Attacks On U.S. Mosques Rise Following Bin Laden’s Death

By Marie Diamond

The Houston Fire Department is investigating an attempt to burn down one of the city’s mosques after masked men used gasoline to try to ignite the building over the weekend. Prayer rugs at the back of the mosque were doused with gasoline, but thankfully the building did not catch fire, and the damage was confined to one room. The Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking the FBI to investigate the arson as a possible hate crime. The incident is just the latest in a string of attacks on American mosques since the death of Osama bin Laden.

Manyconservatives responded to the terrorist leader’s death by stoking broader fears about Muslims and sharia law, but the most extreme reaction came from far-right blogger and commentator Debbie Schlussel, who wrote, “One down, 1.8 billion to go…many of ‘em inside U.S. borders.” Such outrageous comments are not unusual for Schlussel, but unfortunately this time her statement reflected a more widespread outburst of anti-Muslim sentiment.

The first attack happened in Maine soon after President Obama announced that the Al Qaeda leader had been killed in Pakistan:

Unfortunately, the false association of Muslims and terrorism came up just hours after the brutal terrorist leader’s life ended. Muslims in Portland, Maine, awoke that Monday morning to find their place of worship defiled with anti-Islam graffiti. The gray stone walls of the recently established Maine Muslims Community Center were desecrated with the spray-painted phrases “Osama today, Islam tomorrow” and “Long live the West.”

Last week, a man in Louisiana left pork on the door handle of the Bossier Mosque in Shreveport so people would have to touch it to go inside. Muslims do not consume pork as they consider it unclean. The Northern Louisiana Jewish Federation denounced the vandalism as “psychologically…hurtful” and a spokesman for the Bossier City Police Department commented that the man did it “to intimidate the individuals at this location.”

Muslims in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn have had to fight a frivolous lawsuit and thinly-veiled racism as they try to build a mosque in the neighborhood. The group opposing the mosque explained on their website, “The neighborhood residents are mostly of Italian/Russian/Jewish/Irish descent and will not benefit from having a mosque and a Muslim community center.” Although a judge threw out the case, graffiti reading “He’s Dead” went up at the construction site after bin Laden’s killing. The local Muslim community had to explain the vandalism to their youngest members:

“My daughter saw that graffiti after Osama Bin Laden’s death, and I had to explain it all to her. It’s so sad that you have to do that,” Diana Mohamed said.

She added: “I’m happy with the result [of the lawsuit]. Living with the protesters and hearing what they say, seeing those signs, the hateful looks, it’s really bad, we just want to live peacefully.”

Additionally, as ThinkProgress reported, two Muslim men on their way to a conference on tolerance were removed from an airplane after the pilot refused to take off with them on board. In the wake of bin Laden’s death, a vast majority of Americans have reported a heightened fear of terrorist attacks, but it’s American Muslims who have been threatened with increased hostility and attacks.

President Obama said when he announced the successful raid that “the United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam,” noting that, “bin Laden was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murderer of Muslims.” American Muslims and Muslims around the world celebrated the news with the U.S. Many hoped that the terrorist leader’s death would be a unifying event that lifted the stigma around the American Muslim community.

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The Museum of Tolerance a multimediamuseum in Los Angeles, California, USA, with an associated museum and professional development multi-media training facility in New York City, is designed to examine racism and prejudice in the United States and the world with a strong focus on the history of the Holocaust. The MOT has expanded to Jerusalem, where a “Museum of Tolerance and Human Dignity” is currently under construction. It is sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (taken FROM)
…… expanded to Jerusalem, where a “Museum of Tolerance and Human Dignity” is currently under construction…. ON THE GROUNDS OF THE OLDEST MUSLIM CEMETARY IN JERUSALEM!
THE INTOLERANCE OF ZIONISM  is demonstrated in this project to its fullest extent …. and for supporting this,

Tom Cruise Honored by Wiesenthal Center

Wiesenthal Center honored actor and producer Tom Cruise with its Humanitarian Award.

The award, presented at a national tribute dinner May 5, was given to Cruise for his longtime support of the center and its Museum of Tolerance, the organization said. It was presented to Cruise by Brad Grey, chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

“Our challenge, ladies and gentlemen, is to make sure that we do all in our power to see to it that there will be no more Auschwitz-Birkenaus, no more Rwandas, no more Darfurs on our planet. That our children and their children may be free to live in a world where men and women are judged by their accomplishments and deeds rather than by their race or religion,” Cruise said after receiving the award.

The Wiesenthal Center also presented Medals of Valor to: Luis Alberto Urzúa, the foreman of the 33 trapped Chilean miners whose cool head and calm leadership guided the men through their ordeal; Gyöngyi Magó, a Catholic schoolteacher in Hungary determined to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive despite a backlash from the growing far-right; and posthumously to Peter Bergson, an activist who during the Holocaust challenged the Roosevelt government and establishment Jewish organizations to make the rescue of Europe’s Jews a top priority.


DaVinci’s masterpiece redone….. (click on image to enlarge)

NO ….. this is not meant to be a comical post as you might imagine from the image, this is a very serious matter.
Events of this week reminded me of an old Jewish joke, first some background… it must be known that in many synagogues in New York, ‘tickets’ must be purchased to secure a seat during the High Holidays….
There was an instance when a man came to one of these synagogues to visit a friend, told the guy at the door that he was only going in for a few minutes to visit with Mr. Greenspan. The guard replied with’ OK, but you better not let me catch you praying!”
That was what it was like in Jerusalem this Easter. Christian Pilgrims were allowed to visit the Holy City but access to their Holy Sites was denied. Despite a statement and appeal from Kairos Palestine, this situation has not changed. It was not only Palestinian Christians that were affected, it was tourists as well.
This was literally seeing in action what Gideon Levy wrote about yesterday in a piece he called  At home and abroad, Israelis ignore the rest of the world.
It can be read HERE.
In the real world, behaviour such as this is completely not acceptable, in Israel it seems to be the norm…
Following are some related reports…
Honestly, is this the type of country you want to continue supporting? THEN WHY ARE YOU??
Join the Boycott and Divestment Movement…. start with THESE products.
Israel is boycotting you, get them back where it hurts!


