DesertPeace and Associates joins the thousands of Hungarians who protested the honour bestowed on the former nazi leader of that great nation. As one whose entire family was sent to their death by this monster, it is refreshing to see that people of conscience survived the horrors.
In 1944 the Nazis occupied Hungary and with Horthy still in office about 437,000 Jews were deported over a period of 56 days, most to their deaths, according to Budapest’s Holocaust Memorial Centre. The total number of the Hungarian Jewish victims during the Holocaust exceeded half a million.

Hungary Protest Attacks Honor for Nazi Ally Miklos Horthy

Far Right Jobbik Party Lauds ‘Savior of Nation’

Hitler’s Hungarian: Demonstrators and journalists surround a bust of Hungary’s Nazi-era leader Miklos Horthy.

Hitler’s Hungarian: Demonstrators and journalists surround a bust of Hungary’s Nazi-era leader Miklos Horthy.

By Reuters


BUDAPEST — Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party unveiled a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy, who presided over the country’s alliance with Nazi Germany, in Budapest on Sunday, sparking protests and highlighting concerns about anti-Semitism in the country.

About a thousand Hungarians took to the streets of the capital to denounce the statue while the mayor of central Budapest and parliamentary leader of the ruling Fidesz party, Antal Rogan, warned the bust would provide an excuse to paint an unfair picture of extremism in Hungary.

Jobbik has stoked anti-semitism in the country, vilifying Jews and Israel in speeches in parliament, where it is the third-biggest party.

One of the organizers of Sunday’s ceremony was Jobbik’s deputy parliament group leader Marton Gyongyosi, who sparked outrage last year when he called for lists of people in Hungary with Jewish ancestry to be drawn up. He later apologised and said he had been misunderstood.

“As downtown mayor I consider the statue unveiling ceremony of Marton Gyongyosi a political provocation and I condemn it,” Rogan said in a statement. “This provocative action will obviously give the western European left-wing press an excuse to cry anti-Semitism and paint a malicious picture of Hungary.”

Protesters gathered in a light drizzle near a church in central Budapest where the large bronze bust of Horthy was put on display at the gates, a stone’s throw from the country’s neo-gothic Parliament building.

“It is outrageous that the new fascists erect a statue to Horthy, who is responsible for the Nazi rule and the Holocaust in Hungary,” said Bence Kovacs, a 22-year-old student who pinned a yellow Star of David to his chest in protest.

Hungary, which is struggling to return to growth after two bouts of deep recession in the wake of the global economic crisis, will hold parliamentary elections next April or May with Jobbik set to win 8-9 percent of the vote, according to latest opinion polls.

The far-right has held Horthy in high regard. He ruled Hungary for 24 years in an increasingly radical political era and, as head of state in the early years of World War II, entered an uneasy alliance with Nazi Germany.

In 1944 the Nazis occupied Hungary and with Horthy still in office about 437,000 Jews were deported over a period of 56 days, most to their deaths, according to Budapest’s Holocaust Memorial Centre. The total number of the Hungarian Jewish victims during the Holocaust exceeded half a million.

Horthy’s role in that process has been debated but no compromise has been reached yet about his place in history. The far-right credits him with saving Hungary after the disaster of World War I, while leftists consider him a Nazi collaborator.

“To call Horthy a war criminal is unjust and historically wrong,” Jobbik representative Lorant Hegedus told Reuters after the unveiling ceremony. “He was not treated as a war criminal in Nuremberg, so why treat him like one now?”

Horthy testified as a witness at the Nuremberg trials after World War II but avoided prosecution and eventually died in exile in Portugal in 1957.

Gyongyosi told the unveiling ceremony that Horthy was the greatest Hungarian statesman of the 20th century.


The government has said that Hungarians had a role in the Holocaust and that the country would pursue a policy of zero tolerance against racial hatred and anti-Semitism.

Hungary still has one of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in Europe, mostly in the capital.

While there is a revival of Jewish culture, the far-right has remained strong and anti-Semitism, as well as hatred toward other minorities like homosexuals or the Roma, is still a serious problem.

“We have tried and failed so many times to face our past,” said former liberal lawmaker Imre Mecs, who protested against the statue. “This must happen for us to make any progress lest we will fall further behind the rest of Europe.”

“An economy can only be built atop a sound democratic foundation,” said Mecs, 80, who said the way Germany dealt with its own past after World War II was exemplary.

On the opposite side of the square near the church, pro-Horthy supporters shouted racial and anti-Semitic slurs at the opposition protesters. Lajos Molnar, 93, waved a photograph that he claimed showed that he served in Horthy’s police during the war.

“Horthy never hurt the Jews,” Molnar said. “It was Hitler not him who deported the Jews … Without Horthy Hungary would not exist today because the great powers of the world would have destroyed it like they planned to.”



The WWII holocaust lasted for two or three years and the entire world was mobilized to stop it, but the Palestinian holocaust has been going on nonstop since 1948, with the main world political powers either siding with Zionist aggressors or doing virtually nothing to save the Palestinian people from the attempted annihilation by Zionist Jews seeking to emulate the Third Reich.

No one is claiming that six million Palestinians have perished or that Palestinian towns have been transformed into concentration camps, although Israeli blitzes against the Gaza Strip in 2008-9 and 2012 contained unmistakable elements which looked as if borrowed from the holocaust. What is the difference between the Gaza siege and the Ghetto Warsaw siege? Yes, details may differ here and there, given the circumstances in both cases, but the essence is the same.


Muslim visits to Auschwitz serve Israeli propaganda
By Khalid Amayreh

A number of Muslim clerics and imams reportedly toured the site of the former concentration camp, Auschwitz, in Poland last week. The imams hailed from a number of Muslim countries, including Occupied Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Bosnia and some of African countries.

The tour was sponsored by the American State Department and intended to educate Muslims about Jewish suffering during World War II. No other comparable program to educate Jews about the ongoing Palestinian Nakba was initiated, suggesting moral selectiveness and bias on the Americans’ part.

Israel and Zionist circles often use the holocaust as a mantra to justify the usurpation and occupation of Palestine by Zionist Jewish invaders and colonialists from all over the world.

We Muslims, including Palestinians, are not against visits by Muslims to sites of former concentration camps as a matter of principle. More to the point, we are not against sympathizing and identifying with the victims of Nazism, Jews and non-Jews alike.

However when such visits are manipulated by Israel and Zionist circles to justify and promote the ongoing Jewish-Zionist holocaust against Palestinian national existence, then we must stop and think deeply about the moral implications of such visits.

The WWII holocaust lasted for two or three years and the entire world was mobilized to stop it, but the Palestinian holocaust has been going on nonstop since 1948, with the main world political powers either siding with Zionist aggressors or doing virtually nothing to save the Palestinian people from the attempted annihilation by Zionist Jews seeking to emulate the Third Reich.

No one is claiming that six million Palestinians have perished or that Palestinian towns have been transformed into concentration camps, although Israeli blitzes against the Gaza Strip in 2008-9 and 2012 contained unmistakable elements which looked as if borrowed from the holocaust. What is the difference between the Gaza siege and the Ghetto Warsaw siege? Yes, details may differ here and there, given the circumstances in both cases, but the essence is the same.

Today, more than five million Palestinians are living as refugees around the world, waiting the moment when they can return to their homes from which they were expelled at gun point at the hands of the children and grandchildren of the holocausts.

Other Palestinians who were not deported are living a life of discrimination, humiliation, and constant repression and facing a precarious future as a result of Israeli racism, as the Jewish state continues to seek more lebensraum at the expense of the Palestinian people.

In short, Israel has been using and continues to use the memory of one holocaust to justify and rationalize another protracted holocaust, one that has been going on unabated for 65 years.

It is lamentable indeed that some Muslim imams, including Palestinians, have been duped by the Americans to serve Israeli propaganda efforts.

Perhaps, these gullible clerics should have also insisted they also visit the sites of the massacres of Deir Yasin, Tantura, Dawaymeh, Sabra and Shatilla and Ibrahimi Mosque, just to mention a few Zionist atrocities.

Perhaps the gullible clerics should have insisted they visit or meet with some Palestinian refugees, languishing in misery in Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

We Palestinians are not and will never be anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism, like Islamophobia, is morally and humanly repugnant. However, we will never agree to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Anti-Zionism is as moral and as ethical as anti-Nazism.

