Time and again, attempts are being made to establish the Holocaust as the break with civilization, which it was, as the ONLY day of remembrance. Why is there no Nakba day of remembrance so inextricably linked to the Holocaust? And what about the 872 days (from 1941 to 1944) of the siege of Leningrad by German troops, which also ended on January 27? During this siege with the aim of the Nazis to systematically starve the Leningrad population, estimates estimated that between 630,000 and 1.5 million people died.

The Motherland Calls is a breathtaking 85-m high statue, the centrepiece of the “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad” memorial at the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. It is the world’s tallest statue depicting a female figure

Remedy remembrance culture

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

The commemoration of the victims of National Socialism and the International Day of Remembrance of Holocaust Rembrance Day (Holocaust Victims) on 27 January has again become a nefarious “non-memorial day”. Time and again, attempts are being made to establish the Holocaust as the break with civilization, which it was, as the ONLY day of remembrance. Why is there no Nakba day of remembrance so inextricably linked to the Holocaust? And what about the 872 days (from 1941 to 1944) of the siege of Leningrad by German troops, which also ended on January 27? During this siege with the aim of the Nazis to systematically starve the Leningrad population, estimates estimated that between 630,000 and 1.5 million people died.


It is incomprehensible until today, which cruelties the Germans did to these trapped humans. It was the inferno par excellence and comparable to an extermination camp. More than 700,000 dead army fighters lost their lives fighting for Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. The German Wehrmacht knew what it was doing and reported exactly about the conditions.


Infame Journaille not to outnumber perversity


If today, 75 years after this crime against humanity, the Süddeutsche Zeitung thinks nothing better than to pull the liberation of Leningrad and the Russian commemoration and thus the victims in the dirt, then that should concern us. No, not Moscow “abuses” the memory of the victims, as Silke Bigalke in their dirt commentary “Blocked Remembrance” in the SZ January 25 to the best. Russia has every right to remember that day. How this is to happen is certainly not to be decided by German journalists. We should all be ashamed of all this abominable behavior of an infamous journalist. (1)


Also, that 75 years after the end of the siege of Leningrad, a German government supported by nothing to justify sanctions against Russia, and thus figuratively starve Russian citizens starve, can not be beat for perversity. Apart from that, you are harming our economy and thus us, the citizens and sovereigns! We German citizens are well aware of Russia’s ever-extending hand and its magnanimity towards Germany, who shy away from the belligerent transatlanticists in the government like the devil shuns the holy water. The “generous gesture as a symbol that we are aware of our responsibility” of Foreign Minister Maas, with 12 million euros to support surviving victims in Russia, is not enough! It would have to be 12 billion and the immediate lifting of the blockade against Russia.


What happens instead? Russia is becoming the bad boy of the INF agreement, and massive conventional armament is threatening. While NATO is boasting ever-increasing arms spending – at the expense of the taxpayer who wants to live in peace – the US and even Israel are getting stronger, without controls and threats of action.


So how can a contract be rescued that wants to be canceled by the US, with all the dirty tricks? How can we get the US or Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty before forcing other countries to comply with the treaty? What a mendacious policy of double standards, which now guides our foreign policy. Especially Germany should always be aware of its responsibility towards Russia.


Are we again in the Cold War and the nuclear deterrent as a weapon? It seems like you have not learned anything and are getting back into forgotten strategies. In this context, I am thinking of “Operation Unthinkable,” a war plan commissioned by the then British Prime Minister, Churchill, on May 22, 1945, shortly after the German surrender of the Wehrmacht, the military repulse of the then Soviet Union, and the restoration of Poland by Great Britain and the US, but was classified by the British Chief of Staff Committee as military impracticable. Thus, fortunately, nothing came of Churchill’s fantasies about the “Third World War” against the Soviet Union, except for his treacherous slogan “we slaughtered the wrong pig. (2) (3) (4)


Under the hypocritical term “western values”


Even today we experience similar simulation games and Nato fantasies under the guise of “peacekeeping measures”! This ranges from the brutal Nato-Ost fraud, the grotesque “defense of Germany in the Hindu Kush” and other warlike aggression to “regime changes” and blunt interference in the affairs of sovereign countries. Everything under the hypocritical term “western values”.

The USA has been operating regime changes for decades, for example in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Egypt, and they are currently trying to do so in Venezuela. It supports the US puppet, the self-proclaimed transitional president and parliamentary president Guaido in his coup attempt against elected President Maduro. I find it extremely reprehensible that the EU and Germany at the front line behind these putschists and sets in Gutsherrenmanier Maduro an ultimatum until 3 February to start new elections, otherwise they threaten the recognition of the putschists. The USA, Canada, Australia, some Latin American states and Israel (!) Have already done this. Is this really compatible with “western values”? I mean no, because if those are the values, we can not really lower any more. A statement by Washington in the UN Security Council to support Guaido failed to support China and Russia. Turkey, too, thankfully backed Maduro.Once again, with the old trick of smugglers, the shortage of food and payments on the screw, people are forced to make a coup.


So the solidarity of the more than 70 intellectuals, including Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and other well-known personalities, is so important that in an open letter “in the interest of the Venezuelan people, the region and the principle of national sovereignty” an end to the US Intervention in Venezuela. Critical German voices are sought in vain! (5)


The policy of the German government under Merkel leads us into the uncritical transatlanticization and arms trap, which inevitably leads to the abyss. So, if 75 years after the end of the war and the liberation of Auschwitz, German soldiers are stationed in the “Jewish State” and trained to be armed combat drones, then the responsible German politicians have learned nothing from our history. German soldiers are trained by brutal and murderous Jewish “defense soldiers”, an army that does not shy away from brutal extrajudicial executions, brutal occupation crimes and genocide in Gaza. (6)


Chancellor Merkel can not be beaten by malicious hypocrisy


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement, which never interferes in “internal affairs” in the “Jewish state,” described Iran’s policy as “threatening to Israel” in a radio interview with an Israeli broadcaster on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is not malignant to outbid is.


