in English, arrived last week at Haaretz, in an envelope mailed in Tel Aviv. This letter was not written by a Muslim. At the bottom was written: “Orange pips mean death.” Pips had been stuck to the other side of the letter.

A Sherlock Holmes story is called “The Five Orange Pips,” and revolves around a death-threat letter. This is not the first threat against an Israeli journalist, and not the last.

The attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine last week was preceded by death threats. The massacre came in its wake. It could happen here, too. Anyone who was shocked by the attack on the freedom of the press in France needs to examine what is happening in Israel.

The Israeli media in general does not need threats. It enlisted a long time ago, of its own freewill, to serve the narrative and kingdom; to serve the consensus, the ratings, entertainment, and make the time pleasant for its consumers. Nothing has been forced upon it from above, not by the censor and not from coercion. Just plain commercial considerations, obedience, cowardice, and a basic lack of understanding of what its job is.

Only those who dare step out of line know how great and imminent the danger is, and how much it has increased recently.

The wave of terror in France against journalists and Jews, Israel promoted in a number of ways. The usual security speculators sat in the studios and pontificated their advice to the amateurs of France. A few of them made fun of French law, which does not allow there what is done here. Others spoke about inexperience.

It is clear that these are experts who knew how to exterminate the terror in their own land, once and for all. Of course, they recommended all sorts of aggressive solutions to the French that are employed here – more forces, intelligence and assassinations.

And all of it was covered – how could it not be? – by a manifest feeling of joy that “now they will understand who we have to deal with,” and also Israel’s most popular current mantra: “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

All terrorists are Muslims? Hmm. A few of the most horrifying acts of slaughter of recent years seem to have been forgotten. They were committed by white, Christian men, but who’s counting? In that case they are always “individuals” who acted alone, mentally ill and disturbed. Anders Breivik, who killed 75 people in Oslo and Utoya Island – is he a Muslim? And the series of massacres in the United States – at Columbine High School, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and at Virginia Tech. Were all these perpetrated by Muslims?

No one attributed these acts to all white men, American or Norwegian. No one thought about Christian terror. And we did not say a word about the biggest spilling of blood in history, which happened not long ago, all of it purely on the enlightened continent, which then had almost no Muslims.

And the killing of journalists? It is also possible to remember that during Operation Protective Edge last summer, 13 were killed in Gaza.

The criminal terror committed by Islamic movements and individuals around the world is very worrying. It is necessary to fight it. But we also need to try to understand its intent and motives.

The attack on the press in France should also cause us to lose sleep, but we must remember what is happening in the meantime in Israel.

Here is another piece of mail I received last week, and this is not from a Muslim, either. “You spat on the People of Israel and God answered you. No child.” And nothing more needs to be said.


Image 'Copyleft' by Carlos Latuff

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

Avraham Burg seems to have a knack of ruffling the feathers of zionism. As a child he listened to stories from his father Yosef about the horrors of the holocaust. As an adult he chose to make sure those horrors never become a reality in Israel.

A book he wrote, ‘THE HOLOCAUST IS OVER: WE MUST RISE FROM ITS ASHES‘ rocked the foundations of zion as can be seen in THIS review. From the review; Avraham Burg likes to tell stories about himself which help illustrate his personal and intellectual growth and development, and this book is full of them. While I found most of them rather inane, one about his father made a strong impression. Dr. Yosef Burg is lying on his deathbed in a Jerusalem hospital. The longtime leader of the National Religious Party and a person who devoted his entire life to public service on behalf of the Jewish people is about to die. In the last sentences he ever uttered, he called out to his son, “Avraham, I’m worried. Who will take care of the Jewish people?” and it is his heartfelt plea that motivated the author to write what can best be described as his manifesto on how to save the Jewish people from its obsession with the Holocaust, which is having such a destructive influence on Zionism and Israeli society.

From the lesson of his dying father,  he explains how the Jewish people can survive in harmony with their Palestinian brothers.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post yesterday he stated “Nationalism here is the most dangerous kind of politics that needs to be replaced with a civic one.”

The “core principle of the Israel system should be the equality of all of its citizens.”

Former Knesset speaker to ‘Post’: Nationalism most dangerous kind of politics in Israel

Avraham Burg. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)

Avraham Burg. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)


Hadash is the “only party fully committed to Jewish-Arab equality,” former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Wednesday.

“The nationalistic discourse in the Israeli sphere has cornered the other parties into the same nationalistic discourse,” he said. “Nationalism here is the most dangerous kind of politics that needs to be replaced with a civic one.”

The “core principle of the Israel system should be the equality of all of its citizens,” he argued.