Indeed, when Jews or anyone else think, behave and act as the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, then we should have no problem comparing them with the Nazis.

There is no such a thing as a kosher genocide or kosher holocaust. And when a peaceable people is massacred and subjected to other forms of ethnic cleansing, we should call the spade a spade especially when we see it in the hands of our grave-diggers.

We must always uphold this truth, however unpalatable and politically incorrect it might be.

Today, Israel and her guardian ally, the United States are trying to define anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism. This is a malicious effort to legitimize evil, especially when committed by Jews.

In the recent past, anti-Semites used to be those who hated Jews for being Jews. Today, we are told that anti-Semites are those who criticize Nazi-like Jewish behavior in Occupied Palestine.

Needless to say, honest people around the world, including conscientious Jews, ought to reject this brazen cheapening of anti-Semitism. It is just beyond chutzpah.

As to the naïve clerics, they should apologize to their respective congregations and Muslims in general. They should also think twice in the future before accepting such invitations from the United States or Germany, the same states that continue to supply Israel with all sorts of advanced weapons of death and destruction that enable Israel to occupy more lebensraum and murder more Muslims.

The holocaust happened nearly 70 years ago, but Israel and Zionist circles would very much like to make it look as relevant as if it occurred a few months or years ago. This is an act of sheer deception and propaganda that should never escape our attention.

This is why we should be extremely cautious and never allow any activity, however innocuous it may look, to overshadow the plight of our people. The Zionists simply want to make the holocaust the main preoccupation of the world, mainly in order to overshadow and eclipse the ongoing and unrelenting Israeli holocaust against the Palestinian people.

We must not help them achieve this sinister goal.



Tonight at sundown, Israel will mark what is known as Holocaust Memorial Day. If you Google the word ‘Holocaust’, THIS is what you will find on Wikipedia.
Merriam-Webster offers the following definition …

Definition of HOLOCAUST

: a sacrifice consumed by fire
: a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire <a nuclear holocaust>
a often capitalized : the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II —usually used with the
b : a mass slaughter of people; especially : genocide
Wikepedia has no mention of other holocausts that took or are taking place throughout the world. Yes, what happened to the Jews of Eastern Europe is a crime that is totally unforgivable, but there are others that suffered the same fate during that black period in history…
The following is a listing of non combatants that were killed during the holocaust; (From)
Ukrainians      5.5 – 7 million
Jews (of all countries) 6 million +
Russian POWs    3.3 million +
Russian Civilians       2 million +
Poles   3 million +
Yugoslavians    1.5 million +
Gypsies 200,000 – 500,000
Mentally/Physically Disabled    70,000- 250,000
Homosexuals     Tens of thousands
Spanish Republicans     Tens of thousands
Jehovah’s Witnesses     2,500 – 5,000
Yes, the holocaust must be marked and remembered, but more importantly the message learnt from it must be remembered as well …
Yet, it continues right here in the land of Israel as can be seen in the following photos… photos that were not shown to President Obama when he recently visited Yad Vashem, The Hall of Remembrance in Jerusalem …

      Germany 1940          Israel Today

Gunter Grass boldly penned his feelings for the world to see recently ….
Notice that the video has been removed from YouTube,but the words remain on this site …
What must be said
Why have I been silent, silent for so long?,
Our generals have gamed it out,
Confident the west will survive.
We people have not even been considered.

What is this right to “preventive war”?
A war that could erase the Iranian people.
Dominated by it’s neighbor, pulsing with righteousness
Smug in the fact that it is they, not Iran,
Who have the Bomb.

Why have I so far avoided to identify Israel by it’s name?,
Israel and it’s ever increasing nuclear arsenal,
Beyond reproach, Uncontrolled, uninspected.

We all know these things
Yet we all remain silent, fearful of being labeled:

Considering Germany’s past these labels stick
So we call is “business”, “reparation” take your pick,
As we deliver yet another submarine.
As we provide to Israel the means to deliver annihilation.
I say what must be said.

Why did I stay silent until now?
Because I’m German, of course.
I’m tainted by a stain I cannot wash out
I’m silent because I want so badly to make it right
To put my sins in the past and leave them silently there.

Why did I wait to say it until now?
And write these words with the last of my ink?
Declaring that Israel threatens world peace?
Because it is true and it must be said,
Tomorrow will be too late.

We Germans now carry a new burden of sin on our shoulders
Through the weapons we have sold
We are helping to carry out this foreseeable tragedy
No excuse will remove our stain of complicity.

It must be said. I won’t be silent
I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy;
Please shed the silence with me,
The consequences are all too predictable.
It’s time to demand free and permanent control
of BOTH Israel’s nuclear arsenal
AND Iran’s nuclear facilities
enforced with international supervision.

It’s the only way, in a land convulsed with insanity,
Israelis, Palestinians, everybody, will survive.
And we too, will survive.


Yes, the silence must end for all of us. Yes, the holocaust must be remembered, BUT YES …. it must never be allowed to happen again,



In loving memory of all who perished at the hands of evil …



 Referencing a beautiful dress, Rivers stated that “the last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.”
That was Monday ….
A beautiful dress indeed ;)
MTV Europe Music Awards - Frankfurt
ADL National Director Abraham Foxman released a statement calling the remark “vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans.
That was Wednesday
“My husband lost the majority of his family at Auschwitz and I can assure you that I have always made it a point to remind people of the Holocaust through humor.”
The response
Joan Rivers blasted over Shoah joke


Anti-Defamation League demands apology from Jewish comedian for telling supermodel Heidi Klum on TV show, ‘The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens’

Ashley Baylen


Jewish comedian Joan Rivers is known for her controversial and offensive sense of humor. In fact, her role on E!’s “Fashion Police” is to insult the talent, appearance, and life choices of various celebrities and public figures.

Yet a recent comment has sparked fury from the Anti-Defamation League, which is now demanding a public apology.


On Monday night’s episode of “Fashion Police,” Rivers delivered a “compliment” to German-born supermodel Heidi Klum. Referencing a beautiful dress, Rivers stated that “the last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.”


On Wednesday, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman released a statement calling the remark “vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans.


“There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo,” Foxman continued. “This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory.


“It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of six million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve,” he continued.


“Not one of her co-hosts made any effort to respond or to condemn this hideous statement, leaving it hanging out there and giving it added legitimacy through their silence,” Foxman said, in reference to Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osborne and George Kotsiopoulos.


The ADL sent an official letter to E!, demanding that Rivers issue a formal apology. The last time they sought out an apology from Rivers, she simply told them to “shut the f*** up.”


This time around, she did not respond directly to the ADL, but did comment to the Hollywood Reporter, saying “my husband lost the majority of his family at Auschwitz and I can assure you that I have always made it a point to remind people of the Holocaust through humor.”






 In a ploy to once again erase the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people, zionism invokes the holocaust to show the world the suffering of the Jewish people in the past.
We are all acquainted with this photo on the left … what about the one on the right?
ghetto boy*
But how many have seen these?
We are constantly shown ones like that on the left, what about the one on the right??
 murdered gaza child
We are shown photos of German youth being indoctrinated, what about Israeli youth???
child iindoctronation
We are shown what the zionists want us to see ….
It’s an old ploy using the victim card over and over again …
We are not shown what some Israelis have to say about this …
Folks are sick and tired of the old ‘trick’ as can be seen in the response of the EU on this matter …

EU: Lieberman’s Holocaust reference is inappropriate and offensive to Europeans

Ashton says ‘dismayed’ by FM’s comparison of EU’s policy toward Israel and the behavior of Europe during the Holocaust.


European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned the comments made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, in which he compared the EU’s policy toward Israel to the behavior of Europe toward the Jews during the period of the Holocaust.

“Mr. Liberman’s reference to Europe in the 1940s in this context is inappropriate and offensive to Europeans,” Maja Kocijancic, the spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, told Haaretz.

Kocijancic said Ashton was dismayed after she heard Lieberman’s comments.

“Europe’s commitment to Israel’s security cannot be questioned,” she said. “This was reiterated in the Council conclusions on Monday, as was our condemnation of inflammatory statements by Hamas leaders that deny Israel’s right to exist.”

In an interview to Israel Radio on Tuesday, Lieberman was asked to react to the EU foreign ministers’ decision on Monday to condemn Israel for advancing the plan to build in E-1.

