The family, which belongs to an extremist splinter group of Bratslav Hasidim, had been demanding for some time that the deceased be moved away from his neighbors in the burial plot, on the grounds that said neighbors weren’t on his same “spiritual level.” Putting their father in such company, his children insisted, constituted “contempt for the dead.” Thus, they reburied him in the Mount of Olives, near his father’s burial plot.
The rabbi's burial place in Jerusalem.
The rabbi’s burial place in Jerusalem. Photo by Emil Salman

Family suspected in disappearance of ultra-Orthodox rabbi’s body from Jerusalem grave

The body was removed from the Sanhedria cemetery one night last week, without the knowledge or consent of the cemetery’s burial society.

By Yair Ettinger

The body of an ultra-Orthodox rabbi disappeared from his Jerusalem grave a few days ago, after eight years of undisturbed interment. The suspected culprits are the man’s own family, who apparently had the support of several leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

The body was removed from the Sanhedria cemetery one night last week, without the knowledge or consent of the cemetery’s burial society. The empty grave was only discovered on Monday.

The family, which belongs to an extremist splinter group of Bratslav Hasidim, had been demanding for some time that the deceased be moved away from his neighbors in the burial plot, on the grounds that said neighbors weren’t on his same “spiritual level.” Putting their father in such company, his children insisted, constituted “contempt for the dead.” Thus, they reburied him in the Mount of Olives, near his father’s burial plot.

“There’s no lack of crazies,” commented one of the directors of the burial society as he stood near the empty grave Monday.

The story was first reported on Kav Hahadashot, a Haredi telephone news service. The late rabbi, who died of an illness at a relatively young age, had bought his original gave himself. But according to Kav Hahadashot, his relatives were perturbed that he was buried next to a woman, and near others whose level of religious observance was “dubious.”

In fact, both the people buried next to the rabbi predeceased him, so he likely knew who they were, and evidently didn’t object.

What makes this story most remarkable, however, is that the family received permission to move the grave from leading rabbinic authorities, including the late Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, who died last month. Moving a body to another grave is rarely permitted under Jewish law, but Elyashiv, gave his consent before he was hospitalized about six months ago.

A video clip posted on the Haredi website Behadrei Haredim showed Elyashiv responding affirmatively when the family asked whether they are required to move their father’s bones from a place that constituted “contempt for the dead.” The clip is dated just five days before Elyashiv was hospitalized.

The video also shows another rabbi explaining to Elyashiv that after the man was buried, his relatives “suddenly saw that next to him were buried people who may have been Sabbath observant, but certainly weren’t careful about keeping the commandments. All the families come from terrible licentiousness.”

In addition to Elyashiv, the family also reportedly received permission from rabbis Shmuel Halevi Wosner, Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss and Eliezer Berland. Those three apparently approved the move some years ago, but their decision was bolstered when the rabbi’s father died and was buried on the Mount of Olives, as Jewish law considers it desirable to bury a man beside his father.

About six months ago, the family asked the Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society to move the grave, but it refused. Hananya Schorr, its director, told Haaretz that he knows the family approached at least one other Jerusalem burial society, but it also refused. Who finally did the job remains unknown.

Schorr said the burial society doesn’t plan to take any action against the family.



YUP…. you read it right.
BUT….. who’s the ‘terrorist’?
According to the settler terrorists themselves, it’s the likes of one Hanin Zoabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset….
According to others….
The word used for terrorist in Hebrew is “Mechabel” (mechablim for terrorists). In Israeli discourse this is a synonym for Palestinian.
Tourism in Israeli settlements: practice shooting Palestinians (From

Israeli newspaper Yidioth Ahronot published today (June, 18th, 2012) about a tourist’s activity offered by Gush Etzion settlements, where visitors can practice how to shoot “terrorists”.

Stories about such tours both in settlements and army bases are always published, but no serious attention given to such scary culture of hatred and violence. (see here one example in Hebrew from 2003)

Tourists from across the globe visit Gosh Etzion settlements, where they are offered by settlers “enjoyable” package under the name “Hebrew Extreme Tourism” with range of activities that include: story telling about battles, view live shooting performance and an activity where visitors can practice shooting at “terrorists-mechablim”‘s cardboard pictures hung on the wall.

The word used for terrorist in Hebrew is “Mechabel” (mechablim for terrorists). In Israeli discourse this is a synonym for Palestinian.

Yedioth Ahronot cover page, June 18th, 2012

So now we know who the ‘terrorist’ is… how to deal with them is still another question…. right wing settlers came up with a money making solution which can keep tourists busy for a day or so….
Ynet Magazine reported the following…
Tourists venture to West Bank to ‘shoot terrorists’
Thrill-seeking tourists of all ages brave West Bank shooting range to be taught by settlers how to shoot terrorists
Read the report HERE
Hate for America results in love for Israel….


Spending a week in Israel these days is like being trapped within a scene from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteria

Ilan Pappe*

The US continues to indulge Netanyahu’s manufactured hysteria. (Pete Souza / White House Photo)

Spending a week in Israel these days is like being trapped within a scene from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Like Jack Nicholson in the lead role of that classic film, you might not be insane but the doctors and nurses who run the psychiatric ward manufacture every few minutes a collective hysteria to keep everyone in the grip of fear and hatred. Everyone is an enemy, every a visitor an existential threat.

A retired French activist in her sixties — part of the most recent Welcome to Palestine fly-in — is met in the airport by a military brigade and massive police force that left much of Israel at the mercy of its petty criminals who had a field day while the officers of the law went to arrest the invading aliens who came from Europe.