Because not Iran – who has never attacked another country militarily – is a threat to the “Jewish state”, but the militarily armed Israel threatens and combats for years already Iran by all means. Merkel’s kowtowing goes so far as to show understanding for the “concerns of Israel over Iran” and that she considers it “important and correct” that Israel represents its “security interests”, and refers to the Israeli – in violation of international law – air strikes against Syria does not condemn them, but actually says: “Israel must secure its existence, and the situation in Syria is, of course, a very threatening one for Israel as well”. In addition, Merkel continued, “we are also committed to ensuring that, for example, no Iranian forces come so close to the Golan Heights”. But Merkel can speak as she wants: the occupied Golan is and remains Syrian and will one day be liberated! (7)


As it turns out, Merkel’s statements are not in line with our democratic principles. Their comments on the illegally occupied Golan Heights, which the “Jewish State” claims to be forever, are hardly reconcilable with international law. If this is our official policy, then we have moved away from all norms. While Russia was promptly sanctioned because of the secession of the Crimea after a previous referendum – because many international lawyers are by no means concerned about an “annexation” – the “Jewish state” is allowed to land their land every day. The Israeli crimes against international law, human rights, illegal occupation and the policy of apartheid against the Palestinian people have never been sanctioned.After all, according to Merkel, these are “internal affairs” of the “Jewish friends” who can still enjoy their support and shameful denial of Palestinian rights. This is the philosemitic “Christian-Zionist” Merkel policy 75 years after the end of the war and with the empty mantra “Never again”.


To include Russians and Palestinians equally in commemoration!


The “Jewish State” abuses the memory of the victims of the Holocaust – and with energetic German help. There is no memory without peace, and Israel was never ready to make peace with the Palestinians. When the Bundestag commemorates the victims of the Nazi regime on January 31, it would be time to finally include the Russians and the Palestinians in this commemoration on an equal footing, otherwise this ritual will remain as unnecessary and hypocritical as every year, and it will degenerate to the weapon of remembrance culture.









(5) /


(7) as- threat-Israels-article20830571.html

In the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (NRhZ) published in issue 690 dated 30.01.2019 under


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The first holocaust deniers

The first holocaust deniers

If you Google the words ‘Define Holocaust’ You will get one link after another from various dictionaries defining ‘The Holocaust’. One gets the impression from this that there was only one in the past century …. but what about the ‘other one’? It took 100 years for a Catholic Pope to call the slaughter of a million and a half Armenians as the ‘first genocide’ of the 20th century …. but the term ‘holocaust’ was not used.


How many millions have to die to get the recognition??

Pope Francis calls Armenian slaughter ‘first genocide of the 20th century’

Pope Francis sparked a diplomatic incident with Turkey on Sunday by calling the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks “the first genocide of the 20th century” and urging the international community to recognize it as such. (Read more HERE)

President Obama even refuses to call this mass slaughter of innocents a genocide …

Obama won’t call it Armenian ‘genocide’ on 100th anniversary of atrocity

President Barack Obama, wary of damaging relations with Turkey amid growing unrest in the Middle East, won’t use the 100th anniversary of the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire to declare the brutal episode a genocide. (Full report HERE)

The Prime Minister of Turkey offered condolences this week to Armenians, again without using the term holocaust …

Turkish Prime Minister Offers Condolences to Armenians for Genocide

Today April 24th is considered Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day by Armenians throughout the world. Yesterday for the very first time in history on the eve of the 99th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Turkish government abandoned its century long official wall of denial when  the Turkish Prime Minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan expressed his condolences to Armenians around the world who lost ancestors at the hands of Ottoman Turks. It was a historic gesture welcomed by many including a handful of prominent and outspoken Turkish historians who have been encouraging the government to change its longstanding policy of denying that Turks ever killed Armenians at all. After reading his conciliatory message before the Turkish parliament, Erdogan received a warm reception from his ministers and legislators. (Full report HERE)

Ironically, Israel has been instrumental in this particular holocaust’s denial.

Again WHY?

Israel, the denier of another nation’s holocaust

But Israel hasn’t been willing to forgo its monopoly on victimhood or share its exclusive right to be the persecuted. It always has its cost-benefit analyses and global interests to consider — whether with apartheid South Africa or the juntas of Argentina and Chile. (Full report HERE)

The above, despite the fact that thousands of Armenian live in the Old City of Jerusalem …

Urging recognition, Jerusalem Armenians mark 100th anniversary of genocide

On Thursday evening at 6:15 p.m., as barbecue smoke wafts over the entire length of Israel as Independence Day ceremonies draw to a close, church bells will peal over the Old City of Jerusalem, echoing through its ancient stone alleyways. The bells from 18 churches will ring 100 times in succession, one toll for each year since the Armenian Genocide, which started on April 24, 1915. (Report HERE)

Again, WHY HAS TURKEY BEEN PROTECTED FOR 100 YEARS AGAINST ITS EVIL DEED? How long does the nation of Armenia have to wait for the recognition this horror deserves??

Just as Israel ‘cashed in’ on its holocaust, Armenians deserve reparations as well. An apology is far from enough!

A young Armenian shows her arm tattooed with the land of Armenia, on April 12, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

A young Armenian shows her arm tattooed with the land of Armenia, on April 12, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)


Bibi’s song and dance on Iran wasn’t going too well …

In fact, the video shows how his opposition cashed in on the speech.