Israeli policemen beat Palestinian Christians on their way to church

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Israeli policemen beat up a group of Palestinian Christians while on their way to visit the Church of holy Sepulcher in occupied Jerusalem on the occasion of “Holy Saturday”.

Palestinian sources said that the police manning a barricade prevented the young men from proceeding to the holy site while allowing dozens of foreign tourists to cross in the company of Israeli tourist guides, which led to clashes.

A Christian activist accused Israel of religious harassment against all non-Jews.

For its part, the Sawasiya center for human rights charged that Israel was planning to block entry of non-Jews to occupied Jerusalem.

It said that the Israeli schemes to build more housing units in the holy city pointed to such a plot, adding that they target wiping out Jerusalem’s Arab and Islamic landmarks and expelling non-Jews out of it.

The center described the Israeli schemes as an infringement on the freedom of worship and a blatant violation of international laws that prohibit introducing any changes to an occupied territory or forcing its inhabitants out of their land.


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 On the Passover, thou shalt teach the children….. the following video shows what is taught

Yet the idiot Evangelical ‘Christians’ continue to send their checks….


Does America have a Muslim Problem?

by Franklin Lamb*

Muslims, slightly more than 1% of Americans, are currently the target of nearly 15% of all hate crimes.

Whatever becomes of the truly pathetic “Pastor” Terry Jones and his plans to appear later this month at the largest Mosque in Michigan to condemn Islam and to generate some media attention while provoking all decent Americans and people of good will everywhere with his hate speech, will not be of much lasting import to Muslim and American relations.

Even as Jones prepares to act as grand inquisitor and plans to prosecute the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for various imagined crimes, it reminds us that when it comes to intolerance, nothing is new under the sun in our land that beckons with its Statue of Liberty near Ellis Island in New York harbor:

“Give me your tired, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/ The wretched refuse from your teeming shore/ Send these, the homeless tempest-tossed to me/ I lift my lamp before the Golden Door.”

Muslims and Arabs who began arriving in America in the middle of the 19th century have in many ways embodied the intended fulfillment of the American dream promised in the above words of Emma Lazarus. The reasons that Muslims are often described as being “As American as apple pie” includes exactly their qualities that every Westerner observes and often comments on if they are fortunate enough to live among Muslims abroad or have Muslims as neighbors in their communities in the USA.

These Muslim qualities, the product of Islamic culture and Koranic teachings, including the five pillars of Islam, result in strong law abiding families with respect for their elders, comprised of fun loving and hardworking individuals who sacrifice for their children, have respect for education, compassion for humanity and who perform acts of unsolicited charity for the less fortunate, and exhibit tolerance of the views of others.

Muslims make up slightly more than 1% of the 308 million Americans, but according to recent FBI statistics, since 9/11 and the seemingly eternal US government War on (of) Terror, Muslims in America are currently the target of nearly 15% of all hate crimes.

Robert Kennedy used to say during US Congressional hearings on hate crimes that approximately 20% of the American public is unfortunately quite capable and indeed ready for believing just about anything and acting violently toward their neighbors while being easily influenced toward racism, xenophobia, and hate of ” the other.”

It appears that not much has changed since the violence of the 1960’s in America when some of our best leaders were assassinated. Sociologists claim that the American penchant for irrationally fearing different cultures has been true since the founding of America and our history is replete with examples that belie the passages in our schoolbooks that claim that our country is a unique example of a grand melting pot. Rather, the current trend in America appears, according to a range of observers from left leaning Noam Chomsky to fairly hard right Pat Buchanan, to be an increasing fracturing along ethno-nationalist cleavages.

When Americans are incessantly exposed to US wars in the Middle East and the ranting of fellow Americans who support and seek political advantage from those wars, including the Christian Zionists and pro-Israel lobby, American society becomes vulnerable to hate speech and crimes.

While the US political establishment and American society at large has mounted a significant chorus condemning the views of Terry Jones, Daniel Pipes, Bridgette Gabriel and hundreds like them who seek political and cash profit from sowing domestic discord, much more must be done by every citizen to support real American values of tolerance and good neighborliness.

On Friday, March 4, 2011, the Zionist Middle East Forum launched another Israel backed anti-Muslim campaign to try to wedge the “Pastor Terry Jones” hate campaign against Islam and Muslims.

The current US Zionist lobby, with a reported budget of five million dollars includes the following ‘talking points’ with which the lobby intends to saturate the US public:

  • “The Koran burning by Florida pastor Terry Jones has created hysteria in the Muslim world. In Afghanistan alone, some twenty people, including U.N. workers, have been killed and beheaded to screams of “Allahu Akbar!” Western leaders around the globe-including Obama and members of Congress-have unequivocally condemned Jones’ actions (without bothering to point out that freedom of expression is a prized American liberty)
  • Western leaders rush to profess their abhorrence at what one American did to one inanimate book, what about what Muslims are doing to living and breathing Christians around the Islamic world-to virtually no media coverage or Western condemnation.
  • We should also mention the jihadist attack on a Baghdad church, killing 52 Christians; the New Year’s eve Coptic church explosion, killing 21; Muslim rampages that destroyed several churches in Indonesia, Nigeria, and the Philippines; Iran’s “round up” of some 70 home-worshipping Christians; and Kuwait’s-a nation that owes its very existence to U.S. war sacrifices-rejection to build a church.
  • Such is the surreal and increasingly irrational world we live in, where irate Muslims and groveling Westerners obsess over the destruction of one book while ignoring the destruction of many human lives; where a guaranteed and hard-earned American right-freedom of expression-receives a lot of condemnatory huffing and puffing from those charged with protecting it, while murderous and barbarous-in a word, evil-behavior is devoutly ignored.