A week earlier, a poem by an 85-year-old honest and noble Nobel laureate, Günter Grass, which warned against an Israeli attack on Iran and pleaded with the Israelis to show compassion towards the occupied Palestinians, was depicted as a text that is not only worse than Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf but one that could have a similar impact on history. Hence, the national response was entrusted to the hands of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of the Interior Eli Yishai who banned the entry of the ageing bard.

Hallucination in Washington

This was April 2012. The month before, Netanyahu, the world expert of manufactured hysteria, crossed the Atlantic to join his American counterparts. In Washington, before an AIPAC audience only too eager to indulge him, Netanyahu likened a refusal to launch a war against Iran as tantamount to refusing a request from Jewish leaders to bomb Auschwitz.

Together Netanyahu and his fawning American audience rode the roller coaster of mass hysteria of the most sickening, hallucinating kind at a time when the US needs leadership that will take it out of its economic crisis and Israel needs to find a way in a world that more than ever before refuses to tolerate its colonization, occupation and dispossession of Palestine.

On his way back from this mutual warmongering and fanaticism, Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, mates from the days when they both played Rambo as Israeli commandos, continued to send the Israelis into the bunkers and simulate chemical attacks in preparation for a massive Iranian attack that would be triggered by a pre-emptive Israeli strike on Iran.

French grandmas, a retired poet and nuclear holocaust are all threats of the same magnitude in the post-modern world of the current captains of the Israeli Titanic.


Being part visitor and part inmate in the ward I found solace in three books, each one of which tells us how best to keep our wits even when the most armed and aggressive state in the region has replaced diplomacy and national strategy with hysterical brinkmanship that could easily transform into real war and greater bloodshed.

The first is an old classic, George Orwell’s 1984. In despotic Oceania, the leadership, the Inner Party, depends on a constant war with the other two global powers. The leaders manufacture hysteria to keep it going, but begin to believe in it themselves:

It is precisely in the Inner Party that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy are strongest. In his capacity as an administrator, it is often necessary for a member of the Inner Party to know that this or that item of war news is untruthful, and he may often be aware that the entire war is spurious and is either not happening or is being waged for purposes quite other than the declared ones: but such knowledge is easily neutralized by the technique of doublethink.

The second book is Miko Peled’s The General’s Son. Peled’s research in the Israeli military archives exposed how the generals of Israel on the eve of the June 1967 war manufactured mass hysteria in Israel and spun a tale of an imminent second Holocaust — as did David Ben-Gurion in 1948 — knowing very well, in both historical instances, they were facing a weak, disarrayed opponent more willing to compromise than to fight.

The third is Jay Feldman’s Manufacturing Hysteria, a compact history of how the leadership in the US manufactures collective hysteria whenever faced with real or imagined crises that had the potential to cost them their seat of power. Going to unnecessary wars, scapegoating minorities in the United States, oppressing other peoples around the world and the poor at home, are only some of the unavoidable outcomes of such hysteria (I dedicate this brief reading list to Wall Street Occupiers whose library was brutally destroyed and to whom I promised to recommend a reading list for a new future library, which I never managed to do).

Unlike in the Jack Nicholson movie, the hysteria is not kept within the ward, and it is not the inmates who are the problem but those who run the prison-hospital and want to intern even more people in their zone of hysteria, control and violence.

Advanced stage of disease

But Israel in 2012 is in a far more severe and advanced stage of the disease, whether the one imagined by Orwell in 1984, reported by Peled about 1967 or summarized historically by Feldman in the US in 2012.

The hysteria manufactured in Israel has become a constant state of mind and nothing less than a strategy. Its main purpose is to keep both the Israeli Jewish and Palestinian populations within a certain, permanent, anxious existence. The Palestinian population under occupation is denied contact with those who want to show solidarity with their plight, so that the ghettoization of the West Bank would be as effective as the one achieved in the Gaza Strip by a military siege, and yet at the same time would not be too bothersome for the international allies of the Jewish state.

Life there has to be oppressive enough to encourage people to leave or to remain jailed in the largest mega-prison on earth, but more seemingly plausible so as to discourage another uprising.

The Jewish population has to be constantly distracted from what pushed almost half a million of its members to protest massively in the streets of Tel Aviv last summer and continue to be oblivious to the oppression of the Palestinians on the one hand, and the growing global moral repugnance towards Israel, on the other.

In our ward here, the time between Passover and what Israel calls Independence Day, during which national Holocaust Day falls, is very special.

This is when we receive overdoses of manufactured hysteria directly into our veins. And then we begin to hallucinate: the Egyptian Pharaoh of ancient times, Hitler, the grandma from Paris, the old Poet from Berlin and Osama Bin Laden are all fused into one apparition, and everyone who is not a Zionist can embody that apparition.

Whether we think of them as the wardens of the Cuckoo’s Nest, or the hysterical Inner Party, the rulers driving the hysteria mean business. They are armed to the teeth and have the power to push the red button that would send us, and everyone else around us, to hell or heaven as the case may be.

At the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest one of the heroes is brutally subdued by the ward’s keepers while another escapes the confines of the ward. We cannot afford such an ambiguous ending. But it is not too late for us, as long as more of us join together to refuse to play their game.

*The author of numerous books, Ilan Pappe is professor of history and director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter.

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If not, you must be a pro-Palestinian anti-Semite!


At Israel’s behest, woman removed from Air France flight for not being Jewish

Submitted by Ali Abunimah

Air France demanded to know the religion of a passenger on a flight from Nice to Tel Aviv and removed her because she is not a Jew.

The 15 April incident, confirmed by an Air France official, may violate international and European law by subjecting prospective passengers to illegal religious discrimination.

Over the past few days, Israeli authorities have reacted to an effort by hundreds of European travelers to visit the occupied West Bank at the invitation of Palestinians by stationing hundreds of armed police and soldiers at the main international airport at Lydd, detaining and expelling travelers, and ordering European airlines to prevent boarding of travelers that Israel has placed on a political blacklist.

