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When you hear the word ‘Intifada’ you think of a Palestinian uprising ….

Below are videos of the zionist Intifada, where not a stone is thrown, but bullets are in their stead.


This video of Mustafa Adel Al-Khatib, 17, being shot in the back and killed in the Old City last year.



On this video of a Palestinian girl being shot at a bus shelter inside the occupation as she holds up a knife in obvious desperation.


This video obtained by the human rights group B’Tselem a year ago of Muhammad al-Kasba, 17, throwing a rock that broke the windshield of a jeep a brigade commander was riding in. So the commander jumped out of the vehicle and pursued al-Kasba, shooting him 3 times in his upper body and killing him. The beginning of the execution was captured on the video:
The above is taken from a report by Yakov Hirsch.
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More than a flag is needed to end the cycle of madness

More than a flag is needed to end the cycle of madness

The US, Israel’s guardian-ally, has used its veto power at the UN Security Council numerous times to kill dozens of UNSC resolutions that would have forced Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and allow for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

UN failure in Palestine

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Israel-Occupied Palestine, in an effort to defuse mounting tension between Israel and the Palestinians as the Israeli occupation army killed five more Palestinians Tuesday, bringing the number of Palestinian victims of Israeli repression to as many as 51 in less than three weeks..

More than 3000 other Palestinians are thought to have sustained varied injuries from live bullets, rubber-coated bullets, and stun grenades or from tear-gas inhalation.

Moreover, Palestinian eyewitnesses and some human rights groups have accused Israel of executing in cold blood a number of Palestinian youngsters on the mere suspicion that they were planning to stab Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Around nine Israeli soldiers and settlers were also killed and dozens injured in the same period.

The violence, often dubbed as the Third Palestinian Intifada or uprising, started after government-backed Messianic Jewish fanatics carried out forced encroachments, nearly on a daily basis, into the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sanctuaries.

Messianic Jewish groups, including government ministers, make no secret of their desires to see the Islamic Shrines at the Haram al-Sharif destroyed by whatever means necessary in order to build a Jewish Temple in the area.

Most Palestinians consider the Aqsa Mosque a matter of life or death since it symbolizes their national existence. Hence, the repeated storming of the Mosque by fanatical Jewish groups is viewed by most Palestinians as the ultimate provocation.

On the other hand, Israel seems thoroughly intoxicated with arrogance of power as a result of Israel’s military might and also by Jewish domination over the American government, especially Congress.

Following his arrival in Tel Aviv, Moon reiterated platitudes, repeated ad nauseam, about the Palestinian question.

However, the UN Chief avoided blaming Israel for effectively killing the proposed two-state solution through settlement expansion which most observers contend  has eliminated any remaining prospects for the establishment of any viable Palestinian state.

“It is not too late to avoid a broader crisis,” Moon insisted. “In my meetings today and tomorrow with the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships, I will be appealing to all to take concerted steps to limit new incidents on both sides. Violence only begets violence.”

Moon added that extremists on either side, or those who think violence is the answer, must not be allowed to further fuel the conflict.

“Beyond the immediate tensions, what is missing is the resolve to restore a political horizon for talks, and a political process that delivers real results and hope,” Mr. Ban noted. “Violence only undermines the legitimate Palestinian aspirations for statehood and the longing of Israelis for security.”

Underlining that “the status quo is only making things worse,” the Secretary-General stated that this conflict has gone on for far too long.

“We must, for the future of our children, turn back from this dangerous abyss, safeguard the two-state solution and lead people back onto the road towards peace,” he urged, adding that the UN, and himself as Secretary-General, will continue to support all efforts to create the conditions for a return to meaningful negotiations and a just and lasting peace.

Moon’s visit is unlikely to contribute to the restoration of calm, especially in light of Israel’s failure to stop tampering with the delicate situation at the Aqsa Mosque.

Moreover, the deadly Israeli response to Palestinian protests over the Aqsa crisis and also the vanishing of real hopes for Palestinian statehood seem to have created an incendiary situation which can only be contained by drastic UN action against Israel’s lebensraum policies in Palestine, namely the settlement expansion.

However, such an intervention by the UN is highly unlikely due to US hegemony over the international organization.

The US, Israel’s guardian-ally, has used its veto power at the UN Security Council numerous times to kill dozens of UNSC resolutions that would have forced Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and allow for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

Moreover, the virtually unlimited military support for Israel by the US has made the Zionist state a virtual military superpower that is capable of defying the entire international community, including the U.S.  Hence, the UN failure to resolve the Palestinian question.

Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who is notorious for his dishonesty and mendacity, has been saying that Israel will not seek to change the status quo in Jerusalem’s al-Haram al-Sharif.

However, those familiar with Netanyahu’s mindset and twisted language realize too well that Netanyahu, when referring to the status quo, is only alluding to the fait accompli where fanatic Jews are allowed, with army escort and protection, to enter the Islamic sanctuary, not to visit the place as Israeli propaganda alleges, but rather to hold Talmudic rituals, in order to desensitize Muslim objections and to arrogate a foothold at the 1400-year Islamic sanctuary.

Hence, Israel bears absolute and full responsibility for the current violence engulfing the  area, first for knowingly killing all prospects for peace due to unrelenting settlement expansion and, second, for tampering with the powder keg at the Aqsa Mosque.


Daily life getting worse by the minute ….

Israeli soldiers frequently storm the neighborhood and often spray sewage and tear gas at residents and in their homes. Predawn military raids are regularly carried out, where young men are detained and Israeli forces ransack homes while families are sleeping inside.


Israeli crackdown turning life in al-Issawiya to ‘nightmare’

As Israeli authorities increase restrictions on Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, residents of al-Issawiya say humiliating inspections by Israeli forces have turned their lives into a “nightmare.”

“The Israeli occupation is trying to practice a policy of humiliation at the military checkpoints in the main exits of al-Issawiya,” said Hani al-Issawi, a member of a local committee to defend land in in the town.

“Residents are not allowed to leave the village in groups. Every single person must undergo inspections,” he added.

Men, including the elderly, are forced to pull up their shirts up and sometimes take their trousers down upon entrance and exit to the neighborhood, while many undergo physical inspections.

Female residents of the town are often searched by female soldiers who decide whether to carry out physical inspections or to check their bags and identification documents.

Israel forces on Oct. 14 closed roads leading into the neighborhood with concrete barriers, setting up make-shift military and police checkpoints for all residents to pass through.

The move was made shortly after Israel’s security cabinet announced that Israeli police are now entitled to “impose a closure on, or to surround, centers of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations,” according to Israeli media reports.

The same day, Issawi said: “The Israeli occupation forces closed most of the village’s entrances with concrete blocks and earth mounds.”

As some 19,000 residents of the neighborhood are forced to use a single exit for pedestrians and another for vehicles, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus a member of a local follow-up committee in the town told Ma’an: “They are being inspected, sworn at, and humiliated at these exits.”

“Every morning, queues of schoolchildren, workers and employees are seen waiting in front of the checkpoint,” he added, saying that inspecting a single person takes two to give minutes.In addition, schoolchildren need to take two buses to their schools: one that reaches the end of the closed road, and a second that the children reach after passing through the make-shift military checkpoint by foot.

Around 3,400 Palestinian schoolchildren leave the neighborhood every morning for schools in Jerusalem, while around 3,200 schoolchildren from neighboring areas attend schools inside al-Issawiya, including two schools for people with special needs, Abu Hummus said.

Issawi told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers have “emptied their schoolbags and deliberately thrown books on the ground.”

In response to the Israeli crackdown, Palestinian factions in the neighborhood announced general strike on Tuesday.

The strike was announced shortly after Huda Muhammad Darwish, 65, died after being delayed from reaching a hospital at a checkpoint leading out of the town.

The elderly woman had suffered breathing difficulties following clashes in the neighborhood, in which tear gas was fired. Her family tried to rush her to hospital, but locals told Ma’an that Israeli troops ignored that there was a sick person in the car, delaying them at the checkpoint.

While punitive measures have increased over the last week in response to a series of stabbing attacks that have left at least nine Israelis dead since Oct, 1, Issawi pointed out that Israeli forces had started “collective punishments” against the neighborhood months ago.

Israeli soldiers frequently storm the neighborhood and often spray sewage and tear gas at residents and in their homes. Predawn military raids are regularly carried out, where young men are detained and Israeli forces ransack homes while families are sleeping inside.

Israeli rights group B’Tselem last week called the Israeli government’s response to the recent escalation in the area as “the very inverse of what ought to be done” toward ending recent violence.

Al-Issawiya is one of several Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem that has come under such restrictions. Israeli forces on Sunday began installing a large concrete wall to separate the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir from the illegal Israeli settlement of Armon Hanatziv.

While a similar order was made for al-Issawiya, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that plans to erect separation barriers around the town be scrapped, after pressure from members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.


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Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers have murdered many Palestinians on the mere suspicion that the victims were planning to stab Israelis.

Brutal, ugly and malicious

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

It is amply clear that Israel is dealing rather characteristically with ongoing Palestinian protests over the provocative efforts by Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at al Masjidul Aqsa.Israel, thanks to the brutal ugliness of its mentality and ideology, got us accustomed to seeing its trigger-happy soldiers shoot first and ask questions only afterwards. That is by no means a novel experience on our part. Israel has always behaved in this manner since time immemorial.

This means that Israeli troops, inculcated with hate and racism from early childhood, adopt “murder in cold blood” as their policy toward Palestinians.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers have murdered many Palestinians on the mere suspicion that the victims were planning to stab Israelis.

However, in many, probably most cases, it turned out that Israeli suspicions were totally unfounded.

None the less, this didn’t prevent Israeli officials and spokespersons from pursuing a discourse based on lying in order to justify the murderous approach of the Zionist entity toward its Palestinian victims.