… So, it was time to pull out the Holocaust Card by acknowleging Elie Weisel in the audience.

As if that wasn’t enough, our dear Shmuley (Boteach) pulled the card out a little more afterwards by devoting his weekly Jerusalem Post column to Weisel.

Before I post his words, I must state that I am not in the camp of holocaust deniers as some may think. I also do not have to be reminded by the likes of a Weisel, Boteach or Netanyahu that it occurred. I lost the entire Paternal side of my family in Auschwitz and am reminded of this daily as I carry the name of my Grandfather who was one of the victims. Unlike Weisel, who made and continues to make million$ through his writings and guided tours through the various camps, I have dedicated my entire life to ensure that those horrors never happen again TO ANYONE. Boteach and Weisel both limit the ‘Never Again’ only to members of his own tribe.

The day before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s masterful oration to Congress, our organization, This World: The Values Network, held one of its most moving events yet, “The Meaning of ‘Never Again’: Guarding Against a Nuclear Iran,” in Washington. Elie Wiesel joined me along with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to discuss the genocidal threats from Iran and the rise of global anti-Semitism.

No Holds Barred: At Bibi’s speech with Elie Wiesel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with author Elie Wiesel after speech to US Congress in Washington. (photo credit:AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with author Elie Wiesel after speech to US Congress in Washington. (photo credit:AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

This week I traveled with Prof. Wiesel and his wife, Marion, and my wife, Debbie, to the prime minister’s speech as guests of Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner.

Elie Weisel and I took out ads in America’s major newspapers supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right to speak to the American Congress about the Iranian nuclear threat. The ads were beautiful and biblical, retelling the story of Esther and the choice she was given between alienating her king by speaking up for her people and remaining silent. She chose to save her people from annihilation.

The speech was magnificent and did much to vindicate those who put their reputations on the line to support it.

The day before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s masterful oration to Congress, our organization, This World: The Values Network, held one of its most moving events yet, “The Meaning of ‘Never Again’: Guarding Against a Nuclear Iran,” in Washington. Elie Wiesel joined me along with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to discuss the genocidal threats from Iran and the rise of global anti-Semitism.

The event sought to lend support to Netanyahu’s campaign for a tougher stance against the Iranians’ nuclear program, particularly in light of their genocidal threats against the Jewish state; it was Elie Wiesel at his most eloquent.

We had scheduled the event to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the murder of Anne Frank, who died in the first week of March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen. The exact date is not known.

The most famous survivor of the Holocaust would commemorate its most famous victim.

And what better way to respect her memory than in protecting her people from the threat of yet another genocidal regime, yet again from Persia.

The event got off to a heated start as protesters from Code Pink stormed the floor, trying to disrupt the procession with banners and screams. From the time the event began, though, and from the time Wiesel began to speak, there was barely a sound. All were entranced by his soft-spoken, yet all so powerful, words of wisdom.

Wiesel spoke of the differences between today and his years in the Nazi death camps.

Today, we have friends who will protect us.

Back then, he lamented, America did far too little to protect the Jews of Europe, a failure which Cruz said underscored the importance of acting against Iran today. More important, Elie Wiesel pointed out that today we have an army dedicated to the protection of the Jewish People. Indeed, he spoke of the sense of wonder that overcame him the first time he saw an IDF uniform. Yet he also lamented the key similarity between now and then – the presence of anti-Semitism. It is the eternal companion of the Jewish People, yet, the professor offered, it can be ameliorated through education.

Wiesel spoke of how he truly believed that after the unspeakable crime of the Holocaust anti-Semitism would die down, perhaps be purged from the earth forever. Surely now the nations of the world, having seen where their hatred can lead, would forgo revulsion for the Jews. But there was no such thing. Wiesel said he was horrified to see it all return so viciously.

Wiesel stated his absolute support for the prime minister’s speech. He said that we must rely as much on the threats of our enemies as we do on the promises of our friends. We dare not downplay the danger posed by Iran. “Especially when their threats are repeated, we have to take them seriously,’’ he said. “I need proof that Iran has changed its policy. If the evil begins its work, don’t give it another chance.”

Cruz, too, took a hard line on Iran. The prime minister’s speech had been become mired in politics, yet “politics are not what matters now,” he asserted. “What matters now is the single greatest national security threat to the world today – and that is preventing a nuclear Iran.” Tehran could not be trusted in negotiations, he said, and “those who are negotiating with Iran fundamentally don’t understand who they are dealing with.

“History may well record it as a mistake and a catastrophe on the order of magnitude of Munich,’’ said Cruz, referring to the failed 1938 “peace” deal that allowed Hitler to annex parts of Czechoslovakia. “When our negotiators return with a promise of ‘peace in our time,’ we should believe this no more now than we should have believed it then,” he said.

The most moving part of the event came at the end. Wiesel told the spellbound audience: “Everything I have endured could have led me to choose despair… I could have said, ‘Goodbye world, you’ve rejected me. You’ve killed off my father and mother, and everyone I’ve loved.’ I could have moved to the desert. I could have chosen to forget and just to enjoy my life; after all, I deserved it. And yet, I rejected that.

I chose to remember and to teach.” He said that he rejected that path because he could not live a life of loneliness. “Only G-d is alone.”

He needed to embrace others, and help them when he could.

And indeed, he stood before us having just flown in to Washington at this critical moment, all to support the Jewish People in its time of need.