Several European airlines meekly complied with these Israeli orders, canceling tickets of those arbitrarily blacklisted by Israel.

The revelation that passengers are being subjected to religious tests takes this complicity with Israel’s apartheid policies to shocking new levels.

“Are you Jewish?”

The passenger’s account was published by the website of CAPJPO-Euro-Palestine and I have translated the following passage:

A young woman, Horia A., was allowed to check-in normally and then board the aircraft. But a few minutes before take off, a flight attendant arrived at Horia’s seat and asked Horia to come with her. Isolated in a corner of the aircraft, the embarrassed flight attendant asked her a first question:

“Madame, do you have an Israeli passport?”

Horia: “No.”

“She said no,” said the flight attendant into her walkie-talkie to the ground crew.

Flight attendant: “And now, are you of Israe.. um, are you Jewish?”

Horia: “no.”

Flight attendant into walkie-talkie: “Also, no”

During the next few minutes, Horia could see interactions and comings and goings among Air France personnel, before the flight attendant confirmed to her that she was forbidden to fly, citing “a very complex situation.”

Horia had the presence of mind to ask for a written statement, signed by the Air France employee, who was an accomplice despite herself in her bosses’ dirty tricks.

Air France documents religious interrogation in writing

CAPJPO-Euro-Palestine provided a copy of the document on its website, noting that it had redacted the family name of the passenger and the name of the Air France employee.

In hand-writing, the form states (in French):

Customer boarded and then subjected to questioning on demand of Israeli authorities and then disembarked because not admissable to Israel.

Do you have an Israeli passport?
Are you Jewish?
Answers: no to the 2 questions.

Blatant discrimination

Alain Gresh, renowned journalist for Le Monde Diplomatique picked up the story on his French-language blog (my translation):

Let’s leave aside the political and diplomatic aspects of this affair to address another point: if Air France is applying the Chicago Convention [on Civil Aviation], can it do it while violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and French law?

It is forbidden in effect to discriminate against a person because of his color or religion. But that is what happened in particular in Nice, where the company refused to board a passenger arguing that the person was neither Israeli nor Jewish!

Air France confirms discrimination policy

The note presented to Horia A. is signed “CEP AF” which appears to stand for “Chef d’Escale de Permanence – Air France” or Air France station chief. Air France has confirmed the incident described in Horia A.’s account, as Gresh writes:

This is no mere blunder, because Jean Charles Tréan, General Manager for Corporate Communications [at Air France], specifies in response to a question I asked him: “It is in this context that the station chief in Nice for Air France flight 4384 of 15 April 2012, did, on demand from Israeli authorities and in their name, ask the two questions cited. This allowed the identification of the fact that the passenger concerned was not permitted on Israeli terroritory.” We are in the presence of a case of flagrant discrimination that ought to be brought before the courts.

Gresh could not be more right. Just imagine if a country demanded that Air France question passengers about their religion in order to exclude Jews. And imagine if Air France willingly complied.

Air France Document

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Segregated buses in Jerusalem? Here’s a good solution….
A variation of the above appeared in the Jerusalem Post
An invented people? Says who??
By Bendib


 Makes Garp look like a genius 😉
BTW…. Please note that according to Wikipedia, Many newts produce toxins in their skin secretions as a defense mechanism against predatorsTaricha newts of western North America are particularly toxic.
And the quotes…
“Is what I said factually true? Yes,”
“Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists,it’s fundamentally time for somebody to have the guts to stand up and say, ‘Enough lying about the Middle East.”
“Remember, there was no Palestine as a state – (it was) part of the Ottoman Empire. I think we have an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and historically part of the Arab community and they had the chance to go many places.”

The Florida Family Association believes that “All-American Muslim” is educationally harmful to America’s belief structure.

You will get a kick out of THIS video… I’m sure that Newt took it very seriously, he might even be a Board Member of the Florida Family Association.
How others view his ridiculous statements …

Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan sharply criticized Gingrich’s comments as cynical attempts to curry support with Jewish voters and unhelpful to the peace process.

“The vast majority of American Jews (including this one) and the Israeli Government itself are committed to a two-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians live side-by-side as neighbors and in peace,” Levin said in a statement. “Gingrich offered no solutions … just a can of gasoline and a match.”


Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi, a top official in the Palestine Liberation Organization, said that Gingrich was seeking a “cheap way” to win Jewish and pro-Israel voters in next year’s election.


Some Israeli politicians on the margins of the Israeli consensus welcomed Gingrich’s stance. Danny Danon, deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, and a minority voice among his hawkish Likud party, said Gingrich “understands very well the reality we live in in the Middle East” and said his statement on the Palestinians is shared by “most of the Jewish people, not just in Israel.”

Israeli historian Tom Segev, however, said the argument about the existence of the Palestinian people is a thing of the past.

“There is no intelligent person today who argues about the existence of the Palestinian people,” Segev said.


The AP report that all of the above quotes are taken from can be read HERE.


The controversial video that started this all can be seen below…


Whenever an idiot opens his mouth, people start probing into their past….
Here you can see what the Huffington Post came up with this week… If Palestine is an invented nation, was Yasser Arafat Newt’s imaginary friend?

On Monday, a political operative who has been working on Palestine-Israel policy for the past 20 years sent The Huffington Post a picture of Gingrich, then the House minority whip, grasping the hand of longtime Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat immediately following the September 1993 Oslo peace accords.