Indeed, a number of eyewitness testimonies from across the West Bank suggest that Israeli troops routinely resort to fabricating incidents in order to have a pretext to spill innocent Palestinian blood.

The fabricated scenarios include, inter alia, the following:
First, murdering a Palestinian haphazardly and then throwing or placing a knife next to his or her body to create the impression that he was trying to stab a soldier or settler. This scenario occurred several times in the span of the past two weeks in East Jerusalem and Hebron. Unfortunately, the Israeli media, state-run and otherwise, swallow the army narrative, hook, line and sinker. (See the following video)
Video FROM

Did Israeli soldier plant knife on teen killed by settler?


Second, a group of settlers would slyly provoke a Palestinian youngster passing by, by hurling abuse at him like calling him “dirty Arab” or “son of a bitch”, and when the poor teenager responds in kind, the settlers would simply shoot him and probably throw a knife next to his body.

Moments later, the Israeli army spokesman and media would report that a Palestinian youngster, who tried to stab an Israeli citizen, was shot and killed and that no Israelis were hurt.

Such a fabricated incident occurred Saturday morning in Hebron when a number of heavily armed settler youths started cursing a Palestinian teen-ager named Fadl Kawasmi, 18, as he was walking home along the Shuhada Street.

A third scenario takes the form of a group of settlers would conspire to kill a given  Palestinian passer-by by shouting in unison “he is trying to stab us, he is trying to stab us”, so that nearby troops or soldiers called in would shoot him even without asking any question or trying to arrest the alleged suspect.

Another scenario, which took place in Jerusalem last week, occurred when a settler tried to pull the veil, a mere scarf, off a young Palestinian woman’s head, prompting the young woman to resist the brutish settler.

Her resistance prompted the brutish attacker and nearby soldiers to shoot the woman dead on the spot.

This didn’t prevent the Israeli media and police from shamelessly claiming that the woman had tried to stab the settler and other soldiers.

There is a particularly ugly feature characterizing Israel’s murderous approach toward Palestinian protests.

There are substantiated reports that Israeli troops, after shooting a Palestinian in the streets, would close off the area and declare it “a closed military zone” in order to leave the victim bleed to death.

This expression of criminality and callousness on the part of the Israeli army occurred at least five times in Jerusalem and Hebron in the past two weeks. The latest incident of this type occurred Saturday night in downtown Hebron when soldiers on rooftops shot a Palestinian youngster, leaving him to bleed to death, having prevented a Palestinian ambulance from giving first aid and taking him to hospital.

In fact, there are meticulously accurate documents indicting Israel and no amount of hasbara and prevarication would refute these hard facts.


I know that many Israelis know deep in their hearts that criminality and murderousness constitute Israel’s modus operandi toward the Palestinians.

I also know that no matter how Israeli criminality is exposed, Israel will continue to behave the way it is behaving.

This is because evilness is a built-in Israeli character which no amount of reform would neutralize.

So Israel is likely to escape with impunity with all these crimes against humanity as it has always done all along.

But this will only expedite and speed up the historical determinism of Israel’s ultimate demise.

Most people around the world are neither stupid nor gullible.

They watch Israel’s Nazi-like behavior being played out before their very eyes.
And like history’s judgment, humanity’s judgment may not be immediate. But it is inevitable.
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Israel – The Lynch-Up Nation


Those pesky Palestinians ... Image by Carlos Latuff

Those pesky Palestinians …
Image by Carlos Latuff

Here’s the reason why …

Israel must understand the following

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Israel’s seemingly hysterical reactions to ongoing Palestinian protests against efforts by Messianic Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, caricatures a state and society overwhelmed by collective psychosis and mental disorientation.

Features of this collective mental disorder includes feelings of megalomania and  supremacy, utter contempt for laws and norms regulating relations among individuals and societies as well as an utter disregard for the lives and rights of the “other” in this case the Palestinians.

In projecting this all-encompassing morbidity, Israelis, including government officials, media operatives as well as ordinary people, constantly feel the urge to lie, even maliciously, in order to maintain the mental sanity of their society and reassert the staunchly-guarded myths and legends they were taught and became part of their lives since early childhood.

Thus it was the Arabs who invaded Israel, not the Zionist gangs which came to Palestine from the far reaches of Europe to arrogate a land that didn’t belong to them.

And it was the Arabs who first attacked Jews, not the Jewish gangs that murdered Palestinian civilians en masse, stole their land, destroyed their homes, and bulldozed their fields before dispersing to the four winds.

Interestingly, the Zionists, after all of this, have the audacity to call their victims terrorists.

Now, the Israeli machine of mendacity is working around the clock, manufacturing lies and repeating stale lies, forgetting that this is the age of the internet, twitter and facebook.

Indeed, anyone affronted with listening to Netanyahu and his numerous mouthpieces would get the impression that it is the Palestinians who have desecrated Jewish holy places and that it is the Palestinians who are burning Jewish families alive, carrying out field executions of Jewish youngsters, setting Jewish olive groves on fire and terrorizing unprotected Jewish civilians all over the West Bank, not the other way around.

I don’t know if the liars of Zion believe their own lies or not. I don’t even care if they do or don’t.  Lying, after all, has always been a built-in Zionist character since time immemorial.

None the less, the Zionists must understand the following facts:

First, we Palestinians will cling to our ancestral homeland till death. We have no other homeland. We have no other country. We have nowhere else to go. So will stay here for ever and ever and ever, no matter how many of our children will be killed by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers.

Second, we will not accept a life of dogs or slaves or second-class citizens.

In the final analysis, we are not children of a lesser God. This means that what Jews wouldn’t accept for themselves, we won’t accept for ourselves and our children.

Third, we don’t seek to kill Jews or throw them into the sea. We obviously cannot do that, even if we wanted.

However, we will not allow Jews to throw us into the desert as Jewish circles keep dreaming.  Hence, we are here to stay. Period.

Four, the Aqsa Mosque is the ultimate red line for the vast majority of Palestinians. It is a matter of life or death for us.

Indeed, when it comes to the Haram Ash-sharif of Jerusalem, a no-hold-barred conflagration with Israel becomes inevitable.

Indeed, when the matter has to do with the Aqsa Mosque, Israel can’t and shouldn’t count on the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, Abdul Fattah al-Sissi or the Arab league to restore quiet because the issue transcends and overrides all these parties.

Hence, Israel must understand, that unless all attempts by government-backed Messianic Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at the Aqsa Mosque are terminated, the present wave of unrest will continue unabated, no matter how many emergency sessions the Israeli cabinet holds, how many draconian laws are passed and punitive measures are decided against our people.

Finally, we have always hoped and we continue to hope that some level-minded Israeli leaders would step in and reverse this march of the folly, led by Netanyahu, Yaalon and Bennette, which will, if not stopped in time, take both our peoples to the squares of bloodshed and endless confrontation.

Unfortunately, what we discovered is a society and government intoxicated with the arrogance of power. So, please don’t transform each and every Palestinian into a walking time bomb.

We certainly don’t want to die or see our children getting killed or maimed in the streets of this tortured land.

But, for us, there are certain things that are more paramount than life itself.

Needless to say, al-Masjidul Aqsa is one of them.


Mother Palestine and the 3rd Intifada Image by Carlos Latuff

Mother Palestine and the 3rd Intifada
Image by Carlos Latuff


What is
An Intifada?

An uprising
Against foreign rule
To achieve

For example:
The Jewish uprising
Against the
British Mandate.

Published in Haaretz, October 9, 2015 By  Gush Shalom

YET …. Israel insists on blaming the victim as can be seen in the following video posted on extreme Right zionist sites

And daily denials that Israel is not an apartheid state …


How quickly they forget they were once the victims …

The 'Warsaw Ghetto Boy' This photograph, perhaps the most familiar Holocaust image, shows seven-year-old Tsvi Nussbaum as he raises his hands in Warsaw in 1943.

The ‘Warsaw Ghetto Boy’
This photograph, perhaps the most familiar Holocaust image, shows seven-year-old Tsvi Nussbaum as he raises his hands in Warsaw in 1943.

Click HERE to see a photo essay of the ‘Comparative Holocausts’


Others remember …


Over 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists affirm Black-Palestinian solidarity in our new video. Featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill, Danny Glover, DAM, Omar Barghouti, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Yousef Erakat, Annemarie Jacir, Boots Riley, Dr. Cornel West, and many others.

Black-Palestinian solidarity is neither a guarantee nor a requirement – it is a choice. We choose to build with one another in a shoulder to shoulder struggle against state-sanctioned violence. A violence that is manifest in the speed of bullets and batons and tear gas that pierce our bodies. One that is latent in the edifice of law and concrete that work together to, physically and figuratively, cage us. We choose to join one another in resistance not because our struggles are the same but because we each struggle against the formidable forces of structural racism and the carceral and lethal technologies deployed to maintain them. This video intends to interrupt that process – to assert our humanity – and to stand together in an affirmation of life and a commitment to resistance. From Ferguson to Gaza, from Baltimore to Jerusalem, from Charleston to Bethlehem, we will be free.

Angela Davis on the project: “Mutual expressions of solidarity have helped to generate a vigorous political kinship linking black organizers, scholars, cultural workers and political prisoners in the U.S. with Palestinian activists, academics, political prisoners, and artists.”

Organizations working in collaboration: The Dream Defenders, BYP 100, the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, the Institute for Middle East Understanding, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Arab Studies Institute-Quilting Point Productions.


To cover up its crimes, Israel needs to feed all the western stereotypes of Palestinians as violent and subhuman rather than hungry for freedom and equal rights.

Palestinian injured at Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel, 13 October 2015. Demoted/Mhamed Hajjar. All rights reserved.

Palestinian injured at Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel, 13 October 2015. Demoted/Mhamed Hajjar. All rights reserved.