With carefully organized and well-funded hate campaigns as illustrated above, America does, in a sense have a “Muslim problem” but it can be remedied by every American working in her or his community exposing profoundly un-American effort to sew religious and cultural discord.

* Franklin Lamb is Director, Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace, Beirut-Washington DC, Board Member of The Sabra Shatila Foundation, and a volunteer with the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, Lebanon. He is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon and is doing research in Lebanon for his next book.

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Under the guise of Islamophobia ….. can you guess who?

US Rep Peter King: Terrorist supporter

He just finished hearings in Congress to investigate
the pending “terror threat” from American citizens
who practice Islam. 

Lots of problems with this…

Not least of which is that in the 1980s and 90s, King
was a chief fundraiser for terror operations in Ireland.

In fact, he was a best buddy of trigger pullers and
bomb planters there and it  was payback from this group
and its supporters in Long Island, NY that got this
arch hypocrite and bully into Congress in the first place.

Doing this would put YOU in jail

There’s a world of difference between support for Irish sovereignty and providing support for the IRA’s trigger pullers and bomb setters. 

King was an aggressive fundraiser for NORAID, a group that tapped US citizens for funds which were used for weapons and bomb-making materials. At the time, the US State Department designated the Provisional Irish Republican Army as a terrorist organization.

Representative King was not just a champion fundraiser for NORAID, he also GLORIED in his support of IRA gunman and when in Ireland was a frequent welcome visitor to private clubs like “The Felons” whose membership was limited to IRA veterans who’d served jail time.

In fact, King’s very first act after being elected to Congress was to jump on a plane and head to Belfast where he was feted by his friends at “The Felon’s Club.” After all, they and their supporters in Long Island are the ones who paid King’s campaign bills.

Apparently King likes open-ended war abroad and oppression and harassment of American citizens at home.

Just when you think US Congressmen cannot possibly sink any lower, one finds a way to.




Not all elected officials share the hate….

Rep. Ellison breaks into tears explaining story ….


Image by Bendib

Four Things You Need to Know About Rep. Peter King’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

1) The Threat of Homegrown Islamic Terrorism Has Been Greatly Exaggerated.

According to the FBI, Muslim-Americans were responsible for just 6% of all domestic terrorist attacks from 1980 to 2005.  Latinos were responsible for 42% of terrorist attacks, left-wing extremists for 24%, and Jewish extremists for 7%.  Yes, that’s right, Latinos and Jews have committed more domestic terrorist attacks since 1980 than Muslims (LoonWatch).

Since 9/11, America has drastically increased its terrorism against Muslims living overseas, thus fueling an increase in anti-American Islamic terrorism.  Despite this, the number of terrorist attacks committed by Muslim-Americans is still relatively low.  Last year, for instance, 10 Muslim-Americans were suspected of planning domestic terrorist attacks; of them, just one, Faisal Shahzad (aka the Times Square Bomber) actually carried out his plot, which, we all know, failed.  Let me repeat that: last year, one Muslim-American attempted an act of terrorism on US soil.  One.  One attempt, zero deaths (Duke).

By contrast, 20 non-Muslim-Americans were suspected of planning domestic terrorist attacks last year, including right-wing suicide terrorist Joseph Stack, who flew a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, killing himself and an innocent bystander, a father and grandfather named Vernon Hunter.  Richard Cohen points out that, “when measured against ordinary violent crime,” the threat of Muslim-American terrorism “is slight” and that “the threat from non-Muslims is much greater” (Washington Post).

2) Muslim-Americans Have Played a Key Role in Fighting Terrorism.

Although King has claimed that “85 percent of the mosques in this country are controlled by ‘extremist leadership’” (and also that there are “too many mosques in this country”) (Politico), the University of North Carolina’s Charles Kurzman notes that the evidence suggest that “Muslim-American communities have been active in preventing radicalization. This is one reason that Muslim-American terrorism has resulted in fewer than three dozen of the 136,000 murders committed in the United States since 9/11” (CNN).

A recent study conducted by Kurzman and others found that tips from Muslim-Americans have been the government’s “largest single source of initial information” in bringing terror suspects to the attention of authorities.  Since 9/11, Muslim-Americans have provided the government with tips in 48 of 120 terrorist cases (Duke).

3. King’s Witch Hunt Could Fuel Anti-American Terrorism.

As Paul Pillar notes: “The focus of the hearings should be of greater concern for the message they send overseas as well as to communities at home. They will be widely read as an indication that U.S. postures and policies that are ostensibly aimed at combating terrorism are really more about combating Muslims. And that reading will in turn stir more anti-Americanism among Muslims” (National Interest).

Pillar’s reasoning has been corroborated by the likes of General David Petraeus, who claimed during last year’s planned Koran-burning in Florida that such actions can be easily exploited by Islamic radicals overseas and in turn harm American national security (Washington Post).
Similarly, Brian Fishman, an associate at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center, has warned “that anti-Islamic rhetoric feeds into the message of al Qaeda propagandists like Anwar al-Awlaki, who try to recruit terrorists by advancing claims that American Muslims face a dark future of ever-worsening discrimination and vilification” (Human Rights First).

4. Peter King Has a History of Supporting Irish Terrorism.

The Washington Post recently noted that in the 1980s King, “then a local politician on Long Island, was one of the most zealous American defenders of the militant IRA and its campaign to drive the British out of Northern Ireland. He argued that IRA violence was an inevitable response to British repression and that the organization had to be understood in the context of a centuries-long struggle for independence.
“‘The British government is a murder machine,’ King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a ‘legitimate force.’ And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA’s political wing, to George Washington…
“The IRA was responsible for half of the more than 3,500 people killed in the ensuing 30-year conflict; of those killed by the IRA, about 600 were civilians, according to statistics compiled by researchers in Northern Ireland” (Washington Post).

