Judaism must be viewed as a religion and as normal as any other religion.Only then will Germans of the Jewish faith be citizens with equal rights again who should defend themselves against being instrumentalized by interested circles and the Israel lobby.

 German media and politicians overturn in their dismay and shame!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

In fact, a message shocked me today! I heard on the radio that a “German attacked a Jew”. Who was the “Jew”, I asked myself. Wasn’t he a German? What nationality was he? Was he a “citizen of the“ Jewish state ”or was it a German of the Jewish faith?

The perplexed perpetrator was said to be a German with Kazakh roots who had never been noticed before. So, a German, and the “Jew”? Is Judaism now a nationality? Or are Jews not Germans because they belong to a “selected” religious community? Why is the German perpetrator not referred to as a Catholic, Protestant or whatever?

As a German with Jewish roots, I feel marginalized and wonder when will Germans who belong to the Jewish faith finally resist being given this “special treatment”?

I am also amazed at the “shame offensive” that has broken out again by hypocritical politicians and the media about the attack by a confused perpetrator. Were these politicians and the “Jew” ashamed of the illegal occupation of Palestine, which has been going on for decades, and the terrible attacks by the Jewish regime against Palestinians every day?

Basically, Judaism must be viewed as a religion and as normal as any other religion.Only then will Germans of the Jewish faith be citizens with equal rights again who should defend themselves against being instrumentalized by interested circles and the Israel lobby. In fact, German citizens of Jewish faith should be ashamed of that.

There is therefore no need for new anti-Semitism commissioners, but new Jewish organizations that express themselves in this sense.

A rethink is necessary so that “Jews” are no longer excluded and have finally arrived.We don’t need a fifth column, we need all citizens, regardless of religion or ethnicity, to live together on an equal footing.


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Fear not, for the law and the facts concerning Palestine are on our side! And that is why Zionists fear nothing but the truth and want to prevent any discussion! By all means one wants to prevent their meager and transparent claims from being exposed.

Pete Seeger- Die Gedanken Sind Frei

 Thoughts on the Day of Atonement Yom Kippur

As long as the thoughts are still free

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


The Day of Atonement Yom Kippur on 27./28. September 2020 is, as always, a day without reconciliation with the Palestinians, which is therefore, as always, only about reconciliation with oneself and one’s own crimes. Especially in these times of Corona, hatred of Russia and hatred of Turkey, you have to speak the truth, also when it comes to the “Jewish state” and the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine and we may face new laws that try to keep trying to elevate the Jews philosophically and to put them on a pedestal of uniqueness and particularity, restrict freedom of expression, dumb us down with media unity,


Lost all feeling for international law and statutes?


If the representatives of the Israel lobby and their willing helpers in politics and the media have their way, we should all be made anti-Semites. The only problem is not the legitimate demonstrations against Trump’s “Jerusalem decision” with the illegal transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but it is the political climate, led by Central Council President Schuster, his “recipient of orders” , the anti-Semitism commissioner of the federal government, Felix Klein, with his demand on Europe and Germany to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the “Jewish State”. The chutzpah of this representative of the Jewish religious community in Germany, with which he so shamelessly openly calls for a breach of international law, is speechless! Do these “Israel lobbyists” feel not bound by the German Basic Law or, as the well-known mouthpiece of the “Jewish State”, have they lost any feeling for international law and laws? It is an affront to the German government, which must immediately and resolutely reject this request, since it does not correspond to the European criticism of this unlawful procedure.Apparently, the Merkel government is afraid of an appropriate answer that could tarnish the celebrations just celebrated for the 70th birthday of the founding of the Central Council of Jews. it does not correspond to the European criticism of this unlawful practice. Apparently, the Merkel government is afraid of an appropriate answer that could tarnish the celebrations just celebrated for the 70th birthday of the founding of the Central Council of Jews. it does not correspond to the European criticism of this unlawful practice. Apparently, the Merkel government is afraid of an appropriate answer that could tarnish the celebrations just celebrated for the 70th birthday of the founding of the Central Council of Jews.


Also because of this behavior, Schuster need not be surprised if Jews outside the “Jewish State” are made responsible for Israeli politics. It is precisely the Central Council and other organized Jews who, as staunch supporters of the Israeli occupation regime, are perceived as quasi “side ambassadors”. In addition, there is chutzpah, Judaism and Zionism, so that they can use this clever but transparent move to denounce anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism.


Land without people and people


If you do not see these connections, President Schuster, and if you see the burning of the Star of David as a visible symbol of the illegal occupation of Palestine burning Israel’s “right to exist”, then you can no longer help. They lack any spark of empathy for the population of Palestine, which has suffered from the arbitrary occupation for decades. Either you lost this feeling as a descendant of racially persecuted people, or you never had it.Finally, we should never forget that the Palestinians are the last – innocent of the Holocaust – victims and sufferers of the Nazi regime and its effects to this day, because their land was, and is still being, stolen, hundreds of thousands of people displaced, ethnically cleansed and in a Gaza genocide and the Gaza lockdown, which continues to this day, by air, Water and land, taken as good as all viability. Thanks to the hypocritical policy of the so-called “community of values” with no prospect of an end to the illegal occupation and a separate, free, democratic state, the so-called “two-state solution”, which the “Jewish state” is known to have neither wanted nor ever, is propagated wanted how to make peace with the Palestinians. It just wants the land without the people and the people. like making peace with the Palestinians. It just wants the land without the people and the people. like making peace with the Palestinians. It just wants the land without the people and the people.


Now Schuster is also calling for a change in the law that makes the burning of pseudo flags and flags a criminal offense. It should be stopped in its arrogant zeal and recommended that it be better first to deal with international law and human rights. The focus is not on the right of the “Jewish state” to exist, but rather the long overdue termination of the illegal occupation and the long overdue recognition of the right to exist of Palestine, a state with a capital Jerusalem.


Merkel in particular, as a “Christian Zionist with a firm grasp of the Bible”, should follow the Gospel of Luke and not be afraid and react appropriately.But she is so busy trying to ensnare the more than controversial nationalist “Kremlin critic” Navalny. Who else will a visit by the Chancellor in the “State Hospital” Charité take part? It seems as if the Russian patient is also “Merkel’s patient”! (1)


Mossad poisonings


Let’s compare that with the attempted murder of Israeli Mossad agents of the Palestinian politician Khaled Meshaal on September 25, 1997 in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The blatant attack on the life of the then 41-year-old head of the Hamas Politburo sparked a diplomatic dispute that threatened to destroy the newly signed peace agreement between Jordan and Israel. The crisis ended with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu having to make a series of humiliating concessions and handing out the antidote. If the federal government had brought this admirable Palestinian freedom fighter and resistance fighter for the freedom of Palestine to Germany at the Charité. or would Chancellor Merkel have visited him “privately”? Hardly likely, because while Russia “critics” and guests of state are courted, legitimate fighters against the Zionist occupation regime who are being murdered by the Mossad are viewed as “terrorists”! The double standard in the western “values” community is that simple. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


It is also not surprising that among the nine small US-dependent states that voted for Trump’s Jerusalem resolution in the UN, there was also Guatemala, whose President Morales unfortunately followed the US and wanted to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem . However, it did not bring him any luck, he was disempowered and is now in asylum in Argentina. In this context, I would like to remind you that Israel was known to be a willing arms dealer to the dictatorship of the time to destroy the indigenous population of Guatemala. “Israel’s well-documented role in the dirty war of Guatemala, which left more than 200,000 dead, has not been brought to justice.” Another specialty of the “Jewish apartheid regime” is exporting its tried and tested weapons. That was the beginning, which found its disgusting completion with the mendacious UAE agreement, it is really only about enormous arms sales. We can vividly imagine what this means for the future, war and destruction, hunger and misery. (7)


Central council president called for upper limit


Schuster also plays a more than dangerous role in the refugee crisis, because he took the CSU position of an “upper limit” very early on and never tired of warning against allegedly “imported” Muslim anti-Semitism.We have long seen the effects of hatred of Islam and the mood towards Muslims. Schuster is adopting an AfD position and making the “Gauland!” In contrast to the Christian representatives, who behave much more moderately, the Central Council of Jews and other Jewish officials play a more than dangerous role that only fuels prejudice. In the meantime we are experiencing an unrestrained hatred of Islam, right-wing extremism and xenophobia, led by the AfD, the party that otherwise stands so upright on the side of the Jews and the “Jewish state”.


No Israelization of Germany


The “Jewish State”, which denies the Palestinians their legal right of return and expels black refugees to their home countries, has forfeited any right to be recognized as a role model. But President Schuster does not deal with these issues, but prefers to paint a glorifying picture of the “Jewish State” and thus calls for an “Israelization” of Germany, which we cannot allow. The countless Mossad murders, on the orders of the respective Zionist regimes, were never of importance for the hypocritical community of states, because according to Zionist standards they only served “self-defense and security” for the “threatened” “Jewish state” and were tolerated, even supported. (8) (9)


Fear not, for the law and the facts concerning Palestine are on our side! And that is why Zionists fear nothing but the truth and want to prevent any discussion! By all means one wants to prevent their meager and transparent claims from being exposed.


The Mahler song of the “persecuted in the tower” with the text “The thoughts are free”, at the end of this text I see a representative symbol for the persecuted friends in Palestine. (10)


I would like to thank my many Christian-Palestinian friends in occupied Bethlehem, Beth Sahour and Beth Shala, as well as in occupied Jerusalem, Gaza and all of Palestine and explicitly to my friend Mazin Qumsiyeh, with whom I have a long-standing friendship and for his book “Canaan : A common country. Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ”, published by Zambon-Verlag, I was allowed to contribute the foreword. An important and highly recommended book that I want to remind you of again. (11)


Fight for a free Palestine


For me, Mazin Qumsiyeh is always a shining example and role model for socio-political work in illegally occupied Palestine. His whole life has been dedicated to the struggle for a free Palestine and, like me, he works for a state of Palestine. On behalf of the many courageous Palestinians who put up resistance at the risk of their lives.


Palestine a sad symbol of ongoing Zionist occupation


Palestine 2020 in Corona times is a sad symbol of the ongoing Zionist occupation and the arbitrary separation of families from Gaza and the rest of occupied Palestine. If it was previously possible to travel from Gaza to Ramallah or to Bethlehem, this is now becoming impossible due to the increasing harassment of the Netanyahu regime. In this way, frustration and hopelessness are consciously promoted, which actually has only one purpose, namely to force the Palestinians, Christian or Muslim, to give up and to help “Eretz Israel” and the “Greater Israel” that has always been planned to achieve a “final victory”. After 72 years of ethnic cleansing and occupation, 75 years after the end of the war, it is time to reconcile and stand up for freedom. Unfortunately, we are further away from that than ever! Do not be afraid.




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Remember this???


Now this …… She will be sorely missed by the beasts shown below ….



We are to be brought into line with targeted false information.


In the media lockstep and “Maaslos” overestimation in the conflicts

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski



Would the “Auschwitz Minister” appear in this more than questionable manner if it were a question of crimes of the Netanyahu regime or those of other “friendly” states? Far from it, never! Finally, this “Saarland SPD giant”, whose father, as a professional soldier, has the best prerequisites for “Heiko’s” affinity to the “Jewish occupying state”, went into politics because of Auschwitz and can work off his “complexes” based on whatever. I still remember a speech by the “Auschwitz Minister” months ago when he emphasized “respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights”, on which the European Union is based. Has he ever thought when he speaks to his “Zionist friends” and supports them vehemently? Has he ever stood up for Palestinian prisoners or mentioned the thousands of demonstrators who are currently demonstrating almost daily against Netanyahu and demanding his resignation? But he is “very concerned” when it comes to the disappearance of the Belarusian activist Kolesnikova. By the way, this is said to have reappeared with her companions in the Ukraine. What drives the Merkel regime to constantly interfere in internal Russian affairs? What is different about Russia and Belarus than about the “Jewish state”? While Israel is kept silent in “friendly solidarity” when it commits its international and human rights crimes undisturbed, Russia is again and again the German object of hate. That does the German, US-led foreign policy now so dangerous. This great sympathy for the Jewish occupying state is not enough for Russia, which, along with the other countries of the former Soviet Union, has 27 million war deaths caused by German soldiers.Although there was still a joint military parade of all four victorious allied powers on September 7, 1945, the western media paid no attention even then to the beginning of the “Cold War” of the three western allies against the Soviet Union. (1) September 1945 a joint military parade of all four allied victorious powers, which, however, was ignored by the western media in the beginning “cold war” of the three western allies against the Soviet Union. (1) September 1945 a joint military parade of all four allied victorious powers, which, however, was ignored by the western media in the beginning “cold war” of the three western allies against the Soviet Union. (1)


Unworthy of a democracy


It is this deep-seated hatred of Russia that makes me so affected and speechless. These double standards when it comes to Russia, Turkey and the “Jewish state”. That is unworthy of a democracy and makes it implausible. It is completely exaggerated and downright ridiculous to make interstate political relations dependent on a “Kremlin and Putin critic” allegedly poisoned by the Russian side, who according to the Charité is now on the mend, just because he uses the Western narrative . It is more than unlikely that the already bad relations with Russia will improve as quickly as Navalny’s state of health.


What is visible is a systematic, harmful and one-sided policy that is controlled from above and above all by transatlantic political circles who openly incite against Russia and, above all, “Putin” as the archenemy. We all need, and above all the majority of the population, want a good relationship with our neighbor Russia, which is mainly being poisoned by the media, you just have to read the headlines.


Gregor Gysi recently warned against prejudice against Russia. a lonely caller in the Left Party, which is currently trying to offer itself as a coalition partner. The SPD, as divided as ever, shows itself in its worst form, full of conflicts and unsolved problems. No wonder it is far from reaching 20%.While the Greens look at Russia and Turkey with hatred and Göring-Eckardt somehow all “lives up to their name”, in chorus with the EU Green Bütikofer and Trittin. All united in anti-north stream fever and accusations against the Putin government. (2)


Because of: it was the Russian!


Should the “poisoning” really be – absolutely fatal! – Acting warfare agent Novichok, one has to know that this is also in the hands of Western secret services, from the CIA to the Mossad, including the BND. Because of: it was the Russian!


Why do Russian authorities not receive any information about the process and the results of the investigation, which in turn willingly handed over all results? It lacks logic to willingly fly someone poisoned with a deadly substance to Germany in order to have the poisoning confirmed there? You just have to ask yourself: Who is it good for? One asks these questions, given the more than obscure circumstances of this affair.


In this context, it is striking how the German “great power” minister acts in Venezuela and, by interfering in internal affairs with other western subversives, wanted to haul Guaido into the country as interim president, happily in vain! (3) (4)


Warfare agent in the ink


Our politicians and the media do not need warfare agents for these overturn plans in other countries, because they have warfare agents in their ink. On Monday the Chancellor announced that she would hold on to Nordstream 2, which she no longer wanted to know about on Wednesday.Presumably, it is only because of the strong US pressure to let the Nordstream 2 project disappear into oblivion. And the transatlantic pressure from some politicians is so great that here, too, as with the increase in the armaments budget – at the expense of the German population and the German economy, of course – it gives way.


Federal President Steinmeier also interferes against diplomatic principles and attacks Russia. Yes, even requires NATO to “draw conclusions”. Does he want a new war against Russia? The “alliance case” for the troops?Already with the “NATO Easter creep” in the Ukraine, all stops were pulled to prevent further ties to Russia.


Isn’t it really just a matter of inciting the German public with targeted false information in a concerted action of hatred against Russia and thus strengthening “friendship with the USA” as the only remaining option? In fact, with its “Auschwitz experience”, Germany is a “specialist” in warfare agents and poison gases; the successor companies of the suppliers still exist today! (5)


Perpetually dependent on the USA?


While, according to the chatty Green Step, the US is buying about $ 10 billion in Russian oil – apparently their relations with Russia are probably not that bad – we should be blackmailed into stopping Nord Stream 2 and using expensive, environmentally harmful fracking gas USA to buy. This means that we will remain in perpetual dependence on the United States, and not just for weapons and defense. The US is doing everything it can to stir up suspicion and sideline Russia, always with its own interests in mind.


All US and Mossad human rights crimes are sold as the “fight against terrorism”. Just as the US drone murder of the Iranian Soleimani was a crime and a violation of international law, so were the countless Zionist “targeted killings” and poisoning by the Mossad. The brutal murder of Kashoggi in the Saudi consulate general in Istanbul does not affect Western relations with Saudi Arabia – they continue to receive arms deliveries so that they can slaughter even more Yemenis.


While Russia is ready to cooperate with the federal government and rightly demand evidence, the “Jewish state” has never tried to enlighten, but has always been a master at disguising. That was never a problem for German agencies either, after all they were only ever interested in cooperation. The EU is still reluctant to intervene against Russia without real evidence and even thinks, in contrast to Germany, that the incident occurred in Russia and that there is therefore no need for action to be taken.