Palestinians must not fall into this trap, again!

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This week Israelis buried and mourned their victims with full press coverage in the West.

But there are mourners on the other side of the wall that you never hear about …

Youth in Palestinian camps witness the killing of their friends at the hands of Israeli occupiers and then carry on the torch themselves.

“We know that rocks will not end the occupation, but it’s all that we have to resist”


Relatives mourn Ahmad Sharaka in Jalazone refugee camp on 12 October. Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Relatives mourn Ahmad Sharaka in Jalazone refugee camp on 12 October. Oren Ziv ActiveStills

“Son of Palestine” mourned by thousands

“If you grow up in the camp, fear doesn’t exist for you,” said Qassam Dweik, a resident of Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Qassam’s best friend, 14-year-old Ahmad Sharaka, was killed by Israeli soldiers on Sunday. He had been taking part in the ongoing confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth near the Beit El settlement colony.

“We know that rocks will not end the occupation, but it’s all that we have to resist,” Qassam explained.

Built on Palestinian land, Beit El houses the Israeli Civil Administration, the bureaucratic arm of the military occupation, and its district office. The settlement has long been the flashpoint of confrontations between youth and soldiers, though the Palestinian Authority has previously prevented protesters from reaching the area.

Clashes there have intensified, occurring daily after noon prayers, since the beginning of the month, when Israeli occupation forces raided the home of Muhannad Halabi in Surda, a nearby Palestinian village, before dawn on 4 October. Halabi was shot dead by Israeli police the evening before after allegedly stabbing four people, killing two, in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Israeli forces have killed 29 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the beginning of the month, and seven Israelis have been killed during the same period. As of Sunday, more than 1,300 Palestinians were injuredby live and rubber-coated steel bullets fired by occupation forces.

Committed to struggle

Ahmad and Qassam risked their lives each day by engaging in the clashes near Beit El. Ahmad had called on his friend to join him on Sunday.

Ahmad’s parents, Huda and Abdallah, desperately tried to prevent their son from attending the dangerous confrontations. He had been injured during previous encounters with the army, and the family is still reeling from the death of Ahmad’s uncle, Khalil Sharaka, at the hands of Israeli soldiers during the second intifada.

Ahmad quit school two years ago and his main focus became attending protests and confrontations in defiance of his family’s appeals.

“He was committed to the struggle from a very young age,” his mother told The Electronic Intifada.

Recalling the moment of his best friend’s killing, Qassam said, “We were together when the soldiers’ shooting intensified. I fled, but Ahmad insisted on staying and throwing rocks at the military jeep.”

“A soldier then chased Ahmad with his M-16 and shot him in his left ear,” he added.

“The army left him to bleed and only allowed the ambulances to take him after about 15 minutes,” he said.

Defence for Children International-Palestine reported that Ahmad was pronounced dead from a brain hemorrhage about an hour after he arrived to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

Qassam was stuck near Beit El when he learned that his friend had succumbed to his wounds.

“I first read that he was injured but I wasn’t worried. He always got injured during clashes and quickly recovered. But I then read on Facebook that he was killed and I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

He ran to the hospital in Ramallah and had to plead with security to allow him to see his friend and hug him for the last time.

“I already miss him. No one came to wake me up as he used to do every day,” he lamented.

Dreamed of return

Ahmad’s family hails from the ethnically cleansed village of Beit Nabala near Lydd, in present-day Israel, and like almost all refugees in the camp, he dreamed of returning to his ancestral home.

Haneen, his twin sister, finds it hard to accept that her other half is no longer alive. Ahmad’s friends are also struggling. But they show a composure and strength that belies their youth.

Despite political disagreements between Ahmad and Qassam, their friendship remained intact, a symbol of real unity — one that eludes their leaders. Ahmad had given Qassam a green wristband, a symbol for Hamas.

As Qassam buried his friend with his own hands, he laid the green wristband next to his body on Monday.

“He gave me this because he was a Fatah supporter while I support Hamas,” he explained. “He was wearing my shoes when he was killed yesterday. We always used to exchange our favorite things.”

Ahmad’s friends remember him as incredibly generous and funny. He used to take them to the swimming pool and pay the fees himself.

Ahmad taught himself to swim. That’s no small feat for someone living in the crowded camps where there is little space for recreation. While his friends would find it hard to swim, Ahmad would encourage them and push them to continue and do their best.

Instead of preparing for another swim together, Ahmad’s friends were left to stand at his graveside before quickly heading to another protest near Beit El.

“I regret that I left him alone. I wish that I stayed with him,” Qassam said about fleeing the confrontations just before the killing of his friend. “His killing will only push me to continue going to demonstrations.”

Passing the torch

Youth in Palestinian camps witness the killing of their friends at the hands of Israeli occupiers and then carry on the torch themselves.

Ahmad Sharaka knew Laith al-Khalidi, another child from Jalazone camp killed earlier this summer.

“He knew him and took part in his funeral. Here in the camps even children resist because it’s the only choice they have,” Ahmad’s mother said.

Ahmad’s funeral procession was massive, attended by thousands.

“In the funerals of martyrs, almost the entire camp comes to pay homage,” said a relative of Ahmad’s who was also present at the funeral.

Ahmad and his friends, despite their tender age, embody the spirit of the refugee camps. The first to rise up against Israeli oppression, they are the bulwark of the Palestinian cause and identity.

“Ahmad was not just the son of Jalzone refugee camp; he didn’t sacrifice his life for this or that political faction,” Qassam said. “He was the son of all of Palestine.”

Budour Youssef Hassan is a Palestinian writer and law graduate based in occupied Jerusalem.

#IntifadaInToons ~~ SPOOFS OF THE WEEK

All images by Carlos Latuff

Intifada 3.0

Intifada 3.0




Third Intifada in progress

Third Intifada in progress




During the past few days, eyewitnesses reported that Israeli security personnel actually fabricated several “stabbing incidents” in order to justify shooting and killing more Palestinians.

“I don’t deny that some people were trying to or did stab some Israeli soldiers or settlers. But it is crystal clear that probably a majority of the estimated two dozen Palestinians murdered by Israel since the beginning of October were completely innocent.”


 Netanyahu is lying like a whore

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been lying rather brazenly in an effort to justify the summary execution of Palestinians suspected of trying to attack Israeli soldiers and settlers.

During the past few days, eyewitnesses reported that Israeli security personnel actually fabricated several “stabbing incidents” in order to justify shooting and killing more Palestinians.

“We are talking about totally innocent people who were just walking the street or crossing a pedestrian line or simply standing in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Anwar Hamzeh, a human rights monitoring group in Ramallah.

“I don’t deny that some people were trying to or did stab some Israeli soldiers or settlers. But it is crystal clear that probably a majority of the estimated two dozen Palestinians murdered by Israel since the beginning of October were completely innocent.”

What terror?

In another burst of what he usually does best, namely lying, Netanyahu claimed Israel was fighting what he called terror.

As usual, he ignored the overwhelming terror by  the  Israeli state, its soldiers and settlers against unprotected and unarmed  Palestinian civilians, like burning  entire Palestinian families alive, shooting to kill rather indiscriminately on Palestinians innocuously hurling stones on heavily protected soldiers as happened near the security fence east of Gaza.

There is only one word for this behavior: Murder, intentionally and premeditatedly.

Netanyahu went further by proposing to cooperate with Jordan and Egypt.

He carefully overlooked the clarion fact that the enduring Israeli occupation of Palestine and denial of its citizens the most basic human rights, including the right to life, is the root cause of violence and terror, not only in the Middle East but in much of the world as well.

And in the past few years, Netanyahu introduced an additional incendiary provocation, namely recurrent efforts by fanatical Messianic Jews to take over the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest places under the sun.

This extremely sensitive issue has always been and will continue to be a matter of life or death for the vast majority of the Palestinian people.

I asked Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, the former Mufti of Palestine, to explain the gravity surrounding recurrent Israeli efforts to seize the Aqsa Mosque in order to build a Jewish temple on the mosque’s site.

The Sheikh said: “The Aqsa Mosque is the ultimate issue. No other issue would mobilize and provoke the Palestinian people like this issue does. The seizure of the Aqsa Mosque, God forbids, would symbolize the total expulsion of the Palestinian people from this land.”

Insult to Egypt, Jordan

Needless to say, Netanyahu’s statement before the Knesset on Monday that Israel was ready and willing to cooperate with Amman and Cairo against terror constitutes a real insult to both the Jordanian and Egyptian regimes.

In truth, Netanyahu, by offering to cooperate with regional powers against terror, actually wants Amman and Cairo to openly support Israel’s doomsday designs against the Aqsa Mosque as well as Israel’s ongoing crimes against Palestinian civilians.

Israel has already killed any remaining realistic prospects for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state on the territories Israel occupied in 1967.

Now, Israel under Netanyahu wants to complete the “final solution” for the Palestinian question by getting some Arab regimes to endorse the liquidation of the Palestinian cause under the rubric of fighting terror.

Is there a greater insult to Amman and Cairo than calling on the two Arab capitals to back Israel’s slow-motion holocaust against the Palestinian people?




The situation in Israel/Palestine is spiraling out of control by the minute. Killings on both both sides continue with no immediate end in sight ….

The question is WHY?

I went through my archives this morning and found three posts which speak of attitudes that lead to hatred, that lead to death; I am reposting them to give you a better picture of what is going on here ….


(Originally posted in April, 2014)


On Friday evening I was approached by a local resident in the French Hill area who with anger in his voice he said that “a ‘creature’ threw stones at one of our buses …. we must do something about the situation”. My response was that “I never saw a ‘creature’ throw stones, was it a cat or a dog”? “NO! It was one of YOUR Arabs from Issawyia”! “What can we do about that”??

I answered with,”first we can end the occupation and second people like yourself can start referring to the Arabs as human beings and treat them as such”!