In reply, the foreign minister launched into a fierce, and perhaps, unprecedented attack on the EU. “I can tell you what I am not satisfied with,” said Lieberman. “I am not satisfied with the position of Europe, which once again in history is ignoring calls to destroy the state of Israel … Europe is keeping silent. The call yesterday [Monday], what we saw, is not a condemnation of Hamas’ statements but rather a call to the heads of Hamas to refrain from incitement. We have already been through this with Europe at the end of the 1930s and in the 1940s.”

The radio interviewer asked Lieberman whether he is accusing the EU of anti-Semitism. “It isn’t an anti-Semitic motive but rather it’s a narrow motive of interests,” replied Lieberman. “They [the EU] are sacrificing all values in favor of interests. Then too, back in the 1940s. They already knew by the start of the 1940s exactly what was happening in the concentration camps, what was happening with the Jews and didn’t exactly act. Today they admit that even in the 1930s they prevented Jews for coming to the land of Israel.”

Later on Tuesday, during a Hanukkah candle-lighting event for his party Yisrael Beiteinu, Lieberman repeated his criticism of the European Union saying that the European foreign ministers’ decision against construction in the settlements was “unbalanced and unjustified.”

“From the point of view of some of the European foreign ministers,” he said, “the destruction of Israel is apparently something that is taken for granted.” Lieberman added also that “the European Union’s decision shows how much we can rely on those same countries that say that they guarantee Israel’s security interests.”

Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni condemned Lieberman’s comments. “Comparing Israel’s situation today to the Holocaust is contempt for the Holocaust,” Livni said during a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post in Herzliya. “It’s an incorrect comparison, and incomprehensible. There is absolutely no similarity between the situation of Israeli citizens today to that of European Jews then. Not everybody is against us, and not everyone is anti-Semitic.”

Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yacimovich added her own criticism of Lieberman, as well as of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing them of diverting public discourse on the eve of elections from economic and social issues.



Bottom line is that it’s time to stop pulling out the victim card and definitely past time for new victim’s suffering to end because of it.
Just look into their eyes and tell me what you see …
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
You don’t see a damn thing
’cause you can’t relate to me
You’re blinded by our differences
My life makes no sense to you
I’m the persecuted one
You’re the red, white and blue

Each day you wake in tranquility
No fears to cross your eyes
Each day I wake in gratitude
Thanking God He let me rise
You worry about your education
And the bills you have to pay
I worry about my vulnerable life
And if I’ll survive another day
Your biggest fear is getting a ticket
As you cruise your Cadillac
My fear is that the tank that has just left
Will turn around and come back

Yet, do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind?

Do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows?
Someone tell me…

Ooohh, let’s not cry tonight
I promise you one day it’s through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain’t with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters

See I’ve known terror for quite some time
57 years so cruel
Terror breathes the air I breathe
It’s the checkpoint on my way to school
Terror is the robbery of my land
And the torture of my mother
The imprisonment of my innocent father
The bullet in my baby brother
The bulldozers and the tanks
The gases and the guns
The bombs that fall outside my door
All due to your funds
You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of my enemies
I’m terrorized in my own land (what)
And I’m the terrorist?

Yet, do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind?

Do you know the truth of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth nobody, nobody, nobody knows?
Someone tell me…

Ooohh, let’s not cry tonight, I promise you one day it’s through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain’t with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,

America, do you realize that the taxes that you pay
Feed the forces that traumatize my every living day
So if I won’t be here tomorrow
It’s written in my fate
May the future bring a brighter day
The end of our wait


Ooohh, let’s not cry tonight, I promise you one day it’s through
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,
Ooohh, shine a light for every soul that ain’t with us no more
Ohh my brothers, Ohh my sisters,

[with kids]
Ohh let’s not cry tonight I promise you one day is through
Ohh my brothers! Ohh my sisters!
Ooh shine a light for every soul that ain’t with us no more
Ohh my brothers! Ohh my sisters!


The ongoing one in Gaza and the rest of Palestine…
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
From the archives of WRH

GERMANY 1940               ISRAEL 2012


War criminals go at each other for holocaust remarks ….
 “Not everyone is against us and not everyone is an anti-Semite. True, there is criticism of the current policy but we must distinguish between that and the support for Israel as a state.”
Livni accuses Lieberman of trivializing Holocaust

Hatnua chairwoman blasts FM after he accused his European counterparts of ignoring calls for Israel’s destruction


Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni slammed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday after he compared steps taken by European nations against Israel with their failure to address the threat against Jews prior to the Holocaust.*

“This comparison trivializes the Holocaust, it is wrong and unacceptable,” Livni said. “The state of Israeli citizens today is nothing like that of Europe’s Jews then.”

Speaking at a conference in Herzliya, Livni stressed, “Not everyone is against us and not everyone is an anti-Semite. True, there is criticism of the current policy but we must distinguish between that and the support for Israel as a state.”

Livni criticized the government’s policy saying that it is in Israel’s best interest to change it. “The resumption of negotiations will not only preserve Israel as a Jewish and democratic state but will also restore the legitimacy to launch military operations whenever necessary and maintain Israel’s security interests.”

Lieberman harshly criticized some of his European counterparts on Tuesday following the European Union’s condemnation of the construction plan in area E1 and accused them of intentionally ignoring calls for Israel’s destruction.

“In the eyes of some European foreign ministers, the destruction of Israel is obvious,” he said. He then mentioned Europe’s failure to address the threat against Jews prior to the Holocaust.

Lieberman explained his controversial statements during the conference in Herzliya.

“The Europeans decided to pressure our side alone and ignore the terror organizations on the Palestinian side including the murder of innocents, the smuggling of weapons into Gaza etc. They are shutting their eyes and ears in the face of the incessant rocket fire from Gaza at Israel.”

He cynically remarked, “I’m told that I’m the bad guy and I agree with that but even the good guy would have trouble finding solutions to this situation.”

The foreign minister noted that all of Israel’s attempts to reach peace with the Palestinians “failed because of refusal from the other side.”



Latuff’s latest take on the massacre …
Disturbing photos follow …
In Gaza 

Terror reigns

Psychopaths claim dominance
The Holy words say…
Thou shalt not kill!
From one shelling alone …

Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father with his four children:
Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old
Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old
Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old
Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 1 year old
Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather
Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old
Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old
Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old
Ameina Matar Al-Mzanner, 83 years old.
Abdallah Mohammed Al-Mzanner, 23 years old


Yet, Hope prevails…

I purposely posted 18 photos as that is the number in Hebrew which means LIFE!
To Life!!

The aftermath of one victim family of ten …



 This leads most sober Palestinians to conclude that the Holocaust-guilt-ridden European establishment wishes to wash its hands of its genocide against European Jews, among others, by imposing on the Palestinian people an unjust “peaceful” settlement of this essentially colonial conflict that would leave Israel with almost full control over the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and over the Palestinians’ economy, most fertile lands, water aquifers, borders and their very destiny.
EU support for Israeli crimes makes it unworthy of Nobel Peace Prize
Omar Barghouti *

 Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman at an EU press conference

 (Ye Pingfan /Xinhua/Zumapress)

The European Union is not “merely hypocritical” in its relationship with Israel, it is “complicit in crimes against the Palestinian people.” This is one of the main conclusions of David Cronin’s compellingly-argued book Europe’s Alliance With Israel: Aiding the Occupation.

In fact, the European Union is steadily upgrading its relations with Israel while overwhelming, and growing, public majorities across Europe’s largest nations view Israel “mostly negatively.” According to a recent BBC GlobeScan poll, Israel is on a par with North Korea as the third worst perceived country in the world (“Views of Europe slide sharply in global poll, while views of China improve,” GlobeScan, 10 May).

With the entrenchment of its occupation, colonization and apartheid against the Palestinians, its fanatic-right government’s hubristic and bellicose policies, and the impressive growth of the non-violent Palestinian-led, global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights, Israel is gradually losing hearts and minds across the world and becoming the world pariah, as South Africa once was, during apartheid.

Desmond Tutu, the South African archbishop, is particularly eloquent in accusing Israel of the crime of apartheid (“Tutu condemns Israeli ‘apartheid’,” BBC News, 29 April 2002). TheRussell Tribunal on Palestine — at its 2011 Cape Town session — determined that Israel is practicing apartheid against the entire Palestinian people, according to the definition of apartheid adopted by the UN in 1973 (“Findings of the South African session,” Russell Tribunal on Palestine, 5-7 November 2011 [PDF]).

