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“In the 80’s they used to blame Russians for everything. Now they blame the Muslims. In the near future they will blame both”

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Chile also remembers

Chile also remembers (Click on link)


Our condolences to the families of this latest Terrorist Attack


U.S. has been target of domestic/international terrorism due its own policies.
Our condolences to the families of NYC Terrorist Attack

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The “Jewish State” has managed it to exploit its “right for self-defense” so that such violence licenses Zionist state terror regime to get away with anything. In all its wars of aggression, pre-emptive attacks, targeted homicides and raids, the Jewish State has abrogated international law including human rights. Is this the “Jewish ethics” the propaganda talks about? 

The “Jewish State” – a symbol of terror!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski,  English Translation – Milena Rampoldi


Let us imagine the following scenario: Syrian, Lebanese, Turkish, Russian, or Iranian jets carry out surveillance flights over the “Jewish State.” The hypocritical world community would be up in arms and rush to support the “threatened” Jewish State. Since the Zionist regime has special rights at an international level and is allowed to violate all rules with impunity, a war could break out, and this war would be tolerated by the “world community.”
The “Jewish State” has managed it to exploit its “right for self-defense” so that such violence licenses Zionist state terror regime to get away with anything. In all its wars of aggression, pre-emptive attacks, targeted homicides and raids, the Jewish State has abrogated international law including human rights. Is this the “Jewish ethics” the propaganda talks about? I cannot love a state, and I cannot love the “Jewish” State. How can you see something positive in a State that oppresses, denigrates, and ethnically cleanses Palestinians from even before its foundation, and maintains its policy of continues with this reason of state of the judaisation. For this reason we are forced to support Israel’s “security” which permits its policy of violating international law and human rights. Have we learnt absolutely nothing from history?  Can anyone claim they knew nothing about it!
And the new political situation, the right-wing parties gaining strength in Europe, from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and perhaps the future Kurz-Coalition, and the AfD in Germany, make the situation even worse. What do they all have in common? They support Jews and the “Jewish State”, and they struggle against the  alleged “Islamisation” of the “Christian Occident.” The increase of this terrifying policy is reached when right-wing and traditional German parties read from the same page.
Russia is informed about the air strike against Syria, as it was the case on 7 September, when the Israeli Air Force had attacked a military plant in Hama. In the German media we read the justification of Israel,  based on the motto that “good” bombs are allowed to attack a Syrian chemistry plant of the “bad” Assad regime and to kill to Syrian soldiers. These attacks are part of a countless number, and one of the most sensational was the attack of 7 June 1981, when the IDF destroyed an Iraqi research plant near Bagdad. Not to speak of the regular strikes against Hezbollah convoys, and of drone attacks in Lebanon. What would have happened, if it was “Jewish defense soldiers” killed by Syrian fighter jets? Western value hypocrites would have condemned such barbarous acts and supported the Zionist regime.
When Star of David jets attack an alleged chemistry plant, it is ok, and no journalists or politicians question such violations against international law, and the violation are not worth talking about in the State news of ARD. While in the news will discuss football and car racing, it will fail to mention how the “Jewish Defense Army” launches its attacks from the illegally occupied region territory. This is a deliberate, misleading, and brainwashing of the people.
This “special” relationship stylizes the “Jewish Occupation State” as a “light among the peoples” and an illuminating model for questions about security, defense, and integration of refugees. In his new book Ilan Pappe describes this state as the “biggest prison” in the world. This State can act in a total freedom, can break all rules, and can continue its land grabbing, its occupation, the negation of international law and can be sure to get the support by the community of states. At the first front there is U.S. president Trump, the most dangerous of all U.S. presidents who actively supports this kind of policy. Trump threatens other countries and puts the world in danger of a third World War. Then you can be sure of one thing: Netanyahu will be his fan and supporter, and racism and Zionism will be their common objectives, even if they represent a big risk for the peace of this world.