Merkel system: allied with criminals under international law and occupation


So what drives Germany to act so unfairly? Aren’t we troubled enough with intervening in Ukraine, thanks to vassalage to the USA? Who knows what awaits us in the future with this Trump regime and the Merkel system?


A Zionist state terror regime, which in the meantime flies unchecked attacks against Syria with many dead and repeatedly threats to attack “enemies”. While the blocked and sealed off Gaza sinks into misery, which, however, does not cause Maas and Merkel to worry. No politician is talking about Lebanon any more, only Macron is already there to reclaim the “colonial fur”.


“Kremlin critic” as “trump card”, while Julian Assange is in mortal danger


While the “Merkel System” brings a rather unimportant “Kremlin critic” to Germany as a “trump card against Putin” in order to have him treated at the Charité, it holds back with expressions of solidarity and strict demands for human rights for those in real danger Julian Assange. An airlift to the Charité would be a more important option for innocent Palestinians at risk, of whom there are thousands in Israeli prisons. And for the targeted killings of the Mossad, who boldly boast that they act in every country on earth, there is not even the smallest “reprimand”!


Everything that Russia is accused of is neither proven nor plausible! What would Putin get from such an unimportant dead Navalny? One less Kremlin critic? So what makes him so important that he was fetched back in a private jet from a more than questionable mini-organization? (6) Has an “Israel critic” ever been courted in this way? On the contrary, while “Putin critics” are supported, “Israel critics” are excluded. What a hypocritical German “value policy” of the “Merkel system” (7)


May I remind you that the “Auschwitz Minister” met his Israeli counterpart Aschkenasi with his Israeli counterpart Aschkenasi at the end of August, in a “suitable setting” at Gymnich Castle, in order to praise the “unique, diverse relationships” and to want to improve them, also with German ones Help in the EU. It is unbelievable how the Merkel system allies itself with the Zionist regime across all international law and occupation crimes.(8th)


Unbearable misinformation and media synchronization


What we are currently experiencing in the form of targeted false information and media synchronization exceeds anything that is bearable.Why is the “Kremlin critic” Navalny, who is so insignificant in Russia, so courted here? Navalny is a US-style “Democrat”, a blogger supported by dubious sources. He doesn’t get more than 2% of the vote, and for that reason alone is not a threat to Putin. What interest should Putin have in liquidating him?


We are to be brought into line with targeted false information. Just as the reporting on the Corona demonstrations did not correspond to the facts – with the pictures of a mini-troop of jubilant, self-proclaimed Reich citizens and right-wing extremists waving the “Reich war flag”, this was upgraded in the media. Better propaganda could not have happened to them. Just as the AfD, with its constant media presence, was given an importance that it did not deserve, so it was with the “Reich flag wavingers”.


We have not escaped a coup, nor has the Reichstag been dishonored.Wasn’t it rather the purpose of this production to secure the “ban mile” with only three police officers? Wasn’t it a secret intention to then expand this “ban mile” to include the entire site? Fortunately, this proposal could still be prevented. These three policemen, the “heroes in uniform”, were then received by the Federal President with media coverage, a dripping drab show. There were only a few journalists who reported objectively, and this thankfully included Stefan Detjen, the chief correspondent of Deutschlandradio. (8) (9)


Demonstrate for democracy and against wars!


Criticism is important in democracies, as is demonstrations, as long as they comply with legal requirements. After all the war drum against Russia, it is urgently time to demonstrate for democracy and against war. In addition, politics needs a reason of state for Russia instead of the reason of state for the “Jewish occupying state”, which is seen as a license for crimes.















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This child lost his family in an Israeli attack on Gaza …… so he created a new one to remember them 😦





Hopefully Netanyahu’s end is near!


Netanyahu’s recipe: sedition, scare tactics and diversionary maneuvers

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Thousands of people demonstrated in the “Jewish state” against the corruption under the Netanyahu regime, against its handling of the corona pandemic and the arbitrariness of the police. This arbitrariness has given the demonstrators – Jewish Israelis – a hint of the violence that Palestinians face in far worse forms every day. It is significant that these demonstrators, united in their anger, did not protest against the illegal occupation of Palestine or the crimes of their regime against international law. They don’t care. The suffering of the Palestinian people is still not an issue for them. And that’s the worst part of it.


The Netanyahu regime “surrounded by enemies”


As long as the occupation policy does not become a central issue in Jewish-Israeli society, these demonstrations are of no lasting value. To be united against Netanyahu is a good reason, but not enough. Every day the regime tries obsessively to carry out attacks against Syria and other “enemies”. And it feels “surrounded” by enemies, it resembles a paranoia, as the Netanyahu regime understands it.


Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah escalated after fighting broke out on the Israeli-Lebanese border following the murder of a Hezbollah fighter, multiple suspected Israeli air strikes in Syria last week.


It can be assumed that such tensions are typical given the political and ideological differences between Israel and Hezbollah; however, the timing of such tensions for Netanyahu could not have been better chosen – and that is no coincidence.


A dire coronavirus failure by the government


Now, Netanyahu’s popularity has declined significantly over the past month. A dire coronavirus failure by the government, which has resulted in catastrophic economic consequences for everyday life in Israel, has enraged the Israeli public. Israel is now in the midst of an almost certain second corona wave, with the number of new cases occurring every day increasing steadily. The economic impact of the pandemic and the lack of government response resulted in the unemployment rate nearly doubling in a month.


As a result, thousands of Israelis across the country have protested in the cities and in front of Netanyahu’s residence in recent weeks, urging him to resign. The corruption allegations and the upcoming trial against him have also fueled protesters.


Incitement to warlike needlepoints


That’s why Netanyahu took the oldest trick out of his bag of tricks – inciting warlike needlepoints, air strikes and provocations, raids, land grabbing and settlement building. He tries everything to stay in power. Inciting an enemy – typically Hamas or Iran – and using fear and racism to make it clear that he must stay in power.


Netanyahu’s usual targets of incitement and scaremongering


Netanyahu’s usual sedition and scare-mongering targets – Hamas, Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and Gaza, and, more recently, Palestinian citizens of Israel – have not taken the bait. Last year, Netanyahu vigorously escalated Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank and incited it against Palestinians in an attempt to secure a decisive election victory; however, it has not worked as effectively as in previous election years. In response, Netanyahu shifted up a gear and intensified Israeli aggression in Syria, hoping to hold the Israeli people together through the “Iranian threat” in fear of the “threat.” That was also not enough and worked. Who knows what to expect now?


So Netanyahu turned to an enemy he hadn’t played with in a long time – Hezbollah. The reason Israel was so reluctant to attack or even provoke Hezbollah is because of the lessons it learned from its invasions and raids in Lebanon in the 1980s and 2006, where the Israeli military suffered heavy losses his engagement against Hezbollah stalled.


Redirecting the anger


Therefore, Netanyahu was careful to provoke Hezbollah in a way that would not lead to a full-blown conflict. The alleged Israeli air strike that resulted in the death of a Hezbollah fighter plays into the hands of Netanyahu, who will most likely use the incident to redirect the anger of the Israeli public to Hezbollah. (1)


Hopefully Netanyahu’s end is near!


By starting a conflict, Netanyahu can accomplish two important things. First, it will allow it to declare a state of emergency, which will give it wide-ranging powers and immunity from prosecution. Netanyahu has already declared a state of emergency several times to divert attention from allegations of corruption and incompetence. The “Jewish state” is heading for the fourth new elections within a year and a half. Hopefully Netanyahu’s end is near!


The same Netanyahu regime that now offered Lebanon such “generous” help threatened Lebanon shortly before the Beirut disaster. Should the Lebanese people and their government accept help from the state, which is always threatening to destroy its infrastructure? (2) (By a state that invented the Dahiya Doctrine, a military strategy based on the destruction of civil infrastructure, and allowed the Israeli “defense soldiers” to use criminal force around the hubs like airport, port To destroy power stations, transportation hubs, and to make the Lebanese army bases legitimate war targets when a war is waged. Recall that this grueling strategy was named after the Dahiya district of Beirut,


To be the sole ruler and owner of Palestine


The “Jewish state” has proven since its inception that it is not a state that provides humanitarian aid, but that it causes humanitarian tragedies and leaves scorched earth. No, “God’s chosen people” already proved in Palestine that only they insist on the right to be the sole ruler and owner of this land. How they enforce the merciless occupation and displacement policy, with the apartheid wall, the occupied Gaza Strip, the many prisoners, destroyed houses, is unprecedented. So who in this region is still taking hypocritical sympathy and help from them, apart from the equally hypocritical German politicians and media?


Has a war ever been “forced” on the “Jewish state”?


Last Monday, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Gantz said Israel is ready for war with Lebanon if war is forced upon Israel. What a nasty irony – was a war ever “forced” on the “Jewish state”? A war was never imposed on this armed and armed nuclear state of Israel, but it was always wars of aggression after previous, well-staged aggressions. In addition, the “Jewish State” has always been and is a master in the propaganda war (Hasbara), which even portrayed the Gaza genocide as a self-defense of “little Israel” against its hostile neighbors. This perfidious trick succeeds again and again thanks to political and media support, and again “Germany is a master”. With “German reasons of state” or with publications one tries to underpin the obvious lies and to force it on the German Michel. Outside of the western “hypocrites”, however, you know better who the real aggressor is!


A “day of joy” for the temple mount Feiglin


Then came the “gift of God” for Moshe Feiglin, the far right founder of the Zehut party and notorious “Arab hater”. He was happy about the terrible explosion in Lebanon as a “day of joy”, in time for the Tu B`Av festival, the festival of love. He said what other right-wing extremist citizens of the “Jewish State” only hoped and would never publicly state that Israel was responsible for the explosion, in order to create a “balance of horror”. Feiglin even went so far as to say that Israel, by refusing to stand up for it, was “standing on the dark side of morality”. Feiglin, the “Temple Mount extremist”, may stand there in isolation, but he is certainly not alone with his opinion. (3)


Who will benefit from this terrible massacre?


Let us ask ourselves: Who will benefit from this terrible massacre with currently 220 dead, 110 people still missing and over 7000 injured, more than 120 of whom are in critical condition? Isn’t it just in time for the “Jewish state”? Weren’t there constant threats from Israeli politicians against Lebanon, Iran and their affiliated Hezbollah?


Lebanon still suffers from the consequences of the Israeli cluster bombs


In addition to this misfortune, which hit Lebanon so terribly, since the last Israeli attack, Lebanon has suffered the consequences of the destruction, the cluster bomb ammunition, with the misery of the Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Constant “Star of David” drone flights permanently violate the airspace and the sovereignty of the country. And didn’t sanctions also contribute to the financial crisis? Of course, the Lebanese elite – the clans – did the rest of it. Their opaque role in relation to Saudi Arabia or the Israeli secret service should not be underestimated.


If the international community, led by French President Macron, calls for reform, then he should first ask himself whether France, with its neoconservative hypocrisy, has not contributed much to the Lebanon debacle from the mandate until today. (4) (5)


The “Auschwitz Minister” lives up to his reputation


Foreign Minister Maas, who described the influence of Hezbollah, a Lebanese party and anchored in the population, as “destabilizing”, is living up to his reputation as “Auschwitz Minister” who only represents Israeli interests. Germany has already proven itself as a Zionist vassal – and voice of its master in Israel – with the Hezbollah ban in Germany. The pathetic Maas attempt to overthrow Venezuela’s elected President Maduro and to use a US puppet, Guaido, in companionship with the US overthrow planners, failed miserably. It is to be hoped that these external powers will not succeed in Lebanon.


To date, the Zionist regime has not been held accountable


Instead, why doesn’t Maas try to dissuade his Zionist friends from inciting aggression against Lebanon or Syria? Millions of Palestinian refugees who have been living their sad lives in terrible camps in Lebanon for decades, thanks to Israeli expulsions and the refusal to return home. To this day, the Zionist regime has not been and is not held accountable for its war crimes, but continues to be actively supported in their crimes by the so-called “Western community of values”. In addition, the war refugees from Syria came to Lebanon. So who is the benefit of Lebanon’s ultimate weakening? The western powers and at the forefront the “Jewish state”, which is getting closer and closer to its dream state from the Nile to the Euphrates – thanks to the destruction of the Arab countries. While the “Western Hypocritical Alliance” has only one real goal – for Israel – through the “takeover” of influence in Lebanon, to disempower Hezbollah, to keep refugees out and not let China gain a chance, as well as to strengthen Israel’s influence, by feigning pity and offering poisoned help.


Was the accident a failed Israeli or US attack?


Was the accident a failed Israeli or US attack? Has the “Twitter loudmouth” Trump blabbed the truth this time? You will never find out, or only by chance. When the investigations begin, after disputes, whether internal or international, various secret service employees, of which there are enough in Lebanon, will surely have already finished their work of concealment.


While Lebanese President Aoun has called for an investigation to be Lebanese and not international, Hezbollah Secretary General Nasrallah has rightly called on the military to conduct a transparent investigation into how the highly explosive material was left in the port and detonated. Nasrallah credibly affirmed that Hezbollah had no weapons depot, missile depot, rockets, bombs, rifles, bullets or ammonium nitrate in the port.


Meanwhile, it became known that the Lebanese government had submitted its resignation. What will result from this and afterwards will be seen.


Felix Klein should vacate his (unnecessary!) Post immediately!


So while Lebanon is sinking into misery, destruction and bitter need, the Israel lobby in Germany operates with the “Anti-Semitism Commissioner of the Federal Government”, Felix Klein, a man who disdainfully abuses his office and should immediately vacate his (unnecessary!) Post! He who tried to denigrate “left-liberal” critics of Israel as “anti-Semites” with diversionary maneuvers. He suggests that one should not underestimate the anti-Semitism of the “left-liberal milieu”, “even if rights have a higher potential for violence”. Jewish critics, intellectuals and scholars rightly demand his resignation. This is overdue, as it acts in cooperation with the Central Council of Jews and the Israel Lobby as a willing helper of the “Jewish state”, in the spirit of the Israeli “key word”, with incitement, Scare tactics and diversionary maneuvers according to Netanyahu’s recipe in Germany. A climate of fear, career destruction and an end to freedom of expression are to be created here. We have to face that!











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No more submissiveness to the Israel lobby and the systematic defamation of critics of Israeli politics!



No more submission to the Israel lobby!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


The allegedly increasing anti-Semitism in Germany unbearably overlaps any culture of discussion. When Minister of the Interior Seehofer presented the new constitutional protection report, he tried again to confirm an increase of 40 percent in registered offenses in the alleged “left-wing extremist spectrum”, while the right-wing extremist is said to have only seen an increase of 10 percent. At the same time, he found that there was an increase in right-wing extremist, racist and anti-Semitic acts. He found this area as the greatest threat to security in Germany. I don’t like this summary from left, right and racist. What are these statements based on?On the protection of the constitution? A 15 percent decline in acts of violence from the “right spectrum”? While there was an increase in anti-Semitic crimes of 17.1 percent? The fact is that the politically motivated murderous racist offenses all came from the right-wing extremist milieu and were mainly directed against Muslims. However, this was more or less negated by politics, after all it only concerned “Muslim Turks”. Only when a politician was affected were you alarmed, and the politicians were probably afraid for their safety. that the politically motivated murderous racist offenses all came from the right-wing extremist milieu and were mainly directed against Muslims. However, this was more or less negated by politics, after all it only concerned “Muslim Turks”. Only when a politician was affected were you alarmed, and the politicians were probably afraid for their safety. that the politically motivated murderous racist offenses all came from the right-wing extremist milieu and were mainly directed against Muslims. However, this was more or less negated by politics, after all it only concerned “Muslim Turks”. Only when a politician was affected were you alarmed, and the politicians were probably afraid for their safety.


Seehofer: a shame for our country


When the “NSU” committed the murders of migrants (Turkish and a Greek-born), there was a death list later and it could have been prevented years ago that these murders occurred, one was still quite idle. Especially since Seehofer’s “Spezi”, the former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Maassen, who had an affinity for the right milieu, could be sure of his protective hand. After all, it was mainly the “dangerous Muslims” who had to be observed and who posed the “terrorist danger”.Enemy images have always been the left and the Muslims and nothing has changed to this day. So when Seehofer speaks of a “shame for our country” today, I agree with him, but I mean him. This is a catastrophic picture that is emerging


The last sad climax is the never planned study on racial profiling by the police. Seehofer temporarily stopped this study “because no stigmatization of the police may be encouraged”. He only got approval from the CDU interior expert Schuster, who wanted to prevent a “prejudice of the police” through such a study. Fortunately, he is facing headwinds from all parties, including the CDU, including Chancellor Merkel, who consider the need for such a study to be a given. Likewise, the police have not blocked themselves. (2)


Soon “race laws” and “Aryan evidence” in Germany again?