Asked if civic equality is not already part of the state, Burg dismissed the notion.

“I don’t buy it,” Israel is not fully democratic or equal, but gives more privileges to Jews, he said. Israel should strive to model itself on the democratic systems of the US and the EU, Burg said.

Within this kind of civic government, every community can express itself as it likes, but “the state itself should be indifferent to ethnicity and should be equal for all.”

Asked about his plans for the Hadash party, Burg said he plans “to expand it into something wider and more comprehensive.”

In an interview with the Post on Tuesday, Balad MK Haneen Zoabi criticized the former Labor lawmaker for “preaching to the Arabs” about what they should do. He should respect their decision to run as a united list in the March 17 general election.

The parties – United Arab List- Ta’al, Hadash and Balad – have been unable to close a deal to run together, much less agree on who would head the grouping in the election.

The Knesset’s decision to raise the electoral threshold to 3.25 percent of the total vote to win seats in the legislature has forced the parties to try to band together.

Burg’s views on unity reflect what has been said about Hadash – that it is unenthusiastic about uniting with the Islamic Movement (the United Arab List is the party of the movement’s southern branch) or Balad, an Arab nationalist party.

Burg asserts that he sees no reason to unite with the “uber-nationalist” Zoabi, as she is just trying to impose her views on others.

“I did not leave the Jewish nationalist Zionist camp in order to join an Arab nationalist or religious one,” he exclaimed, referring to Zoabi’s Balad party and the Islamic Movement. “I want to build an alternative which is a civic one rather than anything else.

“Many Palestinians are not uber-nationalist and don’t want to isolate themselves,” but seek to build a bridge between Arab identity and the state, Burg said.

On the discussions about uniting the Arab parties and the Arab-Jewish Hadash, Burg said there is a “kind of hype toward forming a united list.”

The potential partners are “not in love with the others, but they don’t want to be blamed” if unity efforts fail, he said.

Polls show that the Arab public is overwhelmingly in favor of a united bloc in the general election.

Burg said it would be “a coalition out of negative motivation rather than positive,” and for that reason, even if an agreement is reached, it will not last for long.

Asked about the controversy over his appearance at the Hadash conference last Shabbat while wearing a kippa, Burg responded that such matters should be private.

“Only in a country like Israel is the personal life in the public domain. Argue with my arguments, not my personality,” he said.



Israel has gained the reputation as being the world’s champion of …

APR (Anti Palestinian Rights)

ABR (Anti Black Rights)

AWR (Anti Women Rights)

AGR (Anti Gentile Rights)


To guarantee its flow of foreign currency, it had to become ‘Pro Something’ …


Perhaps taking the lead from one of its foremost supporters, Shmuley Boteach (See yesterday’s post), it is now attempting to take the lead as the foremost champion of Gay Rights.

Or perhaps this liberal attitude was historically developed because of a common enemy ….


Whatever the reason might be, here is the latest manifestation as reported in  HaAretz

Known as the gay capital of the Middle East, Tel Aviv’s pride week and parade in June draws tens of thousands each year, but this is the first time the city has also organized a winter festival.

Dreaming of a pink Christmas: Tel Aviv launches winter LGBT festival

Tens of thousands expected to attend opening day street party.

A beach in Tel Aviv, December 24, 2014. The 'Snowman' marks the start of a two week

A beach in Tel Aviv, December 24, 2014. The ‘Snowman’ marks the start of a two week Gay Winter Festival taking place from 24 December to January 7, 2015. Photo by AFP

Tel Aviv launches a two-week festival for gays and lesbians on Friday in a bid to draw tourists during the relatively warm and sunny holiday season in the Mediterranean metropolis.

Tens of thousands of revelers are expected at the opening day’s street party, said Hannah Confino, a spokeswoman for the Pink Winter festival.

Known as the gay capital of the Middle East, Tel Aviv’s pride week and parade in June draws tens of thousands each year, but this is the first time the city has also organized a winter festival.

The Israeli coastal city is known for its ever-growing gay summer event, but “what we say is that Tel Aviv stays gay all year around,” said Confino.

“So we’re tapping into the potential of people from Europe during the holiday season, where it’s cold right now, and the average temperature in Tel Aviv is going to be 20 degrees, relatively hot, especially compared to Europe,” she said.

Pink Winter will last until January 7 and include a gay film festival, a Eurovision song night, beach chill-out parties, exhibitions, open studios and workshops.

A discount ticket for 30 euros gives entrance to all main events, including parties, theatre and dance performances, and screenings.

A closer to reality of the zionist attitude towards the Gay Community can be seen in THIS post from the archives.