The embrace, the source said, came after Arafat met with 20 to 25 House leaders over coffee. Jotting notes down in a yellow pad, Gingrich used the meeting to pitch Arafat on how best to actually construct a Palestinian state. “He said, ‘Look, here is what I think you need — an economic plan – and here is how it will work,'” the operative recalled. “It was a very positive contribution at the time and as they stood up, there were pictures.”



She never ceases to amaze me. Every time she writes a column I am shocked that The Onion does not repost it as one of their own Op-Eds. Needless to say, I am talking about the Jerusalem Post’s ‘Psycho Gal’. Every column she writes reveals the insanity she suffers from. The latest is a glowing tribute to another that suffers from a similar form of dementia, Glenn Beck.
The following is truly unbelievable, but, as they say: “Birds of a feather flock together”! Here is the actual proof of that quote….

Glenn Beck’s revealing visit

In general, Israeli media responded to Beck’s visit either as a non-event, or distorted who Beck is and what he is trying to do.

American media superstar Glenn Beck’s visit to Israel this week was a revealing and remarkable event. It revealed what it takes to be a friend of Israel. And it revealed the causes of Israel’s difficulty in telling its enemies from its friends.

Many world leaders, opinion-shapers and other notables protest enduring friendship with Israel. From Washington to London, Paris to Spain, policy- makers and other luminaries preface all their remarks to Jewish audiences with such statements. Once their declarations are complete – and often without taking a breath – they proceed to denounce Israel’s policies and to deny its basic rights.

US President Barack Obama exemplifies this practice. Obama always begins his statements on Israel by proclaiming his enduring friendship for Israel. Then he tells us to deny Jewish property rights, accept indefensible borders, or desist from defending ourselves from aggression.

The Israeli Left habitually embraces self-proclaimed friends such as Obama. Often leftist leaders encourage such friends to harm Israel in the name of helping it. For instance, in 2007, speaking to then-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice – who had a habit of comparing her friend Israel to the Jim Crow South – then-Haaretz editor David Landau asked her to “rape” the Jewish state. Opposition leader Tzipi Livni recently encouraged Obama to increase pressure on Israel.

When anti-Semitic public intellectuals such as the late Nobel laureate Jose Saramago compare Israel to Nazi Germany, the Israeli Left makes light of their remarks. For instance, when at the height of the Palestinian terror war in 2002 Saramago said Israel was worse than the Nazis and that Jews had no right to speak of the Holocaust, Yediot Aharonot’s Ariella Melamed referred to Saramago as “one of the most beloved foreign novelists in Israel.”

She continues with…
Unlike the leftist public intellectuals such as New York Times columnist Tom Friedman who are celebrated and obsessively covered by the Israeli media, Beck exerts real influence on public opinion in the US. His calls for action are answered by hundreds of thousands of people. His statements are a guidepost for millions of Americans. Aside from radio host Rush Limbaugh, no media personality in the US has such influence.

It is highly significant that thousands of Beck’s supporters followed his call and came with him to Israel for a week to express their support for Israel and the Jewish people. It is similarly significant that millions more of his supporters followed his actions on Internet.

Those media that did not seek to downplay the importance of Beck’s visit opted instead to distort who he is and what he is doing. As the Yediot headline indicated, the media portrayed him as an unstable messianic, or they castigated him as an extremist and marginal force in the US. Haaretz and Globes both ran articles attacking Beck as an anti-Semite.

These claims are outrageous and represent yet another gross disservice to Israeli news consumers who do not have an independent means of judging Beck, his message and his actions for themselves.

Beck came to Israel to launch a global movement of activists committed to supporting Israel, not in order to “rape” it, but in order to empower it to defeat its enemies and to stand up to an increasingly hostile world. In his speech under the Temple Mount, Beck roused his audience – which contrary to media reports was a mix of American Christians and American Jews joined by scores of Israelis – to action. With gripping prose, Beck told his audience to disregard the “convenient” lies about Israel and embrace the truth.

That truth, he said, is that “In Israel, there is more courage in one square mile than in all of Europe. In Israel, there is more courage in one Israeli soldier than in the combined and cold hearts of every bureaucrat at the United Nations. In Israel, you can find people who will stand against incredible odds, against the entire tide of global opinion, for what is right and good and true. Israel is not a perfect country. No country is perfect. But it tries, and it is courageous.”

The rest can be read HERE
Believe me, I’m not being mean when I refer to Caroline Glick as a psycho …. it’s a FACT!
If you still doubt my claim, take a look at the following, her own words on the ‘Arab Spring’


“Some of my best friends are Jews”
Dershowitz supports Beck rally 

Ahead of major Jerusalem event on Wednesday, US law professor says he believes controversial commentator’s motives are genuine

“At a time when old friends and allies who should be supporting the Jewish state are abandoning it in droves, (Glenn) Beck’s willingness to stand up for Israel must be accepted with gratitude,” Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated in a piece published in Hudson New York.  

According to Dershowitz, “I, for one, do not question his motives. I believe they are genuine. One need not accept all of Beck’s positions on Israel– and I certainly do not – in order to agree with him that support of Israel is one of the great moral issues of the 21st Century.”

Read the rest HERE

Will the real Glenn Beck please stand up….
The man is a certified whacko!
Keep standing with Israel Glenn Beck …. these are the people that stand behind you ….
Way to go Alan Dershowitz! Obviousy your ‘love’ of zion is greater than your love for the Jews.
Perhaps you should take a few minutes to read the following ….

With friends like Glenn Beck…

Glenn Beck has used his media platforms to promote secular anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists and evangelical end-times prophets. What these two groups have in common is an obsession with Jews and the belief that Jews control and manipulate the lives and destiny of non-Jews.