The fact that racial profiling is occurring in Germany rightly heats people’s minds. It was also announced that the Stuttgart police had allegedly carried out “family tree research” into the nationality of the suspect’s parents at registry offices after the investigation into the riot night, which should raise the alarm bells. Stephan Anpalagan asked in the last ARD press club that there will soon be “race laws” and “Aryan proof” in Germany again. He is a ray of hope among German journalists, who in his calm, clever and print-ready language proved to be an expert on the subject and which we hope to see more often in the press club soon. (3) (4)


There is also a racist Israeli role model. The “Jewish state” planned “Jewish evidence” and has been doing “racial profiling” for years. (5)


When President Steinmeier reminded me of the Srebrenica massacre, I shuddered at the hypocrisy. Wouldn’t it have long been necessary to use the exact sentences he used in this context for Palestine?


When will German courage finally come, led by the Federal President?


“Remembering suffering and pain is a key building block for reconciliation.The criminal investigation of the events is just as important ”. This Federal President, who is stunned by Srebrenica and complains about the genocide, has never openly condemned the Israeli international law, occupation and human rights crimes, like many other German politicians, the Nakba, the genocide in Gaza. Nor has he ever asked the Zionist Netanyahu regime and its actors to “have the courage and finally face up to historical heritage”. When will German courage finally come, led by the Federal President? Wouldn’t that be overdue, 72 years after the Nakba and in view of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine?


When the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, passed the nation state law on July 19, 2018, unilateral self-assurance about the legitimacy of the “Jewish state” was sealed and opened the final opportunity to annex the West Bank. This law also raised “discrimination to a constitutional value”. For Prime Minister Netanyahu, it was the decisive moment in history to finally be recognized as a nation state of the “Jewish people”. The apartheid state had finally implanted itself.


Speechless when it comes to the crimes of “Jewish friends”


What was 2018? Where was the Federal President there? Germany was speechless, as always when it comes to “Jewish friends” and their crimes.Steinmeier, for example, criticized China in clear terms for the “violation” of international law and regulated President Erdogan during his visit to Germany, which he had already criticized in 2017 as “unofficial” clarity.Would he have “dared” to do so with Prime Minister Netanyahu? It is therefore more than hypocritical how this Federal President leans out politically when it comes to China, Turkey or Russia, as he did during the Munich Security Conference in February this year, where he said “Russia, China and the USA for Criticized nationalism ”and complained of increasing“ destructive dynamics in world politics ”, but deliberately forgot the “Jewish state” for its nationalism. After all, it is the Netanyahu regime that spreads a “destructive dynamic in Middle East politics”.


One should expect a German head of state to criticize the politics of the Jewish apartheid colonial regime with clear words, if he already criticizes states so clearly and sometimes “forgets” diplomatic practices!


Criminalization of the Debate on the Criminal Behavior of the “Jewish State”


Should large parts of the West Bank still be annexed, then this is only the well-prepared judaization of Palestine, which, as long as US President Trump is still ruling, could soon be fulfilled. So it is surprising that the President of the Central Council of Jews, Schuster, has not yet commented on this topic as one of the mouthpieces of the “Jewish state” in Germany.Where’s his criticism? Or is he in favor of land grabbing? And what about the German Israel lobby? If she tacitly endorses the land grab – and it can be assumed – you should not be surprised if Jewish citizens who always show solidarity with the “Jewish state” are also held liable!


So we see that the ever-increasing attempt to criminalize any debate about the illegal and criminal behavior of the “Jewish state” as anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism has proven to be an invaluable means of protecting the “Jewish state” from criticism. In fact, as Irit Dekel and Esra Özyürek write in their excellent article on July 10th in ZEIT, we are experiencing a “perfidious diversion” to systematically prevent a differentiated anti-Semitism debate in Germany, as well as leftist, non-white or Muslim positions to prevent. (6)


Mr. Klein, step back immediately from your unnecessary position!


An open letter from Jewish scholars and scientists comes at exactly the right time to address the anti-Semitism officer Felix Klein, who is again asked to resign in this memorable letter, and who, with his last unspeakable statement, claims that he is “anti-Semitism life would have made life difficult for the left-liberal milieu personally ”. It is incredible what this man says. In fact, Mr. Klein, do us one last good service and step back immediately from your unnecessary position. We do not need any other governor of the “Jewish state”, moreover deployed and paid for by our tax money. What we really need, and you can’t repeat that enough, is a racism officer! (7) (8) (9)


This identification of the Jew and the Zionist was the lifeblood of the Zionist project from the very beginning. Only by claiming recognition as a “Jewish state”, as the state of the Jewish people and not all of its citizens, is the claim to “return” to their state legitimizing. Zionism has consequently stolen the history of Palestine, the country and even the food culture in order to destroy any Arab-Palestinian identity. Just as Jews who immediately “get home” receive Israeli citizenship, Palestinians are excluded from their legitimate return to their home country of Palestine.There is an essay by Fadi Quan in the taz of July 13, 2020, which leaves nothing to be clear about Israeli methods and harassment. It shows the leverage that the “Jewish State” uses to intimidate Palestinians who want to visit their families in Palestine. (10)


Cancel all city partnerships with Israel!


Solidarity with this “Jewish state” must finally end, this affects German politics in particular. First of all, all town twinning arrangements with Israel should be canceled as a sign against the annexation policy. Furthermore, streets with the names of Israeli politicians were to be renamed.


I was delighted to read the article “Rettet Glinka” by Jan Brachmann, music editor of the FAZ, on July 11th. The author put it in a nutshell, this malicious madness, which does not stop at one of the best Russian composers, whom I appreciate as an opera lover, namely Michael Ivanovich Glinka.What the “struggle sheet” of the Central Council of Jews, the Jewish General, did this time by defaming Glinka with false allegations knocked the bottom of the barrel. Brachmann exposed how the JA works with false allegations by portraying Glinka as an anti-Semite, among other things, with the accusation that Glinka defamed Anton Rubinstein’s musical society as a “Zhid Verein” (Jewish association). The society was founded in 1859, the conservatory in 1862, there was Glinka, who died in Berlin in 1857, long since dead. This derailment of the JA also ranks among the many before. But the worst part is that the Berlin Senate, which was planning to rename Berlin Mohrenstrasse to Glinka-Strasse, gave in after obedient obedience to this “greasy item”. (11) (12) (13) (14)


No more submissiveness to the Israel lobby and the systematic defamation of critics of Israeli politics!








(4) -suspicious












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Genocide against the Jews does not justify new genocide


Scorched earth or the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


If the Zionist annexation plans planned by the Netanyahu regime for Wednesday, July 1, 2020, are put into practice, the “Jewish state” will once again have violated all democratic norms and international law. It is only the result of decades of impunity for an unrestrained genocidal cleansing policy towards the Palestinian people, a colonization policy of disregard for Palestinian rights that is unique in the world. All of this was and is only possible in the eyes of the international community and with their active help. For Wednesday, Palestinian factions have called for a “day of anger”, which should also be directed against all German forces that made this annexation possible and possible.

Genocide against the Jews does not justify new genocide

In fact, we are dealing with ethnic cleansing, because it is Palestinian scorched earth that, through Zionist expansionist policies, made Palestine the “Jewish state” whose right to exist on this inhuman cleansing policy is vehemently rejected.

The genocide of the Jews does not justify a new genocide. This fact cannot be repeated often enough, after all it was an attempt to put the victim-perpetrator relationship on a basis that does not exist. Because injustice will never become justice, no matter by whom and for what reasons.

It is this creeping genocide based on the violent displacement, land grabbing, physical and psychological humiliation that, since the state was founded in 1948, the beginning of the Nakba and the catastrophe for the Palestinians, was supposed to legitimize supremacy over this “Jewish apartheid state”. This is a crime against humanity and contradicts our German constitution. Article I: “Human dignity is inviolable” is also decisive for Palestine and for the dignity of the Palestinians.

A miserable tragedy

The Bundestag also plans to “criticize” Israel’s plans for annexation on July 1 and to warn of the possible consequences. What a pitiful tragedy. Because according to the draft application, no punitive measures against the “Jewish state” are planned. The planned “urgent request” to the Israeli government to refrain from the announced step is no longer enough! Contrary to the draft of the Union, SPD and FDP, which rejects economic punitive measures, the Federal Government also wants to work against sanctions proposed by other EU countries.

Neither the Greens nor the Left want to support this draft. The Greens want the 1967 borders to be drafted because the mention of the borders should be a matter of course, which the international community always mentions as the basis for a negotiated peace solution. The left, which was scandalously not included in the application consultations, is clearly more positive and clearer. They are planning to submit their own proposal after the party leadership of the Left on June 6th passed a much more clearly worded decision. This calls for the association agreement between the EU and Israel to be suspended in the event of an annexation and the “military cooperation with Israel” to be discontinued. (1)

More than a thousand MEPs, mainly left-liberal MEPs, including the Greens chairmen Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, as well as over 200 MEPs from right-wing parties, have published a letter on the initiative of former Knesset President Avraham Burg and then declared: “Appropriating land by force must no longer happen in 2020 and must have corresponding consequences”. However, the CDU and FDP parliamentarians were missing. On the contrary, the CSU deputies Hohlmeier and Baer had just campaigned for stronger cooperation with Israel! So we are dealing with the sad fact that an annexation is ultimately decided in Washington. While leaving Europe with symbolism. (2)

Feelings of guilt for 6 million Jews murdered, but not for 27 million Soviet war victims

How untrustworthy does the draft of the Union, SPD and FDP seem to be, since no one is afraid to take sanctions against Russia, for example, on the grounds of the breach of international law due to the “annexation” of the Crimea. Comparing Russia and the “Jewish state” is – with all due respect – inappropriate. After all, Russia does not maintain an occupation state and does not pursue a colonial policy towards a people. In fact, Germany should think about why it only has traumatized feelings of guilt towards 6 million murdered Jews, and not against the 27 million Soviet victims of war.

If Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency and the presidency of the UN Security Council on July 1st today, it should do justice to this role and not inflate itself as “important” and repeatedly refer to Germany’s “special” role.

Just as the Netanyahu regime does not provide equal civil rights or justice for the Palestinians, a particularly extremist section of the Jewish settlers protests against this annexation, which does not go far enough for them. In their opinion, “Judea and Samaria” belongs entirely to them, and they have called for a protest against Trump’s partition plan because he “leaves too much land” for the Palestinians. However, most of the 450,000 West Bank settlers support the Trump plan because it is “just the beginning” with the prospect of all of “Greater Israel”. The United States said it was giving Israel a “free hand”. The implications will be further ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population, and German MPs should be aware of this if they human dignity and also international law are obliged to refuse to impose sanctions against the excessive “Jewish state”. Those who still speak of a “peace solution and peace negotiations” between Israel and the Palestinians have ignored the present. It consists of more and more Jewish settlements, checkpoints, raids and massacres. The “Jewish state” wants everything, just no peace. Germany must finally face reality and give up its “special role” of complicity in these crimes. Checkpoints, raids and massacres. The “Jewish state” wants everything, just no peace. Germany must finally face reality and give up its “special role” of complicity in these crimes. Checkpoints, raids and massacres. The “Jewish state” wants everything, just no peace. Germany must finally face reality and give up its “special role” of complicity in these crimes.

History is always dirty

On June 25th a very interesting conversation with the historian Wolfgang Reinhard appeared in the FAZ, from which I would like to quote a few particularly remarkable passages. Under the title: “History is always dirty” it is about colonialism, slave trade, the concept of race and the German culture of memory. Reinhard begins with a criticism of the anti-Semitism commissioner of the federal government Felix Klein because of his criticism of Achille Mbembe’s comparison between apartheid in South Africa and the Israeli occupation regime. Reinhard finds Mbembe’s comparison worthwhile, “because Israeli occupation policies sometimes significantly restrict the Palestinians’ freedom of movement.” Unlike others like Jürgen Habermas in 1986, Reinhard also questions the comparability of the Holocaust. He considers this “nonsense because there are no historical phenomena that are incomparable”. “Whether it’s a good comparison or a bad one is something else.” The questioners also address Reinhard to his book “The Submission of the World”, in which one of the last chapters states that “Israel is the last settler colony in the West”. “The settler colony is simply an empirical fact. Israel is the foundation of settlers and settlements, always at the expense of the previous inhabitants. Israel is the last settler colony because this type of settlement has never worked anywhere else ”. It continues with the remarkable answer: “The founding of Israel typologically connects the type of the settler colony and the type of the ruling colony, since even Israeli Arabs are not fully equal. This applies to people in the West Bank or Gaza anyway. So if there is colonialism – the terms are always a bit dubious – then I would say that is colonialism. An exploitation system, a system of rule, a system of discrimination, what more do you want?

In the next paragraph he contradicts Klein again, who claims that the Germans must not relativize the Holocaust by blaming Israel for the colonial features of its settlement policy, because it was founded after the Holocaust for the victims of the Holocaust. Reinhard replies: “The fact that Israel was founded because of the Holocaust does not mean that it cannot be a colony. In addition, the quest for a state was preceded by the Holocaust ”. “So once again the German obligation to remember”. FAZ: Klein speaks of “memory culture”. Reinhard’s answer: “I would define the German culture of remembrance as an obligation to remember. The obligation to remember and to forget the ban are legally established in Germany. I personally would say that the ban on Holocaust denial is also inappropriate. If someone wants to deny that, you have to deal with him, but not with the help of the Kadis to force a certain view of the culture of remembrance. We are back at the beginning. Achille Mbembe may talk nonsense, but he still has the right to speak nonsense ”.

There is a kind of monopoly on the victim among the Jews – and: victims turn into perpetrators in an instant

Pretty much at the end of the interview comes a more than important question and answer. FAZ: “Today there is a kind of victim community of the peoples of Africa with the Arab world. And there are different axes of thinking that it runs through. One is Israel, the treatment of the Palestinians. The other is France, which had Arab, North American, North African and Sub-Saharan colonies. How long will this community of victims last? Reinhard: “Is it a community? I think you rival violently. There is, excuse me, if I put it this way – a kind of monopoly on the victim among the Jews. I know that because my name is Reinhard, and possibly a gypsy by default. And the Sinti and Roma, as we are still called today, took a lot of effort until they had their memorial. Generally speaking, everyone wants to be a victim, but the others should not be allowed to be. I highly appreciate that Mbembe has renewed a very old insight that I, as a historian, once came to; Victims, if they get the chance, quickly turn into perpetrators. Unfortunately, Israel is also such a case ”. Quote end. (3)

I can only thank Wolfgang Reinhard for his clear statements, which you hardly ever hear, especially from German intellectuals, especially when it comes to Israel. At the moment such clarifications are so important.

The anti-Semitism officer Felix Klein: dangerous as his office

What has the federal government’s anti-Semitism officer Felix Klein achieved so far with his millions of budgets and staff apart from sowing hate? Why is he not primarily concerned with how to prevent the “Jewish state” from being annexed, writes petitions and calls for protests? Only then would he be believable and would do something to ensure that there was a German-Jewish normality that also demands international law when it comes to Jewish-Zionist perpetrators. But in this way Klein is as useless, even dangerous, as his office.

The upcoming annexation, which I will discuss in the next article, is only a continuation of the ongoing US Zionist annexation process, which has been going through the Jewish occupation regime since 1948. The German “Auschwitz Minister” is particularly asked to finally admit that his policy has completely failed. He must finally face the fact that it is not the Palestinians who break international law and illegally occupy a country and a people, but “Jewish friends”. However, if Maas praises the importance of “transatlantic relations” and the SPD and the SPD faction now want armed drones for the Bundeswehr to protect them in their dangerous foreign missions, this is another sad climax in the decline of an SPD, that seems no different than a sad copy of the Union. So what can you expect from this coalition?

Palestinian people, don’t despair!

In the upcoming role in the EU Council Presidency in particular, Germany would have to take responsibility for Palestine, which the Holocaust and its consequences demand. At a Fatah rally in Jericho, the envoys of the EU, Russia, Japan, China and the United Nations demonstrated a hopeful approach: they made clear speeches against the expected Israeli annexation. Was there ever before that a Fatah demonstration had representatives from various key states, including the British consul or the German deputy envoy? Sven Kühn von Burgdorff emphasized the responsibility of Brussels to respect international and EU law without forgetting to point out to the “Palestinian friends” but to refrain from “one-sided” steps, to increase the legitimacy of the Palestinian leadership. A completely unnecessary and one-sided appeal to the wrong side. In fact, the “legitimacy” of the PA under Abbas has long been a waste and a change has long been demanded by the Palestinian people.

Most impressive, however, were the words of the UN Special Representative Nikolaj Mladenow: “People of Palestine, do not despair, do not give up, you do not rent a house here, this is your home.”






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A one-sided Israeli foreign policy is a shame for Germany

Our responsibility includes (not!) The security of Israel


Maas-los overrated

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


In view of the impending annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank, the “Auschwitz Minister” in Israel is trying not to attack and not to go wrong with his tentative criticism of the announced breach of international law by the Netanyahu government, which could only be happy about this diligence. As a precaution, no photo ops and no press conferences were scheduled for which he would meet the “Auschwitz Minister” with his Germany Star of David friendship mask, although he could be sure that Germany would be reluctant to criticize, and neither in the case of annexation nor sanctions nor recognition of the State of Palestine would be expected.