The resident in question is a recent immigrant from the United States. Not too long ago, after ‘coming down’ from a bad ‘trip’ on pot at a beach in Miami, he found God (the opiate of the people) , packed his bags and moved to Israel. Before his (and others of his ilk’s) arrival to the French Hill area we lived in peace with our neighbours in what was truly a  showcase of coexistence …


On the other hand, this short video gives a glimpse of what life is like on the other side of the wall in the neighbouring village of Issawyia …


Surely this situation will lead to animosity, even hatred, towards the Jewish residents in the area …. but there are ways to deal with the situation. Stone throwing at innocent civilians is definitely NOT the solution and will only lead to a continuation of the growth of hatred on the Israeli side of the wall. Let us come together and prove to the White Man that peace IS possible. Then the wall will come down and hopefully the White Man will return to his true home on the beach in Miami. We definitely do not need or want his ilk destroying the peace process before it even starts.



(Originally posted in July, 2010)

The time has come in my life where I just won’t waste it listening to certain opinions or be with the people that have them… call me closed minded if you wish, but you would be way off base.
Case in point
I live in a fairly mixed and progressive community in Jerusalem.  Mixed as there are both religious and secular Jews living here as well as hundreds of Palestinians. We have maintained our own level of Peace throughout what have been very turbulent years in the city.
English is the official ‘second language’ in this area which is a big attraction to new immigrants from the States. One such person moved in not too long ago…. one very strange person. He is the type that gets an idea in his head and proceeds to spout it out for the remainder of the week, literally ‘testing the waters’ to see if anyone was in agreement with him. People were tolerant towards him probably out of pity as he was here only with his wife and completely estranged from his children that remained in the States.
I was one that offered my ear to his ramblings, hardly ever agreeing with them….. BUT last week he crossed the line. He started spouting off about the violence displayed in baseball and how terrible that was….. but ended his rant with “Israel should learn something from that game, we should have bombed all of the ships in the Flotilla and killed them all”! I was beyond words, shocked would be too mild a word to express my feelings at the moment. I simply responded that “this is the end of this conversation” and walked away from him.
Last night he approached me again …. but I cut him off before he started talking by telling him that “whatever friendship we might have had ended last week when you expressed the most outrageous opinion I ever heard”. He was not expecting that from me, but should have as he is aware of my views regarding the situation in general in this country. He silently walked away from me, probably with the hope that I won’t be telling others about his madness.
Simply put, it’s bad enough having to witness the crimes against the Palestinians in this country, crimes that I can (and do) speak out against constantly…. but there is no reason in the world why I should have to listen to certain opinions regarding those crimes. Life is way too short to waste it on one ignorant person, there are others with open minds that one day might work together with us to make a real difference.
Hopefully this person will have learned something about ‘resting his gums’ so to speak. Either that or realise that his views are totally unacceptable in certain areas and leave, in which case not a tear would be shed by anyone in the community.
And finally ….


(originally posted October, 2012)

OMG! Can you believe that???
That is what I was told the other morning by a neighbour who recently visited a small town near Tel Aviv …
He went further to identify the ‘guy’ as Steve. OMG! C’est Moi!!!
My cover has been blown …. what to do??
It seems that for most of my adult life I have been accused of many things by a wide mixture of both zionists and Islamophobes, but this ‘accusation’ takes the cake. I have always taken pride in the fact that I consider myself a hate free person. The only people I have a problem with are those that hate, so call me an anti hate person. Does that make me an Arab lover? Yes, I have Arab friends and neighbours that I love, but I also have Jewish neighbours and friends that I love. Why then was I not labeled ‘the guy in your neighbourhood that loves Jews’? Perhaps because it is a known fact by all who know me that I am a supporter of Palestinian rights and support the creation of a Palestinian State on the lands that were stolen from them by the zionists. If that makes me an Arab lover, then I guess I am guilty as charged.
But why the accusation in the first place??? Simple explanation …. it’s an accusation based on ignorance. One of my favourite quotes comes from a non person, Yoda of Star Wars fame … Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” I have seen enogh suffering in my lifetime and refuse to be a part of seeing it continue, so I will continue refusing to hate.
Below is an excerp from a post I did a few years ago about life in my neighbourhood….
Clash of the Cultures

You see everything in Jerusalem. It draws tourists from all over the world, every race, every religion, every political persuasion. Our own local population is quite a mixture as well…

We have Muslim women who dress like this woman…

We have Jewish men that dress like these men…

It was once thought that ignorance is bliss… that is certainly not the case today and there is no excuse for much of our ignorance, especially when it pertains to our fellow citizens.

A quote from a beloved Star Wars character, Yoda is…“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
It was expanded by an unknown writer to say…”IGNORANCE leads to FEAR which causes HATE which leads to ANGER, which ends in SUFFERING.”
I prefer the second quote and it is fitting to the following episode I wish to relate here…

There was a woman walking towards the bank in my neighbourhood the other day. She was dressed like the woman in the photo. A man, on his way to the coffee shop passed her, he was dressed like one of the men in the other photo.

She covers her face so it would not be seen by men other than her husband, he, by his garb represents the ultra orthodox section of Judaism, is not supposed to look at other women. But he did, and he panicked. He ran from that woman as if he saw the devil himself. Why, because of ignorance. He had no idea why her face was covered. He was afraid. Most likely his fear will lead to hate and that will lead to suffering.

We cannot continue to live in our little isolated worlds. We have to open our windows and see who else dwells there. That alone will be a start to end this type of behaviour. It might even lead to peace.*

The Guardian’s Comment is free ran the following about my neighbourhood a few years ago … after reading it you will understand why I chose this particular area as my home. It will also clue you in to the fact that I am not the only guy in my neighbourhood that ‘loves Arabs’.

Thank God, Thank God Almighty I am not alone!


Could the harmony that has developed from an influx of Arab families in an area of Jerusalem set the tone for the rest of the country?

By Seth Freedman

Many critics of Israel’s security wall assert that its construction has driven another nail into the coffin of possible integration between the local Jews and Arabs. However, thanks to an unexpected phenomenon arising from its erection, certain Jewish parts of Jerusalem are experiencing an influx of Arabs into their areas – and the early indications are that their assimilation is progressing relatively smoothly.

The district of French Hill, which is technically over the Green Line but in reality bears little resemblance to the typical “settlement” stereotype, has seen a steep rise in the number of Arabs seeking to move into its neighbourhood in recent years. Not wanting to be caught on the “wrong” side of the security wall, many Arab families have sought homes on the Israeli side of the barrier, in order to ensure their Israeli IDs aren’t revoked, as well as to avoid hours-long delays at checkpoints as they commute to and from work.

With prices in the Arab villages of East Jerusalem soaring in the wake of a flood of eager buyers, those with fewer funds available have opted to move into Jewish parts of the city, including French Hill and nearby Pisgat Ze’ev. Their arrival hasn’t been to everyone’s liking, with the usual suspects up in arms and demanding that other residents band together to keep the Arabs out and ensure that the neighbourhoods remain strictly Jewish.

One such charming individual was quoted as saying: “As a Jew I am happy to be a racist,” claiming that it was the only way to preserve his children’s future in the face of the Arab invasion. Fortunately, however, his odious attitude is very much a minority one – at least, as far as I could tell from a visit to the area.

On arrival in the town centre, it was plain to see that the more level-headed and sedate residents have no problem with their neighbours and fellow shoppers. Jews and Arabs alike thronged the cafes, jostling for position in the bright sunshine as they downed cappuccinos and mint teas at the outdoor tables. The local bank was doing equally brisk business, and customers in kipot (skullcaps) stood in line behind others in Arabic headscarves with no hint of tension present.

Sitting behind the counter at Cafe Malcha, the Jewish owner spoke proudly of the mixed group of customers who pack his shop every day. “There’s no problem here. Jews and Arabs sit together, everyone’s friendly, and they come from all over, including the centre of Jerusalem and the surrounding [Arab] villages.” He pointed out that it is mainly the secular Jews and Arabs who socialise with one another, “since the religious on both sides are far more cautious.”

Iyal, a 19-year-old Arab who waits tables at the cafe, agreed with his boss that French Hill is largely devoid of any racial tension. “I’ve worked here for years”, he said, “and I never see any racism in the area”. Sitting outside was a group of five Arab workers, chatting loudly to one another in Arabic and clearly at ease in their surroundings – belying the image that some reporters portray of French Hill as being a hotbed of anti-Arab racism.

However, that’s not to say that under the surface there doesn’t linger some degree of antipathy between the area’s ethnic groups. Isawiya’s youth have something of a poor track record when it comes to their treatment of any Jews who enter the village. Many Jews go there to shop, or get their cars repaired, and are often pelted with rocks and stones by the local children, which does nothing to enhance relations between the two sides. At the same time, local Arab residents have made no bones about their desire to keep their neighbourhoods all-Arab, forbidding the sale of homes to Jewish buyers for fear of losing the Arab identity of their districts.

Similarly, one Jewish girl I spoke to had a great deal of venom in her system when it came to the local Arabs. “I can’t trust them enough to live alongside them,” she said flatly, before going on to assert that “they all want to kill us simply because we’re Jews, so why should we let them move into our neighbourhoods and get the chance to?” When pressed, however, she conceded that her work as a local receptionist has brought her into contact with plenty of Arabs, “and the ones I know aren’t like that at all. I suppose I shouldn’t generalise about them, actually.”

Despite it going against her defensive mentality, it is clear that the experience of working alongside Arab colleagues and discovering what they’re like as individuals – rather than collectively tarring them as “the Arabs” – has produced a chink in her armour. While I still wouldn’t want her in charge of the peace process, given her overriding penchant for painting the Arabs as bloodthirsty Jew haters, the fact that she softened her position at all during the course of our conversation indicates that the process of assimilation is bearing positive fruit.