Read it HERE


Going through my archives I found the following, which is as timely today as the day it was originally posted…


After rereading the piece, I realised that not only is zionism toxic, it is a contagious disease. It is this very virus that we recently saw manifested in Norway, NOT by Jews themselves, but by so called ‘Christians’ that have fallen victim to the hatred and the lies spread by zionism.
Yes, the writing is on the wall as far as zionism is concerned, but no one seems to want to read it…

The writing on the wall…..

I have retitled the essay to emphasize the danger which is spreading…
It’s not only the bombs, the guns and the tear gas that is killing off an entire people, it’s zionism itself.
We constantly see and hear justifications for the Jewish ‘right’ to have a homeland …. but from whom and for whom?  The following video talks of zionism’s seven deadly sins …

The above is an indication that zionism is not only toxic, it is a form of insanity. If there was no Palestine as they claim, who have they been killing for the past 63 years? Who have they walled into ghettos reminiscent of the ones created by madmen of history? Who have they been expelling from their homes in Jerusalem and other major cities?
And just what is the secret hold these tyrants have over the rest of humanity, especially the West? Why is there silence when a Palestinian child is slaughtered? Why is there silence when an entire segment of the Palestinian people is slaughtered in Gaza? Why is there silence when a family is evicted from their home to make room for illegal squatters? Why is there silence when two people from one family are slaughtered by Israeli troops for demonstrating PEACEFULLY against their lands being stolen? Has it become a crime to speak out against injustice? If so, isn’t it time to SPEAK EVEN LOUDER?
The madwoman in the video above speaks of God promising the land to Abraham and his seed… Did she forget, or just not pay attention to the FACT that there was also a son named Ismael? Did the rest of the world forget that as well?
A message from non zionist Jewry can be seen in this video…. a message to the people of Palestine.
Palestinians must be reassured that there are many Jews including Israelis standing with them to rid the land of the toxic waste that surrounds us. Justice and Peace WILL prevail …We will not remain silent!


To say SORRY is not enough!


The above was reviewed and  featured at Rense.Com


Beck slams ‘tent protest’, champions settlements 


US radio personality declares Israel’s housing protesters part of radical Left movement, suggests they are associated with Islamist extremists. Beck is in Israel to hold mass rally in Jerusalem under the banner ‘Restoring Courage’
Report HERE
If that Beck guy had half’a’brain, the world would be in serious trouble (not that it isn’t already).


Image By Skulz Fontaine
From a Blog called Loonwatch, a most appropriate name considering the subject at hand 😉
Pamela Geller and Co. Waging a War Against Common Sense



Pamela Geller and her cronies are waging a personal war, and once again her line of target is the silent evil enemy: common sense.

Not content with spreading venom in the USA, Pam is now screaming that Europe has bowed to the shackles and chains of imperialist “Islamic supremacists,” after French and European authorities “cancelled” a Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA) and Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) “freedom” rally, that aimed to protest outside the European Parliament, over “the Islamic takeover of Europe.”

As ridiculous as Pam’s event sounds I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Pam Geller and her friends make a fool of themselves, so was her rally really “cancelled?”

Yes, the European authorities seem to have annulled the Pam and co. rally, but is it in the context of “pro-Jihadism submission to Islamic Supremacism,” as the hate-mongers are claiming?

Let’s dissect the truth behind this “cancellation”:

Pam Geller’s Fascist Message and the Implications for Violence

Geller writes,

Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally — Freedom from jihad flotilla to launch on 9/11

STRASBOURG, FRANCE, June 28: In a capitulation to Islamic supremacists and violent radical Leftists, French and European Union authorities have canceled a free speech rally planned by a coalition of American and European human rights organizations in Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament. The human rights organizations Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) were planning to hold their first-ever transatlantic summit in Strasbourg, France, on July 2.

The SIOA/SIOE summit was dedicated to the defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law – all principles denied by Islamic law.

The evidently responsible and comprehensible actions of the European and French authorities, who were prompted to cancel the potentially violent event, is now being used by Geller as proof of European and French authorities’ “support for Islamic terror and anti-Semitism.”

The authorities may have cancelled the event due to many factors. Firstly, an event justifying racism, fascism and bigotry towards a minority, Muslims in this case, is one big red flag! While some Americans may reflexively take exception to the cancellation of the rally on the grounds that it compromises “free speech,” here in Europe we take our practised laws of equality and freedom very seriously. Authorities have to balance “freedoms” and “rights” with the competing issues of “security,” “community harmony,” and defense against “hate speech” that incites violence, and so decisions to cancel rallies are taken very seriously.

Secondly, a main factor in the cancellation of the event seems to be the crowds that would flock and gather for the rally: neo-nazis, thugs, violent fringe groups, racists, and xenophobes masquerading as self-proclaimed ‘human rights’ activists. This event would have been a grave security threat to the people of Strasbourg, an event purely designed to deliberately provoke the liberals, Muslims and opposition groups and hence would be a breach of French and European law.

The Gellerists attempts in Europe give us pause, after all, Europe is home to one of the most inhuman crimes in history, the Holocaust, which was the result of propaganda, scapegoating and persecution. The rational expertise of the authorities recognised these signs, and sanctioned it in the appropriate manner. In this case, they have cancelled a palpable hate rally that had the potential to turn violent.

Human Rights and Muslim Takeover in the Bizzare-o World of Pamela Geller

The atypical, and apocryphal view of Geller’s interpretation on the meaning and definition of ‘human rights’ is comical. She calls for an international deployment to “defend the rights of man,” when she herself is partaking in an epic act of human oppression:

“The SIOA/SIOE Freedom From Jihad aid flotilla,” Geller explained, “is intended to be a direct response to the capitulation of French, European, and American authorities to Leftist and Islamic supremacist forces of oppression and injustice. It is set to launch after our national Rally for Freedom at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of the Islamic jihad attacks that murdered three thousand Americans.”