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart had a few things to say about King on his Daily Show…..

Jon Stewart: Has Rep. Peter King Met His Terrorist Sympathizing Past Self?

by Matt Schneider

Jon Stewart discussed Republican Congressman Peter King’s efforts to hold hearings on the alleged “radicalization” of Muslim Americans. In doing so, Stewart unearthed some past footage of King and suggested King might want to think twice about targeting people who might have any association with terrorist organizations.

Stewart asked, “it’s not enough for U.S. Muslims to be law-abiding – to avoid congressional investigation, they have to be actively stopping terror plots?” After humorously asking Italian celebrity chef Mario Batali about crime amongst people of his nationality, Stewart unveiled an old clip of King speaking favorably of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Stewart concluded the terrorist sympathizing King of the past would be in big trouble if today’s Congressman King got a hold of him.

Click HERE to access a video of the show’s portion.

That’s not all…..

YouTube is once again censoring the truth about an ugly situation….

I posted THIS a few days ago …. if you try to access the video, the following is what you get…

Copyright Claim my arse! CENSORSHIP IS MORE LIKE IT!

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s a must-watch.

If you have seen it, watch it again.

This is America in 2011

Click HERE to watch it.




After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered that all ethnic Japanese along the Pacific Coast be sent to one of 10 isolated internment camps in seven states. Of those imprisoned, 62 percent were second- or third-generation Japanese Americans born in the United States. Most lost their property to the government.

Japanese Americans: House hearings on radical Islam ‘sinister’

By David Nakamura

Protesters in New York rally ahead of congressional hearings to be led by Republican Rep. Peter King on “Islamic radicalization” in the United States.

During the chaotic days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Basim Elkarra was passing by an Islamic school in Sacramento when he did a double-take: The windows were covered with thousands of origami cranes – peace symbols that had been created and donated by Japanese Americans.

Amid the anger and suspicions being aimed at Muslims at that time, the show of support “was a powerful symbol that no one will ever forget,” said Elkarra, a Muslim American community leader in California.

It was also the beginning of a bond between the two groups that has intensified as House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter T. King (R-N.Y.) prepares to launch a series of controversial hearings Thursday on radical Islam in the United States.

Spurred by memories of the World War II-era roundup and internment of 110,000 of their own people, Japanese Americans – especially those on the West Coast – have been among the most vocal and passionate supporters of embattled Muslims. They’ve rallied public support against hate crimes at mosques, signed on to legal briefs opposing the government’s indefinite detention of Muslims, organized cross-cultural trips to the Manzanar internment camp memorial near the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, and held “Bridging Communities” workshops in Islamic schools and on college campuses.

Last week, Rep. Michael M. Honda (D-Calif.), who as a child spent several wartime years living behind barbed wire at Camp Amache in southeastern Colorado, denounced King’s hearings as “something similarly sinister.”

“Rep. King’s intent seems clear: To cast suspicion upon all Muslim Americans and to stoke the fires of anti-Muslim prejudice and Islamophobia,” Honda wrote in an op-ed published by the San Francisco Chronicle.

King has defended the hearings by arguing that the Muslim American community has not always been cooperative with the FBI and other law enforcement authorities in countering the growth of radical Islam. And he rejects accusations that he is demonizing Muslims and ignoring threats from other extremists.

In an interview Sunday on CNN, King noted that U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. “is not saying he’s staying awake at night because of what’s coming from antiabortion demonstrators or coming from environmental extremists or from neo-Nazis. It’s the radicalization right now in the Muslim community.”

But Honda compared King’s position not only to the wartime roundup of the Japanese, but also to the anti-Communist hearings staged by Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.

“I’ll be damned if I’m going to stay quiet and not say something,” Honda said in an interview this week. “We have to show people that as Americans, we’re not going to put up with this kind of nonsense.”

Although the youngest who were interned are in their late 60s, Japanese Americans remember what it means to be targeted during wartime because of their nationality.

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered that all ethnic Japanese along the Pacific Coast be sent to one of 10 isolated internment camps in seven states. Of those imprisoned, 62 percent were second- or third-generation Japanese Americans born in the United States. Most lost their property to the government.

In 1988, Congress approved legislation that apologized and distributed $1.6 billion in reparations, blaming the roundup on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.”

It was the memory of the camps that led the Japanese to reach out to their Muslim counterparts, said Kathy Masaoka, a high school teacher who co-chairs the Los Angeles chapter of Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress.

“It dawned on us that this is really something that could escalate among Muslims, the same things our parents faced,” she said. “They were being scapegoated.”

What followed was a candlelight vigil in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo and the “Bridging Communities” program, aimed at educating Muslim and Japanese high school students on diversity. Last year, 40 students participated in five seminars, sharing stories of challenges they face related to race, religion and ethnicity.

“They see clearly that they have similar experiences,” said Affad Shaikh, civil rights manager for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Even though the target group of the discrimination is different, the purpose of that harassment is the same.”

In Sacramento, CAIR and the Japanese American Citizens League sponsor an annual 350-mile bus trip to the Manzanar internment camp. More than 10,000 Japanese were interned there, an ordeal recounted in “Farewell to Manzanar,” the well-known 1983 memoir by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston.

“When we met with the former internees, they told us how they coped,” said Elkarra, president of CAIR’s Sacramento Valley chapter. “The challenges they faced were a lot more difficult than anything we faced.”

Although the alliance between the two groups is rooted on the West Coast, it has also been on display in Washington, where the Japanese American Citizens League is headquartered. The league has worked with Arab American groups about racial profiling, meeting with the Department of Justice to urge officials not to detain people on the basis of race or religion, said Floyd Mori, the league’s national executive director.