Has the “Jewish apartheid regime” ever adhered to “international law”?

The “Auschwitz Minister” only ventured out of cover with the plea that an annexation was not compatible with international law. Has the Jewish apartheid regime ever adhered to “international law”? Even when he made his first visit to Netanyahu, the petty foreign minister had spoken to neither the Palestinians nor the illegal construction of Jewish settlements. What can you expect from a minister who went into politics “because of Auschwitz”? Instead of taking Auschwitz to heart as a warning and taking action against every injustice and protest, it actually inspired him to forgive the “Jewish occupier friends” and even to reinforce them in their course, which violated human and international law.

The “Auschwitz Minister” even let his “Jewish friends” show him

The “Auschwitz Minister” even let his “Jewish friends” show him and had more than pretended reasons prevented him from starting his planned visit to the Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtajeh. The Netanyahu regime had decreed that if Maas went to Ramallah, he would have to quarantine the corona pandemic before he was allowed to enter Ben-Gurion Airport again – hardly for “medical” reasons. After all, diplomatic colleagues, journalists and thousands of Palestinian workers travel freely back and forth. The corona cases and infected numbers in the occupied West Bank are also significantly lower than in the “Jewish state”, where numerous school closings have already occurred due to an increase in the numbers.

Once again, “German-Jewish” relations came at the expense of the Palestinians

It was a very bad sign that the “Auschwitz Minister” had his visit agenda dictated by the Netanyahu regime and did not personally visit the Palestinian Prime Minister. Did he also have a “Germany-Palestine” mask in his luggage? Once again, the “German-Jewish” relations came at the expense of the Palestinians. And that is a shame and proves the “Maas-los” one-sided and unreliable German foreign policy. A video conference call from Amman between the rightly disappointed Palestinian Prime Minister Shtajjeh – Maas with a “German-Jordanian” mask – and the Jordanian Foreign Minister Ajman Safadi was certainly not a substitute for the visit to Ramallah, but further proof.

As Israeli newspapers like Haaretz have just reported, Maas should have blushed in the face. He made “all honor” to German politics, as he acted as “Netanyahu’s poodle”.

It is no longer enough to be “concerned”

Instead, he should have told the Netanyahu regime unequivocally that if Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency on July 1, 2020, it will no longer be enough to be “concerned” about annexation, settlement construction and international law crimes, but to act unequivocally and also in front of them sanctions that were long overdue would not shy away. The EU is not particularly squeamish when it comes to threatening sanctions against Russia, Turkey, Iran or China. If the federal government announces full-bodiedly that one is aware of the fact that Germany “is aware of its responsibility for the European Union” and also in line with Trump (!) As a slogan “wants to make Europe strong again”, then it succeeds EU foreign policy chief Borell does not determine.

Freeing of wrong holocaust policy

The EU, including Germany, should finally free itself from wrong holocaust policies that tolerate the Zionist crimes of the “Jewish state” and support them with weapons, cooperation and, among other things, with 1.4 billion euros for the EU research program Horizon. It was precisely these “grants” that made this occupation policy possible. If the EU does not finally agree on sanctions, it will remain the toothless tiger forever, so “Maas-los” overestimates its alleged values.

A one-sided Israeli foreign policy is a shame for Germany

A German foreign policy, led by Merkel and Maas from the responsibility of the past to protect Jewish life, makes politics, but one-sidedly Israeli responsibility, is a shame for Germany.

Our responsibility includes (not!) The security of Israel

Chancellor Merkel acts as usual when, in her weekly podcast, in a greeting to the American Jewish Committee (AJC), whose annual Global Forum meeting takes place for the first time virtually in Berlin because of Corona, “in the knowledge of our responsibility” indicates that “We” do not want to and cannot be neutral and stand up for democracy and human rights in Germany as well as in the world. Our responsibility also includes standing up for the security of Israel, which commands “our” rationale. “Jews should feel free and safe” and “use us” for understanding between peoples, which can only be achieved through understanding and a negotiated two-state solution ”. So much for the Chancellor, in her greeting. Not a word about German responsibility towards Palestine.

Fits seamlessly into the “Maas-los” overrated visit

This fits seamlessly into the “Maas-los” overrated visit to the “Jewish state”, if he and government officials already say in advance that the “Jewish state” will not be sanctioned and that he will not pursue politics with threats, no ” Wanted to distribute price tags ”and only wanted to get information during his visit.

Annexation day will finally force a change of policy towards the “Jewish state”

It remains an unfulfilled hope that this July 1st, the announced annexation day and the beginning of the German presidency, the EU, will finally force a change in policy towards the “Jewish state”.

The EU and its helpless “lack of strategy”

This is also where the EU’s foreign minister, Josep Borell, comes in, who must finally implement a “more robust strategy” against Israel. When is there a better opportunity for this than now? Israel’s announcement of further annexations, the unhindered construction of settlements, the shameful move of the US embassy into illegal Jerusalem, which is contrary to international law. It is no longer enough to simply hear “extreme concern” from Brussels or the UN. This testifies to helpless lack of strategy. The Zionist apartheid regime can conclude that its ruthless occupation and international law crimes are paying off internationally because the reactions to these violations of the law and taboos have no major impact. You can deduce from it.

What still has to happen before sanctions are finally implemented?

Why is any sanction policy avoided in Germany and Brussels against the “Jewish state” and its decades of illegal occupation and land-grabbing policies? What still has to happen before sanctions are finally used as an effective instrument? The “Jewish state” is occupying Palestinian land with impunity and is expelling, robbing, arresting, murdering and harassing the Palestinian population. Israel violates international law, keeps more than 2 million incarcerated in a concentration camp in Gaza following a genocide during its attacks on the helplessly attacked Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned in illegal administrative detention, without rights or access to lawyers or families. While murderous Jewish perpetrators are quickly released, Palestinians cannot hope for leniency, but always remain the enemies and terrorists. They are tortured and detained in inhumane conditions, including women, children and the elderly, left alone by Europe and the world. The national law already created facts that alone gave Jews all rights and disenfranchised minorities. The EU was silent even then, although it would have been reason enough to react then.

This dangerous colonial state is spreading like an octopus

The influence of the “Jewish state”, which is the “only” democracy in the Middle East and a stable bulwark to the west, is being supported by the West, the EU and the USA. This dangerous colonial state spreads like an octopus – from Africa to China to Russia. It seems that the Holocaust is paralyzing the world to find the right answer to the “Jewish apartheid state”. This is a dangerous development that certainly does not promote the understanding of democracy. On the contrary. This policy promotes “Christian-Jewish hypocrisy”, which unites in hatred of Islam. The reservations and suspicions against Muslims should make us all deeply concerned and strengthen us in the fight against racism. It’s not anti-Semitism that’s the threat today,

Negotiations with these colonial occupiers impossible

So how can you get the EU to finally take decisive action against the “Jewish state”? The Meuse announcement seems to be unsuitable for using “new impulses” to revive the talks between Israelis and Palestinians. Negotiations are not possible with these colonial occupiers and robbers. It is well known that Israel rigorously rejects a state of Palestine. Then what should be negotiated? On the “final solution” to Palestinian ethnic cleansing?

The omens are bad with the “State Reason Chancellor” and the “Auschwitz Minister”

The signs are extremely bad when Berlin, the “Auschwitz Minister” and the “State Chancellor” take over the presidency. But isn’t Germany’s claim to “special” responsibility and adhering to the impossibility of a “two-state solution” helping to ensure that there can never be a just solution for Palestine?

With obedience ahead, there must finally be an end

The EU finally has a duty here! With obedience ahead, there must finally be an end. Neither the illegal claim to a “right to exist” for this “Jewish state” may be supported, nor a German reason for the “Jewish state” is compatible with “our values”. Jewish life in Germany should be protected as well as Muslim, Christian or atheistic, which our constitution unequivocally commands. But under no circumstances should a “Jewish occupying state” be guaranteed security by Germany.


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Netanyahu has just announced that the West Bank will soon be annexed, and calls this announced land grab a “historic opportunity that has not existed since 1948”, meaning the “completion of the Nakba” in the “final solution”.

Human rights and international rights in times of annexation

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

It seems that German media and German politicians keep using human rights and international law for their purposes, just as it suits them. There is actually only a right of people to freedom and integrity, as it is also in the German Basic Law. A constitution that is the best constitution we have ever had. Yes, this constitutional right needs to be defended, and that also includes that we criticize politicians and the media when it comes to the “Jewish state” and its handling of the rights of the Palestinian people.

I am concerned about the current attempt in Germany, thanks to increased pressure from Jewish interest groups and the Israel lobby, to influence the democratic climate in Germany, in which the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, believes he can, by virtue of his office, make all Israeli critics marginalized anti-Semites.

“A poor drip”

It seems that Klein’s attack on the world-renowned researcher Achille Mbembe exposed him for what he is: “A poor drip” without any specialist knowledge and proof of his intellectual helplessness, which, however, fits very well into the “Hasbara-Hass work “Inserts. Klein is not a blank slate and obviously gained his “colonial experience” during his diplomatic service to the FRG and official stationing in Cameroon.

No “sole representation claim” to a Holocaust culture of remembrance

Mbembe rightly attacks the German claim to sole representation of a Holocaust memorial culture that is more than questionable today, 75 years after the liberation from Auschwitz and liberation from fascism, and 72 years after the Nakba, the incisive disaster for the Palestinian people appears and rightly needs to be discussed and questioned.

Philosophical “Israel love” leads to Islam hatred

In the meantime, this monopolistic culture of remembrance has become a shield for human rights and international law crimes by the “Jewish state”, which leads us steeply into the philosophical “Israel love” and Islam hatred.How else can you understand that especially the media “forgot” the Nakba, while the “birthday of Israel” was highly appreciated. Have we really sunk so low again that we accept the instrumentalization of the Holocaust that is so obviously used by the “Jewish state” and its German sayanim to silence us? With the manslaughter arguments “Israel haters”, “anti-Semite” and “Jewish self-haters”, attempts are being made to attempt to destroy even the last remnant of civil courage. With “Defend the Beginnings” it is no longer possible to make a statement

The failure of German artists and intellectuals

It is not only the fault of many media, it is also the failure of German artists and intellectuals who keep silent when it comes to denouncing the Zionist human rights and international law crimes committed before our eyes.They retire to their German “guilt snail shell” and mean to make up for German guilt. What a foolish and dangerous idea, in which the elite of German society presents itself as a bad example. The same “masterminds” who are immediately there when it comes to denouncing Russia, China or Turkey remain silent when it comes to the crimes of the “Jewish apartheid state”. Like the German politicians, they have learned nothing from our history.

We never wanted an adapted press again

Isn’t it more than worrying when so many great left-liberal intellectuals with a heavy heart emigrate from Israel because they have given up hope of justice in their country? Why has no German newspaper published the important call of Jewish-Israeli intellectuals to this day, and why don’t German intellectuals, scientists and artists show solidarity with them? Such an important document should be kept secret from German readers so that they do not think about how to deal with the “Jewish state”. Neither the public media, nor national newspapers meet the requirement for clean journalism and honest reporting. Instead, a dangerous trend of the dictatorship takes hold and, as it seems, internalized, pro-Israel reporting that has grown so strong that it is becoming increasingly difficult to resist.“Never again” we also wanted an adapted press that, frightened by fears of existence, reveals journalistic craft against better knowledge and concentrates entirely on getting the reader “on course”. We prefer to keep it with the motto of Erich Mühsam, “To submit is to lie to the Nazis murdered in the concentration camp (1)

It is gratifying that there are finally a few critical voices that are resisting, such as Stephan Detjen from the DLF, Daniel Bax from the TAZ or Hartmut Buchholz in the Badische Zeitung, and David Ranan as a Jewish representative in the DLR, from the adapted one philosophical Semitic crowd, and who is not thanked enough. So far it has come to thank courageous critical voices. (2) (3) (4) (5)

We should be proud to belong to the circle of prominent BDS supporters

Yes, it is becoming increasingly important to defend yourself if you, as a BDS supporter, are defamed as an anti-Semite. We should be proud to belong to this illustrious circle of prominent BDS supporters such as Judith Butler, Naomi Klein, or Roger Waters, who has just published a Nakba solidarity song. It comes as no surprise that the worldwide BDS movement, as the “number one enemy of Israel”, is on the Israel lobby’s label and is being fought with many millions. Despite all of this, we are confident with Roger Waters song: “We will win, someday”. (6) (7)

A rotten state

Our struggle for justice and for the freedom of Palestine will ultimately pay off. But those who still have not understood it and continue to advocate the right to exist of a “Jewish state”, whose prime minister Netanyahu, who is currently facing a corruption process, only shows how rotten this state, which lets such a prime minister rule, will lose.

No right to exist and no rationale for this “Jewish state”

Netanyahu has just announced that the West Bank will soon be annexed, and calls this announced land grab a “historic opportunity that has not existed since 1948”, meaning the “completion of the Nakba” in the “final solution”. So how can you recognize this state without borders and without a democratic constitution and even its right to exist? No and again no, neither this right to exist, nor may German reason for this “Jewish state” be supported. This “Jewish state”, which negates all UN resolutions, has lost nothing in the UN and should be excluded with immediate effect. For this, Netanyahu and Gantz belong to the International Court of Justice after The Hague. (8th)

This state only expanded its power through consistent disregard for human rights

Only through consistent Western support for this breach of international law and disregard for the Palestinian human rights has this state become a “state terrorist power” that threatens its neighbors militarily thanks to Western aid. It should encourage all of us to think about how soon we will face another war against Iran and what will happen next? Which side will the German government stand on? If confrontation with Russia and Iran is part of the new “values ​​policy”, then these “values” are just a worthless phrase, like the phrase of the “two-state solution”. We should not allow more and more attempts to be made in Germany to raise the “Jewish state” philosemically, and at the expense of freedom of expression. There have been enough examples lately. It is worth demonstrating and defending yourself. What started and was copied with the AfD, Islam hatred and anti-refugee incitement by many other politicians, who largely see themselves on the “side of the Jews”, should make us worried. Isn’t it the media that have repeatedly contributed to the fact that AfD and Pegida only really became popular while Israeli critics are being avoided by the media?

When will German intellectuals and artists, together with the public and voters, work to ensure that freedom of expression also applies to Israeli critics and BDS supporters?

Human rights and peoples rights in times of annexation are valuable assets that are worth defending for the best constitution ever.

May the sugar festival become so sweet that Muslims in Germany will finally experience the appreciation and equality that they are entitled to under the Basic Law.












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It is no longer enough to criticize Israel only mildly, but to finally impose sanctions.

Un-Masked in the annexation 
By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

At the moment it seems as if there are only two “system-relevant” topics in the news and print media: Corona with the anti-corona demonstrations and football. In Germany, fortunately, the least affected country, one has the impression that the protests are the most shrill and effective here. How can it be that a few thousand demonstrators, among whom are a few radicals and esoterics, who are actually a tiny minority, are causing our country and some security agencies to get excited? Aren’t you giving these business-minded troublemakers and YouTube millionaires exactly what they crave to continue in a media glitz? Wasn’t it the same with the beginnings of Pegida and AfD? Where else did these right-wing extremists become known? If Imperial Citizens, AfD and neo-Nazis undermine demonstrations by citizens concerned about their fundamental rights and democracy. then one should support these citizens in their desire for transparency and the sense of certain government measures. Only truthfulness creates clarity, and that must be the strength of democracy that has to be conveyed.

Do not present corona protests as “anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic”!

But what should actually scare us is not only the populists who want to keep us away from masks and distance keeping with false claims like “vaccination obligation” and other nonsense. But the legitimate protest must not be misused as cheap propaganda by right-wing extremists. However, it is unacceptable if the Israel lobby tries to portray protests as “anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic” in order to deliberately distract them from the processes surrounding the formation of the new “emergency unity government” in the “Jewish state”. Which has worked quite well so far, since the media and citizens are only interested in what is happening in Palestine and the world. It seems that football has a much higher priority than political issues. The AfD has also managed to

Is it astonishing when large police forces are deployed against largely peaceful demonstrations that, on the other hand, are sorely missed in many German cities, especially in the new federal states? How can it be that in Brandenburg or Saxony, for example, hordes of neo-Nazis and right-wing radicals have brought entire counties, towns and villages under their brown rule, that sports clubs are infiltrated and that neither police nor politics intervene? These are conditions that have been observed for many years and that have intensified enormously. If that is supposed to be democracy, then it really is over there.

In the meantime, democracy has long been infiltrated by powerful lobbyists, who try with all their might to assert their interests. And of course that brings me back to my topic Palestine! 