This risk is further increased by Trump who wants to destroy the tediously negotiated nuclear deal with Iran because he considers it a “bad deal” with a shameful state. In addition, Trump today threatens North Korea with “total” destruction. However, when you listen to his claim to put an end to the “bad” nuclear deal with Iran, you know very well who are his “whisperers.” And if you read certain Israeli newspapers and think thanks for the Netanyahu regime’s annulment of this deal, you should understand that is not enough because Israel wants to prepare an independent military attack against Iran to destroy the Iranian nuclear infrastructure by the use of all kinds of force and with “determination and creativity.” For many years this policy of pretension to power has been the result produced by Zionist “thought leaders” like, at the first front, the Bar-Ilan university, the Begin Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies (BESA Centre) or the Israel Project. Terms like occupation, nakba, cluster bombs, and Sharon’s slaughter festivity in Lebanon, the genocide in Gaza have been declared taboo. Also the countless verbal pirouettes which pursue the goal to let the occupation and the crimes under international criminal law disappear from the media are produced by these scientifically accompanied Israel lobby thought leaders. They ruthlessly exploit Holocaust comparisons, so as to demonize critics of the Israeli policy as anti-Semites. So they have successfully transformed peaceful states like Iran which has never attacked another country into demonized Holocaust players, and fighters of Hezbollah and Hamas, opposed to the occupation under international criminal law, are called terrorist organizations. This week, the Israeli war minister Lieberman will meet the Russian and US defense ministers to put them back on track. He wants to induce his US colleague Mattis to more actively engage in the struggle against Iran and in the Syrian war, because the Netanyahu regime considers itself as being “surrounded by enemies” (Iran, Turkey, Russia, Hezbollah, and Hamas!). It is also more than plausible that the Netanyahu regime and its co-puppet masters are behind the Qatar crises to weaken the big sponsor of Hamas in Gaza, Qatar.
As a consequence, also the newly proclaimed unity between Fatah and Hamas has to be seen with some skepticism because it is a reconciliation agreement which will not have any sustainability. In the end, Hamas is completely right when it says that only the armed resistance can end the illegal occupation of Palestine, and that of course it will not accept to dissolve the Qassam brigades. As long as Palestinian President Abbas who contributed to all this to extremely worsen the situation in the occupation Gaza Strip even by encouraging the Jewish occupation power to cut electricity and by thinking of other harassments to overthrow Hamas. He acted based on the model of the Western “alliance of values” like in Egypt, Ukraine, Venezuela, just to mention some examples of (tried) regime changes. If now in the Gaza Strip Fatah will come back to power, this cannot go well in the long run. Only free elections would help both in the Gaza Strip and in the illegally occupied West Bank. Of course, this would be unconceivable for the Netanyahu regime because in that case it would have to negotiate with a legitimate Palestinian head of government and not with the legitimated collaborationist president Abbas who will do all in his power to avoid these elections because he would not win them.
Alternatives would be Mohammed Dahlan, the former chief of the secret services of Fatah and Abbas’ mortal enemy, and Marwan Barghouti the “Palestinian Mandela,” in “eternal” Israeli solitary confinement, and symbol of the resistance against the occupation of Palestine! However, this is a dream worth fighting for, even if it is unconceivable thanks to the “Jewish occupiers’ regime.” Finally, Netanyahu does not want to recognize a Palestinian unity government in which Hamas co-governs. A small glimmer of hope is on horizon that Egypt as mediator will open the border crossing blocked on the Egyptian side, so to allow freedom to the imprisoned people of Gaza to leave their distress in the concentration camp. The “coup Pharaoh” al-Sisi pursues the goal to extend his power and to control the Sinai region.
While the “Jewish State,” with all its Zionist power, has been trying for decades now to avoid the foundation of a Palestinian state, the Netanyahu regime was immediately ready to recognize “Kurdistan.” Imagine Netanyahu arming the Kurds to cause a further destabilization in the region. Probably this is exactly in the interests of the “Jewish State.”
These new political constellations and power relations in the USA, Europe, and Germany may give cause for concern. Trump and Netanyahu are the embodiment of terror, and their common withdrawal from the UNESCO to protest against the alleged “Israel hostility” is ridiculous, if you consider that even calling the “Jewish State” an “occupation  power” is said to be anti-Semitic.
However, it is extremely questionable whether the UNESCO President Audrey Azouley, the Moroccan-French Jewish woman, and former French minister of culture, proposed by Manuel Valls, will try to keep Palestine on the agenda. Azoulay narrowly beat Qatar’s Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kawari in the final 30-28 vote, after his being defamed as anti-Semite. And probably in spite of this “Jewish presidency” the U.S. and Israel will not revert their withdrawal. However, the USA still owes UNESCO 500 million US-Dollars.
This “Jewish State” as “symbol of terror” cannot be internationally supported anymore. The BDS is an important objective in the struggle for a free Palestine.
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As law enforcement officials release more information about Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the Las Vegas shooting that killed nearly 60 people and injured more than 500 Sunday night, much of the reporting on his identity has focused on the fact that he is a “local individual” and a “lone wolf”—terminology that critics say has been used to signify that Paddock was a white male, and therefore not a terrorist.

Full report HERE


CharlottesvilleParis,London and now Barcelona. Sad days when cars, trucks, vans became weapons of mass destruction.

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The hate and violence continues …..

When it comes to challenging racist ideology, US politicians make an exception for Zionism


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Surely there IS enough love to go around!