And, in the words of another local I spoke to who said: “I can barely tell who’s Jewish and who’s Arab round here”, the success of French Hill’s multicultural exercise might well set the tone for the rest of the country one day. Of course, things aren’t going to change overnight – Arabs are still treated with a great deal of suspicion by many Israelis, at both street and institutional levels, but that shouldn’t stop the moderates on both sides forging on with their goal of overcoming the prevalent racist attitudes.

There is an aphoristic piece of graffiti sprayed near thecheckpoint between Jerusalem and Bethlehem that reads: “Fear builds walls,” which is as true as it is depressing. However, one unlikely byproduct of the security barrier’s construction could, ultimately, end up eradicating at least some of the fear that exists between the two communities, thanks to the Arab migration into Jewish neighbourhoods that it has created. And that, despite the overarching negativity that surrounds the building of the wall in the first place, is well worth clinging on to for those seeking at least a modicum of hope from a seemingly hopeless situation.



Jerusalem correspondent stumbles upon a narrowly averted attack of Arab workers at a convenience store by far-right activists

The main group of protesters, which was controlled by the police, didn’t engage in physical violence, but small splinter groups moved toward the city center and began searching for Arabs. They entered stores, asking clerks if Arabs were employed there. They asked employees random questions like “what’s the time?” in order to test their accent.

Policeman arresting far-right Jewish protester in Jerusalem (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)

Policeman arresting far-right Jewish protester in Jerusalem (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)

On Thursday night, with the current terrorism wave on my mind, I covered a violent protest organized by two far-right Jerusalem groups, which was attended by about 700 people. Police reported that the protesters threw stones toward officers, and a few protesters were arrested.

During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and Lehava (a right-wing organization dedicated to preventing the “assimilation” of Jews with non-Jews in Israel), the protesters chanted slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “may your village burn,” and looked for Arabs to attack. And indeed, after the protest ended a number of the participants attacked a taxi driver and attempted to attack other Arab passersby.

More HERE (including Video)


As a sidenote ….. (Click on link to see report)

Israel may outlaw far-right Lehava organization



Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff


Image by Carlos Ltuff

Image by Carlos Latuff

Someone on FaceBook shared a post from my archives yesterday resulting in over 2,000 hits. It pretty much clarifies why the present situation in Israel/Palestine is raging out of control. 

Anyone who still might think that Israel is the victim may think twice after seeing the following photo essay which was originally posted here in January of 2009 …


This photo essay was put together by the head of the Norweigan Embassy in Saudi Arabia. It origanilly appeared on MWC News.



Hitler Yesterday ~ Israel Today








By Sam Bahour

Still from AFP video shows Israeli agents who moments before were posing as demonstrators pull guns on Palestinians.

Still from AFP video shows Israeli agents who moments before were posing as demonstrators pull guns on Palestinians.

It happened today, only five minutes from my house. Watch closely as the impostor (IDF) demonstrators (dressed as Palestinians) instigate violence to lure real Palestinians to clash, then capture them. If you watch even more closely, the “most moral army in the world” actually shoots point-blank the person they are trying to arresting in the leg while soldiers take turns punching and kicking him. Israel is begging for widespread violence, it is the only game book they have.


P.S. Here is what I posted on Facebook yesterday morning:


Related report by Ali Abunimah (Click on link)

Video: Israel plants armed “stone throwers” among Palestinian protestors

And THIS report from Ma’an

Undercover Israeli forces injure, detain 3 youths near al-Bireh



14th Intifada on the way and its global ramifications

            ............. Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff


Below I discuss briefly why I think Israel is intent on ethnic cleansing in
the occupied territories, the recent upheaval here and the killing of
children, who is Benyamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) behind the spate of
recent war crimes including murdering a 13 year old child (pictures below),
ask whether a 14th Intifada on the way and its global ramifications, and
progress in building something positive in Bethlehem.

There has been a significant escalation of violence in the apartheid
country in the past few days. If this is a new uprising it is expected as
we have one on average every 10 years (we had nearly 14 in the past 140
years of Zionist onslaught). When we analyze the straw that broke the
proverbial camel’s back for this particular wave of unrest, we see the
arson attack 31 July 2015 on the Dawabshe family (father, mother and child
murdered) and the calls for revenge. Since then some 30 Palestinians and 4
Israelis were killed.The past week saw further escalation that started with
storming Al-Aqsa mosque area with extremist settlers who call for
destroying the mosque to build a Jewish temple. A Jewish settler husband
and wife were killed by a cell from Hamas (probably acting without direct
orders from hierarchy). They were residents of an illegal Israeli colony
built on Palestinian land and the husband was a high level Israeli officer
(the wife also served in the Israeli military). Whether one supports such
actions or not, the action predictably unleashed a torrent of settler
revenge attacks supported by the Israeli military. Netanyahu came back from
his US tour after receiving a green light from Washington for ethnic
cleansing in Jerusalem and for killing Palestinians. He told his commanders
to shoot any Palestinian throwing stones and if they arrest such youth to
give them mandatory minimum sentences of 4 years. Settlers and soldiers in
turn got the green light to torch cars, shoot civilians, burn crops and
more. Tensions escalated and 650 Palestinian civilians were injured and
many killed. Here in Bethlehem a 13 year old child Abdelrahman Obeidallah
was gunned down when he was returning from school. Pictures showed he was
not participating in the demonstration. It is hard to justify shooting a
child in the chest who is not posing a threat. I cried as I paid a visit
and extended condolences to his father and other family members today.  In
a videotaped incident in Jerusalem, there was clear execution of a young
man who was posing no threat. Israeli settlers chased a 19 year old Fadi
Alloon heading for his early morning prayers. He tried to get protection
even from Israeli police officers but settlers screamed at the police
telling them to shoot him and the police followed settler orders without
the victim posing any threat to anyone. Full evidence with translation by
Ronni Barkan from Hebrew of the Nazi like behavior is found here:

The murderers like in thousands of similar
incidents will remain free and even be praised for their actions. It is
clear now that there is an orchestrated campaign to destroy native presence
here to extend the geography and hegemony of the racist “Jewish state” and
western media have done little or no reporting on what is going on in here.
The few local reporters trying to cover events are targeted physically and
shot at regularly.
Father of 13 year old AbdelRahman, victim of Israeli terrorism on the spot
where he was murdered.

Israeli military occupiers decided to close down the old city of Jerusalem
selectively to Palestinians while Israeli Jews were allowed in to rampage
and taunt and attack the native Jerusalemites (Christians and Muslims).
Such a military order shows once again that we are deeper into fascist
apartheid. Palestinians rightly wonder why the cell that firebombed the
Dawabsheh family is still free while those who killed the settler couple
were tracked down within 24 hours? Denying a city to the native people
while opening it up for colonizers is against International law. Murdering
at will, injuring hundreds, kidnapping citizens (600 in September alone)
and holding them for months and years without trial, torturing people,
demolishing homes. Many consider it a beginning of a new (14th) uprising
against the Zionist colonization of Palestine. The conditions of an
uprising are indeed there and I explained in detail in my book about its
trajectory (see) 

The "Arab and Islamic world" and the USA are increasing exposed as
collaborators with Netanyahu and company in the slaughter stretching from
Yemen to Syria passing through Palestine. Palestinians in the streets are
increasingly frustrated at their own leaders (whose terms have expired and
can't seem to let go of their seats). Political paralysis  New actors are
coming to fill the gap left after the mess created by imperialism here.
Russia entered the fray in Syria. Russia entered Syria at the request of
the Syrian government while the US did not have such permission nor a
decision by the UN Security Council. But more importantly, Russian jets did
more damage to ISIS in the first 48 hours that US “coalition” did in one
year.  Russia says it will talk to the “moderate rebels” that the US claims
to exist if they can be found. Problem is all non-government held territory
is in the hands of Nusra, ISIS or others (many of them equipped by USA and
its coalition).  US security establishment already admitted that most of
the weapons they sent to supposed moderate people (mercenaries?) switched
to be held by the extremist rebels. Perhaps the US was interested in what
Henry Kissinger described as policy is “to get them to kill each other”.
Perhaps Russia will upset this and finally succeed in ending 5 years of
stalemate in Syria. The pivot remains here. Leaders of the Zionist forces
ordered soldiers to shoot children, to torture prisoners, and to demolish
homes and repeat the ethnic cleansing done in 1948. Since he is in the
headline for staring down the UN and meeting with world leaders to bully
and threaten them, it is worth looking who is Netanyahu.

Benyamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) was born to Benzion Mileikowsky (later
changed names to Netanyahu), a Polish settler who came to Palestine and to
the USA (dual citizenship acquired). His American father became secretary
to terrorist leader Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky (aka Zeev Jabotinsky)
founder of "revisionist" Zionism and supported groups like Irgun terrorist
organization during the mandate in Palestine. His son continues to idolize
these early Jewish terrorists. Both Benjamin and his brother served in
units of the Israeli forces responsible for assassinations on foreign lands
(in violations of international law) and committed war crimes. He is known
both among Israelis and globally as a consummate liar who refused to accept
the Oslo accords (even though they were partial to Israel) and has gotten
rich off of his political activities. Here is a video of him thinking the
camera was off explaining his true contributions during his first stint as
Israeli prime minister in the 1990s.
 see also this 

 This is after all the same terrorist who gave a speech to dozens of Likud
Party members in Eilat in which he admitted this is his strategy. According
to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (15 July 2001): " his audience a
bit of advice on how to deal with foreign interviewers (Netanyahu said):
'Always, irrespective of whether you're right or not, you must always
present your side as right.' In 2011 at the G20 summit, the French
president, Nicolas Sarkozy, described Netanyahu as a liar in a private
exchange with US President Barack Obama  (it was inadvertently broadcast to
journalists). "I cannot stand him. He's a liar," Sarkozy told Obama. US
President Obama responded by saying:
 "You're fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day."
But Obama was exagerrating: he does not have to deal with Nothingyahu every
day. We do and we are sick and tired of it and that is why Abbas's efforts
to stem an uprising will fail.