The “Freedom from Jihad aid flotilla,” is obviously a mock-term employed by Geller to demean the Gaza Freedom Flotillas, which she derisively describes as “Jihad flotillas.” Geller dare not admit that Gaza has been and is in need of desperate aid due to the inhumane and oppressive blockade instituted by the Apartheid state of Israel because, well…you know, Israel is sugar and spice and everything nice!!

Let us analyze the facts here. It is estimated that 857 million people are citizens in Europe, and 58 million Muslims in Europe, 14 million of these numbers directly living under the European Union, including those who have converted to the religion of Islam. Where is the indication that Islam is in a takeover of Europe, when the numbers of non-Muslims to Muslims ratio is incomparable and far greater. This is a tool of hysteria and sensationalism on the part of Pam Geller, to insert misinformation to promote a repugnant agenda.

Another important point to note here is that Geller, on the mention of the tragedy of 9/11, conveniently makes no mention of the numerous Muslim victims that died on 9/11, who also were equally victims of such a heinous crime. The lack of acknowledgement of those Muslim deaths, only reiterates her pure uncompromising hatred of Muslims.

The SIOA Freedom From Jihad Flotilla will call upon the international community to act in defense of these basic human rights:
The freedom of speech – as opposed to Islamic prohibitions of “blasphemy” and “slander,” which are used effectively to quash honest discussion of jihad and Islamic supremacism;The freedom of conscience – as opposed to the Islamic death penalty for apostasy;The equality of rights of all people before the law – as opposed to Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims. The Flotilla will call upon all free people of all races and creeds to stand with us to defend our freedoms against the radically intolerant ideology codified in Islamic law.

Geller wants to galvanize the globe to fight 12th century medieval law books that are not applied in the Muslim world, and are particularly irrelevant in light of the Arab Spring. Geller has a condensed and inept understanding of the term “Human Rights,” one which is limited in scope, and only applies to her circle of hate and dogmatism. According to her human rights apply to everyone –except Muslims. That is not human rights, it’s the selected persecution of a minority group, which in-turn presents this whole so called ‘freedom from jihad’ flotilla as nothing more than an opportunity to channel Islamophobic extremism from the right of the spectrum. There are no two ways about this issue.

Geller and co. have a very idiosyncratic strategy to illuminate the principles of ‘violence’ and ‘hatred’ in Islam. In order to combat and deplete the notion of Islamist extremism and hatred, the Gellerists have adopted the very same model of intolerance and prejudice, in order to stamp out the very elements they oppose. What a paradoxical stance, where two wrongs never will make a right. In what parallel universe would such an absurd theory make any sense? Only in the world of Pamela Geller.


Is it possible that Justin Bieber ‘suffers’ from both?
Both are wacko … but how wacko can they get?
Just look at this photo….
It’s Justin Bieber and his father with matching tattoos. Not just tattoos, tattoos of Jesus’ name in Hebrew. Not wacko?
Quite often Jews visiting the ‘Holy Land’ come down with a mental disorder known as the ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’ … According to Wikipedia, The Jerusalem syndrome is a group of mental phenomena involving the presence of either religiously themed obsessive ideas, delusions or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit to the city of Jerusalem. It is not endemic to one single religion or denomination but has affected Jews, Christians and Muslims of many different backgrounds. So, it is not limited to Jews only…
The ‘Jesus Syndrome’ as well can infect anyone as well. In the case of Bieber, it might be a combination of both, as he was a recent visitor to Jerusalem (despite being asked not to perform here by the Boycott from Within Movement).
A short report about the tattoos can be read HERE.


 Image by Skulz Fontaine (click to enlarge)

If Muslims were involved it would have been terrorism…..
If it was a ‘Christian’ zionist,  it’s insanity….

UNBELIEVABLE! Their ‘camp’ seems to be growing daily. Their philosophy could make for a good chuckle if it wasn’t so dangerous. And dangerous it is as can be seen in the recent events in Norway.
Threatening to burn the Koran is one thing, shooting down children in a summer camp is quite another thing …. but, those are the manifestations of hatred and ignorance. And, all in the name of Jesus to boot.  Some examples of their madness follows….
From a recent post…

American TV personality and evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson, backed by an Israeli flag, delivers a speech on a pilgrimage to Israel. AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Pat Robertson: Muslims are the New Nazis (Read the post HERE)


Why Did Sarah Palin Wear a Star of David in Israel? (Read the post HERE)
But, the piaz de resistance was in today’s press reports…
From The Guardian; Full report HERE

Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth

US broadcaster’s comparison of political activities on island of Utøya with Nazi party camp condemned as ‘a new low’

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck made the controversial remarks on his syndicated radio show. Photograph: Mike Mergen/AP
All of the above are the true friends of zion, the ziogoys. There are more, many more, yet Islam is still pointed at as the enemy. When will we see a zeitgeist of truth and justice?


At least, that’s the position taken by Psycho Gal at the Jerusalem Post….
When I posted THIS a few days ago I was sort of hoping that perhaps the JP had a change of policy… Wishful thinking isn’t always rational thinking 😉
The following is a more accurate display of their psychotic viewpoint…

Unmasking the ‘international community’


THE EXTRAORDINARY intolerance of the Left for Israel is on full display among the participants in the so-called “flotilla.” The purpose of the flotilla is to break international law by providing aid and comfort to Hamas-controlled Gaza and to weaken with the intention of ending Israel’s lawful maritime blockade of Gaza’s Hamas-controlled coastline.
As Ehud Rosen exposed Thursday in a report for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, this year’s flotilla is organized by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood with the active participation of leftist anti-Israel groups.