Worse than South Africa

South African Christian leaders who played a decisive role in fighting apartheid have condemned Israel’s apartheid as “even worse than South African apartheid” (“An Easter message from South Africa to Palestine,” Oikumene, 31 March 2010). And the publisher of Haaretz, an influential Israeli daily, has recently described a fanatic Israeli ideology of “territorial seizure and apartheid” (“The necessary elimination of Israeli democracy,” 25 November 2011).

Increasingly, international jurists, human rights organizations and activists, as well as international public opinion are recognizing Israel’s unique regime of oppression against the Palestinians as encompassing the crime of apartheid, in addition to occupation, ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism.

With its continued siege of Gaza; its untamed construction of illegal colonies and anapartheid wall in the occupied West Bank, especially in and around Jerusalem; its “strategy of Judaization” in Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Jordan Valley and the Naqab (Negev); its adoption of new racist laws and its denial of the UN-stipulated right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes from which they were ethnically cleansed during theNakba, Israel has embarked on a more belligerent and violent phase in its attempt to extinguish the question of Palestine through literally “disappearing” the Palestinians, asEdward Said would say.

Prison camp

The most criminal and pressing aspect of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians is without doubt its Western and Egyptian-backed hermetic siege of the occupied Gaza Strip, which even British Prime Minister David Cameron has described as a “prison camp” (“David Cameron: Israeli blockade has turned Gaza Strip into a ‘prison camp’,” The Guardian, 27 July 2010). The systematic Israeli targeting of Gaza’s water and sanitation facilities has compounded an already “severe and protracted denial of human dignity,” according to Maxwell Gaylard, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, causing “a steep decline in standards of living for the [Palestinians] of Gaza, characterized by erosion of livelihoods, destruction and degradation of basic structure, and a marked downturn in the delivery and quality of vital services in health, water and sanitation” (“Humanitarian organizations deeply concerned about the ongoing water and sanitation crisis in Gaza,” Association of International Development Agencies, 3 September 2009).

A 2009 report by Amnesty International affirmed that, “90–95 percent of the water supply [in Gaza] is contaminated and unfit for human consumption” (“Troubled waters: Palestinians denied fair access to water,” October 2009 [PDF]).

The report cites an earlier study by the UN Environmental Programme which correlates the widespread contamination of Gaza’s water resources to the rise in nitrate levels in the groundwater “far above the WHO [World Health Organization] accepted guideline,” inducing a potentially lethal blood disorder in young children and newborns called methemoglobinaemia, or the “blue babies” phenomenon.

Some of the detected symptoms of this disease in Gaza infants include “blueness around the mouth, hands and feet,” “episodes of diarrhea and vomiting,” and “loss of consciousness.” “Convulsions and death can occur” at higher levels of nitrate contamination, the report concludes (“Environmental assessment of the Gaza Strip following the escalation of hostilities in December 2008-January 2009,” September 2009 [PDF].)

At the conclusion of Israel’s war of aggression on Gaza in late 2008 and early 2009, which led to more than 1,400 deaths, mostly civilians, EU leaders dashed to occupied Jerusalem to celebrate with Israel’s then prime minister Ehud Olmert, promising to support Israel in fighting “terror” (“World leaders push for lasting truce in Gaza,” The New York Times, 18 January 2009).

So, when the European Union, which is still actively colluding to maintain the Gaza siege, launches a relatively expensive public relations campaign all over Gaza — and the West Bank — with its main slogan, “Your Priorities are ours,” without a hint of sarcasm, it seems to be sending the Palestinians under occupation two blunt messages: first, we could not care less about your loss of human lives, freedoms and dignity, and second, “We set the priorities, you adopt them as yours, or else we cut funding” (“The priorities of the European Union are not ours,” MWC News, 18 July 2011).

Atoning for the Holocaust?

This leads most sober Palestinians to conclude that the Holocaust-guilt-ridden European establishment wishes to wash its hands of its genocide against European Jews, among others, by imposing on the Palestinian people an unjust “peaceful” settlement of this essentially colonial conflict that would leave Israel with almost full control over the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and over the Palestinians’ economy, most fertile lands, water aquifers, borders and their very destiny.

Most crucially, such a funder-driven, unjust political settlement would perpetuate Israel’s denial of the basic rights of the great majority of the Palestinian people, those in exile as well as in Israel. Foremost among those rights is the inalienable right to participate in exercising self determination. It has been declared by the UN as a prerequisite for any nation under colonial rule to enjoy the full set of rights, political, cultural, economic and other fundamental rights.

Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular were effectively forced to pay the price for a genocidal crime that they had no role in, and are now being bribed to accept injustice as fate, so that this dark chapter in Western history can finally reach closure.

But Europe’s collusion with Israel is too intricate to reduce to sheer Holocaust guilt. Economic interest, US influence, Islamophobia, the prevalence of a security mentality and the corresponding growth of the military-security industry, are all very relevant factors, too, in understanding this relationship.

Ever coveting artificially low-priced energy resources and open access to a large, under-developed, structurally dependent market, various Western powers, after all, were the ones who played the most important role in establishing and nourishing Israel as a colonial outpost in the region. Today, the EU’s governments and institutions continue to support Israel economically, diplomatically, academically and politically to maintain its domination and their interests.

A translated version of this article will be published as a preface to the forthcoming French-language edition of David Cronin’s book Europe’s Alliance With Israel: Aiding the Occupation.

*Omar Barghouti is an independent Palestinian human rights activist. He is a co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israeli (PACBI).


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 “I have said this repeatedly, but it bears repeating again that inappropriate Holocaust analogies simply have no place in politics.  The Holocaust and Hitler should not be part of the discussion over which party is best equipped to lead this country for the next four years.  Politicians and their supporters and surrogates should stop invoking Hitler and trivializing the memory of the six million and millions of others who perished in the Holocaust.”


For Jews Only …


ADL: Holocaust Analogies Have No Place In Politics

New York, NY, … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged political candidates and their supporters to “stop invoking and trivializing the Holocaust,” after a South Carolina Democratic Party official compared Gov. Nikki Haley to Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun, becoming the third party official in as many days to offer up a Nazi-related reference in a political context. 

Earlier today, South Carolina State Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian reportedly evoked Eva Braun when discussing Gov. Nikki Haley’s press briefing from a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Harpootlian was quoted as saying, “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.” 

“This analogy to Eva Braun only serves to trivialize the Holocaust and is deeply offensive to Jews and other survivors, as well as those Americans who fought valiantly against the Nazis in World War II,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor.  “I have said this repeatedly, but it bears repeating again that inappropriate Holocaust analogies simply have no place in politics.  The Holocaust and Hitler should not be part of the discussion over which party is best equipped to lead this country for the next four years.  Politicians and their supporters and surrogates should stop invoking Hitler and trivializing the memory of the six million and millions of others who perished in the Holocaust.” 

Earlier this week, the League wrote a letter to the California Democratic Chairman after he compared GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s speech to the Republic National Convention to the big lie promoted by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.  According to reports, a similar sentiment was echoed by the president of the Kansas Democratic Labor Committee. 



How Quickly they forget….
The role the US played in liberating the prisoners in the nazi concentration camps…. AT THE EXPENSE OF MANY SOLDIERS LOSING THEIR LIVES…
The role played by the US in supporting Israel (to the tune of $30 BILLION a year) in every way possible since the creation of the state…. AT THE EXPENSE OF THE US TAXPAYER…
And now they have the chutzpah to claim the following …

Netanyahu says, You also refused to bomb Auschwitz

by Philip Weiss 
Netanyahu holding letters between the World Jewish Congress and the US War Department in 1944(Photo: Cliff Owen/AP)

Hopefully, a lot will be written about Benjamin Netanyahu’s angry and defiant speech to AIPAC last night, and about how the Israel P.M., who was flanked by two heavyset guards with clipped hair and shiny suits, sought to rally the Israel lobby against President Obama.

“Amazingly, some people refuse to acknowledge that Iran’s goal is to develop nuclear weapons. You see, Iran claims that it’s enriching uranium to develop medical research. Yeah– right,” Netanyahu said and went on to envision an ICBM headed your way and suggested you tell yourself it is filled with medical supplies.