Collaboration with Israel worse than feared

When the EU foreign ministers debated and wanted to vote on how to achieve their common stance on annexation of parts of the Palestinian West Bank announced by Israel, things got worse than feared. The EU did indeed issue a declaration that can hardly be beaten in shamefulness. It is committed to a dialogue with the new government in Israel. I rubbed my eyes: dialogue after decades of land grabbing and countless crimes under international law? They make “males” and do not want to prejudge and are happy about the new unity government with which they would like to work, said one of the foreign ministers. What should EU cooperation look like with a government that makes no secret of its annexation goals? During Russia, Turkey, Iran and Venezuela,

While the “Jewish state” is protected from sanctions in peace of mind, protected by the EU and the hypocritical community of states, the “two-state solution” (always refused by Israel) is buried and a “Jewish-Zionist apartheid unitary state” set up for eternity, politics and media are silent. The “Jewish state” was never a “normal” state because it was able to build up its expansion regime time and again with reference to the Holocaust and international guilt. How else would such an uninhibited brutal displacement and ethnic cleansing to drive the natives from Palestine out of their homeland would have been possible when the state was founded in 1948? Why is Israel still allowed today? to deny Palestinian displaced persons and refugees their right to return? If the “Jewish state” were a “normal” state like any other, all crimes would not have gone unpunished to this day. It was only through the benevolent international support and impunity that this “Jewish state” was able to expand and consolidate its dominant position, which was contrary to international law. Where’s the appropriate response to these crimes? How can you always rely on a dialogue with a regime that never made a secret of its goals? It was only through the benevolent international support and impunity that this “Jewish state” was able to expand and consolidate its dominant position, which was contrary to international law. Where’s the appropriate response to these crimes? How can you always rely on a dialogue with a regime that never made a secret of its goals? It was only through the benevolent international support and impunity that this “Jewish state” was able to expand and consolidate its dominant position, which was contrary to international law. Where’s the appropriate response to these crimes? How can you always rely on a dialogue with a regime that never made a secret of its goals?

The Gaza Strip, where a Zionist siege and siege has been taking place for the last 13 years, which is unique in the world under our eyes, with terrible attacks on a helpless and defenseless population who, according to the UN report, is living in unsustainable conditions, is now doomed to To make masks for their Jewish occupiers so as not to starve in Corona times. If there is a report from this area, it is not the military attacks of Israel that are of interest, but always the “missiles” of “militant-radical-Islamic Hamas”, which do nothing anyway. What a shameful one-sided report that negates the suffering of the Palestinians and emphasizes the “self-defense” of the Zionists without truthfully reporting the cause and effect. Nothing has happened,

Finally sanction Israel! 

It is no longer enough to criticize Israel only mildly, but to finally impose sanctions. However, the Israelis know that the toothless tiger EU does not really want to oppose and disagree with them. And that the Luxembourg Foreign Minister Asselborn compares the (non) “annexation” of Crimea with the actual one of the West Bank is more than inappropriate. If the annexation of the Jordan Valley and the 128 Jewish settlements were actually to begin on July 1, and this has no consequences for the Zionist regime, then the EU has finally lost the last values ​​and morality if it had ever had them.

This further theft of an additional 30 to 40 percent of the West Bank puts another end to all peaceful efforts to live together. How long can the massive “public relations work” = Hasbara of the Israel lobbyists disguise his crimes as “peaceful self-defense”? How long can such crimes be covered up unless the international community continues to justify Jewish victim status as a justification The lobby is betting on this joker and is playing well with it. There is only one hope in this gloomy forecast: the one-state solution – that is: a state for all its citizens, for all ethnic groups and religions remain pious wishful thinking,

How uncritically seen the establishment of the new and largest, greediest, most expensive and bloated Israeli “unity government” with 36 ministers and 16 deputies is shocking. Their post business led to the fact that the swearing in, which had been postponed several times, only took place on May 17. This is a cabinet of like-minded people, led by a prime minister – the prime minister who is on the brink of corruption and an “alternate” prime minister, the former opposition leader and chief of staff in the Gaza War and now “war minister”, who, like Netanyahu, was long before the international because of his war crimes Court of Justice in The Hague belonged rather than to a government. 

Finally the “Jewish State”

Netanyahu said in his inaugural speech: “The time has come for everyone who believes in the legitimacy of our claims in the land of Israel.” It is precisely this saying that the EU should heed: “The time has come for the” Jewish state “to be treated like everyone else.” 

It is to be hoped that the King of Jordan, Abdallah, who warned of the dangerous effects of annexation, will then hopefully be correct The so-called peace with Jordan and mutual relations are worse than ever before. As long as there is no Palestinian unity, nothing can be expected from this side.

When US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Jerusalem on May 13, Gantz hunched so low in front of him – a picture with terrible symbolism. After Pompeo had met with all important Israeli partners, from the Mossad chief to the designated foreign minister Ashkenazi, also to advance nuclear projects and preparations for war (?), He gave the Zionist friends once again the green light for their preparations for annexation, which are entirely in the “decision of Israel” lie. He also urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday that it was not qualified to investigate possible Israeli crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. 

No pact with the most dangerous anti-BDS agitators!

It also fits that one of the former government’s most dangerous agitators, Gilat Erdan, becomes the new Israeli UN ambassador to the United States. He, who as minister for public security was also a supporter of strengthening the alliance with the evangelical movement, together with the notorious former Minister of Justice and “Meuse friend” Ayelet Shaked, initiated the “Facebook law” that allowed Israel to publish content that to be considered as directed against the interests of the “national security” of Israel by Facebook and Google. It was also he who ordered in 2017 to install cameras at the entrance and exit of the Al-Aqsa mosque, which could be prevented after Palestinian protests. And in 2018, he called on Israel, the time when Trump is in power,

As future ambassador to the UN, he also made it clear that he did not respect international law and world opinion by saying: “We tell the world that it does not matter what the nations of the world say”.

Erdan launched the law against BDS and freedom of speech, which the Knesset approved with 72 million, with the creation of a database of BDS supporters, a black list of 20 organizations officially banned from entering Israel . He has managed to establish anti-BDS laws in 27 states and is the initiator of anti-BDS agitation and defamation against people and organizations, combined with Israel’s increasing interference in US and European politics with the aim of to delegitimize the BDS movement and to disparage it as anti-Semitic. 

The pitiful failure must end!

While this “national emergency government” with Netanyahu leads the “Jewish people” into the annexation and eternal judaism of Palestine, the European Community is committed to dialogue and constructive cooperation. Can one still speak of European values ​​when they fail so miserably? 


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Can and may one still remember the Holocaust and Auschwitz without mentioning the Nakba and the associated ethnic cleansing of Palestine?

Image by Carlos Latuff


The liberation of Palestine is still pending

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


On May 8, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, and the Red Army’s liberation from fascism, Federal President Steinmeier delivered his obligatory speech and failed to mention the brave Red Army soldiers as liberators. And of all places in Berlin, where after the victory over fascist Germany two Soviet soldiers raised the red flag on the bombed Reichstag; impressively documented on many photos.

A climate of hostility to Russia

This shabby omission not only offends the Soviet peoples, but is supposed to create a climate of hostility towards Russia, mainly in Germany, which is still being pushed by a Federal President! So far, this has not been the case according to surveys. On the contrary, the majority of Germans want to live in peace with our neighbor Russia.

27 million Russian war dead warn

In this commemorative speech he wants to commemorate “together with representatives of the Allies from the West and from the East” without explicitly referring to the soldiers of the Red Army. Wasn’t it the Soviet soldiers in this war who had to mourn 27 million war deaths in fascist Germany? Steinmeier does not get this mention through his narrow lips. Putin has become an enemy of the German political circus, but not the German population, not only since Russia connected Crimea to the Russian Federation after applying to join the Russian Federation.

Illegal sanctions against Russia are maintained

In blind obedience, one follows the United States and the belligerent transatlantic alliance and the agitation of NATO, and continually strives for international law when it comes to Russia. It even accepts considerable damage to the German economy and maintains the illegal sanctions.

Steinmeier found no word for the Muslims on the part of the liberators

In his speech, Steinmeier also found no word for the countless Muslims who fought on the part of the liberators in this war of annihilation or whose political resistance cost them their lives. There were also many Muslims from the many Soviet republics among the countless Soviet prisoners of war. Steinmeier also forgot the Muslims who either ended up in the resistance or as fighters in the concentration camp, suffered from the most terrible conditions and were not allowed to practice their religion. It is a chapter that has remained silent to this day and does not fit into the picture that is drawn by Muslims today.

An imam was missing from the ecumenical service

This ignorance continued in the ecumenical service in the Berlin Cathedral, in which Catholic representatives, Protestant representatives, a Jewish cantor and an archpriest participated as representatives of Christian churches in Germany, but no Imam as a representative of the Muslims. It is an affront that no representative of this world religion was invited to this memorial service. Another question comes to my mind: What does a reference to God have to do in this context? Why is a service celebrated in the face of this political commemoration? We seem more distant than ever from the separation of state and church, as religious influence in Germany is growing. (1)

“Cold war thinking” belongs to the rubbish of history

If the much-vaunted strong democracy that the Federal President invokes would work, then the “cold war thinking” fueled by German parliamentarians would finally end up in the trash of history. What happens instead? We are always presented with new old enemy images to justify the associated costs for the new increasing armament figures. NATO, nuclear weapons stationed on German soil, are sold to us as vital “peacekeeping” measures. Exactly the opposite is the case. The fortunately outgoing military officer is already advocating the use of armed drones, in the spirit of the “Minister of War” Kramp-Karrenbauer. No word from the Federal President against this new kind of armament, only 75 years after the end of the war and the liberation of Auschwitz, by the way also by the Red Army on January 27th. All of these dates are unthinkable without the Soviet Liberation Army. But that is shamefully kept secret in the transatlantic cheering storm and the armament orgy.

“German history is a broken story – with responsibility for millions of murders and millions of sufferings. It still breaks our hearts today. Therefore: You can only love this country with a broken heart ”, but this does not prevent Steinmeier from indulging in massive military rearmament and the threat scenario of the infamous encirclement of Russia financed with our tax money and other military services for the USA / NATO!

“‘Never again!’ – We swore to ourselves after the war. But this “Never again!”, For us Germans, means above all: ‘Never again alone!’ “This Steinmeiersche” Never again “actually means” Never again alone on the war path “… see the” Easter crawl “and the encirclement of Russia.

Human dignity is inviolable and indivisible

Then he quotes Article 1 of the German Basic Law: “Human dignity is inviolable”, which is all too often broken in Germany. Indeed, human dignity is inviolable and indivisible, and I emphasize: also for Palestinians, Muslims and for BDS supporters and Israeli critics! (2)

No memory of the Holocaust without a memory of the Nakba

So of course I asked myself the question, can and may one still remember the Holocaust and Auschwitz without mentioning the Nakba and the associated ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Steinmeier said: “Not accepting responsibility is disgraceful – denying is disgraceful”. How true! To date, the “Jewish state” has not faced the processing of the Nakba and the associated Zionist atrocities in order to deal with them, let alone compensate the victims for allowing the right of return of the millions of refugees displaced with brutal violence to their home in Palestine. They continue to be denied this legal right. And with the help of the USA, the illegal occupation of Palestine is to be sealed with the upcoming planned annexations.

Why are sanctions against the Jewish apartheid regime rejected?

Has President Steinmeier commented on this? No, just like the German federal government, it fully supports the German rationale for the “Jewish state”. Germany has rejected long overdue sanctions against the Jewish apartheid regime.

Responsibility to the Palestinians in memory of May 8th

This raises the question of what about the responsibility towards the Palestinians, which should also be commemorative of May 8th and should be seen in a context. Every “blood drop of occupation” that has been shed to this day is also and especially the responsibility of Germany, which is made possible by active help to maintain this occupation. When will Germany and the EU finally follow the demand for a network of European human rights groups and impose sanctions on the “Jewish state”? (3)

The Nakba commemoration will be celebrated worldwide on May 15th

How much longer will Germany watch as the Palestinian people are oppressed, humiliated, expropriated and murdered by Jewish occupiers? From our history in particular, “never again” means an obligation to take responsibility for the Palestinian people. An important duty, 75 years after the end of the war and 72 years after the Nakba, which is celebrated worldwide on May 15. (4)

Raise the flag of Palestine

Therefore, the demands of the German-Israeli society “to show the flag for friendship” with the Jewish apartheid and occupation state, and to call on the municipalities and district administrations to raise the flag of Israel on May 12th must be rejected sharply. This tasteless provocation of raising the bloodstained Star of David flag, the symbol of the oppression of Palestine, is intended to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations 55 years ago. The not uncontroversial President of the DIG, Uwe Becker, still remembered the reason for the state. On that day, instead of the Star of David, the flag of Palestine was to be hoisted, as a symbol for the freedom of Palestine that has not yet been achieved.

Known diversions from Zionist occupation crimes

So it is only to be seen in the well-known Israel lobby tradition when the rise of more anti-Semitic crimes is pointed out almost daily and currently in concentrated media propaganda. Isn’t anti-Semitic crime a part of disparaging Jewish Israeli critics and terminating Jewish accounts or organizations critical of Israel, what does that remind us? These well-known diversions, which are supposed to distract from Zionist occupation crimes and the impending annexation of Palestinian land, as well as from the increasing de-democratization of the “Jewish state” with all its consequences. Finally, it can be expected that after the swearing in of this new “annexation regime” protests will begin worldwide, including in Germany. If the citizens of the “Jewish state” have already chosen this regime and decided to intensify the oppression and occupation, resistance becomes a duty and more Palestinian. In this context, the German advance in Hezbollah, especially at the present time, is to be seen. Hezbollah is an important resistance organization and elected ruling party in the coalition in Lebanon. So how can you build on that? By bringing even more targeted allegations of anti-Semitism into everyday politics and letting the Federal Commissioner for Anti-Semitism run free in the wake of the “calf biter”. This has to be replaced and instead an urgently needed racism officer has to be appointed. Increasing oppression and occupation is becoming a duty of resistance and more Palestinian resistance. In this context, the German advance in Hezbollah, especially at the present time, is to be seen. Hezbollah is an important resistance organization and elected ruling party in the coalition in Lebanon. So how can you build on that? By bringing even more targeted allegations of anti-Semitism into everyday politics and letting the Federal Commissioner for Anti-Semitism run free in the wake of the “calf biter”. This has to be replaced and instead an urgently needed racism officer has to be appointed. Increasing oppression and occupation is becoming a duty of resistance and more Palestinian resistance. In this context, the German advance in Hezbollah, especially at the present time, is to be seen. Hezbollah is an important resistance organization and elected ruling party in the coalition in Lebanon. So how can you build on that? By bringing even more targeted allegations of anti-Semitism into everyday politics and letting the Federal Commissioner for Anti-Semitism run free in the wake of the “calf biter”. This has to be replaced and instead an urgently needed racism officer has to be appointed. to see. Hezbollah is an important resistance organization and elected ruling party in the coalition in Lebanon. So how can you build on that? By bringing even more targeted allegations of anti-Semitism into everyday politics and letting the Federal Commissioner for Anti-Semitism run free in the wake of the “calf biter”. This has to be replaced and instead an urgently needed racism officer has to be appointed. to see. Hezbollah is an important resistance organization and elected ruling party in the coalition in Lebanon. So how can you build on that? By bringing even more targeted allegations of anti-Semitism into everyday politics and letting the Federal Commissioner for Anti-Semitism run free in the wake of the “calf biter”. This has to be replaced and instead an urgently needed racism officer has to be appointed.

In the meantime, Palestine, the illegal occupation, and the Palestinian people in resistance are receiving less and less political and media attention, just as planned by Hasbara and its worldwide aid workers, the Sayanim.

The “Jewish state” consistently thwarts non-violent resistance

Because the “Jewish state” consistently uses all possible means to thwart non-violent resistance, because Palestinian people are executed out of court by heavily armed soldiers of the “most moral Jewish defense army” and thus act as state terrorists, then that is “never again” degenerate into a sad phrase, a worthless ritual, just as worthless as a reference to common “Christian-Jewish” values ​​and hypocritical sermons a la Steinmeier!

Palestinians must have the same rights to defend themselves

As long as the German and international communities remain blind to the expulsion, criminal expropriation of the Palestinians and the accelerating slow death of the Palestinian people, which allows ethnic cleansing, even actively arming and financing the Zionist regime involved, one must finally grant the Palestinians the same rights to self-defense that the Zionist regime repeatedly declares for themselves in order to legitimize their massacres, as Chancellor Merkel has already affirmed. But if this legitimate right to resist is denied to the Palestinians, then the dignity of Palestinian people is at risk! So it’s getting more urgent, the global, to actively support the growing BDS movement, especially in times of rampant attempts at intimidation and defamation by Zionists. This is the only way to end the deadly and violent occupation. So the liberation of Palestine is still pending and as the great Nelson Mandela said: “We know only too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”








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Why are the western “hypocrites” silent about the goal of Israel, which has been known since the founding of the state.