​Sadly civilians suffer for US/Israeli policies of destabilization and
mayhem. My view is that Palestine will remain an Achilles heel of western
hypocrisy, and the key to conflict generation in Western Asia. Our freedom
will be a key to regional and global stability. Perhaps that is why
demonstrations were in over 50 cities and towns in occupied Palestine
(including Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth etc) and dozens of cities around the
world. The world is waking up. We pray that politicians do not be the last
to wake-up.

Besides engaging in popular resistance, we continue to build for the
future. We have several new volunteers at our Palestine Museum of Natural
History and Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem
University (see)  We just had our first rains of
the season. Olive picking will commence shortly. We have visitors daily. We
plan and execute projects that help people stay on their land and do
productive work. We have students learning and growing in their skills. We
learn new things every day. Life goes on even in the midst of decades of
Zionist genocidal actions. We teach life. Join us, visit us.

Missing the target, forgetting the point, forgetting the profession by Dr
Paola Manduca



Roots of Resistance: Posters of the first intifada

Catherine Baker

The poster tradition is an exceptional element of Palestinian cultural heritage, and the posters themselves are important repositories of primary data. Palestine posters created by artists at the time of the first Intifada provide a unique lens through which today’s audiences can gain insight into the attitudes and aspirations of people directly involved in the resistance as it emerged. The Palestine Poster Project Archives contains 230 posters in its “Intifada” Special Collection (posters that contain the word “Intifada” or obvious visual references to the Intifada). Below is a selection of twelve posters from around the first year of the Intifada that provide a representative history of that watershed event.

01536 PPPA

Democratic Cultural Action Committees

Created by the Palestinian artist Sliman Mansour, this poster references one of the many grassroots organizations that helped coordinate Intifada activities. It combines iconographic elements common to earlier Palestine posters—the kaffiyeh, barbed wire, raised arm—with a new element, the stones. The most impressive feature here, however, is the expression of sumud (Arabic: steadfastness) in the human figure. He (or she) stands alone, but the barrage of stones signifies an entire population.  The fact that the text appears in both English and Arabic indicates that the poster was meant to be understood by both Palestinians and the international community.

RangeOfstone PPPA

Within a Stone’s Throw

Published by Fatah, this poster reveals how the mainline Palestinian resistance organizations were quick to honor their compatriots inside the Israeli occupied territories and in fact to lend full support to the Intifada, making it among the first pan-Palestinian actions. The caption underneath Yasser Arafat states, “Realization of statehood is within a stone’s throw.”

NoVoiceStronger MDZ PPPA

No Voice Stronger Than the Voice of the Intifada

The poster’s slogan, a quote from Khalil Al Wazir (Fatah’s founder, also known as Abu Jihad), provides an unequivocal endorsement of the resistance. The niqafa (Arabic: slingshot) emerges here as another iconographic symbol of the Intifada. After 1988 Palestinian poster art also increasingly incorporated the Palestinian nationalist colors and flag, which were banned by Israel inside the occupied territories until the Oslo Accords of 1993.

AllSUPPORT 01631

Support… All Support for the Intifada in the Occupied Homeland

Published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), this poster provides further evidence that the Intifada quickly erased the distinctions separating diaspora Palestinians from those living under the occupation. The white horse, symbol of revolution in Palestinian iconography, is seen here in outline, having broken free and rearing its head in defiance. The horse straddles a destroyed Palestinian village, pushes past barbed wire, and tramples on the Star of David (a religious symbol self-selected by Israel as its political symbol).


An Unceasing Intifada Will Defeat the Occupation

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) is another major political faction that immediately and unconditionally embraced the Intifada. Words and phrases such as “unceasing”, “steadfastness”, and “revolution until victory” are hallmarks of the Palestine poster tradition before, during and after the Intifada. The Intifada expanded the modes of resistance and so continues to this day in many forms, including among others Palestinian civil society’s call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) of Israeli goods and institutions.

palchildrenstronger pppa

Children Are Stronger Than the Occupation

The emergence of nonviolent resistance tactics against the Occupation is captured in this image of a young boy holding up his hand against armed Israeli soldiers and a tank. The steady gaze is a visual reference to the core Palestinian concept of steadfastness. Created by Vladimar Tamari, a Palestinian artist living (then and now) in Japan, this poster reflects the solidarity between Palestinians in the diaspora with those living under the occupation. The use of Japanese as well as Arabic and English text signifies an awareness of and connection to international solidarity.


The Intifada is the Voice of Palestinian Independence and Peace

This poster was published by the Progressive List for Peace, a political party in Israel formed from an alliance of both Arab and Jewish left-wing activists (A Hebrew version of the same poster carries the caption, “Let’s Talk to the PLO”). The dove is a frequent icon in Palestine posters.

goraintifada pppa

Gora Intifada! (Up with the Intifada!)

Published by the Komite Internazionistak in Basque Country, this poster demonstrates the degree to which liberation movements around the world identified with and were inspired by the Intifada. The extreme youth of the child, whose fist barely encircles the rock, honors the role of young people as leaders of the resistance. The boy in this picture is Ramzi Aburedwan, now known as “Al Kamandjati” (the Violinist), who established The Kamandjati Association in 2002, which encourages young Palestinians to make music and so to transcend the hardships of the occupation.

Frontlinefinal2 0

Palestinian Women on the Frontline of the Intifada

Prior to the Intifada, the heroic figures depicted in Palestine posters were the fedayeen (Arabic: militants) who engaged Israel in direct armed combat—usually men and, rarely, female militants such as Leila Khalid or Dalal Mughrabi. By contrast, the hero in this poster is a woman in traditional dress without a firearm.  The use of the term “frontline” acknowledges both the dangers faced by Palestinian women participating directly in the Intifada as well as the expansion of the modes of resistance. The tatreez (Arabic: embroidery) decorating the stone heroicizes the participation of Palestinian women in the Intifada.



The bayonet piercing the orange and the bayonet broken by the rock highlight the contrast between the crushing violence and refugee flight of Al Nakba (Arabic: the Catastrophe) in 1948 and the mass resistance to the occupation via the Intifada in 1989. This poster serves as a commemoration both of the first anniversary of the Intifada as well as of May 15, the date in 1948 of Al Nakba, also known as “the Day of Palestinian Struggle” and, as referenced here, “the Usurpation of Palestine.”

00932 PPPA

Intifada 89

As with the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, a key strategy of the Intifada was to make the occupied territories ungovernable for Israel. The boy brandishing his slingshot and the burning tire indicate that a year into the Intifada, the Palestinian people were showing no signs of having been pacified.

1727 PPPA

New Day

The Intifada opened a new day for Palestine. A population that been forcefully violently repressed and censored burst free in a unified effort for self-determination. It was also a new day for American artists, who were inspired by Palestinian acts of courage to take creative action in solidarity. This poster was included in a 1989 exhibit in Berkeley, California, titled In Celebration of the State of Palestine. Although nominally the exhibit’s theme was a subsequent event—Yasser Arafat’s declaration of the State of Palestine on November 15, 1988—its true inspiration was the Intifada itself. This can be inferred from the visual elements in many of the exhibit’s posters such as those seen here: the defiantly unarmed figure, the flag, and the kaffiyeh.

The exhibit’s catalog text asserts the critical importance of poster art both to the Intifada and to the broader Palestinian struggle as it continues to this day:  “While politicians shuffle from one foot to another, we create on rectangles of paper, a place where the Palestinian flag flies freely. We prefigure in the realm of the imagination, the end of the bloody journey while we honor the suffering that will be necessary to bridge the distance between imagination and reality.”


Originally appeared AT



Image ‘Copyleft by Carlos Latuff
mother-palestine-gives-abbas-a-lesson-on-right-of-return (2)
There is nothing more the State of Israel wants at this time than a new Intifada in the West Bank. The defunct ‘President’ of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas has been successful in garnering the support of the United Nations, but not from the people of his own nation. The frustration felt by the Palestinian people today is moreso aimed at him than at Israel itself, especially after speaking out against the Right of Return of displaced Palestinians to THEIR HOMES. If any movement emerges as a result, it won’t be in the form of an Intifada against Israel, but one against the Palestinian Authority and Abbas for allowing their nation to suffer as they do.
The IDF and the Israeli media disagree with my analysis as can be seen in the following …
‘West Bank on verge of intifada’

IDF officials warn tensions in West Bank close to boiling point following PA’s successful UN gambit, say coming March’s Nakba and Naksa days will foretell potential violence

Is a third intifada unavoidable? The recent Palestinian successin the UN, the deadlocked Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the achievements noted by Hamas during Operation Pillar of Defense have prompted greater agitation in the West Bank, and the IDF is concerned that the area may soon reach a boiling point.
According to Shin Bet data, the unrest in the area is ripe for the development of the kind of infrastructure that could potentially support a third intifada – prolonged and violent unrest the likes of which Israel had to deal with in 1987 and 2000.

In recent weeks, the number of arrests made by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces against Hamas operatives in the West Bank has plummeted, and the PA no longer seems motivated to curb their activities in the area.

Almost simultaneously, military intelligence has seen a spike in alerts suggesting terror groups are planning attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike.
According to the data, 130 attacks or attempted attacks were launched from the West Bank in November alone, the majority of which were classified by the defense establishment as “difficult to contain.”