As King’s congressional hearings have drawn near, Japanese American groups have condemned him. Last week, Mori co-authored a commentary with Deepa Iyer, executive director of South Asian Americans Leading Together, that said the hearings “will do nothing but perpetuate an atmosphere of alienation, suspicion and fear.”

Mori plans to send a staff member to the hearing. Honda, too, will be monitoring it, although he has not asked to testify and has not spoken with King about his concerns.

“We just feel very strongly that it does kind of point back to the time when just because we were of Japanese ancestry, people looked upon us with hate and terror,” Mori said. “This kind of hearing simply flames that kind of fire today.”

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In preparation for Israeli Anti Apartheid Week, New York’s gay community finds itself in a bind…. not ony protesting Israeli policies, but protesting for the RIGHT TO PROTEST. A right that has been taken away from them by zionist elements in their own community. I posted about this a week ago, it can be seen HERE.

Chippy Dee adds….

There were at least 150 very high spirited noisy people there.  The crowd was very mixed racially and age-wise.  There was a brass band too.  The demonstrators see what happened there as both a pro-Palestinian and free speech issue and they are genuinely upset with their center.  They aren’t going to let this issue go. Final chant of the evening : We’ll be back and we’ll be stronger.  You can’t ignore us any longer.

Photos © by Bud Korotzer



It’s sad to see even among racist elements in the United States a repetition of their past mistakes. They obviously do not see their hatred as a mistake so they continue with it, even going as far as expanding their beliefs to include those of in the zionist camp. As with all movements, there always seems to be the element known as ‘connections’, unfortunately even in this case.

Billed as a “Patriotic Rally,” the anti-Muslim demonstration was organized by official hate group leader Pam Geller, Tea Party outfits including the North Orange County Conservative Coalition and We Surround Them OC 912; and Rabbi David Eliezrie of the Yorba Linda chapter of Chabad-Lubavitch, a messianic Orthodox Jewish group. Though Chabad does not make its political positions explicit, I have learned through first hand experience how extreme its leadership is, especially in Southern California.

Rabbi David Elriezie at the Yorba Linda hate rally
Rabbi David Elriezie at the Yorba Linda hate rally

Chabad’s Rabbi Eliezrie appeared at the Yorba Linda hate rally with an Israeli flag in one hand and an American flag in the other. Other participants displayed the Israeli flag as well. In fact, the Israeli flag seemed to be peeking out from a cluster of American flags that formed the backdrop for speakers including Republican Rep’s Ed Royce and Gary Miller, who both railed against the Muslim presence in Orange County. At 4:06 in the video, the crowd can be seen hectoring a Muslim couple with the chant, “We support Israel!” As even Haaretz has noticed, the Israeli flag is becoming a key symbol for a trans-Atlantic neo-fascist axis that thrives on violent resentment towards Muslim and Arab immigrants. Given the ethnocratic basis of the Israeli state and the country’s settler-colonial ethos, the trend is not ironic or very surprising.

The above in Green is taken from the following brilliant post by Max Blumenthal;

Anti-Muslim hate rally summons the ghosts of Jim Crow

It can be read in full HERE, including videos.


Also see the following post by Max…. ‘CHUTZPOCRICY’

Anti-Muslim Hate Rally Organizer Eliezrie to Teach “Kabbalah of Love” at Jewish Federation Vegas Mega-Event

It's a thin line between love and hate 

It’s a thin line between love and hate

It should be clear to anyone who has seen the video of the anti-Muslim hate rally in Yorba Linda that the organizers of the event are extremely dangerous and demented people. If their pathological racism was not apparent before the video surfaced, then it is confirmed now. So why is the Jewish Federation and a who’s who of established Jewish organizations, from Birthright Israel to the New Israel Fund to JDate (even Rock The Vote is involved somehow), hosting one of the hate rally’s key organizers this weekend at a major gathering in Las Vegas billed as “an entertaining, interactive and educational celebration that will draw over 1,500 Jewish young adults (ages 22-45) from across North America?”

Last week, Rabbi David Eliezrie of the Yorba Linda chapter of Chabad was among a mob of local extremists who screamed racial epithets at immigrant families. On Monday, however, the rabbi will lead a session at “Tribefest” on “the Kabbalah of Love.” “Love has always been a central theme in Jewish teachings,” the event description reads. “In an interactive experience we will explore the mystical and classical sources about love.” How touching.


Right-wing protesters march through Jaffa on March 2, 2011.
Photo by: Tal Cohen
Those who still adhere to the ‘One State Solution’ are living a dream. Civil strife continues to grow in major cities throughout Israel making that concept near to impossible. Ultra Orthodox rulings have virtually rendered the Palestinians (and all other non Jews) to be sub human creatures and have treated them as such. More and more commercial establishments in the Jerusalem area have adopted a ‘Jews Only’ policy, refusing to hire or rent premises to Arabs.
The redundant Palestinian Authority has remained silent on all of the above as not to rock the comfortable boat they are sailing on, a boat that is slowly sailing to oblivion.
The most recent example of the hatred displayed by the extreme zionist elements took place this morning in the city of Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. Jaffa has a population of 46,000 residents of which 17,000 are Palestinian.
I ask one question, if Peace cannot prevail in ONE city in Israel, how can anyone expect it to under a One State Solution? A Palestinian State MUST be founded on Palestinian territory. Palestine MUST be able to govern itself with a government of THEIR choice without the continued animosity of the zionist entity that has been out to destroy them for almost seven decades.
Read the following report from HaAretz before you answer my question…..

Police arrest 16 protesters demonstrating against right-wing march through Jaffa

March is organized by right-wing activists who want to protest ‘Islamic Movement gaining control over [the city]’; Arab residents close businesses in protest.

Police arrested sixteen left-wing protesters who were demonstrating against a right-wing march through Jaffa on Wednesday.