Right after the prime minister’s speech, Wiesel and I went to a reception with prime minister Netanyahu where the prime minister thanked him warmly for attending. In the speech itself he had been the only person the prime minister welcomed personally. As we left the reception, and Debbie and I escorted the Wiesels to their car, it was freezing cold with a snowy breeze. I saw Wiesel huddled against his overcoat as the wind blew around him. Before me I saw the great hero of the Jewish People, prepared to meet any threat his people faced, prepared to always speak out.

Prepared to speak truth to power. Adamant that Never Again must mean exactly that.

And as he left, I told him, in the endearing term I’ve used for him for 25 years, “Reb Eliezer. You are our prince and our great light to the nations. God bless you with long life and the best of health. I cannot imagine a world without you.”



Richard Goldstone and his team personally confirmed the deaths of 47 children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

But Wiesel says he doesn’t know anything about the killing of children in Gaza. How seriously can we take his pronouncements on Israeli policy or international affairs if he’s not aware of these basic facts?


‘Tour Guide’ of one holocaust …
U.S. President Obama listens to Holocaust survivor Wiesel during visit  to former Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp
Denier of another one …
In his own words …
elie wiesel

Elie Wiesel claims he doesn’t ‘know anything’ about Operation Cast Lead

Alex Kane

Elie Wiesel’s statements about Israel’s 2008-09 attack on Gaza don’t add up.

On September 29, Wiesel appeared alongside Sheldon Adelson, Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Shmuley Boteach to talk genocide and about how the “strong” can protect the “weak” in the context of the chemical weapons attack in Syria in August. “Israel is part of our lives. It is truly part of mine,” Wiesel said on stage.

At the conclusion of the bizarre event, Max Blumenthal and I asked the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor an obvious, though unasked, question: who would protect the people of Gaza from Israel?

His first answer (minute 6:20 in the video above) was that “all human beings should be protected everywhere.” When I pressed him about the 300 children killed in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and whether he supported the assault, his response was: “I don’t know anything about it.” Blumenthal and I each tried one more time, and Wiesel again said he didn’t know anything about Cast Lead.

But Wiesel knows about Israel’s 2008-09 attack on Gaza. In September 2009, Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Elliott Abrams and others signed an NGO Monitor letterthat criticized Human Rights Watch’s reporting on the “recent Gaza conflict.” In February 2010, Wiesel told Haaretz that the Goldstone report, which documented human rights violations committed by the Israeli army during its assault on Gaza, was “a crime against the Jewish people.”

Richard Goldstone and his team personally confirmed the deaths of 47 children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

But Wiesel says he doesn’t know anything about the killing of children in Gaza. How seriously can we take his pronouncements on Israeli policy or international affairs if he’s not aware of these basic facts?

(H/T Max Blumenthal.)

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Rather than admit that life in the Gaza Strip was virtually destroyed by actions of the Israeli army, they now want you to believe that just the opposite is the case …. here is how they do it; 
A few questions came to mind after reading the following ….
1. Where are the building materials coming from (and how are they getting through the closed border)
2. Where are the goods on sale coming from seeing as the siege does not allow goods to enter the Strip?
Does the IDF really believe we are all stupid??

Israel army publishes fake image of huge “Gaza shopping mall”

Ali Abunimah

An enormous shopping mall the Israeli army claims is in the Gaza Strip. (Source: IDF Blog)


In one of its periodic efforts to deny the devastating effects of its siege of Gaza, the Israeli occupation army published a blog post on 12 August claiming that Palestinians in Gaza are “out in force, enjoying themselves in sparkling new malls, beautiful beaches and hotels, and doing their shopping in pristine grocery stores and markets heaving with fresh produce.” (Screenshot of entire “IDF blog” post).

The “IDF blog” includes the impressive photo above of a shopping mall where Palestinians in Gaza are supposedly shopping for the latest imported fashions.

I showed the photo to The Electronic Intifada’s correspondent in Gaza, Rami Almeghari. His reaction: “I can assure you that there is no such mall in Gaza.” Rami is quite right.

Fake image

If you do a Google Image search using the image from the “IDF” blog post, the same image turns up associated with the Metro Plaza shopping mall in Kolkata, India as well as several other places. 




A Google image search turned up many examples, like this one, of the image associated with other malls.


Where is it really?

But the “Gaza mall” photo published by the Israeli army is actually an image of the Suria KLCC Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as numerous user-generated photographs on the travel review site attest.

You can also see many people shopping at the mall – in Malaysia – in this video:



Israeli army sources: anti-Palestinian, Islamophobic blogs

Before publishing it on 12 August on its English-language website, the Israeli army published the same post in French on 4 August.

It was then published by the anti-Palestinian website Tribune Juive the same day.

But some of the material had already circulated on many other Islamophobic websites long before.

For example, the same Kuala Lumpur mall photo, purportedly in Gaza, appeared on a virulently Islamophobic blog called “Barenaked Islam” in April 2012, and was disseminated on Facebook by “Geert Wilders supporters,” a page dedicated to the Islamophobic Dutch politician.

It also appeared on “Religion of Peace,” another anti-Muslim hate site.

It would appear that the Israeli army gets its information about Gaza from Islamophobic hate sites.

Forced dependency

The Kuala Lumpur shopping mall is vastly bigger than any commercial facility anywhere in Gaza.

But another image, the supermarket shown on the “IDF” blog, appears to be the Metro supermarket in Gaza. I didn’t visit it, but I did visit the Abu Dallal supermarket in Nuseirat refugee camp.

I was told that Abu Dallal is one of largest supermarkets in Gaza. By American, European, or Jordanian standards it is not very big, smaller than an average CVS or Boots drugstore.

More important than its size, however, is that like other stores in Gaza, it is packed full of Israeli goods.