Interesting to see how Israel’s right wingers seem upset at our accusations of Pinkwashing …

This is but one aspect of the Jewish state that illustrates its openness and pluralism – something that would be less striking if the tiny democracy were not surrounded by barbaric regimes. Naturally, it is the very freedom of Israeli society that most irks those regimes which aim to destroy Western civilization as a whole and to wipe out Zionism in particular.

That they oppose all forms of human rights makes perfect sense. It is impossible to wield the kind of power required to subjugate masses of people when individuals have a say in how they lead their lives.

What makes no sense at all, however, is the phenomenon of leftist apology for those regimes, and simultaneous bashing of Israel, in the name of human rights. Because it is now indisputable that Israel is LGBT-friendly, a convoluted tactic has been employed by the Left to attack the Jewish state on this score. This involves accusing Israel of “pinkwashing.”

Full report from the Jerusalem Post HERE


Is it finally happening or am I dreaming?

Is it finally happening or am I dreaming?

Waking up to the news this morning was like being in an episode of The Twilight Zone …. Are we finally seeing the fruits of decades of struggle? Is there finally hope for the progress and change that was actually voted for??

Here’s to more mornings of news like this ….

(Click on links to see reports)

Normalization of relations with Cuba,


Freedom for the Cuban 5,


Governor of New York State banned fracking, 


and the legal aid criminal attorneys in Brooklyn all walked out of court at 11 AM and held a die-in in front of the main jail in Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave.



Legal Aid criminal attorneys having a die-in outside jail in Brooklyn. Part of Black Lives Matter protests.

Legal Aid criminal attorneys having a die-in outside jail in Brooklyn. Part of Black Lives Matter protests.

This is not the end of the struggle!



Even my Christmas Cactus rejoiced to all of the above news items
Even my Christmas Cactus rejoiced to all of the above news items



Where else but in Israel would you find a coalition made up of ‘Social Democrats’, terrorists and war criminals?

Party’s Knesset list to include spots reserved for Livni’s people, as well as one saved for Mofaz should he decide to join; Labor Conference to meet to vote on union, set date for primaries.

Mofaz ??? A terrorist whose hands are still dripping with blood from his stint as Israel’s Minister of Defense … Mofaz  foresaw the wave of violence coming early as 1999 and prepared the IDF for intense guerrilla warfare in the territories. He fortified posts at the Gaza Strip and kept Israel Defense Forces casualties low. However, he drew criticism from both Israeli and international human rights monitoring groups because of the methods he had undertaken, including using armored bulldozers to demolish 2,500 Palestinian civilian homes, displacing thousands, in order to create a security “buffer zone” along the Rafah border. (FROM)

And Livni …. Here’s a bit about her; In December 2009, a warrant for Livni’s arrest was understood to have been issued by a British court, following an application by lawyers acting for Palestinian victims of Operation Cast Lead. The warrant focused on Livni’s role in Israel’s war against Hamas-run Gaza earlier in the year, and was withdrawn after her visit was cancelled. For several years, Palestinian activists have made largely unsuccessful attempts to prosecute Israeli officials in European courts under the universal jurisdiction system.The warrant was issued on 12 December and revoked on 14 December 2009, after it was revealed that Livni had not entered British territory. Israeli government experts on international law have advised cabinet ministers with a security background and senior IDF officers not to visit Britain, Spain, Belgium or Norway, because in these countries they risk being arrested on charges of alleged war crimes through “universal jurisdiction” laws. The warrant was later denounced as “cynical” by the Israeli foreign ministry. (Also FROM)

Blowing or pissing against the wind? From

Blowing or pissing against the wind?

Herzog-Livni deal revealed: This is how the united party will look

Party’s Knesset list to include spots reserved for Livni’s people, as well as one saved for Mofaz should he decide to join; Labor Conference to meet to vote on union, set date for primaries.

Last week, Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni and Labor chief Isaac Herzog announced that they would run on a joint list in the 2015 election and rotate the premiership if they win.

This is how Herzog and Livni’s list is going to look:

  1. Isaac Herzog
  2. Tzipi Livni
  3. 1st place Labor primaries
  4. National List
  5. National List (Woman)
  6. National List
  7. Hilik Bar (Secretary General Labor)
  8. Reserved for Hatnua (Likely Amir Peretz)
  9. National List (Woman)
  10. National List
  11. Reserved for Shaul Mofaz (Not final)
  12. National List
  13. National List
  14. National List (Woman)
  15. Districts – kibbutzim/Moshavim
  16. Reserved for Hatnua
  17. Ensuring Representation for Arabs/Druze
  18. Districts – Kibbutzim/Moshavim
  19. National List (Woman)
  20. National List
  21. Reserved for Hatnua
  22. National List (Woman)
  23. Distincts – Neighborhoods
  24. Reserved for Hatnua
  25. Reserved for Hatnua
  26. Ensuring Representation – Arabs/Druze
  27. National List (Woman)
  28. Ensuring Representation – Olim
  29. Districts – Haifa and North
  30. Districts – South and Negev 


Pretty pathetic if you ask me ….