The speech was notable for Netanyahu likening the Iranians to Nazis, and Iran’s nuclear program to Auschwitz.

“I will never allow my people to live in the shadow of annihilation,” he said. And: “Some commentators would have you believe that stopping Iran from getting the bomb is more dangerous [than allowing Iran to get one.]”

Then Netanyahu got out copies of two letters he said he keeps in his desk, between the World Jewish Congress and the War Department in 1944, when the WJC called on the United States to bomb the extermination camp at Auschwitz, and the War Department refused. The letters are below. The refusal included the argument that attacking the camp might unleash even more “vindictive” behavior.

“Think about that,” Netanyahu said. “Even more vindictive than the Holocaust!”

The John McCloy letter he read from is widely cited among American Jews as a coded statement of anti-Semitism at the highest level of American society at that time. I grew up hearing about McCloy. The suggestion was clear: America didn’t act the last time either. The New York Times is reporting that Obama told Netanyahu that Israel’s war talk had already caused gas prices to go up.

Netanyahu added that 1944 is not 2012, but the difference is that there is now a Jewish state that will take action to save Jews and preserve the Jewish future. “Never again will the Jewish people be supplicants for our very survival,” he said.

We must ask ourselves, What are Netanyahu’s real aims? Is he trivializing the Holocaust for political ends: in order to knock Obama out of the White House or  gain an advantage over a regional competitor? Already Israel has gotten crippling sanctions against Iran, and Obama is promising to do more, and the Republican presidential candidates even more than that. A highly effective politician, Netanyahu has us right where he wants us.  

Here are the letters, from PBS:


August 9, 1944

Hon. John J. McCloy
Under Secretary of War
War Department
Washington, D.C.

My dear Mr. Secretary:

I beg to submit to your consideration the following excerpt from a message which we received under date of July 29 from Mr. Ernest Frischer of the Czechoslovak State Council through the War Refugee Board:

“I believe that destruction of gas chambers and crematoria in Oswiecim by bombing would have a certain effect now. Germans are now exhuming and burning corpses in an effort to conceal their crimes. This could be prevented by destruction of crematoria and then Germans might possibly stop further mass exterminations especially since so little time is left to them. Bombing of railway communications in this same area would also be of importance and of military interest.”

Sincerely yours,

A. Leon Kubowitzki
Head, Rescue Department

14 August 1944

Dear Mr. Kubowitski:

I refer to your letter of August 9 in which you request consideration of a proposal made by Mr. Ernest Frischer that certain installations and railroad centers be bombed.

The War Department had been approached by the War Refugee Board, which raised the question of the practicability of this suggestion. After a study it became apparent that such an operation could be executed only by the diversion of considerable air support essential to the success of our forces now engaged in decisive operations elsewhere and would in any case be of such doubtful efficacy that it would not warrant the use of our resources. There has been considerable opinion to the effect that such an effort, even if practicable, might provoke even more vindictive action by the Germans.

The War Department fully appreciates the humanitarian motives which promoted the suggested operation, but for the reasons stated above it has not been felt that it can or should be undertaken, at least at this time.


John J. McCloy
Assistant Secretary of War



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 Image by Kathe Kollwitz, Never Again War, 1924, charcoal on laid paper
There are those that deny the FACT that there WAS a Holocaust. In some countries this has been declared illegal and those that dare speak their mind contrary to these facts are punished by law.
This Blog does not allow comments which deny or downplay the fact that millions of people were murdered during this period. We do not play the ‘numbers game’ either, suffice it to say that millions were slaughtered, not only Jews, but Gypsies, Trade Unionists, Communists, homosexuals and other minorities that didn’t quite ‘fit in’ to the master race.
Today, in Israel, it is Holocaust Remembrance Day, but to the survivors of this horror, every day of the year is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The numbers burnt onto their arms are a constant reminder off the suffering they endured. There are others, like myself, that carry the name of a close relative that perished in the camps, in which case every time someone calls my name, we are reminded of that person’s demise.
After the war, cries of Never Again were heard throughout Eastern Europe. NEVER AGAIN….
to whom? BUT, it is happening again on a daily basis. IT MUST STOP …. in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, the list grows daily.
“Never Again” will we stand still while there is injustice in the world. “Never Again” will we keep silent while innocent people are being murdered. “Never Again” will we turn a blind eye while homes are being demolished. “Never Again” will we close our ears while civilians are being displaced. “Never Again” will we be silent in the face of tyranny and injustice. “Never Again” will we be silent.



The above were taken in nazi occupied Poland during the holocaust….. (IN 1938)

The following is in zionist occupied Jerusalem during the holocaust….. (TODAY)


Police, settlers take over Jerusalem home

Jerusalem –  Israeli settlers accompanied by police took over a building in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem early Thursday morning, evicting families from three of the building’s apartments.

Israeli National Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said two Jewish families entered the Old City home “based on documents claiming that they owned the property.” He described the eviction as proceeding without incident.

After the families entered the homes, police requested the documents upon which the eviction was carried out, and according to Rosenfeld they were being “examined by police to determine whether they are accurate or not.”

If the police deem the documents to be valid, he explained, they would be transferred to Israeli courts.

Fatah official for Jerusalem Affairs Hatem Abdel Qader told Ma’an Radio on Thursday afternoon the the documents presented to police were fake. He said that the families who entered the homes were part of a Jewish group that lost a lawsuit in 1996, wherein they sought to take over the same home but failed to sufficiently prove ownership.

Palestinian defendants proved to an Israseli court that the home was owned by Kamal Handal and rented by Qarsh family, Abdel Qader said.

“This armed burglary is considered an attack on a Palestinian home and will not pass silently,” he official added.

Evicted family members gathered at the home on Thursday afternoon, and were shortly thereafter joined by ten or more settlers, all hoping to gain access to the home. Israeli police stationed outside the building prevented both residents and settlers from entering, witnesses said.

The home, two stories with 11 small family apartments, is owned by the families of Suleiman Handal, rented by Kamal Qarsh and located in the As-Sa’dieh neighborhood near the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Three of the apartments housed families, totaling 50 residents. It was not immediately clear how many were taken out of the home. According to Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Demitri Delani, many of the women and children refused to be evicted and remained in their homes with barricaded doors.

By noon, Rosenfeld said he believed there were no Palestinians in the home.

Delani said the settlers now occupy five homes, and he fears the building could be taken over as a settler Yeshiva explaining that the building was a school before 1967, after which it was converted into apartments.



We already have Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists. We certainly don’t need to have Muslim-Zionists as well.

We must not accept holocaust propaganda in our schools

Commentary by Khalid Amayreh

Some circles within UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, have been trying to introduce “the holocaust” into Palestinian school curricula in the Gaza Strip. In so doing, the organization is trying to appease certain Zionist-minded groups in North America, and to a lesser extent in Europe, which have been lambasting the UN body for “conditioning” the Palestinian school system to Arab ideological and political trends.

Needless to say, the rationale behind such calls for introducing the conspicuously controversial and highly-propagandistic subject into the world of Palestinian youngsters has very little to do with any educational merits. But it has every thing to do with a virulent Zionist propensity to brainwash Palestinians, particularly young generations, into accepting or at least understanding Zionism, a hateful fascist political ideology that has much in common with Nazism, both in terms of theory and practice.

Using the words of Gaza academic, Zionist supremacists would like to see Arab children taught, at least subconsciously, that the holocaust justifies the arrogation of Palestine by Zionism and that Arabs and Muslims would have to accept what the rest of the world has accepted, namely the Zionist narrative concerning certain events during the Second World War.

Well, the Zionists have stolen our ancestral land, destroyed our homes, and expelled the bulk of our people to the four corners of the world. Now, they are trying to rob us of our memories, falsify historical facts and obliterate our historical awareness by inculcating holocaust mythology into the minds of our kids.

They would like to convince us that the genocidal ethnic cleansing of our people at the hands of Ashkenazi terrorists was an act of charity, not a Nazi act par excellence.

They would like to make us shed tears for Jewish victims based on historical narratives that should be subjected to genuine academic scrutiny in order to ascertain its historical veracity or mendacity.

We, as Arabs and Muslims, certainly realize that Jews, many Jews, were killed unjustly at the hands of the Nazis between 1939-1945. We also heard, as others did, of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen Belsen, and other death camps.  And we are genuinely sorry for the death of innocent human beings, including Jews. After all, as many as 40 million people perished during that European war and all of them were bona fide human beings, equal in humanity. It was a European war, and to paraphrase Menachem Begin, it was Europeans killing Europeans. We Palestinians had nothing to do with it.