עימותים ביהודה ושומרון במהלך מבצע "עמוד ענן" (צילום: AFP)

West Bank riots during Gaza op (Photo: AFP)

Still, an IDF military source in the Judea and Samaria Division told Ynet that, “We’re able to reach everyone eventually, even those who hurl Molotov cocktails or throw rocks at cars.”
The senior officer hedged that despite the palpable tension in the West Bank, the atmosphere is still far from resembling that which led to the al-Aqsa Intifada.

“We’ll have a better assessment of the situation in March, after the Palestinians mark the Nakba and Naksa days and the Prisoners Day. That’s a critical window. The Palestinians have a clear interest in maintaining their coordination (with the IDF) and the calm in the area. It’s an asset for them,” he said.

The IDF and Shin Bet’s near-complete intelligence network in the area has enabled the arrest of five terror cells in the Ramallah sector in the past four months alone, all of which were planning to abduct soldiers.

The defense establishment believes the timing was not coincidental, as all of the plots were set to be executed on or around the anniversary marking the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in the Shalit deal.

The coming weeks will see dozens of former Palestinian prisoners return to the area, after the term of their imposed exile – stipulated in the deal – will end.


Riots in Issawiya (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)

The IDF considers Ramallah to be a barometer for the atmosphere in entire Palestinian Authority and it seems that the latter no longer considers Hamas’ presence in its cities illegal.

According to a top military source, “There are two scenarios that may indicate the future: The reopening of Hamas’ da’wah institutions in the West Bank and the complete suspension of Hamas’ operatives’ arrests.”

Still, he stressed that both were theoretical, and will require “a closer relationship” between Fatah and Hamas.

“The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank have been targeting Hamas, crisscross-wise, for a long time, right down to bugging mosques and arresting muezzins for incitement,” he said.

The PA still has a firm grip on the ground and its security forces are able to successfully ward off riots in the Palestinian cities.

Commanders of the IDF’s spatial brigades still hold regular coordination meetings with their Palestinian counterparts and the defense establishment is tracking any potential escalation in the area.

The defense establishment has, however, expressed concern that the trigger for a third intifada may end up being Jewish terror, such as “price tag” acts or clashed between Palestinians and settlers.

Israeli security forces have increased their efforts to contain and thwart such incidents.



 Images ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
We have already seen two organised Intifadas, a third one is being called for at the end of this week. The day chosen is the 15th of May, the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba. To see photos of that day in history, click HERE.
To even speak of the Nakba is forbidden by the state of Israel, let enough protest against it as is planned. The irony of the law in question can be seen in THIS post which deals with the situation.
My Associate, Mazin Qumsiyeh shares these thoughts on the struggle…..
May 15, 2011, the Beginning of the End

I teased a friend the other day: Do you feel safer in the new world order? We discussed the fact that there is a “new world order” whereby two states (regimes) in the world feel immune from International law, disregard existing mechanisms including the UN and Interpol, and send agents or machines regularly to other sovereign countries to engage in extrajudicial assassination of those they deem enemies. On most occasions, nearby civilians are killed or the victim turns out to be someone else. There is the argument that these people assassinated are bad guys and should be killed. My friend and I certainly do not have sympathy for Bin Laden and people like him. But violating laws is not the way to go (two wrongs do not make a right).

My friend points out that some two million Iraqis, half of them children, perished by the unjust US/UK led blockade, sanctions, and war. Millions suffered and over 60,000 were murdered by the Israeli policies of land theft, ethnic cleansing, regular massacres of civilians, and other war crimes and crimes against humanity. These are all acts of state terrorism in whole sale as opposed to the retail terror acts of Al-Qaeda. Yet imagine if Afghani commandoes (or Chinese or Irish for that matter) landed in a clandestine way in the US, Britain, or Israel and “took-out” one of the masterminds of such mass terrorism. Come to think of it, the stage is set now for this to happen since the message sent around the world is that “might makes right”. As humans, we have clear choices to make: we either support the notion of “dog-eat-dog world” and put our faith in military might OR we insist that another world is coming and that we can shape it with our hands using popular and nonviolent resistance.

My friend laments a history of our species of oppression, exploitation, destruction, and even mass murder (e.g. the genocide during slavery, during colonization in the Americas, the use of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). She asks half jokingly why should we expect a dramatic change in our life-span? History does show that, slowly but surely, democracy and peace are spreading around the world. In Latin America an amazing progress transpired from the era of colonialism (including genocide and slavery) to the era of “banana republics” (ruled by ruthless, western-supported dictators) to the hard won democratic revolutions. A similar transformation is occurring in the Arab world. This Arab spring came later and is more painful because such a transformation threatens the implanted Western wedge that is the racist apartheid state of Israel. My friend and I debate whether acting is contingent on being 100% sure of winning! While a more rational reading of history would lead one to be more optimistic, acting on our beliefs and our ideals is not contingent on existing power structures or short-term outcomes but only on how we believe we should live and act. Self-transformation itself is a win!

I ask my friend to imagine activists 10 years before each of these events and what motivated them to act (even as they did not foresee the end): the collapse of the Berlin wall, the freedoms in the countries of Eastern Europe, the end of apartheid in South Africa, the end of segregation in the South of the US, the woman suffrage, and the end of the US supported Pinochet, Suharto, and Mubarak regimes. In each of those instances and hundreds more, many activists died even before seeing the end of the struggle. In each of these cases, some thought it was a hopeless struggle against incredible odds. But even some activists did not understand how close they were to winning. Some even gave up the struggle a year or two before it triumphed.

Even when it seems most entrenched the status quo will not stay the same. The mighty Persian and Roman empires ended. Who now remembers that in the 19th century, Portugal, Spain, and England had armies and colonies around the world and seemed invincible. Even Hitler’s relatively short-lived third Reich seemed invincible. Human constructs are invariably changeable by new human constructs ESPECIALLY if they are repressive and antagonize too many people. The Israeli and US regimes are thus more susceptible on this front than any other in existence today. Martin Luther King Jr once said of the US: “I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government..” Israeli historian Benny Morris stated “The Jewish generations of 1948, however, knew the truth and deliberately misrepresented it. They knew there were plenty of mass deportations, massacres and rapes . . . . The soldiers and the officials knew, but they suppressed what they knew and were deliberately disseminating lies.” Ilan Pappe summarized years of his historical research thus: “Jews came and took, by means of uprooting and expulsion, a land that was Arab. We wanted to be a colonialist occupier, and yet to come across as moral at the same time..” These ‘original sins’ (as another Israeli historian titled his book) will catch up with this generation.

I tell my friend that the sins of the past come to haunt people whether at the individual level or the national level. Similarly, the good deeds do get repaid sooner or later. I remind her that her good deeds were already rewarded many times over as she herself acknowledged to me. I am sure the many Israelis and US citizens who worked very hard for peace with justice will be vindicated. She states that our biggest troubles are not sustained by those who work against us but the masses who are apathetic. Apathy indeed is the scourge of humanity. Each of us should look themselves in the mirror everyday and honestly think if they have done enough! Here in Palestine, like in other parts of the world there are also those who act and those who are apathetic. The latter may watch TV, may feel pangs of frustration or anger but are not willing to sum up the inner courage (present in all of us) to finally act on their convictions. On our deathbed, will we lament a life wasted or smile at a life of achievement for fellow human beings.

My friend and I are pleased to be alive in this day and age and continue to be very optimistic. We are grateful for the tentative initial steps of reconciliation of the Palestinian house (but must keep pushing) and we are grateful for the failure of Netanyahu to get Europeans to pressure the Palestinian people to keep their divisions. We know Netanyahu will next go to the US but there he will have to pass through demonstrators to get to the Israeli occupied halls of Congress. And the US is already 14 trillion in debt, one third of it caused directly by the Israel-first lobby. But AIPAC is being challenged.(1)

Meanwhile, the struggle here in the last land of apartheid continues. Saturday, our friends Yusuf and Musa AbuMaria were attacked and injured by Israeli forces in a peaceful demonstration in Beit Ummar near Hebron (Yusuf had two breaks in one arm) and we attended two conferences in Hebron the same day. One was the Palestinian Forum for Medical Research first biomedical research symposium  where one of my master’s students presented her research results. The second was attended by 300 activists nearly half Israeli and was titled “Joint Struggle for an End to the Occupation and Racism”. The final declaration from this conference is meaningful in showing the change happening on the ground in joint struggle (as opposed to normalization).

Join us 15 May 2011 on the streets as we launch a global intifada (uprising) using popular resistance methods. It will not be the end but the beginning of the end as hundreds of demonstrations and marches are held around the world (including marches to checkpoints) and from nearby countries to the borders of occupied Palestine.
We will say that 63 years of destructions and war is enough and our Nakba must end. Some are calling this the third intifada  but it is actually the 14th or 15th and it is likely going to be the last . In follow-up you can join us in Palestine this July (see) to take a bigger step forward.

In the meantime, as our friend and martyr Vittorio reminded us to always “STAY HUMAN”.





Planned activities in Palestine and worldwide can be seen below…..

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff

Published by Maan

GAZA CITY  — Palestinian students and rights activists in Gaza have initiated a campaign for Palestinian refugees aiming to harness the winds of change in the Middle East and mobilize the diaspora into action.

On May 15, the group said, more than 1 million people will participate in a global sit-in at Israeli embassies worldwide.

An organizer in Gaza told Ma’an that a preparatory committee was making contacts regionally and internationally, and a coordinated effort was underway to demand the return of 9 million refugees from camps in the Middle East and abroad.

“It is not our goal to criticize, affect or push negotiations or international treaties. We are only demanding the right of return to occupied territories,” the organizer said.

Figures known for their work on refugee rights have been contacted, organizers said. Among them: former Palestinian member of the Knesset Azmi Bishara, Palestinian researcher, academic and leader of the Palestinian Right of Return Coalition Salman Abu Sittah and former British MP George Galloway.

Palestinian communities in Europe and Latin America were being targeted for the rally, and being asked to gather outside Israeli diplomatic offices in world capitals.