Full Ynet report HERE


Simply said ....

Simply said ….

#OperationWeekofAction ~~ AGAINST REMAX

Yesterday’s Post dealt with the countrywide protests against Remax. Those protests continue to this day …. but I wanted to share a post from the archives dealing with my own run in with Remax many years ago …. nothing has changed as far as their racist policies go ….. Here’s the post;


I live near the university in Jerusalem in a fairly mixed and tolerant neighnorhood. Most of the residents here own there own apartment, but there is a sprinkling of renters as well. Many of the renters are students who pile themselves into the flats opting out of taking up residence in the university dorms.
Having a spare room, I always rented it out to students. That’s how the following saga began about seventeen years ago….. I ‘dared’ to rent out a room to an Arab law student. I am not what you could call your ‘normal’ landlord, you live in my home, you become part of my family. A simple fact of my way of life. This case was no different, in fact let me give a little background info as to how this came about…
Late one afternoon a neighbour came rushing down to my apartment to inform me that my solar boiler on the roof was leaking. I ran up to check it out and sure enough, she was right. I went out to the front of the building to see if water was running down the side. In front of my window two young men were sitting on the grass reading the newspaper. I greeted them and we started talking, one lived in the building next door, the other in the university dorms. I invited them in for coffee and when they told me their names I realised that they were both Palestinians, one was Hassan, the other was Azmi.
Azmi turned out to be a most interesting young man and a friendship was sparked, one that has lasted through two intifadas and much turmoil in the country we live in. About a month after we met I found a note on my door when I returned home from work … it simply said, ‘please call me’, which I did. He wanted to know if he could come over to discuss something. When he arrived there was silence …. I told him I thought he wanted to discuss something. He replied that he did, but it was a stupid idea that wouldn’t work. I insisted that he let me be the judge of that, so he proceeded…. he said that the school term was over and he had to move out of the dorms. Although he knew me for such a short period he had the idea that we might be able to live together in the same apartment…. but ended the thought with “but I know that would be impossible…. you are a Jew, I am a Muslim, these things just don’t happen”. I looked at him with a look that said “that’s ridiculous”! I told him that the only problem of him moving in with me was that I would not be his landlord, he would become a son to me. He had no problem with that and before the sun set that day he was all moved in.
This is not to say that others didn’t have problems…. not all of my neighbours were that keen on having an Arab living in such proximity to them. The first indication of this was a visit from an upstairs tenant. She heard Arabic spoken in the hallway and wanted to know if I knew anything about it… I told her the Arabic was a language commonly spoken by Palestinians so it was probably people visiting someone in the building …. even more likely, visitors to someone that lives in my apartment. The neighbour was speechless, which was welcome considering the alternative.
Then the fun started…. the very basis for this post….
Azmi became a lawyer after graduation and set up a private practice in East Jerusalem. Lawyers get mail…. lots of mail, so his name was added to my mailbox. About a year later there was a knock at my door, it was a sales agent from Remax, a real estate company. She had a ‘problem’ and proceeded to tell me about it. There was an apartment for sale in my building and she was handling it, but because there was an Arab name on my mailbox, three prospective buyers refused to even enter the building to see the apartment. She requested that I do something about it, which I promised I would…. the very next day five other Palestinian families living in my building put their names on their mailboxes. Problem solved!
The nerve of that woman….. an employee of an American firm that franchises their operation in Israel attempting to get me to play racist …. no way no how! This was not the first incident of Remax’s role in the ethnic cleansing of Israel, another example can be seen in THIS link from an earlier post. My way of life is uncompromisable despite efforts by outfits such as Remax.
That wasn’t the end of my involvement with Remax … eight years ago Azmi wanted to rent an apartment of his own for his growing family, a wife and three children. There was one for rent right above my apartment, an ideal situation for all of us. The rental was being handled by Remax. The manager of the local branch was not keen on getting the reputation of being the sole real estate company in the area that rents to Arabs. The only way they would agree to rent the premises to Azmi was if I agreed to have the lease put in my name, which we did. I guess we could have taken the firm to court and made a case out of that, but we wanted to remain in the same building as a family and so we did not make an issue of this.
Hopefully others will follow our example, a road that can and will lead to a permanent peace in this Godforsaken land they call the ‘Holy Land’.


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