However, what we can’t understand is the repulsive and morbid utilization of these sorrowful events by Zionism in order to justify the slow-motion holocaust that has been meted out to the Palestinian people under the rubric of Jewish suffering.

Today, the shipyard dogs of Zionism bark uncontrollably every time the Zionist holocaust narrative is questioned, even by historians and academics. In some European countries, even raising an innocent question about the “ultimate taboo” is illegal. In short, one can critique and criticize any figure, including God, Jesus, and Muhammad, but should think a million times before even thinking of questioning the ultimate sacrosanct cow, the holocaust.

In Europe today, one can freely depict the Prophet Muhammad, who said all humans are as equal as a comb’s teeth, as a terrorist. Jesus, who said “the meek shall inherit the earth”, is depicted as a gay of salacious characters. Even the Almighty Himself is subject to all sorts of mockery and ridicule.

Only the holocaust is off limit to scrutiny.  It is the modern Golden Calf whose status is more inviolable than any other subject.

Needless to say, this taboo, a mantra whose invocation justifies every conceivable crime under the sun, must be crushed under our feet.

We certainly, don’t say that the memory of innocent Jews killed at the hands of the German Nazis ought to be discarded or violated due to the satanic behavior of the Zio-Nazis of our time, namely the criminal state of Israel.

However, the cheap and virulent exploitation by Zionism of the memories of Jews killed during the Second World War, must be publicized and denounced in the strongest terms.

This is not a legitimate identification with legitimate victims of fascism. After all, Jewish fascism is not really fit or morally equipped to challenge German fascism on the basis of moral criteria.

The Germans invented the master race slogan, the Zionists are invoking the “Chosen people.” The Germans spoke of Untermenschen and Ubermenschen whereas the Zionists speak in terms of Jews and Goyem. The Germans spoke of Lebensraum while Zionist Jews are insisting that “Jews have the right to live anywhere.” Here the allusion is clear, namely that Zionist Jews have the right to arrogate and steal land that belongs to another people.

In short, Zio-Nazism and German Nazism are more or less two sides of the same coin. They are very much like tweedledee and tweedledum.

A few days ago, the London-based human rights organization Amnesty International castigate western countries for keeping silent and doing nothing in the face of crimes against humanity committed by Europe’s nefarious brat, Israel.

Amnesty underscored Israeli crimes against the people of Gaza:

“Among other things, they carried out indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks against civilians, targeted and killed medical staff, used Palestinian civilians as ‘human shields’, and indiscriminately fired white phosphorus over densely populated residential areas,” it added. “More than 1,380 Palestinians, including over 330 children and hundreds of other civilians, were killed.”

This disgraceful silence and inaction on the part of the Old Continent stems mainly from the so-called holocaust guilt.

This is why Europe, with the exception of a few courageous men and women who have an active moral conscience and who are willing to call the proverbial spade a spade even if they find it in Jewish hands, is allowing Israel to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing against the helpless Palestinians, in order to escape the ever haunting charges of anti-Semitism. Yes, some European states have spoken a few words against the latest Zionist crime in high seas in the Eastern Mediterranean. But that is all.

Well, anti-Semitism is wrong, but so is the blind support of Zio-Nazism which the hateful entity known as Israel embodies and exemplifies.

It is for all these reasons that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims all over the globe must refrain from introducing Zionist propaganda into our school systems.

We already have Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists. We certainly don’t need to have Muslim-Zionists as well.

We have been so tormented by these irredeemable liars, the world’s premier merchants of death and mendacity, so much so that we must be constantly vigilant in the face of   anything and everything they try to get us to do either directly or via international bodies such as UNRWA.

In the final analysis, UNRWA itself has no right to tell our children what to learn and what not to learn. According to its mandate, it has no political role to play. Its job is to facilitate, not indoctrinate.


Commemorating one holocaust while effecting another
By Khalid Amayreh

This is the holocaust-carnival season in Israel, or more correctly, the premier annual hasbara event of using the tragic events of World War II to attract sympathy, blackmail the world, and especially divert attention from Israel’s ongoing holocaust against the Palestinian people.

This year, like in every year, more crocodile tears are shed, more hypocrisy is displayed, and more lies are fabricated.

It is a time for the outpouring of lies, including obscene lies, wild-exaggerations, and a surplus of sanctimony and self-righteousness as well as the usual hysterical cries of “Never-again.”

This year, we have been affronted with wide-mouthed Zionist leaders from New York to Tel Aviv, who lie as often as they breathe oxygen, insulting humanity with the same despicable rituals.

And the tacit but clear message remains unchanged, namely that the world has no right to criticize Israel or even prevent her from doing to the Palestinians what Adolph Hitler reportedly did or tried to do to the Jews.

Of course, Jews, like anyone else, have a legitimate right to commemorate the Jewish victims of the Second World War, but they have absolutely no right to manipulate the memory of Hitler’s victims in order to torment and commit a virtual holocaust against another people, the Palestinians.

In fact, doing so, using the memory of Jews who perished at the hands of the Third Reich to justify the attempted destruction by Israel of the Palestinian people, is the worst possible act of identification with and commemoration of these victims.

Yet, this is exactly what Israel is doing, which really makes many people around the world ask questions about the morality of using the holocaust as an industry or even a virtual religion to justify decidedly criminal policies against a people that has been and continues to be on the receiving end of Zionism’s Nazi-like savagery ever since the creation of the evil entity.

This year, the focus has been shifted to Iran as one Zionist leader after the other kept claiming that Iran was about to exterminate Jews worldwide.

The pornographic mendacity would give the impression that Israel which possesses 200-300 nuclear warheads, and is in tight control of US politics and policies, is facing an imminent, mortal, and existential threat of annihilation when in fact a threat of this nature is a million times more unlikely than the occurrence of a collision of a huge meteor coming from outer-space with our planet, say in the next 24 hours.

Benyamin Netanyahu, the pathologically mendacious prime minister of the Nazi-like entity, has also been claiming that Muslims worldwide are inciting against Jews and that anti-Semitism is alive and well thanks to this incitement.

Well, what are Muslims, and for that matter all honest human beings, including many conscientious Jews who wouldn’t sell their souls to the Zionist devil, what are they supposed to do when they watch the emulators of Hitler rain white Phosphorus and huge deadly bombs on civilian neighborhoods in Gaza? Are they supposed to gleefully shout bravo Israel!!!?

Are the people of the world supposed to celebrate and glorify Israeli war criminals that have on their criminal hands incalculable tons of innocent blood?

Interestingly, the holocaust commemorating rituals this year are coinciding with several Zionist crimes which really refute the Zionist claim to sanctimony and victimhood.

On Sunday, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that the Israeli Wehrmacht, erroneously named the Israeli Defense Forces, issued military orders that would enable it to deport tens of thousands of Palestinian from their homes in the West Bank.

The paper didn’t reveal the destination to which the would-be deportees would be deported or whether the explicitly criminal measure was part of a new policy of Lebensraum aimed at ethnically cleansing more Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Nonetheless, the refusal of Israeli officials and leaders to comment on, let alone deny the report, throws a big question mark as to the real  trends inside the Israeli coalition government, which includes influential Judeo-Nazi parties advocating genocide and ethnic cleansing against non-Jews in occupied Palestine.

More to the point, the marking of the holocaust anniversary coincides with the continuation of the Israeli policy of strangling the Gaza Strip by barring the entry of essential consumer goods to the blockaded territory.

According to the Israeli press, Israel allows no more than 70 items of commodities and consumer products to enter Gaza, with more than 500 other commodities barred for unknown reasons, probably having to do with classical Zionist sadism and cannibalism.

Israel claims the harsh measures are intended to make life hard for Hamas. However, it is crystal clear that the people who suffer most are ordinary families who have nothing to do with the politics of the region.

Of course, it is futile to appeal to Israel’s (or even to the Israelis’) sense of humanity.  After all, a government that orders the extermination and incineration of thousands of innocent civilians by White Phosphorus and other agents of death has no sense of humanity or justice.

It is a government that is as callous and as nefarious as the Third Reich whose victims are cynically being manipulated by Israel for political reasons. The same thing can be said about most Israelis who just  contented themselves with basking in their sickening gleefulness and  morbid apathy while the smell of the burned flesh of Gaza children was wafting all over Israel.