In their public statements, participants in the Hamas flotilla profess bottomless tolerance for Hamas and its genocidal agenda. And they profess no tolerance whatsoever for Israel or its right to exist.

In their behavior, participants in the flotilla from the Obama-aligned Code Pink group and sister organizations ape the behavior of UN Secretary- General Ban in celebrating Iran’s provocative conference on terrorism, and overseeing North Korea’s ascension to the head of the UN’s Conference on Disarmament’ and Qatar’s and Iran’s leadership of the General Assembly.

While emptily mouthing slogans of tolerance, all these adherents to the rule of the “international community” embrace the agenda of the most violent, intolerant, totalitarian forces in the world. Not only do they embrace them, they serve them.

It doesn’t take much to tear off their flimsy mask of sweetness and light. Pity so few can be bothered to do it.

Her full dribble of the week can be read Here if you have nothing better to do…


Over the weekend, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin arrived in Israel, where she was photographed wearing a Star of David around her neck.
So what was the most decidedly not-Jewish Palin doing wearing one in Israel? Not appealing to American Jews — that’s for sure. Most American Jews, being Democrats, can’t stand her. And one visit to Israel, a nation many American Jews have mixed feelings toward, anyway, isn’t going to change that.

Why Did Sarah Palin Wear a Star of David in Israel?

Over the weekend, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin arrived in Israel, where she was photographed wearing a Star of David around her neck.

The Star of David or Magen David is a symbol associated with Jewish texts far back as the 11th century and has been used by European Jews to symbolize their faith since the 17th century. As Zionism developed as a European philosophy, the Star of David came to represent the movement and later became the defining symbol on the flag of the state of Israel. In contemporary urban America, wearing a Star of David on a chain generally marks the wearer as Jewish.

So what was the most decidedly not-Jewish Palin doing wearing one in Israel? Not appealing to American Jews — that’s for sure. Most American Jews, being Democrats, can’t stand her. And one visit to Israel, a nation many American Jews have mixed feelings toward, anyway, isn’t going to change that.

Rather, by wearing the Star of David, Palin was reaching out to American evangelical Christians — and also being one herself.

According to David Brog, the (Jewish) executive director of Christians United for Israel, “it is increasingly common” for evangelical Christian supporters of Israel — who follow a fairly common Israel-centric strain of American biblical interpretation — to wear Stars of David as symbols of solidarity with the Jewish state.

“A lot of the folks in my organization, they wear Stars of David,” he noted. “Mainly the women.”

In CUFI circles, indeed, “it is increasingly common to wear one all the time,” Brog noted, and not just while visiting Israel.

To do so is seen as an expression of being “pro-Israel” and “philosemitic,” part and parcel with worshiping Jesus as a Jewish carpenter and honoring the Jewish roots of Christianity.

CUFI says it is the biggest pro-Israel organization in America, bigger even than the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, though the groups measure members differently. The Founder and National Chairman of CUFI is Pastor John Hagee, who during campaign 2008 raised the ire of the Catholic League, which condemned him as a “bigot” after Hagee endorsed Palin running-mate John McCain. Hagee and the Catholic League have since reconciled.

CUFI was not involved in Palin’s trip to Israel.

Image credit: Reuters


American TV personality and evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson, backed by an Israeli flag, delivers a speech on a pilgrimage to Israel. AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Pat Robertson: Muslims are the New Nazis

 By Tim Murphy*

Televangelist Pat Robertson isn’t the powerful political force he once was, but as the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, he’s still an influential voice on the Christian Right. Yesterday, on his television show, The 700 Club, Robertson delivered a warning to a weary nation: Muslims are the new Nazis:

Robertson: I was thinking, you know, if you oppose Muslims, what is said? Well, you’re a bigot, right? Terrible bigotry. I wonder what were people who opposed the Nazis. Were they bigots?  

Co-host: Well, in that day I think they were looked down upon and frowned upon.

Robertson: Why can’t we speak out against an institution that is intent on dominating us and imposing Sharia law and making us all part of a universal caliphate? That’s the goal of some of these people. Why is that bigoted? Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?

Not to nitpick here, but people who opposed the Nazis were not “looked down upon and frowned upon” as bigots. This was a few decades ago, so it’s understandably a little obscure, but the United States actually went to war with Nazi Germany. There was a movie about it and everything. 

As you’d probably guess, this is hardly the first time Robertson has compared a large and diverse group of people to Nazis:

Watch the following compliments of Sabbah’s Report

Here’s Robertson in 1995:

“Since the advent of the head of the Justice Department, Janet Reno, things have gotten out of control. Something is going on that is just very unwholesome in this nation….this is a shocking abuse of federal power. It is reminiscent of the Nazis. Something has got to be done.”

And in 1993:

“Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to the evangelical Christians. It’s no different. It is the same thing. It is happening all over again. It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-based media and the homosexuals who want to destroy the Christians.”

Also in 1993:

“When lawlessness is abroad in the land, the same thing will happen here that happened in Nazi Germany. Many of those people involved in Adolph Hitler were Satanists. Many of them were homosexuals. The two things seem to go together.”

And in 1990:

“[T]he liberal media and the screenwriters…are the spiritual descendants of Goebbels and the Nazis. They’re not just talking about kikes and Jews; they’re not talking about, quote, ‘n—–s.’ They’re talking about Christians now.”

And in 1984:

“The state is steadily attempting to do something that a few states other than the Soviets and the Nazis have attempted to do, namely, to take the children away from the parents and educate them in a philosophy that is amoral, anti-Christian and humanistic and to show them a collectivist philosophy that will ultimately lead to Marxism, socialism, and a communistic type of ideology.”