The march, organized by National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari and right-wing activists Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel was in protest of what they deemed the “Islamic Movement gaining control over [the city].”

The march comes just a few days after the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality announced a plan to build affordable housing exclusively for Jaffa’s Arab residents.

Police spent the morning preparing the city to prevent confrontation between the right wing marchers and Jaffa’s Arab residents. Roads surrounding the planned route of the march, which began at the city’s clock tower, have been closed to traffic.

The head of the Arab residents of Jaffa said that a symbolic demonstration against the march had been decided on. Leaders of Jaffa’s Arab community gathered at a location close to the march so they could observe what is happening. Arab workers in the city decided to strike during the time that the march is taking place.

“There have always been Jews and Arabs together in Jaffa, in coexistence and with mutual respect,” Tel Aviv councilman Ahmed Mashharawi said on Wednesday. “These people’s march reveals their true ugly face. As long as they don’t harm the routine of the residents, we won’t allow them the pleasure of receiving a headline on our account.”

Jaffa is a mixed city where both Jews and Arabs live; of the 46,000 residents, 17,000 are Arab.


The very tolerant English Defence League

Images ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff



Yesterday I asked how long it will take the Palestinian Authority to shut down Al Jazeera’s operations in the West Bank ….. you can see it in THIS post.

They haven’t shut them down yet, but here’s what’s been happening so far….

Palestine Papers spark fury in Ramallah  

Angry protesters storm Al Jazeera’s offices, as release of documents evoke mixed reactions.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has denounced Al Jazeera’s release of the Palestine Papers.

And among Palestinians in the West Bank, opinions are divided. Supporters of the PA, angered by the release of the documents, questioned Al Jazeera’s timing and motives in doing so.

Some opposed to the release of the papers even called for a protest.

Around 50 people stormed Al Jazeera’s offices in Ramallah on Monday, attempting to burst through the door. But they were stopped when police were called to the scene.

James Bays reports from Ramallah.


This follows on the heels of a religious edict issued by the womens’ husbands, who are all prominent rabbis in Israel, in which they claim that the Jewish holy book, the Torah, forbids the sale or rental of property to non-Jews (specifically referencing Palestinians).

Ummm…. aren’t these the same morons that have always claimed there is no such thing as a Palestinian? …. Now the Torah has specific reference to them??

Prominent Rabbis’ Wives Tell Fellow Jewish Women Not To Date Arabs

by Saed Bannoura

In a letter published Tuesday in the Israeli press, around two dozen wives of prominent Israeli rabbis followed a recent edict by their husbands for Jews to refuse to rent or sell property to Arabs with an edict of their own: that Jewish women refuse to date or associate with Arab men.

Recent protest in Jerusalem against anti-Arab edicts (photo from
Recent protest in Jerusalem against anti-Arab edicts (photo from

The letter includes gross generalizations about Arabs, specifically referencing Palestinians with Israeli citizenship: “There are quite a few Arab workers who use Hebrew names. Yusuf becomes Yossi, Samir becomes Sami and Abed becomes Ami. They seek your proximity, try to appeal to you and give you all the attention you could ask for, they actually know how to act polite, making you believe they really care – but that behavior is only temporary.”

It continues, “As soon as they have in you in their grasp, in their village, under their complete control – everything becomes different. Your life will never be the same, and the attention you sought will be replaced with curses, physical abuse and humiliation.”

The women give no evidence whatsoever for their claims, and Palestinians immediately condemned the letter for its use of “scare tactics, generalizations and outright racist statements”.

The letter also states, “Your grandmothers never dreamed that one of their descendents would, by one act, remove future generations from the Jewish people. For you, for future generations, and so that you will never have to endure the terrible suffering, we appeal to you, begging, pleading, praying: Don’t date them, don’t work where they work and don’t perform National Service with them.”

This follows on the heels of a religious edict issued by the womens’ husbands, who are all prominent rabbis in Israel, in which they claim that the Jewish holy book, the Torah, forbids the sale or rental of property to non-Jews (specifically referencing Palestinians).

The rabbis and their wives are mainly part of a group called ‘Lehava’, which encourages segregation and discrimination against non-Jews in Israel. The group can be traced back to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who headed an organization called ‘Kach’, which was classified by Israel as ‘terrorist’ for its attacks against civilians. One if the members of that group was Baruch Goldstein, a doctor from Brooklyn, New York, who came to Israel in 1994 to gun down 29 Palestinians praying in a mosque in Hebron.

Over the last several years, anti-Arab sentiments have been on the rise in Israel. A recent study by the Association for Arab Civil Rights in Israel showed that racism against Arabs has doubled in the past several years, and incidents of violence against Palestinians inside Israel are also on the rise.




It was a classic horror show, with the role of monsters played by the Ismaelites (who have the chutzpa to possess Israeli ID cards.) They walk our streets, shop at our malls, and try to woo our women, thereby apparently tainting our race.

Lessons from ‘the other pure race’
Academy of hatred

Silence not an option in face of growing hatred, racism on Israel’s streets

The landscapers of evil can be reassured: The seeds of racism and hatred are sprouting well and even bearing nice fruit. Following the heartwarming rabbis’ letter, which called on the faithful not to rent or sell apartments to Arab citizens, we saw an anti-Arab protest in the city of Bat Yam earlier this week.

It was a classic horror show, with the role of monsters played by the Ismaelites (who have the chutzpa to possess Israeli ID cards.) They walk our streets, shop at our malls, and try to woo our women, thereby apparently tainting our race.

Yet that was just the beginning. Against the backdrop of the polished productions courtesy of the radical, inciting Right, and certainly under the spell of its malignant inspiration, a special elite unit was operating in Israel’s capital as of late.

This gang of young Jerusalemites and settlers, most of them teenagers, pulverized random Arabs in God’s name. This devilish group, some of whose members already confessed, even employed a temptress, in the spirit of Mossad.