That’s one of the ways the Israeli blockade creates dependency: While Gaza industry and agriculture are devastated by the siege, Israel is happy enough to see its own companies profiting from people in Gaza, siphoning off what little income they have, whether from work, humanitarian aid or remittances abroad, by selling them Israeli goods.

Poverty and dependency are the real effects of siege

But Israel is much more restrictive when it comes to supplies that meet basic needs and could allow Gaza to move out of dependency. There is, for example, a shortage of 250 schools for Gaza’s children, which cannot be built due to the lack of building supplies.

And the reality is that while there is food in Gaza, “severe poverty has increased over years of closure and because of travel restrictions,” Gisha, an Israeli nongovermental organization that monitors the siege, noted in a recent factsheet.

More than 70 percent of the Gaza population receives some form of humanitarian aid, compared with one third in the year 2000.

For imports of raw materials and many basic goods, Gaza’s economy remains heavily dependent on underground tunnels to Egypt, as I saw myself during my visit, and as Gisha also documents.

Since the Egyptian military coup on 3 July, the Egyptian army, which works closely with Israel, has been instensifying its effort to destroy the tunnels.

Exports crushed

Israel continues to crush Gaza’s export industries. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Israel has allowed a total of 94 trucks out of Gaza in 2013 – that’s about a dozen a month from a population of almost 1.7 million people. Insignificant.

By contrast, in 2007, the year before the siege began to bite, more than 5,000 trucks were allowed out of Gaza. In 2001 it was 15,000.

Cynical propaganda

The Israeli army’s cynical propaganda is supposed to distract people from the fact that the vast majority of people in Gaza live in deep poverty and a very precarious economic situation, without electricity for 8-12 hours per day, and depend on humanitarian aid, due to Israel.

Gaza’s per capita annual GDP is just over $1,000 dollars. Compare that with $32,800 for Israel.

The lesson: learn the facts and don’t be taken in by Israeli army fabrications.

With thanks to Twitter user @sallyidwedar who initially spotted “IDF” fakery, and Omar Ghraieb for answering my queries about Gaza’s supermarkets.

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With all the holocaust denial we read and hear about, here’s a new twist  from a section of the Jewish ultra orthodox camp. Censoring of photos seems to have become acceptable among them since they cut Hillary Clinton out of photos last year…
Hillary Before …
Hillary After …
Now this …
The original …
Where are the two women in the photo? …
I just have two questions for those who are committing this assault on women’s dignity. First, how exactly is it that you are honoring the memory of a dead woman — murdered by the Nazis — by implying that her appearance serves as an inappropriate sexual temptation to men? And are you going to continue with this horrendous practice until you have totally erased women out of recorded Jewish history — past, present and future?

Even Women of Holocaust Get Blurred

By Renee Ghert-Zand

The Sisterhood has covered Haredi exclusion of women from the Israeli public sphere for some time now. When it comes to the removal of women’s images from public view, we’ve seen the disappearance of women from advertisements; the photoshopping of female leaders like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of news photos; the blurring of women’s and girls’ faces on memorial notices and even the erasing of a pair of women’s shoes from an innocuous photo of a family’s shoe drawer.

But now this practice has reached a high — or, rather low — point with the blurring out of the face of a woman in a Holocaust-era photo. Ynet reported that the Haredi newspaper “Bakehillah” (In the community) censored the face of Matilda Goldfinger, the woman who appears to the left of the little boy wearing a yellow star with his hands raised in the iconic photo documenting the final liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in May 1943, following the Jewish uprising there that began on the first night of Passover that year. Goldfinger’s daughter Henka (Hannah) was killed moments after the photograph was taken.

The paper ran the photo with a story profiling Aryeh Ludwig Simonson, who is one of the five men who claim to be the boy in the iconic photo (historical researchers have been unable to definitively identify the boy). Simonson is a retired former El-Al employee living in London.

In response to inquiries from Ynet, Avraham Dov Greenboim, editor of “Bakehillah,” said the blurring of the woman’s face was appropriate, given that the article was focused on the little boy. “In addition, we honor the memory of victims of the Holocaust, and we also respect our readers and only put in front of them what they need and want to see,” he said. The paper, along with other Haredi publications, operate under the watchful eye of a “spiritual commission” that ensures “modesty.”

I didn’t think the modesty police could stoop any lower than erasing the face of a female terror victim, but now they have done just that with the blurring of the face of a woman who was the victim of terror on a genocidal scale.

I just have two questions for those who are committing this assault on women’s dignity. First, how exactly is it that you are honoring the memory of a dead woman — murdered by the Nazis — by implying that her appearance serves as an inappropriate sexual temptation to men? And are you going to continue with this horrendous practice until you have totally erased women out of recorded Jewish history — past, present and future?

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The ongoing one in Gaza and the rest of Palestine…
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
From the archives of WRH

GERMANY 1940               ISRAEL 2012


Such campaigns won’t intimidate me. I will continue to stand up for the rights of Palestinians and I will continue to put my art at their service.



Nothing new under the sun – More lies spread by the #Israel lobby Inc.

By Carlos Latuff

In recent days, pro-Israel blogs have been published articles accusing me (guess what) of being a Holocaust denier. This happened because in 2006 I participated in the Holocaust Cartoon Contest that had been set up by the House of Cartoon in Tehran. This contest was a response to the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that had been published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and was intended to test the Western limits of the freedom of speech. This new smear campaign was launched by Zionist bloggers due to some cartoons I had made for the activist group Code Pink for use in the Occupy AIPAC protests. It was intended to pressure the group into not using the artworks which were made by me, a so-called “Holocaust denier”.

They say, among other things, that I am a Holocaust denier, but fail to prove their point. In the article, reproduced ad nauseam by them, there is not one article, opinion or cartoon made by me where I deny the existence of the Nazi Holocaust. It’s because I have never made such cartoons. These bloggers are trying to apply the old “a lie repeated many times over becomes a truth” tactic.