The Silence of Western Hypocrites

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Why are the western “hypocrites” silent about the goal of Israel, which has been known since the founding of the state, to unrestrainedly complete their “Greater Israel” as the land of the “Jewish people” in Palestine for all eternity? The “designated” Zionist regime, under the leadership of a “designated prime minister”, is completely open to denouncing, according to Haaretz, a completely new term for a prime minister who is accused of corruption and who is making every effort to undermine existing Israeli law.

The final milestone in the final dictatorship

What the Israeli Supreme Court is hearing this week will be the final milestone on the final path to dictatorship if the judges follow Netanyahu’s will. If he succeeded, he would not only have a say and a de facto power of attorney over the future filling of senior posts in the judicial system and could thus secure his immunity and power for the future. A bleak future should it come to that. Under the Netanyahu regime, this state with no clearly defined borders and constitution has degenerated into a “self-service shop” of a family and right-wing supporters who have managed to work continuously and successfully on the Judaism of Palestine as well as on building their own legends . Bad thing about it is that he is still elected by a broad racist majority of Israelis, and he has succeeded in getting so-called “opposition members” on his side, because even they can only get a piece of the Zionist power cake if they join this chorus of the willing.

Any legal compliance has long been thrown overboard

How far can an apartheid and annexation system plus ethnic cleansing in Palestine go down? There is not much room left. But thanks to the help of the international community led by the United States, the regime can be so sure that nothing can stop it on its constant journey to judaise Palestine and slowly but surely get rid of its native population. All legal conformity has long been overboard – and especially unbridled by this “designated regime”. It is downright repugnant that the German government is increasingly allying itself with this occupation regime, which is anything but “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Just as false and false is the constant propaganda insistence on recognition of the “right to exist of the Jewish state”, that is not made more true by this hasbara. If the Federal Government were concerned with compliance with international law and general human rights, there would be no question, and under no circumstances, the support of a state that has been continuously on its way into the “ethnically pure Jewish state” over all democratic legal norms, international law and Overrides human rights and is gradually robbing the Palestinians of their land, destroying houses, villages and lands.

Massively increase “war budget”

This federal government, which repeatedly speaks of “western values”, has long been trampling on them when it comes to the achievement of goals. This is not only unfortunate, but as hypocritical as politics and its representatives. They continue to take part in wars, plan new purchases of US fighter-bombers and want to massively increase the “war budget”. While German taxpayers will soon be bleeding heavily because of Corona aid, one probably thinks that a few billion for armaments are not so noticeable. While small businesses are worried about their existence, large lobby groups are crying out for subsidies and government aid at taxpayer costs.

Whoever shouts the loudest should be given the most thought – at the forefront, auto industry, pharmaceutical lobby and not to forget the Israel lobby. In fact, in this lobby in particular, every wish is read from the eyes. As a current example, the “Hezbollah ban”, more precisely, the activity for this Lebanese party, a measure that must be criticized with disgust, because it is not about dangerous terrorists in Germany, but about associations that are active here, the donations for Lebanon collect, which is still suffering from the consequences of the Israeli war crimes and which is repeatedly threatened by Israeli air strikes that violate international law. In Lebanon itself, this party, founded as a resistance organization, is involved in the government and firmly anchored in the people.

There is only one right to exist for a free Palestine

Why the ban right now? Quite simply, this disgraceful obedience to the carcasses in front of the Israel lobby is an important measure to distract from the announced annexations of the Palestinian country and to build on it before the expected worldwide protests. This way, this German federal government is once again guilty of serving on behalf of the “Jewish apartheid system” – and that 75 years after the end of the war and liberation from the Nazi regime. Didn’t we learn anything? It does not seem like much, otherwise we would not support a colonial and undemocratic Jewish apartheid system after overcoming this Nazi regime, let alone support the German rationale for its security. No, there is no right to exist for this regime.

But what can you expect from this government, and from a Secretary of State who prides himself on going into politics “because of Auschwitz”, but who is committed to US nuclear bombs on German soil? His party colleague, the SPD faction leader Mützenich, demands the withdrawal of the remaining US nuclear weapons from the Federal Republic. Quote: “It is time for Germany to exclude stationing in the future”. This demand is more than overdue, but is being violently attacked by “transatlantic trolls” from all parties and by mainstream media. For the majority of German citizens, “the Russian and Putin” are not the threat, but rather the one-sided policy that has been incorporated into us under public law with the help of the media and which only creates images of the enemy. China, Russia and Turkey are the new old enemies.

The United States has allied itself with the Zionist regime against Palestine, and has been threatening – after most of the Arab countries have been “bombed into the Stone Age” – for years. It is difficult to imagine that it is the German “values ​​politicians” who stand in their way on their genocidal path. In their sick russophobia, the German NATO-olive-GREEN are sure to conform to their former foreign minister and reliable Israel lobbyist, who has emerged again with his shameful opinion that Germany must question “instinctive pacifism”.

Zionist whisperers are up to mischief

In times of the corona pandemic, leading politicians and the media have closed their eyes to the serious violations of the law by the Zionist regime. While the catastrophic US management of Trump and son-in-law Kushner are up to mischief as a Zionist whisperer, many essentials are swept under the Corona table. A paradise for achieving political Zionist goals that allow the criminal plans of annexation of just 30 percent of historic Palestine and deprivation of liberties to perish. Israel has already reported that researchers have succeeded in developing a Covid-19 vaccine based on antibodies in secret laboratories and are planning to register a patent to find a company for mass production.

“Eat or die”

Even before the Corona era, Zionist regimes had stolen Palestinian lands from the eyes of the world and the media for decades, establishing illegal settlements. UN resolutions were not recognized, were branded anti-Semitic and could be vetoed, especially through US aid. While the Palestinians, thanks to unchecked annexation, also undermined the last illusion of their own state, a patchwork remained, which forces them to take the alternative according to the motto “eat or die”, take or leave it, at the request of the Kushner-Trump US – “Peace plan”, which does not serve peace, but has only one goal: everything must benefit the “Jewish state”.

The Zionist regime is spreading in this colonized Palestine Bantustan. Turkey was the first country to condemn the proposed annexation as a dangerous way of thinking that undermines international law and that cannot be accepted or supported by any member of the international community who has a sense of justice and responsibility. Apart from Turkey, Hamas and Hezbollah, the illegal US-backed stance has received little criticism. The Zionistically corrupt PA agency under Abbas also failed to provide an appropriate response; who “wanted to take appropriate measures. We could see what they looked like from the countless arrests of Palestinians who dared to take action against this “Zionist” Palestinian Authority.

This coalition only strives for power, oppression and expansion

No, the Netanyahu-Gantz coalition does not strive for peace and regional stability, but only for power, expansion, and oppression. It is now time to exclude this apartheid-occupying state from the UN. Just because of the countless violations of international and human rights and the disregard of all UN decisions, especially the non-implementation of the right of return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland according to UN Resolution 194, the implementation of which was the condition for Israel’s membership! The German government, in particular, would be obliged to reflect on compliance with international law and human rights, especially in memory of the Holocaust, which Israel is abusing more than ever.

It would be the duty of the international community led by Germany to prevent a “Greater Israel” founded on the robbery of Palestine. As a lesson from the Holocaust, the racist ideology of Jewish Zionist colonialism and the expansion through annexation must be stopped immediately. And that is only possible through sanctions and the due breach of silence by the “hypocrites”.

72 years of illegal occupation and Judaism in Palestine are enough


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The Israel lobby repeatedly succeeds in silencing Israeli critics and, above all, in bringing politicians and the media into line. They need the enemy image to distract them from Israel’s human rights crimes. Islam = terror, the fight against BDS supporters = anti-Semites, what could be better than a diversion?

Image by Carlos Latuff

What could be yet more disastrous to Palestinians than coronavirus?

Jewish demands for resignation or “corpses pave his way!”

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


If the Central Council of Jews and its President and the Federal Government’s Anti-Semitism Commissioner go on an “anti-Semite hunt”, then you should dress warmly. Anyone who is on their “hit list” is no longer sure of their job, opening speeches, appearances or other activities. In the meantime, the terms “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Semite” have become a weapon of war in the Israel lobby, and thus prove to anyone who dares to criticize Israel or to support the Israel-critical BDS movement or its goals, the ending of the Decades of Israeli occupation that violated international law to find honor. Mind you, it’s not about “hatred of Jews”, the usual definition, but only about human rights activists.

Unconditional support of the “Jewish state” paid by the German taxpayer

This unconditional support from the Central Council of Jews, a public law corporation paid by the German taxpayer, is unacceptable. After all, it is about supporting a state that permanently violates international law and is demonstrably against a two-state solution – although the German government, which silently and faithfully supports the inhumane Israeli occupation policy towards the Palestinians, represents it with lip service. That is an attitude , which ranges from the Chancellor to the Federal President and Foreign Minister as well as party politicians from ALL parties. I can only repeat that the Holocaust does not justify all means, but rather is a reason to increasingly turn against the “Jewish state” and its apartheid annexation policy that violates international law.

Racist crimes against Muslims are lost in the shouting against anti-Semitism

We should also be concerned about the increase in racist right-wing crimes against Muslims who are drowned out by the cries of “anti-Semitism”. “Jews” and their “Christian Zionist Sayanim” masterfully know how to stage themselves and to distract themselves from racism in the “Jewish state”. The Central Council and its President have developed into a power that interferes in all areas of public life and makes demands. It had long been time to rethink and bring the Jewish community into critical contact with the “Jewish occupying state”. Wishful thinking that, thanks to official politics, will never come true. “Israel’s security as a German rationale” also means that the Germans tolerate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. “Don’t be silent, when wrong happens ”. Those who do not remain silent about Israeli injustice are certain to have the title “anti-Semite”!

By blackmailing the “Israel lobby”, critics are silenced

With this blackmail, the Israel lobby repeatedly succeeds in silencing Israeli critics and, above all, in bringing politicians and the media into line. They need the enemy image to distract them from Israel’s human rights crimes. Islam = terror, the fight against BDS supporters = anti-Semites, what could be better than a diversion?

President Schuster does not speak for “the Jews”, but only for “lobby Jews”

“Jews” are calling for the dismissal of Ruhrtriennale boss Stefanie Carp, as the title of a WDR announcement from April 25, 2020 The President of the Central Council of Jews and “unofficial Vice Ambassador” of the “Jewish State” in Germany had previously published in various media with the demand that Stefanie Carp be deposed. Oh, I thought, “Demand Jews”? Which Jews? Certainly not the anti-Zionist Jews or the many Jewish voices for a just peace! President Schuster does not speak for “the” Jews, but only for the “lobby Jews” like himself. In addition to the countless, superfluous “anti-Semitism officers” who only lobby for Israel’s murderous politics, one could soon call Mr. Schuster as the highest cultural censorship inquisitor in Germany.

What was the reason for the director’s call for dismissal? She had once again dared to invite a guest as opening speaker at the Ruhrtriennale, whose writings are also critical of the “Jewish apartheid state”. According to Mr. Schuster, freedom of expression obviously does not apply when it comes to Israel. This must be prevented by all means, including by the murder of an integrally known scientist like Achille Mbembe. And this is not even embarrassing to Mr. Schuster that he makes himself absolutely ridiculous in front of the world with his accusations.

Looking for critics of Israeli politics to denounce them as anti-Semites

It was therefore time to demand Schuster’s resignation from the Office of the Central Council of Jews, who had done nothing except act as a mouthpiece and second representative of the “Jewish state” and was always on the lookout for critics of Israeli politics, to denounce them as anti-Semites. The good old German saying “who searches, who finds” fits this Central Council and its President exactly. He is like a sniffer dog and is always trying to sniff out new anti-Semites to distract from the daily Zionist crimes of the Netanyahu regime. Regardless of whether Muslims, intellectuals such as the historian and political scientist Achille Mbembe or previously the highly respected Judaist and director of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Peter Schäfer, who in June 2019 after a bad smear campaign, initiated by the Israeli government and its extended arm in Germany, the Central Council, resigned. Schäfer, one of the most capable museum directors in Europe, took the consequences to “avert further damage from the Jewish Museum”. Then I rubbed my eyes! Further damage? Certainly not by Peter Schäfer, who had repeatedly been targeted by the Central Council and many Sayanim because he tried to run a cosmopolitan museum that did not avoid controversial topics. When Schäfer then marked a tweet as “worth reading”, in which 240 Israeli and Jewish women scholars critically criticized the decision of the Bundestag, which declared the BDS movement (boycott, divestments, sanctions) to be anti-Semitic, the measure was full . the Central Council, resigned. Schäfer, one of the most capable museum directors in Europe, took the consequences to “avert further damage from the Jewish Museum”. Then I rubbed my eyes! Further damage? Certainly not by Peter Schäfer, who had repeatedly been targeted by the Central Council and many Sayanim because he tried to run a cosmopolitan museum that did not avoid controversial topics. When Schäfer then marked a tweet as “worth reading”, in which 240 Israeli and Jewish women scholars critically criticized the decision of the Bundestag, which declared the BDS movement (boycott, divestments, sanctions) to be anti-Semitic, the measure was full . the Central Council, resigned. Schäfer, one of the most capable museum directors in Europe, took the consequences to “avert further damage from the Jewish Museum”. Then I rubbed my eyes! Further damage? Certainly not by Peter Schäfer, who had repeatedly been targeted by the Central Council and many Sayanim because he tried to run a cosmopolitan museum that did not avoid controversial topics. When Schäfer then marked a tweet as “worth reading”, in which 240 Israeli and Jewish women scholars critically criticized the decision of the Bundestag, which declared the BDS movement (boycott, divestments, sanctions) to be anti-Semitic, the measure was full . Then I rubbed my eyes! Further damage? Certainly not by Peter Schäfer, who had repeatedly been targeted by the Central Council and many Sayanim because he tried to run a cosmopolitan museum that did not avoid controversial topics. When Schäfer then marked a tweet as “worth reading”, in which 240 Israeli and Jewish women scholars critically criticized the decision of the Bundestag, which declared the BDS movement (boycott, divestments, sanctions) to be anti-Semitic, the measure was full . Then I rubbed my eyes! Further damage? Certainly not by Peter Schäfer, who had repeatedly been targeted by the Central Council and many Sayanim because he tried to run a cosmopolitan museum that did not avoid controversial topics. When Schäfer then marked a tweet as “worth reading”, in which 240 Israeli and Jewish women scholars critically criticized the decision of the Bundestag, which declared the BDS movement (boycott, divestments, sanctions) to be anti-Semitic, the measure was full .

To stand up to this central council

Now I think that the measure is overflowing, because the trace of hatred and the constant attempts to restrict freedom of expression should be enough to stand up to this Central Council. Just because he is not ready to allow open and critical discussion and criticism of the “Jewish state” and its proven crimes against the people and the occupation, for lack of factual arguments, he tries with all means to bring politicians, media and officials under his influence and control .

The Jewish Museum is also run by the federal government and is a foundation under public law, more precisely “Foundation Jewish Museum Berlin” and was opened in 2001. Peter Schäfer directed the museum after W. Michael Blumenthal. Long-time program director and deputy director, Cilly Kugelmann, also left in 2017 and later described the campaign against Peter Schäfer as bullying.

Mbembe and Carp are the last “victims” of the Central Council of Jews

The current cases of Achille Mbembe and Stefanie Carp as the last “victims” of the Central Council of Jews thanks to Anti-Semitism Commissioner Klein and Central Council President Schuster are prime examples of this intrigue. After unjustified criticism, which was carried out publicly thanks to the best contacts in the media in all German features, the Corona virus came as ordered. First the Ruhrtriennale was canceled for this year and then the boss was sawed off and her contract was not extended by Prime Minister Laschet as requested by “Israeli friend”. So “two birds with one stone” were done again. Who will it hit next time and for what reasons? At the end of this comment, I have a listing of the Israel lobby interventions led by the Central Council, that readers should definitely remember. First and foremost, the brochure “Freedom of expression threatened” by Annette Groth and Günter Rath, which you should definitely order. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Israeli critics must fear the Central Council

While the AfD continues to prove itself to be a “friend of the Jews” on the side of Israel and its racism and Islamophobia can continue in peace and quiet, Israeli critics must fear the Central Council, which always succeeds, anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel to reinterpret anti-Semitism, although, as Moshe Zuckermann very rightly stated, “they are three pairs of shoes”. The Central Council apparently only has a few shoes that have since been worn out and are worn daily.

In times of corona, German armaments expenditure rose by 10 percent

Even in these times of Corona, in which medical goods are in short supply, the Stockholm peace research institute Sipri published the latest figures on April 27, 2020. After that, German military spending rose 10 percent, and Secretary of War Kramp-Karrenbauer is even planning to buy new F-18 US bombers that can also be fitted with nuclear weapons. The pressure from the USA and NATO is having an effect. Germany is now in seventh place worldwide and is currently spending $ 49.3 billion on “defense”. We overtook Great Britain and Japan, and all because “Russophobe” politicians once again see the “Russians at the door” that German Michel is painting on the wall or because the security of the Jewish occupying state has to be German rationale. With all the consequences? It is worth thinking about and peacefully protesting against it!