Had this affair not been about hooliganism under an ideological guise and the violence of many against one (and an innocent one at that, assuming anybody cares,) we could have taken pride in the dedication and resourcefulness of our fighting boys.
The trouble is that there are some people out there who feel pride despite the circumstances. “You’re our heroes,” court visitors chanted at the thugs. “You’re our heroes,” said the talkbackers, and will likely continue to scream it here too.

Yet the worst thing is not screaming. The worst thing we can do is keep silent.



Mouse over photos for description….

Protester in Bat Yam demonstrating against leasing to Arabs, Dec. 20, 2010.

Protesters in Bat Yam demonstrating against leasing to Arabs, Dec. 20, 2010.


Protesters in Bat Yam demonstrating against leasing to Arabs, Dec. 20, 2010.


Protesters in Bat Yam demonstrating against leasing to Arabs, Dec. 20, 2010.


Protesters in Bat Yam demonstrating against leasing to Arabs, Dec. 20, 2010.


Left-wing activists in Bat Yam protesting against anti-Arab demonstration, Dec. 20, 2010.


Left-wing activists in Bat Yam protesting against anti-Arab demonstration, Dec. 20, 2010.


Left-wing activists in Bat Yam protesting against anti-Arab demonstration, Dec. 20, 2010.


Left-wing activists in Bat Yam protesting against anti-Arab demonstration, Dec. 20, 2010.

Taken from THIS Report



Fascist settlers join the racist rabbinical calls to not rent or sell to Arabs….
The right-wing activist Baruch Marzel and a few local rabbis will participate in the demonstration, and the organizers are expecting hundreds more.

Below is what they claim is happening if the call is not heeded….. Israel is becoming the set of the new Jerry Springer Show, a truly dysfunctional country.


Bat Yam rally: ‘Arabs dating our sisters’

Organizer of demonstration to take place Monday says ‘public sick of Arabs hitting on Jewish girls.’ Participants include right-wing activist Baruch Marzel

After a rabbis’ letter instructing Jews to not sell or rent apartments to Arabs, racist behavior reaches new low: An organization called Jews for a Jewish Bat Yam is expected to protest on Monday against the “assimilation of young Jewish women with Arabs living in the city or in nearby Jaffa.”

The protest will be held around 7:30 pm near the Bat Yam mall, not far from the police station. The organizers are also expected to show support for the controversial rabbis’ letter.

“It’s a local organization of Bat Yam residents, because the public is tired of so many Arabs going out with Jewish girls,” explained one of the organizers, Bentzi Gufstein. “In addition to the protest, we will hand out pamphlets explain the situation.”

The organization behind this local protest is actually the Lehava organization, which works to prevent intermarriage in Israel. The right-wing activist Baruch Marzel and a few local rabbis will participate in the demonstration, and the organizers are expecting hundreds more.

A poster in Bat Yam. ‘Keeping Bat Yam Jewish’ (Photo: Yaron Brener)

During the past week, posters have been hung around the city calling residents to come out and protest. Some of the posters explain: “I will not allow them to hit on my sister! What would you do if an Arab hit on your sister? Put an end to it! Recently we have learned of a grave phenomenon: Hundreds of girls from Bat Yam and the center get together with Arabs, they are integrated amongst us, their confidence rising. Put an end to it! Lower their confidence!”

Another poster reads: “Keeping Bat Yam Jewish. Arabs are taking over Bat Yam, buying and renting apartments from Jews, taking and ruining Bat Yam girls! Around 15,000 Jewish girls have been taken to villages! Jews, come on, let’s win!”

‘Racists think anything is allowed’

Coincidently, the demonstration on Monday is supposed to take place on the street where former Knesset Member Tamar Gozansky (Hadash) lives. She told Ynet she intended to file a complaint with police against the organizers claiming they are inciting violence.

“What they are saying is racist, another ugly stain on the Israeli conscience. I’m planning on complaining to the police on account that this is incitement according to clause 144 of the penal code, since such a demonstration can cause physical and emotional damage.”

Gozansky noted the October 2000 riots, in which Jews destroyed Arab businesses in the city.

“It might happen again. It’s part of a racist wave overflowing the country. The organizers received encouragement from the attorney general, who has yet to decide whether to do anything about the rabbis who signed the petition objecting to renting apartments to Arabs. The law authorities today are helpless, but the racist today act as if they are allowed to do anything.”



Jewish law recognizes the complexity of reality. Hence, rulings are supposed to be based on broad vision rather than a simplistic picture. The rabbis who issue these rulings are supposed to be familiar with the changing times and diverse circumstances. Yet the authors of the document failed to do this.

They have turned their own ‘Law’ into a Book of hate rather than one of love….

Falsifying Jewish law
Rabbis who ban home sales to Arabs distort Halacha, should go back to school

Michael Abraham*

The rabbis’ declaration banning the leasing of apartments to Arabs provoked many responses in favor and against. Many of these reactions – on both sides – were tendentious, selective and misleading. It is therefore important to make it clear that we are dealing with a document replete with distortions and demagoguery that has nothing to do with Jewish law.

What we have is a political pamphlet whose creators showed false judgment. They enlisted for their cause halachaic sources via distorted interpretation, and precisely for that reason their declaration is highly damaging and highly flawed.

The rabbis’ declaration constitutes a desecration of God’s name. It may also endanger Jews abroad. More than anything, it constitutes improper interpretation of the Torah. Those who wrote the document should go back to school rather than teach Jewish law in Israel.

Indeed, there are clear halachaic sources banning the sale of Eretz Yisrael land to gentiles (with various methods pertaining to various groups.) There are also bans on marrying gentiles. Moreover, the rabbis’ declaration makes note of serious and painful security and social problems. However, the absurd blend of arguments presented in the document, with each argument relevant for a different group of gentiles (and some relevant to Jews too) constitutes a blend of truth and lies that is more damaging than a blatant lie and carries God’s name in vain.