Regarding the Holocaust Cartoon Contest, here are the three cartoons I submitted:
With this one I won 2nd place in the contest:
 In the first two cartoons, I deal with the red lines of Western freedom of speech. Drawing derogative cartoons about Islam or the Prophet Mohammed is seen as freedom of speech, the same can’t be appplied when dealing with the Holocaust.
The third cartoon shows a Palestinian wearing a Nazi concentration camp uniform, surrounded by an Israeli “security fence”. Actually it has nothing to do with denial. On the contrary, this cartoon affirms the existence of the Holocaust and compares the treatment given to Palestinians by Israel with the treatment given to the Jews by Nazi Germany. I challenge anyone anywhere to show me a single cartoon, article or opinion by me that denies the Holocaust.
This incident is, in fact, another chapter in a long term campaign against me by the same groups and individuals siding with Israel and its criminal policies. They know the effectiveness of political cartooning in exposing Israel’s human rights violations against Palestinians. Since they can’t censor all the progressive blogs, websites, and social platforms, which reproduce my artworks freely, they try hard to attach labels such as “anti-Semite” and “Holocaust denier” in order to discredit and attempt to criminalize my views in the public eye.
Such campaigns won’t intimidate me. I will continue to stand up for the rights of Palestinians and I will continue to put my art at their service.


In a strange way I found something rather amusing this morning as I was skimming through the ‘news’ on Ynet’s site. There was a report about Israel possibly recognising the Armenian holocaust as an actual event in history. There definitely is no humour involved in or connected to this very dark period of history, but what I found amusing were the reasons why the call for its recognition now, almost a century after the fact. The reasons are not out of sympathy for the Armenian nation, but because of the status of Turkish-Israeli relations. It has nothing to do with the suffering that the Armenians went through. As the report itself states; The question of what exactly happened there is irrelevant to this issue. After all, no sane historian is willing to accept the Turkish claim that it was merely a matter of a civil war and not a methodical massacre of the Armenians by the Turks.
The full report can be read HERE

Recognize Armenian Shoah

Op-ed: With Turkey ties at nadir, time is right to finally recognize Armenian tragedy

There are over 2,500 Armenians living in the city of Jerusalem. The non recognition of the holocaust has not been the strongest point in forging friendships between them, as a community, and the Israelis living in the city. Israel seems to have a knack of not caring about others, especially if they are not part of the ‘chosen ones’ …. perhaps this will be the start of a new policy, although it is highly doubtful.
Ok… at this point you might be asking what all of the above has to do with the Crucifixion. I’ll tell you …. I have a God-daughter in Canada named Stephanie, named after me…
She is the daughter of my very dearest friend. His family are French-Canadian Catholics. Not all of the members of the family were thrilled when I, le Juif (the Jew), was asked to be the God-father.
At a family dinner that I was invited to I was teasing the wee lassie about something until her grandmother butted in and said “if you don’t stop teasing her I will tell her what you did”! I asked what that was ….. her response shocked me, “You killed Jesus”!
Here it is almost 30 years later and that very same logic is being used by some Israeli officials …. both shocking and amusing at the same time. For Israel to speak of holocausts when they themselves are committing one against the people of Palestine is more than ironic.


 Image by Kathe Kollwitz, Never Again War, 1924, charcoal on laid paper
There are those that deny the FACT that there WAS a Holocaust. In some countries this has been declared illegal and those that dare speak their mind contrary to these facts are punished by law.
This Blog does not allow comments which deny or downplay the fact that millions of people were murdered during this period. We do not play the ‘numbers game’ either, suffice it to say that millions were slaughtered, not only Jews, but Gypsies, Trade Unionists, Communists, homosexuals and other minorities that didn’t quite ‘fit in’ to the master race.
Today, in Israel, it is Holocaust Remembrance Day, but to the survivors of this horror, every day of the year is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The numbers burnt onto their arms are a constant reminder off the suffering they endured. There are others, like myself, that carry the name of a close relative that perished in the camps, in which case every time someone calls my name, we are reminded of that person’s demise.
After the war, cries of Never Again were heard throughout Eastern Europe. NEVER AGAIN….
to whom? BUT, it is happening again on a daily basis. IT MUST STOP …. in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, the list grows daily.
“Never Again” will we stand still while there is injustice in the world. “Never Again” will we keep silent while innocent people are being murdered. “Never Again” will we turn a blind eye while homes are being demolished. “Never Again” will we close our ears while civilians are being displaced. “Never Again” will we be silent in the face of tyranny and injustice. “Never Again” will we be silent.


“This went on for maybe two thousand years,” he said. “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.” (If only the last part were true….. the Muslims seem to get blamed for everything these days)

Fidel Castro tells Ahmadinejad: Stop bashing the Jews

“The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust,” ageing revolutionary tell U.S. journal The Atlantic.

Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro has urged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stop slandering the Jews, according to an article published on the U.S. website The Atlantic on Tuesday.

The ageing revolutionary devoted much of a five-hour conversation to the issue of anti-Semitism, wrote Jeffrey Goldberg, who interviewed Castro in the Cuban capital Havana.

Castro told The Atlantic that the Iranian government should understand the consequences anti-Semitism.

“This went on for maybe two thousand years,” he said. “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.”

He added: “The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.”

Asked by Goldberg if he would repeat his comments to Ahmadinejad, Castro said. “I am saying this so you can communicate it.”