Together, the new “emergency regime” plans to annex Palestinian land

The new Netanyahu / Gantz regime is using the Corona period, past the Palestinians and the international community, to form a committee for their land robbery to drive the planned annexation of Palestinian land, which is Likud’s new “emergency regime”, Blau -White and Labor Party (!) Are planning together for next July.

This regime does not want peace, but only a Jewish apartheid state ”

Anyone who has hoped for any spark of a will for peace from this regime should now be finally disabused. This regime does not want peace, but only a Jewish apartheid state! A country without its native population. This government announces its plans without any scruples, which have nothing to do with international law or human rights. The Corona virus is not an emergency in the “Jewish state”, but it is this “emergency government” that creates an emergency for the Palestinian people. As you can hear, a new judaised card is already being worked on. Netanyahu and Gantz are using the pandemic to implement their annexation plans, knowing that, thanks to Corona, the Palestinians will be even more powerless in these real times of emergency. The Central Council of Jews should report to this and distance itself from these crimes, then it would serve the “Jews” and prove itself to be a corporation under public law. But so – as governor of the respective Zionist regimes – he should be put in his place with all his might, and his resignation should be demanded – as long as “corpses pave his way”.









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Every day dozens of children are arrested in Jerusalem. In addition to imprisonment, they are locked in their homes and face deportation from their home town and heavy fines.

Corona conceals racist Zionist occupation policies and their consequences

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

On the evening of April 7th, when Jews in the “Jewish state” and around the world sit down at the festively laid Seder table to celebrate the beginning of the Pesach celebration, the house will be freed of leftovers of bread as prescribed, while the Palestinians will have to continue to endure in the “slavery” of the Jewish occupation. The meaning of this feast strikingly reflects exactly the sad and desperate state in which the Palestinian people have been living for decades, forgotten by the so-called “Western community of values” and hoping for their liberation from this bondage.

“Right to a Greater Israel”

While the Jews recall the biblical myth of the “Exodus from Egypt”, Jewish politicians like Netanyahu constantly repeat the myth that Jews have lived in Israel for 4000 years in order to establish their “right” to a “Greater Israel” for the, also a myth, “Jewish people”. The Zionist regime, thanks to the US government under Trump, came closer and closer to this goal of eternal Judaization. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Gantz also agreed to agree to the proposal to annex the West Bank, as the agreement for the unity government is due to be signed after the end of the Passover celebrations next Thursday.

The international community allowed this injustice to happen and forgot about the Palestinians and left them to their fate. In times of the Covid-19 virus, which makes neither national borders nor ethnic differences, the occupied and locked up in Palestine and especially in the closed Gaza Strip live in unimaginable conditions.

What do we want to defend?

In these times the misery of refugees and wars continues almost undisturbed. While here the economy and shops, the catering trade, hotels, the travel industry, artists, freelancers and many others fear for their bare existence and worry about the future, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg of all people appeals to the NATO member states to spend more on defence! What should we defend? The “Christian” values? Is the Russian or the Chinese at the door? Who is threatening us, really, except at the moment the virus? Led by the war-mongering USA, which is constantly trying to enforce its dubious “values” with all warlike means, it is rather the West that is a threat to the world. Isn’t it the economic greed of capitalism that led to these conditions and has intensified since 9/11? With the fight against the enemy image Islam=terror, an avalanche of hate was set in motion. NATO has been threatening Russia since its “NATO eastward creep” and caused a deterioration in relations with our neighbour, which is still having a negative effect today. It is known from numerous surveys that the Germans do not want this, ignored in a criminal manner by the Federal Government, which submissively follows the war-mongering Americans. Stoltenberg negates the threatening recession of the world economy and wants to oblige the NATO member states to invest even more in “our security” in order to guarantee it. There is only a security if Nato gives up its dirty war course. It is a deceptive and euphemistic security when Stoltenberg praises the fact that many armed forces of NATO states support civil society in the fight against the corona virus. The German Armed Forces, which set off on ever new foreign missions, are in a desolate state, much like the procurement of protective masks and clothing. We do not need a NATO that legitimizes itself only by bellicosity and the purchase of weapons, but capable governments that do not rely on the production of vital things in low-wage countries, but finally a German/European production that ultimately benefits us all.

Do Jews want to show solidarity with a Zionist “extermination policy”?

It can be assumed that many things will change for us in times after Corona. This hope does not remain for the Palestinians, because their situation continues to deteriorate in these times. The Israel lobby is gaining more and more power. Let us just look at Great Britain, where this lobby has managed to overthrow the decent, irreproachable Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and to defame him as anti-Semite, because he stood up for justice also for Palestinians. The new chairman Keir Starmer, with a Jewish wife whose extended family lives in the “Jewish state”, immediately made himself popular with the Zionists and in his inaugural speech immediately apologized to the Jews for the alleged anti-Semitism at Labour and vowed to “eradicate this poison”. With such a chairman one can assume that, that Labour and its Jews are again showing solidarity with the Zionist occupation and “extermination” policy, which was rightly criticised by Corbyn and led to the infamous slander against him.

Failure of the Western “community of values

All this is drowning in political and important news and this only increases the danger of the virus. While the Greek refugee camp Moria, on Lesbos, where 20,000 refugees are in catastrophic conditions, is reported, hardly a line is written about the sad fate of the refugees in Lebanese camps, displaced persons from Palestine and now additionally from Syria. There are hundreds of thousands of Palestinian and Syrian refugees living in the overcrowded refugee camps in Lebanon who are confronted with the spread of the corona virus. While we are dealing here with a failure of the Western ‘community of values’ which allowed this misery and did nothing to solve the problem, in the Greek camps we are dealing first and foremost with a failure of the Greeks, the EU Member State and NATO partner, who would rather put billions into arms than put the billions in aid into refugee camps and consolidate the budget. The Greeks do not care about international law and human rights, much like their Israeli friends. Quite different is Turkey, which managed to take in more than 4 million refugees and kept to a refugee deal with the EU, although it was not thanked.

None, emergency and enabling laws in the long run!

What we are currently experiencing, in terms of travel restrictions, border closures, controls, leaving out and deep cuts in our daily lives, is only a sad joke against what the Palestinians have been suffering for years. It is, in relative terms, a minimal, albeit serious, restriction of our freedoms, which will and must be lifted in the foreseeable future.  How far should restrictions on fundamental rights actually go? How great the resentment in parts of the population will be if this state of “emergency laws”, which “empower” the state to intervene in our normal lives with business closures and regulations, continues in the long term, is neither foreseeable nor sustainable.

Fatal state failure?

The corona virus must not, of course, be taken lightly, nor is it comparable to the flu virus in any way. It is a serious lung disease that can hit people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly, and smokers in particular, very hard. At this point it becomes clear how important it is that governments, like the German one, failed to provide adequate protective masks and did not order that all citizens should wear them. The refusal of this duty, which was supported by many “experts”, was intended to cover up this failure. It borders on a “fatal state failure”. While Germany has a functioning health system, which is the envy of many other countries, enormous mistakes were made here too, through unnecessary privatisation, lobbying and capitalist greed, and these mistakes are now taking bitter revenge.

Talk shows with political “ichlings”

While the British have Queen Elizabeth II, who had to announce confidence and deep cuts, we have “Queen Angela I”, who appears here in front of a few selected journalists and does not announce much of substance. We will probably have to wait until after Easter to see how things continue. In the meantime, we are becoming public hotspots, talk shows with “political ichlings”, an army of virologists, doctors and scientists, which make us even more insecure.  Not to forget the many “conspiracy apologists” with the most adventurous theories and theses. With propaganda, number games and disinformation we are not helped. Knowledge is power in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

But all this just by the way to point out the differences between us and the really imprisoned. The Coronavirus does not stop at any country or continent and does not differentiate by skin colour, ethnicity or religion. It also affects politicians, such as British Prime Minister Johnson, who was transferred to intensive care in a London hospital on Monday evening.

The corona virus has once again dramatically worsened the situation of the occupied Palestinians. Who thinks here of the approximately 299 Palestinian children imprisoned, who receive only minimal and poor care. From January 2019 until the end of last month, Israel arrested 789 boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years. The imprisoned children are deprived of their most basic rights and are subjected to unfair trials and inhuman treatment that violate their fundamental rights. Convention on the Rights of the Child? Does not apply to Israel!

The corona virus has once again dramatically worsened the situation of the occupied Palestinians. Who thinks here of the approximately 299 Palestinian children imprisoned, who receive only minimal and poor care. From January 2019 until the end of last month, Israel arrested 789 boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years. The imprisoned children are deprived of their most basic rights and are subjected to unfair trials and inhuman treatment that violate their fundamental rights. Convention on the Rights of the Child? Does not apply to Israel!

Every day dozens of children are arrested in Jerusalem. In addition to imprisonment, they are locked in their homes and face deportation from their home town and heavy fines.

Israel is holding some 5,700 prisoners, including 200 children, 44 women, five members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 27 journalists and 470 administrative detainees, who are neither charged nor brought to trial. Of the 700 prisoners who are in poor health, 200 need urgent treatment.

During the time of Merkel’s reign the Jewish settlements flourished

In the times of the Merkel regency the Jewish settlements flourished.  Israeli settlements are ‘epicentres’ of the coronavirus outbreak. Gaza does not seem to be an issue at all for this federal government, how else would it be possible that 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp are defencelessly at the mercy of the viruses and the desolate conditions?

The Palestine Liberation Organization has warned that Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem have become epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic that threatens nearby Palestinian towns and villages.

The PLO’s national office added in its weekly report that the Palestinian Authority has called on Palestinian workers working in the settlements to stay at home because of the risk. The virus has apparently appeared in the Palestinian residential areas where the people working in the settlements live. There are reports of settlers spitting on Palestinian cars to spread the Covid-19 virus among Palestinians in the West Bank.

According to PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, the settlements are both a danger and a challenge to the Palestinians in their struggle to contain the spread of the virus.
In its report, the PLO noted that the settlers have escalated their aggression against the Palestinians by taking advantage of the corona virus blockade to damage hundreds of trees in the Occupied Territories. The Israeli security forces are doing nothing to stop them or enforce the blockade.

The Palestinian Authority declared a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories last month to combat the outbreak of Covid-19. However, since then the Israeli authorities have demolished 40 buildings belonging to Palestinians or whose owners have been forced to demolish them. Another 260 buildings have been damaged.

Zionist occupying authorities make Palestinians pay for the demolition of their houses

When Palestinians are served demolition orders, the Israeli occupation authorities make the owners pay for the destruction of their own houses if they are not willing to demolish the buildings themselves. The Jewish settlements turn Palestinian houses into cages surrounded by high apartheid walls.


Anyone who can still celebrate Passover in good conscience in times of occupation, apartheid and racism cannot be helped. If in this country the warning is only against anti-Semitism in these Corona times, and not against the threat of racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia, then that is shameless!

When Pesach, Easter and Ramadan coincide, we will have the same concerns and must not forget the misery of the Palestinians in particular under merciless Israeli occupation. In this sense: a thoughtful Passover, next year in a free Jerusalem!  Happy Easter and a good Ramadan in times of Corona. Let us not forget what is important!


Through the global spread of the corona virus worldwide, the “Jewish state” has managed to brutally exploit the necessary restrictions on movement for illegal occupation measures. As an occupation state, the Zionist regime controls all movements of the occupied people and checkpoints. Under this pretext to limit the “spread” of the corona virus, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza concentration camp were totally sealed off.

A moral offer! 

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


After 50 former European top politicians have finally raised criticism and signed an appeal against Trump’s “Middle East Peace Plan”, it is noticeable that all these politicians no longer act as active politicians. After all, after strong criticism, they decided to take an open stance against this “peace plan” across Europe. When will active colleagues follow them to finally acknowledge the facts and take action against the “Jewish state” and enforce the sanctions which, if it were not for the “Jewish friends”, would have been taken long ago!

“Anti-Israel agitators”

Criticism from the “Jewish state” promptly followed in the person of “master lobbyist” Manfred Gerstenfeld from the BESA Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. He defamed these 50 former top politicians and signatories as “anti-Israel agitators” and some of them as anti-Semites. It is precisely these infamous titles that have been used for decades by Jewish-Zionist chief strategists, and his unbearable explanations also contained a demand that exceeded the acceptable level. Gerstenfeld has virtually considered a “virtual pillory for immoral elite people” on which the names of these 50 former European top politicians are to be listed. (1)

Here are the names of the signatories:

Douglas Alexander , former Secretary of State for Europe and Secretary of State for International Development, United Kingdom

Ben Bradshaw , former Secretary of State for the Middle East, United Kingdom

Gro Harlem Brundtland , former Prime Minister, Norway

John Bruton , former Prime Minister, Ireland

Micheline Calmy-Rey , former Foreign Minister and President, Switzerland

Ingvar Carlsson , former Swedish prime minister

Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz , former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, Poland

Daniel Cohn-Bendit , former Co-President of the European Greens – European Free Alliance in the European Parliament, Germany

Joe Costello , former Minister of State for Trade and Development and Chairman of the European Affairs Committee, Ireland

Willy Claes , former Foreign Minister and NATO Secretary General, Belgium

Massimo d’Alema , former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, Italy

Teresa Patrício de Gouveia , former Foreign Minister, Portugal

Dominique de Villepin , former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, France

Ruth Dreifuss , former Foreign Minister and President, Switzerland

Alan Duncan , former Secretary of State for Europe and America and Secretary of State for International Development, United Kingdom

Espen Barth Eide , former Foreign Minister, Norway

Jan Eliasson , former Foreign Minister and President of the United Nations General Assembly, Sweden

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen , former Foreign Minister and President of the European Liberals, Denmark

Benita Ferrero-Waldner , former Foreign Minister and EU Commissioner for External Relations, Austria

Sigmar Gabriel , former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor, Germany

Peter Hain , former Secretary of State for the Middle East, United Kingdom

Lena Hjelm-Wallén , former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Sweden

Trinidad Jiménez , former Foreign Minister, Spain

Tom Kitt , former Minister of State, Ireland

Bert Koenders , former Foreign Minister of the Netherlands

Martin Liedegaard , former Foreign Minister, Denmark

Mogens Lykketoft , former Foreign Minister and President of the United Nations General Assembly, Denmark

Sven Mikser , former Foreign Minister, Estonia

Per Stig Møller , former Foreign Minister, Denmark

Holger K. Nielsen , former Foreign Minister, Denmark

Andrzej Olechowski , former Foreign Minister, Poland

Marc Otte , former EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Belgium

Chris Patten , former Vice President of the European Commission, United Kingdom

Hans-Gert Poettering , former President of the European Parliament, Germany

Jacques Poos , former Foreign Minister, Luxembourg

Vesna Pusić , former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Croatia

Mary Robinson , former President and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ireland

Jacques Santer , former Prime Minister and President of the European Commission, Luxembourg

Karel Schwarzenberg , former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Czech Republic

Robert Serry , former UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Netherlands

Javier Solana , former Foreign Minister, NATO Secretary General and EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Spain

Michael Spindelegger , former Secretary of State and Vice Chancellor, Austria Jack Straw, former Secretary of State, United Kingdom

Jack Straw , former Secretary of State, United Kingdom

Gareth Thomas , former Secretary of State for International Development, United Kingdom

Erkki Tuomioja , former Foreign Minister, Finland

Ivo Vajgl , former Foreign Minister, Slovenia

Jozias van Aartsen , former Foreign Minister of the Netherlands

Frank Vandenbroucke , former Foreign Minister, Belgium

Hubert Védrine , former Foreign Minister, France

Sayeeda Warsi , former Secretary of State for the United Nations, Human Rights and the ICC, United Kingdom


“The Dreifuss Affair”

Did Gerstenfeld think specifically of the former Swiss President and Jewess Ruth Dreifuss in this context? Does it make Jews particularly “immoral” when they criticize the “Jewish state” and its handling of international law and the Palestinians? Is it not exactly the other way around, and haven’t these 50 former top politicians made a “moral offer” by pointing out that this “peace plan” contradicts the internationally agreed parameters for a peace process in the Middle East? Doesn’t this example show how important it is to finally support the BDS movement and to issue sanctions against the “Jewish state”? (2)

Through the global spread of the corona virus worldwide, the “Jewish state” has managed to brutally exploit the necessary restrictions on movement for illegal occupation measures. As an occupation state, the Zionist regime controls all movements of the occupied people and checkpoints. Under this pretext to limit the “spread” of the corona virus, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza concentration camp were totally sealed off.

In this way, the virus enables the occupiers to finally annex the entire Palestinian country, at the request of the Netanyahu regime and the “Trump peace plan”. Jewish settlers can now attack undisturbed Palestinians because, although only a few hundred meters away from the incarcerated Palestinians, they live in their illegal settlements without any particular restrictions.