Jewish law recognizes the complexity of reality. Hence, rulings are supposed to be based on broad vision rather than a simplistic picture. The rabbis who issue these rulings are supposed to be familiar with the changing times and diverse circumstances. Yet the authors of the document failed to do this.

They ignored, for example, the fact that according to some important rulings the ban should not be applied to non-Jewish residents, with several important rabbis ruling that most gentiles in Israel today are residents. Also ignored was the fact that some great rabbis apply this ban, as well as most discriminating halachaic bans, only to ancient gentiles and not to present-day non-Jews.

Unfit to serve as rabbis

The rabbis also ignored that fact that physical fears of violence and terror only pertain to a minority of hostile Arabs and certainly not to all non-Jews. And while referring to the issue of declining real estate values as a halachaic matter, these rabbis implied that for this reason we should also not be selling homes to haredim or that we shouldn’t agree to build a shelter for children from broken families in our neighborhood.

The rabbis also forgot or failed to mention the words of Rabbi Herzog, may he rest in peace, that in a democratic state we must not discriminate against gentiles in any way, regardless of the interpretation of halachaic bans.
Indeed, we fear a hostile takeover of state land and assets. There is also a complex problem of intermarriage, and Jews cannot live in Arab communities. All these issues require an honest, brave approach and had the rabbis wrote this their words would have value and elicit broad support. Yet such approach would not be achieved via distorted, simplistic interpretation of Jewish law and disregard for basic rules of morality.

According to such simplistic interpretation, we should also be beating wives who misbehave, placing non-believing Jews in a pit, banning women from Torah studies, and possibly even adhering to the “eye for an eye” rule. Yet the art of interpreting Jewish law is the combination of original sources and application under changing circumstances. Those who fail to understand it have no idea what Jewish law means.

In the current context, two conclusions emerge here: First, municipal rabbis are public servants and any case where they preach to violate the law requires that they be fired (and by the way, the rule of law is also a halachaic value.) Secondly, those who interpret Halacha sources in such twisted and immoral manner and who are so gravely detached from reality and from Israeli society’s values suffer from a greatly flawed halachaic sense of judgment and should be disqualified from serving in any rabbinical post.

*Rabbi Abraham has a PhD in Physics and teaches at Bar-Ilan University’s Institute for Advanced Torah Studies

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website.


Open the doors to Arab neighbors and tenants. Let the religious ruling disappear.

Fight the racist rabbis by opening doors to Arabs

When Meir Kahane was elected to the 11th Knesset in 1984, a broad parliamentary front opened up against him. But his real victory became apparent when in 1985, in an effort to get rid of his party before the coming election, the legislature rallied around an amendment to the Basic Law on the Knesset: a new clause striking down individuals or tickets from running in an election if they deny the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Thus was the demon banished by using a little of his own doctrine. The new clause became a complicated part of the unfinished constitution. No reasonable constitutional means had previously been found to discriminate against Arab citizens. For many years they had been discriminated against solely by means of the tangled system of laws and regulations in every aspect of life, including ownership of land and apartments. From that perspective, the dozens of rabbis behind the racist manifesto calling on Jews not to sell or rent apartments to non-Jews are legitimizing – not inventing – the illegitimate.

But since the insertion of the new clause, the struggle against the Judaization of the state – that is, against racism – has become an internal Jewish matter. It defines Arab citizens, even by the most humanistic among us, as foreigners. Frequently the relevant biblical verse from Numbers is quoted for their benefit: “One law and one ordinance shall be both for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you” (15:16 ). Through the new clause, a matter of Jewish law has inserted itself into secular discourse.

As far back as 1988, when Supreme Court President Meir Shamgar rejected the Kahane ticket’s petition against its exclusion from the Knesset election, he gave a number of important liberal reasons regarding the protection of democracy – and then added footnotes about Jewish law, which to his mind proved how humanistic Jewish law is. That was a foreshadowing of what is now happening: masses of secular people longing for rabbis like Yosef Shalom Elyashiv to declare that the manifesto on selling or renting to non-Jews has no basis in Jewish law.

In short, we have been forced to imbue our citizenship with religious content because, despite secular Israelis’ love for the term “Jewish and democratic,” the Jewish definition of Israel is unlike the French definition of France. That’s because within Israeli law, there is no non-religious content to the word “Jewish.” Moreover, until Israel was established, Judaism had never been a state religion (the ultra-Orthodox non-Zionists, like Elyashiv and Rabbi Aaron Leib Steinman, are aware of the dangerous, relatively new pairing of the words “Jewish” and “democratic” ).

Racist rabbis’ reliance on state laws can be seen as stemming from the same mythology in which most secular people also believe: the State of Israel is the “renewal of the kingdom” and the rest of the messianic portents, which have nothing to do with the history of the Jewish religion as developed in the Diaspora, in any case always under non-Jewish rule.

People, of course, may stick to their mythology, but they should not come complaining to the racist rabbis, who extract ethnic politics from the Torah, the Talmud or the writings of the Maimonides. What their manifesto contains is closer to “Mein Kampf” than to the kingdom of David or the Hasmoneans.

Indeed, a new phase has begun, in which the right and its racist book of laws is transforming the old morality of turning a blind eye. The bill permitting towns to bar certain residents is replacing the consensus by which Arabs were not accepted as kibbutz members. The racist rabbis have enshrined in Jewish law the Arab-free neighborhoods that were already created, in secular fashion, by residents of upscale areas like Tel Aviv’s Ramat Aviv, Haifa’s Merkaz Hacarmel and Jerusalem’s Rehavia.

Here is another way – besides a legal proceeding – to fight the racist rabbis: Open the doors to Arab neighbors and tenants. Let the religious ruling disappear.





Click HERE to see how I personally combatted racism in my neighbourhood.

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