So as you can see, Muslims are the new gays are the new Clinton Justice Department are the new gays (again) are the new screenwriters are the new public schools are the new Nazis; it’s worse than we thought.

*Tim Murphy is a reporter at Mother Jones.



See apology at end of post….


These are not the days of Kennedy where there were no women to be found in any strategic White House photos. Society has progressed and women now hold major positions the world over, whether some publications like it or not.*

Four days after the fact, a report of Hillary’s ‘altered state’ has finally been reported in the Israeli press. Either they were ashamed of the incident (which they should be) or they just didn’t care (which they shouldn’t).
Just remember, you read about it here first on DesertPeace 🙂
Earth shattering news about censorship or idiocy is not censored here 😉
The photos in question……


Haredi paper removes Clinton from photo
Der Tzitung deletes US secretary of state from Situation Room picture showing President Obama and staff watching bin Laden raid

Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung is trying to change history by removing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the recent Situation Room photo showing Clinton alongside Obama and the rest of his staff watching the Osama bin Laden raid.

Apparently the paper doesn’t allow publishing of women in any of the pictures as they could be considered “sexually suggestive.” Der Tzitung also removed Director of Counterterrorism Audry Thomason from the now-iconic photo.

History, it seems, is not devoid of women, not matter how good our photoshopping skills are. To try and pretend that women aren’t part of today’s most important historical moments is ridiculous.

These are not the days of Kennedy where there were no women to be found in any strategic White House photos. Society has progressed and women now hold major positions the world over, whether some publications like it or not.

In the past the White House has banned news organizations who have “manipulated” photos.

Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life


Reported in Ynet


As it appeared in the newspaper…..


THIS just off the press…..

U.S. Orthodox newspaper apologizes for altering White House photo

Read the AP Report HERE


The Jerusalem Post has once again lowered its journalistic integrity by publishing yet another one of Psycho Gal’s rants. This week she really takes the cake in achieving this low level status for the paper by saying that…

What are we to make of the fact that no one has taken credit for Wednesday’s bombing in Jerusalem?

Wednesday bombing was not a stand-alone event. It was part and parcel of the new Palestinian terror war that is just coming into view. As Israel considers how to contend with the emerging onslaught, it is important to notice how it differs from its predecessors. On a military level, the tactics the Palestinians have so far adopted are an interesting blend of state-of-the-art missile attacks with old fashioned knife and bomb-in-the- briefcase attacks.

The diverse tactics demonstrate that this war is a combination of Iranian-proxy war and local terror pick-up cells. The attacks are also notable for their geographic dispersion and for the absence thus far of suicide attacks.

So, her ‘logic’ seems to be if no one has taken credit for Wednesday’s bombing, ALL Palestinians must be guilty. At least, that is what I read into this.


She concludes this week’s rant with…

The Palestinians recognize that they don’t need to pretend to be good to get Europe to support them. After the people of Europe have been brainwashed by their media and intimidated by the Muslim communities, they have developed a Pavlovian response regarding Israel whereby every mention of Israel makes them hate it more. It doesn’t matter the story is about the massacre of Israeli children or the bombing of synagogues and nursery schools. They know that Israel is the guilty party and expect the governments to punish it.

What the Palestinian silence on who committed what atrocity tells us is that in this new terror war, the Palestinians believe they cannot lose. With Europe in tow, Fatah and Hamas feel free to join their forces and advance both militarily and politically.

As of this posting, her column does not yet appear on the Post’s Website, but I did find it HERE …. just in case anyone wants to read the entire rant.


Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

The above seems to be the conclusion drawn by the Jerusalem Post’s Psycho Gal. In her weekly column rant, she raises much ‘food for thought’ this week….. most of which is not kosher. One claim she makes is WITH AMERICAN Jews taking a lead role in delegitimizing Israel; with the international media ignoring the massacre of the Fogel family and attacking Israel for its response to the event they didn’t cover; and with the US government united with the nations of the world in condemning the government’s decision to allow Israelis who are Jewish to build on land they own, the despair of a growing chorus of Israelis is understandable.

American Jews are delegetimizing Israel? If that were the case why does she go flying off to join them in celebrating Israel’s terror on the seas? How quickly she forgets who has been footing the bill for Israel’s atrocities.

Also targeted in this week’s rant is a HaAretz columnist for daring to express an opinion that makes sense….  On Thursday Ha’aretz columnist Ari Shavit called Israeli communities built beyond the 1949 armistice line the local equivalent of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Like the reactors, he wrote, they seemed like a good idea at the time. But they have become our undoing. Shavit’s column can be read HERE.

How dare he! According to her twisted logic, the settlements are the backbone of the zionist state, without which it could not exist.

Regarding growing Jewish support for the economic boycott against Israel, she cites the following …. According to New York’s Jewish Week, there is a new consensus in the American Jewish community that imposing an economic boycott on Israeli communities outside the 1949 armistice lines is a legitimate position. The paper interviewed Martin Raffel, the head of the new Israel Action Network, a multimillion-dollar effort by the Jewish Federations of North America and other major Jewish groups to counter the delegitimization of Israel.

Delegitimization of Israel? That is done every time the likes of a David Horowitz opens his mouth…. the spouting of racism and ranting like the maniac he is will definitely not win friends over to the zionist cause.

Every time a Horowitz speaks, anti-Semitism grows. His ‘methods’ do not in any way bring new friends to their cause. It thereby brings truth to the wording of this post’s title, THE ENEMIES OF ZION ARE THE JEWS THEMSELVES.

Every time a Caroline Glick writes rants, the same thing occurs. Both need to read the book ‘How To Make Friends And Influence People’ …. as it stands now, the opposite is what is happening.

Her rant of the week can be read HERE if you have nothing better to do.

Image by Skulz Fontaine

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