Under these circumstances, can one limit a pandemic that, if it spreads even faster and more rapidly in occupied Palestine, will lead to a catastrophe? What options do the Palestinians have to defy the virus? What about the almost non-existent healthcare system that made it impossible for cancer patients or chronically ill people to receive adequate treatment? As the Israeli human rights organization Betselem reported, officials of the Israeli civil administration and Jewish occupation soldiers destroyed a community clinic and emergency accommodation in the village of Khirbet Ibzig last Thursday. The Zionist occupiers seized poles and tarpaulins, which were intended for the construction of eight tents, two for a field clinic, two for a mosque and four emergency shelters for the people “evacuated” from their homes. Another “moral offer” from the unscrupulous Zionist occupiers, who rob the Palestinians of the last and simplest means of preparing themselves for the makeshift defense against the virus. Wouldn’t it be the duty of the German government and the EU to finally react and put an end to this inhumane and illegal activity? (3) to finally react and put an end to this inhumane and illegal activity? (3) to finally react and put an end to this inhumane and illegal activity? (3)

Epicenter of oppression

While around 3,500 infected cases have been registered in the “Jewish state” despite the strict measures, there are still relatively few, around 100, in the occupied Palestinian territories, with an increasing tendency. This virus, too, does not prevent the Zionist occupation authorities from expanding the Palestinian unlawful policy of sealing off and “collective punishment”. Jewish settlers are becoming increasingly uninhibited, such as in the area around Bethlehem, where Palestinians live under the strictest quarantine by uprooting their trees, destroying their crops and wreaking havoc, knowing that the Palestinians cannot defend themselves and are helpless to destroy them Have to watch livelihood. Under the protection of the Jewish occupation army, the settlers are up to mischief. As a thank you, they are building their own streets “only for Jews” and more and more new settlements are being approved on stolen land. You actually feel in the epicenter of oppression, the Covid-19 always allows new heights.

The Israeli prisons, with their inhumane conditions, are also true virus spreaders. The occupation authorities reported that four Palestinian prisoners were infected after being interrogated with an Israeli investigator infected with the corona virus. It is an untenable situation that more than 5,000 Palestinians, including women, children, adolescents and the sick, are being held in prisons in a dirty, overcrowded state, disregarding all hygiene regulations. All of these prisoners must be released immediately. The occupation regime is known for not only keeping Palestinians arbitrary in administration, but also in partially isolated solitary confinement, in dirty cells without windows and daylight, filled with music and noise, and not afraid of the worst torture, to extort “confessions”. All of this has been known for decades, but is tolerated and supported by the so-called western “values” community in the “fight against terrorism”. After all, the prisoners are “Arab-Palestinian-Muslims”, ie “potential terrorists” (4)

So the captured and occupied Palestinians have only a desperate fight on two fronts, against the corona pandemic and against the brutal military occupation by the “Jewish state”. We have to make sure that the current corona crisis does not completely obliterate Palestine and continue to counter the decades of desolate Palestinian conditions.

Emergency laws that lead to the end of the rule of law

Even the immense danger situation must not lead to the fact that total surveillance, if it is embedded in an “empowerment law”, is only introduced voluntarily and only for a limited time, but must not escalate into Israeli or Hungarian circumstances. So if Germany is planning a smartphone app to slow down the virus, every responsible citizen should ask whether he wants to participate voluntarily. However, in times of Facebook / Whatsapp disclosure of any privacy without thinking and understanding fewer and fewer citizens will be able to recognize this risk of total surveillance and assess its scope. Can we really be sure that this “provision” will be limited and not lead to an emergency regime like under Orban in Hungary, that Parliament has been disempowered and brought to an end to the rule of law? After all, Hungary is an EU member and it would have been time to slow down Orban. If Israel wants to go further now and use computer analysis to find possible carriers of the corona virus, and also use software produced by the spy company NSO, which the FBI is suspected of being US citizens and Hacking companies and gathering information about governments, as Reuters reported in January, is more than immoral and downright criminal. Do Germany and other EU countries still want to use the “Jewish state” as a role model? Isn’t this global crisis a wake-up call to separate the “chaff from the wheat” and to prove it as a democratic state, how to achieve citizen security without criminal emergency and empowerment laws? Just as Orban is a shame for Europe, it has been the Zionist occupying regime for decades, embedded in European contacts and contracts. (5) (6) (7)

The important struggle against Covid-19 must not lead dictators and tyrants of this world to continue their brutal repression under the pretext of the pandemic spreading that NO ONE is safe from. While the killing and death of children continues in Yemen, Saudi Arabia can produce itself as a summit leader among the G20 “colleagues”, the “genocidal re-education” of the Uyghur Muslims in China continues undisturbed, as does the persecution of the Rohingya -Moslems in Burma and the murderous pogrom in India against Muslims and the persecution of minorities in the “greatest democracy” in the world. This unites ethnocracy and the “only” democracy in the Middle East and the “largest”, because India was buying weapons from Zionist friends to fight Corona. (8th)

How long do we have to wait until the European states, especially Germany, finally come to their senses and give up their compliant policy towards the “Jewish occupying state” and come to a moral offer based on real “Christian values” for the time after Corona virus?











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Despite lies in the times of Corona, we should continue to fight with our peaceful means, against those who are all right!

Lies in the Time of Corona

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


How far can a state go to “protect” its citizens? It seems as if a virus has managed to suddenly question everything we have painstakingly acquired in terms of freedom and democratic rights. We receive everything that Palestine has suffered for decades in a “light form”. It is a foretaste of what we could expect if the “pandemic” of this virus could not be managed. You should ask yourself how far a state can go to “protect” its citizens. As a citizen, one also wonders why the thousands of flu deaths received so little media and political attention year after year, while the Covid-19 virus became a national disaster. It seems as if Orwell described “1984” as an apocalypse.

Trying to undermine the legal system

What is a sad reality in the “Jewish state” under the Netanyahu regime is seen as exemplary, especially in Germany, and who knows how many politicians are flirting with precisely this endeavor to undermine the legal system. Still adorned, and the attempt by the German health minister Spahn for a cell phone surveillance was temporarily withdrawn after objections from the Ministry of Justice and data protection officers. It seems like you are trying everything to test how far you can go before the protests come. We still have a democracy, but how long it really works can now be questioned if you look around in other European countries. It seems the EU is remembering more and more totalitarian pasts and regimes, that did not stop at mass surveillance or emergency laws in order to secure the power in the long term that would allow them to govern by decree and indefinitely. (1)

Arresting “test refusers” like criminals

In the “Jewish State”, infected people are spied on like criminals, and the British Johnson government is working to have the police detain suspected infected persons as its vicarious agent and to a law similar to that in the “Jewish State” and wants to legislate that are worthy of a dictatorship. If it is to be possible to arrest “test refusers”, to fix the disabled and doctors to issue death certificates without having seen the deceased, or to take coercive measures that encroach on all public rights of citizens, then Big Ben has already after 12 beaten. (2) (3) (4) (5)

Orban dictatorship according to friend Netanyahu

Yes, the lack of freedom can be unlimited, we experience that from Poland to Hungary, from Israel to the USA and Great Britain. It is regimes like the Zionist or the Hungarian, which are increasingly abandoning the democratic path and wanting to set up an “Orban dictatorship” entirely according to friend Netanyahu. After all, they have little to fear from an EU that has increasingly distanced itself from its so-called values ​​and has not been able to present a unit as a strong working power since its inception. (6)

While Germany is so arrogant to reject offers of help from China, goods from China so urgently used by Italy are blocked by Poland and the Czech Republic, a sad sign of a lack of European solidarity. Even poor, sanctioned Cuba can help in Italy with more than 50 doctors and nurses. And while tests are missing in Germany and supposedly infected people are rejected and are supposed to be quarantined, sanctioned Iran is able to test more than 30 million Iranians. (7) (8) (9) (10)

What can you think of a Robert Koch Institute that presents the tests as well functioning and simple respiratory masks as inefficient, contrary to the scientific knowledge in countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. Perhaps the reason is that we simply don’t have enough of it and the supplies are slow. Corona as a droplet infection is particularly dangerous if you get “droplets” from your counterpart. Apart from washing hands, disposable gloves, disinfection and mouth protection, there are few ways to protect yourself – which also applies to the flu, for which there is a vaccination, but which does not offer 100% protection. But what is 100% in life? The death! (11)

The “transparent citizen” has long since become a reality

In times of corona lies and a possible mass surveillance with all technical possibilities through smartphones, a rigid location surveillance and much more, the “transparent citizen” has long since become a reality – and not without own fault. Could it be that the mouthguard is rejected because the authorities want to prevent face recognition technologies and biometric cameras from being used efficiently? (12)

“Patron” driven by mission zeal

It is interesting how “patrons” like the SAP founder Hopp now buy into organic high-tech companies in order not only to secure a billion dollar business, but also, driven by zeal for mission, ambition, fame and honor. What Hopp already tried in football made him popular only with officials and Hoffenheim, but not with the “normal” people and football fans. It is terrifying as we get closer and closer to the US situation, where billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Michael Bloomberg try to gain with their billions of power and influence. (13)

9/11 heralded the racist hunt for Muslims

As we experienced it after 9/11, when the “anti-terror laws” were introduced, which have not been withdrawn to this day and have been tightened more and more, and ushered in international hatred of Islam and racist hunting for Muslims, this virus could also be the one Put the world in a new state with far-reaching measures. (14)

The plague of “US locusts”

We are facing a drastic global recession, a crash in the stock markets, the price of oil, the impending bankruptcy of many small and medium-sized companies, while large corporations can wait with thick pads, or in the worst case, the government is making money loose for nationalization. Because nothing other than our taxes are the “state benefits”, which should now flow generously in the billions. If the “red zero”, Finance Minister Scholz, wants to forego the “black zero” and undoes the debt brake, then these are important measures that are not alms, but necessary reactions. As always in times of crisis, there are already winners who are interested in causing the markets to spin in order to benefit from them themselves. And in their tow the plague of the “US locusts”, who are eagerly waiting to do a clear cut in German companies. Could the Coronavirus Pandemic Cause China’s Rise and the Fall of the West? After the “new world order” led by the USA and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA remained the only superpower. Could there be a change in the world order that poses huge problems for us? (15) (16) (17) (18) that poses huge problems for us? (15) (16) (17) (18) that poses huge problems for us? (15) (16) (17) (18)

Disaster of the “Palestinian Holocaust

The bleak prospects for the Gaza concentration camp also raise the worst fears. When will the international community finally wake up and put an end to this human rights crime? Gaza has had two corona cases so far, but should the virus spread, and it can be assumed that there will be an unprecedented catastrophe, a “Palestinian Holocaust” that will make us all perpetrators. We can still change it, but it seems as if the “Western community of values” in particular is still refusing to accept the terrible consequences of the inhumane Zionist occupation and oppression of human rights and international law. (19)

Despite lies in the times of Corona, we should continue to fight with our peaceful means, against those who are all right!

“You have to repeat the truth over and over again, because the error around us is preached again and again, not by individuals but by the masses, in newspapers and encyclopedias, at schools and universities. Everywhere the error is on top, and he is comfortable and comfortable in the feeling of the majority that is on his side. ”(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Johann Peter Eckermann, December 16, 1828) (20)
























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With the powers of mass surveillance of Corona-infected Israelis and Palestinians, Netanyahu has shamelessly used his own interests to hostage a people and trample on civil rights.

Zionist Surveillance Terror in the Time of Corona

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


There are few states like the “Jewish” that shamelessly try to undermine all democratic rules to allegedly defeat the corona virus. What could be better for Netanyahu than using a virus to equate it to terror. It quickly makes clear where the supposed terror comes from: it is the Palestinians.

While the Zionist regime has left no stone unturned for decades in order to limit the freedom of movement of the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and in Gaza, to torture them at checkpoints, to block them off at will and to deprive them of all rights, the corona virus has come to him Law.

“Part of a war”

Almost identical to French President Macron, who spoke in his pathetic “Sun King” speech on Monday evening about a “war” in which France is against the virus in order to justify the drastic measures he has announced, Netanyahu also spoke of an “invisible enemy” against whom he is fighting as “part of a war” to defeat Corona.

Emergency regulations enable all suspicious citizens to be monitored

Trying to curb the expansion of COVID-19 to stop the spread is more than understandable and important. However, the choice of means decides what is still justifiable and compatible with democratic standards, whether a state and its leadership can still be perceived as democracy. Finally, the emergency regulations mean that the Israeli regime will be able to monitor all suspected citizens. So far, it has been almost exclusively the Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and the Gaza concentration camp, and after the second intifada intensified by all means, such as drones, as well as hacking and blocking their accounts in social networks.

Surveillance state based on Orwellian model

With the powers of mass surveillance of Corona-infected Israelis and Palestinians, Netanyahu has shamelessly used his own interests to hostage a people and trample on civil rights. These are emergency laws that allow the domestic secret service Shin-Bet to monitor infected Israelis, as well as use technological means that do not stop at snooping, that allows unlawful detection, and also show no respect for credit cards and privacy, and therefore smartphones uses to brutally spy on cellular data for purposes of “national security”, with all subscriber data, location data, as well as payments and transactions of all kinds, without judicial approval. All of these methods have long been familiar to the Palestinians under Zionist occupation. Let us not pretend, despite all the assertions, it cannot be ruled out if everything works so smoothly and effectively that this total surveillance seamlessly, even without “emergency”, leads the “Jewish state” into an “eternal surveillance state” based on Orwellian model transformed.

Supposedly infected people are considered criminals

Under the guise of the pandemic, all supposedly infected people are considered criminals who are treated by all means. However, Corona is neither a war nor an intifada, but a civil emergency that does not justify monitoring citizens with all technical means and illegally invading their privacy. In combination with camera surveillance on streets, the regime has for years successfully tried out not only online but also real spying on citizens. It is not for nothing that the “Jewish state” is the first country to openly admit to using these technologies. However, what the “Jewish state” celebrates here has only indirectly to do with “fighting the virus” because the citizen is seen as a virus. The attempt to justify also fails miserably,

The majority of Israeli citizens reject these measures, which go beyond what other countries do. Great criticism can be ruled out, where demonstrations and gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited and the parliament (Knesset) does not meet, thus avoiding any political discussion such as in Germany.

In Taiwan, for example, digital surveillance was used to prevent the spread of the epidemic, but in a different way. The Taiwanese government has issued specially designated phones for suspected cases to prevent surveillance of citizens’ private phones. However, Taiwan is also not an occupation country that has imprisoned millions of Palestinians and robbed them of their country and their rights. Will you be able to trust the promises of the Attorney General, who will only endorse this surveillance if the information gathered is destroyed after 30 days? More than questionable in a country that has proven for decades that it is ready not to care about democratic rights. Everything is fatally reminiscent of Gestapo / Stasi methods! (1) (2)

Unpleasant enemies of all terrorists

How the Netanyahu regime takes advantage of a law from 2002, which was heavily criticized when it was introduced, and which stipulates that “threats of terror, sabotage, espionage and the uncovering of state secrets” allow everything and all data on a large scale Authorities and intelligence agencies are unprecedented. Everything is justified with the “anti-terrorist struggle”. According to Haaretz, Zionist secret services boast that, thanks to years of practice, they are well trained to differentiate between “terrorists” who threaten national security and “innocent” civilians. This farce is a “Zionist gag”, after all, for Israeli secret services and politicians, the Palestinians, their supporters and other unwelcome enemies are all terrorists.

Netanyahu is abusing the virus

So what could be better for Netanyahu than presenting himself with unlimited surveillance and complete isolation as a conqueror of the corona virus, which he, like friend Trump, wants to have under control. He misuses the virus to distract from his personal state of emergency and to present himself as an indispensable “doer”. (3)

You cannot break right to commit wrong

If the “Jewish state” completely seals itself off in order to keep the infection rates low, that would not in itself be grounds for criticism, but if all fundamental rights are then undermined, then this cannot be justified. You can’t break right to commit wrong and worse, be praised and taken as a role model.

Netanyahu profited from the corona crisis

That the corruption process against Netanyahu was postponed to May because of Corona is a godsend and makes him one of the profiteers of the Corona crisis. Even if “opposition leader” Gantz was commissioned by President Rivlin to form a government, this does not testify to democracy and hope. In fact, Gantz has refused to coalition with the Jewish-Arab United List. He and his statements on further Gaza attacks, the support for the annexation of the Jordan Valley for “security reasons” and his numerous war crimes as head of government have been disqualified as Netanyahu. Both belong to the International Court of Justice in The Hague as war criminals. He’s not facing corruption charges, but he’s not a candidate for peace either,

With us, too, we can only trust that, despite all the drastic measures that await us in the coming months, democracy will be preserved. According to the standard, Austria also seems to rely on “Israeli surveillance methods”. It is to be hoped that this time there will be no “connection” between Germany and Austria, as we have seen in reverse. (4)

So as German / European citizens we only have to fight racism and Islamophobia for democracy, freedom of expression and our rights, even in times of Corona.

Our common goal: stay healthy so that we can continue to fight.



(2)überwachung- Gegen-Corona-in-Israel/!5672043/




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