Zionist apologists cry out hysterically like mad dogs whenever Israeli criminality is compared to Nazi criminality. In fact, the Nazis would have learned much from their yet-to-be born Israeli emulators had it not been for the sequence of time.

The Nazis did it too dramatically, too bluntly, too unscrupulously and too outrageously, thus inviting the rage and wrath of much of the world.

Israel, on the other hand, is trying to destroy the Palestinian people, step-by-step while making sure to desensitize the world’s public opinion.

Sometime, as in Gaza last year, the Judeo-Nazi establishment goes too far in provoking the world. However, Israel’s reliance on an infinitely-whoring international order, led by the United States, always gives the Satanic Zionist entity the assurance and protection needed to shield her not only from possible retribution but also from condemnation as well. (See, for example, how the Goldstone report has been neutralized and rendered nearly irrelevant, thanks to America’s diabolic intervention on Israel’s behalf).

I really don’t know for sure if an all-out physical Zionist holocaust against the Palestinian people is inevitable. However, I have no doubt that such an all-out genocidal onslaught would be possible if the present nefarious mentality in Israel continued to prevail. Another conducive factor, which would encourage the criminal Zionist leadership to “go all the way”, is the persistence of America’s criminal immorality toward the Palestinian plight. After all, the U.S. has been the ultimate tormentor of the Palestinian people if only by allowing Israel and its agents on American soil to manipulate America’s weight and immense resources in order to expedite Zionism’s Satanic goals, including stealing more Palestinian land and endangering the survival of the Palestinians as a people living on their ancestral homeland.

A third factor is the continuation of the scandalous collective impotence of Arab regimes and their inability to deter the mad Zionist dog.

Never the less, an all out Zionist holocaust against the Palestinian people would most likely trigger events that might very well end up with the total or semi-total destruction and obliteration of Israel.

Needless to say, in their overwhelming insolence and megalomaniac arrogance of power, the Zionists may not pay attention to this deterministic aspect of history.


No doubt those who love Israel so much they cannot see its faults will attack this blog as being anti-Semitic.

But hopefully on a day that remembers the horrors of the past, just maybe Israel can start to rectify the wrongs of the present.

Israeli hypocrisy this Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Dan Nolan

AFP photo

Today is Holocaust Remembrance day. At 10am Israel came to a virtual standstill, sirens wailed across cities, traffic stopped as Jews here and abroad pause to reflect on the worst genocide in history.

Adolf Hitler’s evil plans started with discrimination against Jews based solely on their religion before moving them through mass deportations to concentration camps before finally seeking to exterminate them.
A total of 6 million Jewish men, women and children died in mankind’s darkest hour.

The world, and in particular Israel, rightly continues to remember these horrific events of 60years ago to ensure it never happens again. But there is increasing concern about whether the tragic lessons of the Holocaust were fully learned by Israel itself?

Tomorrow, April 13, 2010, a new Israeli military order comes into place allowing the mass deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank.

Any Palestinian or foreigner living in the West Bank without the appropriate id permit (receipt of which is controlled by Israel) can be deported within 72 hours or even jailed for up to 7 years.

Those Palestinians lucky enough to have escaped the open-air prison that is Gaza to now live in the West Bank maybe the first targeted and sent back.

The vague wording of the law has concerned Israeli human rights groups so much that 10 of them have signed a letter to Defence Minister Ehud Barak begging him to rescind it.

The left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz first broke the story and its editorial today is compelling reading, saying:
“The right of all Palestinians to choose where to live in the West Bank or Gaza marks a very low threshold for defining their human rights. Implementing this new military order is not only likely to spark a new conflagration in the territories, it is liable to give the world clear-cut proof that Israel’s aim is a mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank.”

Palestinian leaders say the move is devoted to racism and “paves the way for an ethnic cleansing operation.”

As Israeli’s well know, the Holocaust started with human rights violations which turned into mass deportations and ended in genocide.

Is it not time that those who support a state born of the single most traumatic event of the 20th century do everything in their power to never impose anything that resembles their own suffering on another oppressed people?

No doubt those who love Israel so much they cannot see its faults will attack this blog as being anti-Semitic.

But hopefully on a day that remembers the horrors of the past, just maybe Israel can start to rectify the wrongs of the present.


Before you read the following post, please read this  one …. THE FORGOTTEN CHILD OF THE HOLOCAUST

Images ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

It is difficult to not remember the holocaust if you live in Israel…. it is not only something that occurred in history, it is something that is unfolding right here, right now. We read of the horrors in our history books…. we continue reading about them in our daily newspaper reports…



Those are two of the most famous quotes associated with the holocaust. Two quotes that have completely lost their meaning. They are literally shoved down our throats every day by the ADL and other groups associated with AIPAC…. not in the context of what they mean…. but as justification of the crimes committed by the zionists today.

The second quote ‘Never Again’ has also lost meaning…. never again to whom? If we look at the suffering of the holocaust victims in the death camps of Eastern Europe… we see the same suffering in the death camp known as the Gaza Strip today. The quote does not go … Never again, EXCEPT…. it’s Never Again! Yet it is happening again…. by the very people that coined the phrase in the first place.

To even associate what happened in the past to what is happening today is immediately labeled as anti Semitic. Is trying to salvage the one time good name of the Jewish people anti Semitic? Is trying to prevent the horrors of yesteryear from becoming a reality once again anti Semitic?? What would groups like the ADL do if we were all silent and allowed this to continue? Who would they prey on with their cancerous venom of hatred?

The very name of that group is deceiving… Anti Defamation League… the word defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Perhaps the group should be called the Defamation League, as that is what they do best….

The actual survivors of the holocaust living in Israel today are a forgotten species. Their needs are ignored by the government forcing many to return to their native Germany. Israel seems to have gotten what it wanted as a result of the holocaust, those that suffered can continue to according to the state.They are ‘paraded’ by various organisations at Holocaust Remembrance ceremonies to remind us of the suffering they endured…. but their present suffering is kept pretty quiet by these groups.

In ending, I want to stress that I am not saying not to remember the holocaust, but rather let us learn from it…. learn that it must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN…. anytime or anywhere. TO ANYONE!


Deceit — Destruction — Denial


What is referred to as ‘The Holocaust‘, lasted 12 years from beginning to end. This does not include the number of years of the ongoing holocaust against the people of Palestine. Next month it will have reached the 62 year mark…. and continuing as I write this.

It started on the day that Israel’s Independence was declared by the United Nations, the 14th of May, 1948. On that day, the nation of Palestine ceased to exist. The Day of the Nakba is what that day is commonly called by Palestinians as well as by Progressive Israelis. It is the day that millions of Palestinians faced forced expulsions from homes, their towns and villages in the face of Jewish and later Israeli troop advances. Millions of these refugees eventually wound up living in refugee camps built by the very world body that was responsible for their displacement. Sixty two years later, millions still languish in those very camps. They are the lucky ones in a way, those that remained behind have systematically been slaughtered by the State of Israel. Sixty two years later Palestinians are still forced from their homes and properties as illegal settlements are built on lands belonging to them.

In many European countries. including Germany, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust took place. Violators of these laws have served prison terms for as long as seven years.

In Israel, it will soon be illegal to admit that the Nakba took place. The Israeli Parliament is in the process of passing a Bill which would outlaw the teaching of these events in Israeli classrooms, including those in the Arab sector.
Among the activities forbidden by the “Nakba Law” are marking Independence Day and the founding of Israel with mourning ceremonies and vandalizing or physical disdain towards the flag and State symbols. As in the case of the holocaust deniers, there are many Israelis that are prepared to risk all by publicly mourning with the people of Palestine.

Denials of FACTS does not negate them. THIS photo essay shows the similarities of both holocausts. The resemblances of the horrors are frightening, the only difference is the ones of the ‘holocaust’ came to light after the fact…. the ones in Israel are presented while the atrocities are still being carried out.