In the Middle East, organizers said locations were being kept under wraps, for fear that measures would be taken to quash the peaceful action before its launch.

May 10, 2011: 8 PM
Screening “This is my picture when I was dead”

Palestine Freedom March – JERUSALEM

Tuesday,  May 10 2011 at  3:00 PM
قريتي الدامون والرويس الهجرتين
نقطة التجمّع: مدخل قرية كابول ( عين الدامون ) الساعة الثالثة بعد الظهر تنطلق المسيرة في تمام الساعة الثالثة والنصف بعد الظهر

May 14, 2011
Israeli Arabs invited to take part in Nakba march

Date : May 12, 2011  starting at 7:00PM
Location: Friends International Center in Ramallah (FICR)
A Poem and Musical Event to commemorate the Nakba

All Arabs to March on Israel on May 15th
more info

Egyptians to mark Nakba with a march to Palestine
More info and participating organisations

May 15-21, 2011
Street: Tahrir Square – Cairo
more info 1more info 2

May 15,  12:00 PM
Maroun Al Ras

Announcements #Mar15 – Europe

Dublin | May 15, 2011
Nakba Day Demo in solidarity with Palestinian people

Date: 29/04/2011 to 11/05/2011
The 2011 London Palestine Film Festival
Venue: The 2011 London Palestine Film Festival

London May 14, 2011: 12 Noon
Bust the Blockade with Barenboim
Assemble opposite Downing Street on Whitehall
Jews For Justice for Palestinians will be assembling with the banner outside Westminster tube station at 11.50

London | May 14, 2011 at noon
UK Protest at Downing Street to urge the UK government to take actions to stop Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine

London | May 15, 2011
Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestinian Third Intifada
Outside Israeli Embassy, London

Location: Special vigil in Bristol Center
Date: Sunday May 15, 2011
Time: All Day
Organised by Bristol PSC

Datum:      zaterdagmiddag 14 mei 2011, 14:00 uur
Plaats:       Singelkerk, Singel 452, Amsterdam-Centrum

Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Israëlische ambassade, Sterrewachtlaan 40 1180 Ukkel – Avenue de l’Observatoire 40 1180 Brussel (UCCLE) ( NL | EN | FR )

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011 12:00 – 15:00 Uhr | Sunday, 15 May 2011 12:00 – 15:00 clock
Ort: Israelische Botschaft | Israeli Embassy, Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 74-76 – 14193 Berlin
Massenkundgebung aus Solidarität mit Palästina | Mass rally in solidarity with Palestine

Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 3-6 PM
Location: Israeli Embassy, Alpine Road
BERN Rally in solidarity with the 3rd Intifada

Sunday, May 15, 2011 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Embassy of Israel
Street: Via Michele Mercati 12 ,  Roma

In risposta alla chiamata del popolo Palestinese per una sommossa popolare il 15 maggio, manifesteremo dinanzi all’ambasciata Israeliana a Roma lo stesso giorno, in sostegno del popolo palestinese e per richiedere l’espulsione dell’ambasciatore Israeliano alla luce del continuo disprezzo d’Israele nei confronti il Diritto Internazionale!!!

In response to the call of the Palestinian people for a popular uprising on May 15, will demonstrate before the Israeli embassy in Rome the same day, in support of the Palestinian people and to demand the expulsion of Israel in the light of the continuing contempt of Israel against international law!

Announcements #Mar15 – Canada

Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Métro Mont-Royal ,  470, av. du Mont-Royal Es

On MAY 15th of this year, thousands of Palestinian refugees, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians and many others will participate in peaceful protest in Palestine in hope to end the violent Zionist Regimen of Israel’s occupation.
Montreal’s Palestinian Refugee Revolution

Protest| Palestinian Refugee Revolution| 63rd Anniversary- Nakba
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Protest in Solidarity with Palestinian Refugee Revolution 63rd Anniversary- Nakba
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Endorsed By:Canadian Arab Federation ,Canadian Boat to Gaza,Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid ,Educators for Peace ,Middle Eastern Student Association, Palestine House,Palestinian Cultural Association,Risalah Theatrical Group,Saudi Student Association Downtown,Students Against Israeli Apartheid,Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Protest| Palestinian Refugee Revolution| 63rd Anniversary- Nakba| Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Canada Boat to Gaza supporters will join Sunday May 15 rally for Palestinian freedom in Vancouver, starting 1pm at Van Art Gallery


Wednesday, May 11th 2011 – screening begins at 7pm
Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges
5290 Côte-des-Neiges
Bus 165 or Metro Côte-des-Neiges
free event. Donations are welcome.

Film screening: Kafer Kassem

Announcements #Mar15 – Africa

Sunday, May 15 at 12:00pm – May 16 at 5:00pm
Tunis, Rue de Liberté

Announcements #Mar15 – USA

New York | May 15, 2011
Al-Nakba Rally for Right of Return

Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
CLEVELAND Protest supporting “The Third Intifadah” in Palestine!
TBD please stay tuned for updates from Al-Awda Cleveland

May 10   12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Palestinian Political Movements in Israel and Israeli Repression
The Palestine Center 2425 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20037

Date: May 15, 2011 , 1 PM
Location: White House Washington  DC
For details about joining the march on the UN in NY on May 15, please contact:
Organised by the US Palestinian Community Network | PDF

Sunday, May 15, 2011 |  3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Starbucks corner by the Galleria, Street: Post Oak Rd. Houston Texas

Sunday, May 15, 2011 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Demonstration at Israeli Consulate
Location: Consulate General of Israel – Suite 1700 , Street: 6380 Wilshire blvd.
Demonstration at Israeli Consulate

Location: The Israeli Embassy in Miami
Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 1-4 PM
Street: 100 Biscayne Blvd

With the middle east amidst many political reforms and humanitarian uprisings, the Palestinian people have every right to claim their stolen land and the rest of their basic humanitarian needs. Egypt had a tyrannical ruler for 30 years, Libya 40 years, Tunis 32 years and the Palestinians have been deprived of their freedom for 63 years. It is time to put an end to this…

Sunday, May 15 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Organised by
Orca Books
509 E 4th Ave. Olympia, WA

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 6:00 pm
Location: Palestinian Cultural Center for Peace • 41 Quint Ave • Allston
Call Congress this week 202-224-3121. Tell them STOP U.S. aid that supports Israel’s siege on Gaza, illegal settlement building, and violations of International Law and the human rights of Palestinians.”

Remembering the Nakba – Celebrating Palestine.
Sunday, May 15, 2011,12 noon to 3pm,
North Steps, State Capitol, 11th & L, Sacramento

May 14: Saturday, May 14, 2011 6:30 PM
Nakba Commemoration in Michigan with Awad AbdelFattah, Noura Erakat & Helen Thomas
at Burton Manor, 27777 Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI 48150

May 15, 2011
AMP Bay Area Fundraiser
5748 Mowry School Rd
Newark, CA
American Muslims for Palestine invite you to its annual fundraising event:
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi
Dr. Hatem Bazian
Dr. Osama Abuirshaid


Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Westlake Plaza, 4th & Pine, Seattle, WA
Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign

Announcements #Mar15 – AUSTRALIA

Rally for Palestine – Remembering Al-Nakba
Friday 13 May   5.00 pm
Brisbane Square, top of Queen St mall (outside Casino)



A French court on Friday ruled against Israeli orthopedic surgeon David Yehuda, who was sued for slander by Jamal al-Dura, the father of Mohammed al-Dura, the slain 12-year-old Palestinian boy who became a powerful symbol of the second intifada.

Jamal Al dura signaling his position while protecting his 12-year-old son Mohammed, as they shelter behind a barrel from crossfire in this Saturday, Sept. 30, 2000. Photo by: AP

Mohammed al-Dura’s father wins slander case against Israeli in French court

Court rules against Israeli orthopedic surgeon sued for slander by Jamal al-Dura, the father of Palestinian boy killed in September 2000.

LONDON – A French court on Friday ruled against Israeli orthopedic surgeon David Yehuda, who was sued for slander by Jamal al-Dura, the father of Mohammed al-Dura, the slain 12-year-old Palestinian boy who became a powerful symbol of the second intifada.

Al-Dura had sued Yehuda for libel after the doctor, who operated on him in 1994, exposed details from his medical file in order to back claims that the elder al-Dura’s scars were the result of surgery – and not caused by the IDF fire that killed his son in September, 2000.

In an interview with a French Jewish publication in 2008, Yehuda claimed that the father’s wounds were the result of an attack by Hamas men and the subsequent surgery he underwent six years before the second intifada. On September 30, 2000 Jamal sustained serious wounds trying to shield his son, who was killed in cross fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants at the Netzarim junction in Gaza. Footage of the disturbing images of the father and son, crouching in front of a wall under fire, was shown around the world.

The Palestinians accused the IDF of killing Mohammed al-Dura and wounding his father, but subsequent investigative reports cast doubt on that conclusion, claiming instead that the child had been shot by Palestinians and accusing a French TV station and crew of staging the incident.

Yehuda, who, together with the reporter and editor of the Jewish News Weekly, was ordered to pay a fine of several thousand Euros in compensation, said he would appeal the sentence. “In the past two years I’ve been fighting the State of Israel’s just war. This is a terrible scam,” he told the media. “I feel hurt and a personal sense of insult. Again they are trampling and twisting the truth. I can already see the negative results and a new wave of hatred out of Europe.

“I expected integrity from France and from the judges, but this is disgusting. Another wave of terror attacks may result from this decision,” he added.

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Yuli Edelstein notified Yehuda Friday that the state of Israel would continue to fund Yehuda’s defense and appeal. Meanwhile, MK Ahmed Tibi urged the Israeli Medical Association and the Ministry of Health to prosecute Yehuda, noting that misusing and distorting confidential medical files is a criminal offense.


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