Following the interview, Goldberg spoke with Haaretz about his impression of the thinking behind Castro’s comments.
“I think he [Castro] realizes he’s gone too far in certain criticisms of Israel,” Goldberg said.
“I think he wants to be a player in this issue; and I think he’s genuinely offended by Holocaust denial.”

Ahmadinejad has publicly called the Holocaust “a myth”, claiming Jews exaggerated the Nazi genocide to win sympathy from European governments.

The Atlantic article can be seen HERE


Deceit — Destruction — Denial


What is referred to as ‘The Holocaust‘, lasted 12 years from beginning to end. This does not include the number of years of the ongoing holocaust against the people of Palestine. Next month it will have reached the 62 year mark…. and continuing as I write this.

It started on the day that Israel’s Independence was declared by the United Nations, the 14th of May, 1948. On that day, the nation of Palestine ceased to exist. The Day of the Nakba is what that day is commonly called by Palestinians as well as by Progressive Israelis. It is the day that millions of Palestinians faced forced expulsions from homes, their towns and villages in the face of Jewish and later Israeli troop advances. Millions of these refugees eventually wound up living in refugee camps built by the very world body that was responsible for their displacement. Sixty two years later, millions still languish in those very camps. They are the lucky ones in a way, those that remained behind have systematically been slaughtered by the State of Israel. Sixty two years later Palestinians are still forced from their homes and properties as illegal settlements are built on lands belonging to them.

In many European countries. including Germany, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust took place. Violators of these laws have served prison terms for as long as seven years.

In Israel, it will soon be illegal to admit that the Nakba took place. The Israeli Parliament is in the process of passing a Bill which would outlaw the teaching of these events in Israeli classrooms, including those in the Arab sector.
Among the activities forbidden by the “Nakba Law” are marking Independence Day and the founding of Israel with mourning ceremonies and vandalizing or physical disdain towards the flag and State symbols. As in the case of the holocaust deniers, there are many Israelis that are prepared to risk all by publicly mourning with the people of Palestine.

Denials of FACTS does not negate them. THIS photo essay shows the similarities of both holocausts. The resemblances of the horrors are frightening, the only difference is the ones of the ‘holocaust’ came to light after the fact…. the ones in Israel are presented while the atrocities are still being carried out.

In many Eastern European cities the Jewish areas were walled off to keep them from being a part of society. In Israel today most Arab areas are walled off, the excuse being to prevent terrorist attacks. Yet those attacks continue on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli terrorists I speak of. When the Jews resisted these measures in Europe they were referred to as resistance fighters. The Palestinians are simply called terrorists. If you looked at the photos presented in the link above you can see a contradiction to this terminology. Palestinians are fighting for their very lives as well as their homeland just as the Jews did years earlier.
Three years after the holocaust ended Israel was declared a state. Many say this was a direct result of the holocaust itself. Does Palestine have to wait till their dead reach the total of six million to get the same homeland they deserve, a homeland that belonged to them in the first place. Why is it that after 62 years the scales of justice are still tilted  against the victims of the ongoing holocaust?

Recent events have brought the struggles of the Palestinian people to the front pages of the mass media. The UN sponsored Goldstone Report put on display the horrors suffered by the Gazan population at the hands of the zionist oppressors. The last few months of continued settler expansion has brought angry responses from officials in the Obama Administration as well as from the leadership of the European Union. BUT, nothing is being done about this. Again I ask, do the fatalities have to reach the six million mark before anything is actually done about this?

As of this writing the proceedings at AIPAC’s convention are making news on all American airwaves and media outlets. Israel is rejoicing at the US governments position that ….
” America’s support for Israel was “rock solid, unwavering, enduring, and forever.” That position, along with the 3 BILLION dollars a year they give to Israel is the go ahead for Israel to continue it’s aggressive policies against the Palestinians.

That same US government is doing everything in its power to insure that the Palestinian position not even be heard. Are they convinced that the truth will set the Palestinians free?

The valiant people of Palestine are putting up a brave fight against the oppression, but they must not struggle alone. ALL people of conscience throughout the world must stand up in their defense. Their struggle is a just one, their struggle is ours. Despite efforts by the US and other European governments, the facts will not remain hidden from the public eye. We, at this site, as well as on others, will continue to bring you those facts until the day Palestine is free.



On the 14th of May please light a candle for the people of Palestine…


Then and Now

When I was a child I was told by my father that his entire family perished in Auschwitz. To this day I could not comprehend such a horror. It was confirmed to me recently that my family was transported from their village in Slovakia to Auschwitz and never returned home. This confirmation 60 years after the fact was still difficult to comprehend, but it was real.

The State of Israel was founded on this suffering. A state founded out of guilt, but the wrong ‘party’ is suffering today for that guilt. The Palestinians were not the ones who slaughtered the Jews of Eastern Europe, yet they are the ones being slaughtered today by the zionists. The FACT that this is denied by so many people is  sickening.

Since its inception, the State of Israel has had on its agenda the systematic destruction of not only the Palestinian Nation, but of the Palestinian people themselves. The same guilt that founded the State has turned a blind eye to this and has allowed it to continue.

I never considered myself to be a ‘Holocaust Jew’. I never cried that ‘we suffered therefore we deserve special treatment’… , but the truth remains, that we did suffer. I am really getting sick and tired of those that constantly deny this, especially when these denials come from Jews themselves.

I am sick and tired also of those Jews that have ‘cashed in on this suffering’ through books movies and lectures. Organisations have been established under the guise of ‘nazi hunters’, they have proven to be one of the most successful branches of the ‘Holocaust Industry’.

Instead of the crying or cashing in on the past, I decided at a very young age to live the mantra of ‘Never Again’…. TO ANYONE. In midlife I chose to move to Israel to do what I could to make sure the Holocaust against the Palestinian people stops. What happened to the Jews in Eastern Europe does not give a green light for them to do the same to others..