In many Eastern European cities the Jewish areas were walled off to keep them from being a part of society. In Israel today most Arab areas are walled off, the excuse being to prevent terrorist attacks. Yet those attacks continue on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli terrorists I speak of. When the Jews resisted these measures in Europe they were referred to as resistance fighters. The Palestinians are simply called terrorists. If you looked at the photos presented in the link above you can see a contradiction to this terminology. Palestinians are fighting for their very lives as well as their homeland just as the Jews did years earlier.
Three years after the holocaust ended Israel was declared a state. Many say this was a direct result of the holocaust itself. Does Palestine have to wait till their dead reach the total of six million to get the same homeland they deserve, a homeland that belonged to them in the first place. Why is it that after 62 years the scales of justice are still tilted  against the victims of the ongoing holocaust?

Recent events have brought the struggles of the Palestinian people to the front pages of the mass media. The UN sponsored Goldstone Report put on display the horrors suffered by the Gazan population at the hands of the zionist oppressors. The last few months of continued settler expansion has brought angry responses from officials in the Obama Administration as well as from the leadership of the European Union. BUT, nothing is being done about this. Again I ask, do the fatalities have to reach the six million mark before anything is actually done about this?

As of this writing the proceedings at AIPAC’s convention are making news on all American airwaves and media outlets. Israel is rejoicing at the US governments position that ….
” America’s support for Israel was “rock solid, unwavering, enduring, and forever.” That position, along with the 3 BILLION dollars a year they give to Israel is the go ahead for Israel to continue it’s aggressive policies against the Palestinians.

That same US government is doing everything in its power to insure that the Palestinian position not even be heard. Are they convinced that the truth will set the Palestinians free?

The valiant people of Palestine are putting up a brave fight against the oppression, but they must not struggle alone. ALL people of conscience throughout the world must stand up in their defense. Their struggle is a just one, their struggle is ours. Despite efforts by the US and other European governments, the facts will not remain hidden from the public eye. We, at this site, as well as on others, will continue to bring you those facts until the day Palestine is free.



On the 14th of May please light a candle for the people of Palestine…



Israel uses holocaust memory to effect own holocaust against Palestinians
By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Writing in the Ha’aretz newspaper on Thursday, 28 January, under the title “holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda,” the noted Israeli journalist Gideon Levy accused Israel of employing the holocaust memory as a Public Relations gimmick to divert attention from the savagery and brutality meted out to the Palestinians.

“When the world is talking Goldstone, we talk Holocaust, as if out to blur the impression. When the world talks occupation, we’ll talk Iran as if we wanted them to forget.”

But Levy, like many other conscientious observers, know this won’t help the Israeli goal of making the world forget the Palestinians, or more specifically what Israel has done and is doing to them.

“It won’t help much. Inter national Holocaust Remembrance has passed, the speeches will soon be forgotten, and the depressing everyday reality will remain. Israel will not come out looking good, even after the PR campaign”

To be sure, Levy is not against marking the Holocaust day. In fact, he insists that it is an incomparable event. And it may well be so.

However, he reminds the Israeli establishment that “a thousand speeches against anti-Semitism will not extinguish the flames ignited by Operation Cast Lead, flames that threaten not only Israel but the entire Jewish world.”

He adds: “As long as evil is rampant here at home, neither the world nor we will be able to accept our preaching to others, even if they deserve it.”

This introduction is necessary to understand the Satanic game Zionism and its numerous propaganda outlets are playing in order to divert attention from the genocidal brutality Israel is carrying out against the Palestinian people.

Today, Jewish-Zionist circles are leaving no stone unturned in order to immortalize the holocaust, not so much to warn the world against the recurrence of such an abomination, but rather to obtain from the world a tacit permission to destroy the Palestinian people either in one fell swoop or step by step.

What else explains all this propaganda about the holocaust while the Israeli state and its para-military thugs, otherwise known as settlers, keep up tormenting and savaging the Palestinian people, destroying their homes, stealing their land and denying them access to food and work?

In so doing, Israel and its hasbara doctors not only are displaying spasmodic sensitivity toward any comparisons between the German holocaust and the quasi-holocaust being carried out against the Palestinian people, but are also using every opportunity to divert attention from Israeli atrocities in places like the Gaza Strip.

In recent days, the Israeli hasbara machine utilized to the fullest the highly-propagandistic rescue mission Israel sent to Haiti in an effort to make the world forget what Israel did to the people of the Gaza Strip last year.

But that won’t erase the ugliness from Israel’s face.

A child killer’s ugly face will remains ugly even if dressed in a boy-scout’s uniform. An Israeli soldier who murdered babies in Gaza several months ago shall not be transformed into a charitable figure just because he took part in efforts to rescue Haitians from under the quake rubble. A murderer remains a murderer even if he, on his way home, helped an elderly lady mow her lawn.

In the final analysis, honest and intelligent people just wouldn’t take it. A country that uses F-16 fighters to rain death on school children and prevents milk from reaching babies in order to make them die by way of starvation is a criminal country even if it dispatches rescuers to Haiti where the propaganda teams are filmed rescuing a few victims from under the rubble. It is always difficult to thank people for doing a favor which they never meant to do in the first place.

Zionism has two main goals behind its obsession with the holocaust, an obsession that has been elevated to the level of a religion: First, there is the declared goal, namely to keep the memory of the holocaust alive and to remind the world of what happened to European Jewry at the hands of the Third Reich more than 60 years ago.

This is a legitimate goal as humanity must learn from its tragic mistakes in order not to repeat them. We study the day before yesterday in order to understand yesterday and we study yesterday in order not to spoil our tomorrow.

The second but undeclared goal behind this holocaust religion is to justify Zionism, a racist ideology that eventually bred a gigantic crime against humanity called Israel. In the final analysis, Israel embodies an evil desire to annihilate the Palestinian people and steal their ancestral homeland. And when the Palestinians cry out for justice and humanity, we see and hear the dogs of Zionism shout “holocaust, Auschwitz , Hitler!!”

Last year, the Israeli army and air force rained death on Gaza for three uninterrupted weeks. Warplanes dropped bombs on unprotected civilians throughout the small enclave. Heavy artillery bombarded homes, schools, hospitals, mosques and public buildings, creating a massive carnage. White Phosphoric fire storms raged over Gaza, incinerating numerous civilians. People fleeing for their lives and carrying white flags were systematically gunned down by Israeli army snipers. This happened as army rabbis were encouraging soldiers to murder men, women and children because this is the way to endear themselves to God.!!

There is no doubt that the massive killings and pornographic destruction in Gaza last year was a genocidal act comparable to what was happening during the holocaust. The world shouldn’t raise its eyebrows when such comparisons are made.

After all, the attempted annihilation of European Jewry didn’t begin with Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. It started much earlier with comparatively innocuous things in the early 1930s. And then in 1938, there was the Kirstallnacht, a pre-taste of which the Palestinian people have been and are experiencing at the hands of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust.

In short, the holocaust started with very much the type of things Israel is doing to the Palestinians these days. The unmitigated attempted killing and starving of Gaza are merely an epitome of a larger picture which shows the systematic Nazi-like savagery and brutality to which most Palestinians are being subjected.

Palestinians are not claiming that Israel is gassing Palestinians en mass. However, Israel is occasionally murdering Palestinian en mass by bombing their homes and denying them access to food and essential consumer products. Israel is murdering Palestinians by denying them access to health care abroad or in the West Bank.

Israel denies that its treatment of Palestinians is reaching Nazi proportions. Well, then how can we describe the Gaza Strip which has been morphed into a huge concentration camp?

Besides, must the level of Israeli Nazism be equal to that of German Nazism in order sound alarm bells and alert the world that Jews are going wild? And who says that the Palestinian victims of Israeli brutality must reach 6,000,000 in order to grant Palestinians a hearing before the world’s court?

The holocaust was nefarious not because many of the victims were Jewish. (millions of non-Jews were killed during the WWII). It was diabolical because innocent human beings were killed unjustly. The horrendous killings wouldn’t have been less evil had the victims been non-Jewish and their number a few million less.

The world must make every conceivable effort to prevent the recurrence of genocides and massacres and destructive wars. And one of the key ways to do that is to prevent Israel from using the holocaust to bully the world to keep silent in the face of Israel’s genocidal crimes against the Palestinians.

Yes, the holocaust was evil, but it must never be used as an excuse for tormenting and savaging the Palestinian people and trying to destroy their national existence which they have earned in spite of history.

Indeed, if the world allows Israel to strangulate the Palestinians, starve Gaza by transforming it into an updated version of the Warsaw Ghetto, then the world will be transforming itself into a human jungle, a jungle that is far worse than a real animal jungle.

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