Seeing a survivor of those horrors struggle against today’s evils is truly an inspiration. I am speaking of Hedy Epstein, who as I write this, is on her way to Gaza to take part in the Gaza Freedom March. This is what the Holocaust should have ‘produced’ as an ‘industry’, an industry that does not allow a repetition of the past…. NEVER AGAIN!

As we approach the first anniversary of the war in Gaza, known as ‘Operation Cast Lead’, the State of Israel should be hanging its head in shame for the world to see. Instead, they deny that there were any wrongdoings on their part…. another form of Holocaust denial. And again, the world looks silently by despite the UN reports, the soldier’s testimonies, the FACTS exposing the war crimes against the people of Palestine.

Photos showing the horrors faced by European Jewry in the 40’s and the horrors the Palestinians are facing TODAY are available for all to see…. just click HERE. The similarities are frightening.




Commit a horrendous crime, be found GUILTY, then threaten anyone that tries to prosecute you….
Israel takes the cake once again!

After Livni arrest warrant, Israel warns U.K. ties at risk

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday called on the British government to end the “absurd situation” in which arrest warrants were being issued to Israeli officials over alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip, warning that ties between the two countries could suffer as a result.

“Only actions can put an end to this absurd situation, which would have seemed a comedy of errors were it not so serious,” said the Foreign Ministry, a day after it emerged that opposition leader Tzipi Livni had canceled her trip to Britain after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

The ministry warned that in indulging the arrest warrant, the British government was hampering its own efforts at playing a role in Middle East peace negotiations.

Read the rest HERE


(notice the lower case ‘n’)….. another case of ignorance

nakba_48.... keep the flame alive (Massoud)

Jeffrey Goldberg says ‘nakba’ never happened

by Philip Weiss

Jewish chauvinist Jeffrey Goldberg has undertaken a further declension of the Nakba, putting it not just in quotations, but lower-case. Take it away, Jeff:

Jeet Heer writes to ask: Quick question: why is Nakba in quotes in your recent post? Do you think that the Nakba didn’t happen?

[Goldberg, I presume] The war that gave Jews freedom in their ancient homeland three years after the Holocaust was not a “catastrophe,” which is what “nakba” means in Arabic. Did the war result in misery and displacement for a great number of Arabs? Yes. Did it result in misery and displacement for a great number of Jews as well? Yes….

Was the misery of the Jews who were displaced from Arab countries brought about by the decision of Arab leaders? Also yes. The difference between these competing miseries is that the Arabs who professed brotherhood with their displaced cousins did nothing to help them. The Jews who professed brotherhood with their displaced cousins resettled them in Israel.

So, no, the “nakba” didn’t happen. The return of a persecuted people to its ancient homeland is what happened. And a series of disastrous mistakes some made by the returned Jews, most made by the Arabs, resulted in what Arabs refer to as a catastrophe, a catastrophe which, of course, could have … etc.



EveryHumanHasRights-Badge OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Can you imagine that the Human Rights report dealing with Israeli war crimes in Gaza was “written by Palestinians in Ramallah” and “screened by Palestinian lawyers in Geneva in order to satisfy Palestinian diplomats on the Human Rights Council.”
How dare they!
It should have been members of Israels Right wing government that prepared that report…. then it definitely would not be biased!
What CHUTZPAH on the part of the Palestinians!

‘UN Gaza report written by Palestinians’


The latest United Nations anti-Israel report was written solely “to appease the Arab-controlled Human Rights Council,” Aharon Leshno Yaar, Israel’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, said on Saturday.

Israel's ambassador to the UN...

Israel’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Aharon Leshno Yaar at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.
Photo: AP [file]

He spoke with The Jerusalem Post by phone, a day after UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay submitted a report on what she termed “grave violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly due to the recent Israeli military attacks against the occupied Gaza Strip.”

Her 34-page report was created at the request of the Human Rights Council in a special session it held on Israel in January.

The report will be presented to the council on September 29, along with a separate report that is being compiled by South African jurist Richard Goldstone.

Leshno Yaar said Pillay’s report was “written by Palestinians in Ramallah” and “screened by Palestinian lawyers in Geneva in order to satisfy Palestinian diplomats on the Human Rights Council.”

It was “totally biased” and based on unsubstantiated information, he said. “It ignores the facts and the Israeli positions.”

UN High Commissioner for...

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, South African Navanethem Pillay.
Photo: AP [file]

“As far as Israel is concerned, we trust our military, we trust our legal system and we are ignoring this report,” Leshno Yaar said.

In her report, Pillay said, “There is significant evidence which indicates that serious violations of international humanitarian law, as well as gross human rights violations occurred during the the military operations of 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009.”

She also accused Israel of harming unarmed civilians and of violating the rules of war with its “blockade” of the Gaza Strip.

Pillay said Israel’s closure of its passages into Gaza for all but humanitarian goods amounts to collective punishment of civilians, which is prohibited under the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of warfare and occupation.

She cited the conventions’ requirement that “no protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”

Pillay urged Israel to ease restrictions immediately “with a view to the complete lifting of the blockade and other restrictions.”

Pillay also called on Israel to “stop its expansion of settlements, which are illegal” and to punish all settlers who attack Palestinians.

She also expressed concern that Israel had not complied with the International Court of Justice’s 2004 advisory opinion against the security barrier, which stated that its construction in the West Bank was illegal.

She called for Israelis and Palestinians to receive building permits “in a nondiscriminatory manner” in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.




Are they trying to hide something?

Image ‘Copyleft’ By Carlos Latuff