Like many Muslims and non-Muslims alike, I have breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the latest retreats, defeats and setbacks of the so-called Islamic State (IS) both in Iraq and Syria.

The IS, as a group may well soon become part of history, but the idea encapsulated by the IS is likely to live on and on and on, constantly assuming different forms and names.

Nothing but a meat grinder …

Pyrrhic victory 

By Khalid Amayreh


Like many Muslims and non-Muslims alike, I have breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the latest retreats, defeats and setbacks of the so-called Islamic State (IS) both in Iraq and Syria. This evil group has inflected gigantic calamities on Muslims, first and foremost, as well as non-Muslims. Moreover, the criminal acts of terror carried out by the group, especially in Europe, has caused irreparable damage to the image of Islam and Muslims, which will take many many years to rectify. Yes, we must come to terms with the fact that IS has been a gargantuan public relations disaster to the religion of Islam which exhorts its followers to “invite to the Way of thy Lord, with wisdom and fair preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.”


Having said that, I don’t imply in any way any modicum of support or sympathy for the regimes IS has been fighting in Iraq and Syria. The Iraqi regime, created by the US in 2004 in order to plunge the region in endless violence and turbulence, is shamelessly sectarian. It torments, even murders, its own citizens because they have the |”wrong” religious affiliation. And it has effectively handed Iraq over to Iran on a silver platter. As to the Syrian regime, it is decidedly nefarious. No person with any iota of rectitude would give that regime the benefit of the doubt, if indeed there were any doubts as to the nefariousness of that regime. What else can be said of a regime that has destroyed its own country, virtually completely, murdered close to half a million of its own citizens, even by using deadly chemical weapons, and forced 11-14 million Syrians (70% of the population) out of their homes. And the reason? To extend its lifespan in power a few more years against the will of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people.


Indeed, in the first few months into the Syrian uprising, the thuggish regime of Bashar al-Asad instructed its Gestapo-like Shabbiha thugs to scrawl the following slogan on walls all over Syria: Imma al Asad…Aww Nihreq al Balad ( either Asad stays on, or we will burn down the country.) Well. Thanks to Russia, Iran, Hizbullah as well as western treachery and betrayal of the Syrian people, Asad has made good on his threats. He has remained in power, but Syria has been nearly completely destroyed.


I most sincerely believe that it is only the naïve and the hopelessly stupid that are celebrating the demise of the IS.   The IS, as a group may well soon become part of history, but the idea encapsulated by the IS is likely to live on and on and on, constantly assuming different forms and names. This is because IS and other extreme Muslim groups especially in the Middle East are, whether we like it or not, the legitimate daughters of the illegitimate tyrannical Arab regimes and police states.   Don’t you believe anyone who would tell you otherwise?


Now, we all know that these manifestly terrorist regimes owe their very existence and survival to foreign powers such as the United States, a superpower which we all know is at Israel’s beck and call. .


A few years ago, the Egyptian people elected a democratic government, to replace the autocratic and corrupt regime of long-time dictator Husni Mubarak. However, because the first-ever democratic regime in 7000 years of Egyptian history refused to grovel at Israel’s feet and decided to be responsible to the Egyptian people, first and foremost, not to Washington, London and Paris, the West moved hastily to topple that democratic experiment which would have changed the Arab world and eradicated terrorism. In the process, peaceful protesters were massacred en mass in full view of the capitals of Western democracy, which, instead of calling the spade a spade, chose to play the harlot. Interestingly, they continue to display their shockingly wanton political promiscuity with Muslim peoples everywhere? Have you forgotten the recent failed attempt to overthrow the Turkish democratic regime? Who backed, supported and directed that failed coup d’etat against Erdogan’s popular regime until the very end? Martians or entities from outer space?


The West and the entire world must understand that it is not the ineluctable destiny of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims to languish forever and ever under criminal regimes, such as the Assad of Syria and the Sissi of Egypt. In 1775, Patrick Henry, in a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention, said: “give me liberty or give me death.” Needless to say, One doesn’t have to be a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or for that matter, an IS terrorist to long for freedom, justice and democracy. When will America, UK, and France understand this most axiomatic matter?


In a nutshell, I will say this to the governments and intelligence agencies of Europe and North America. IS could appear again and again, under different names. After all, it is a mere symptom. And the real root-cause, is your hand-made puppet terrorist regimes that persecute, repress, torment and murder every free voice demanding some of the very rights and freedoms that you people take for granted in your countries”



And, yes, we are not children of a lesser God.


The West was responsible for the establishment of ISIS.

The United States Created ISIS and continues to Assist in Funding ISIS for Secondary Gain of Maintaining Chaos in The Middle East to Protect Oil Businesses.

Nasrallah: The United States created ISIS

Hezbollah leader welcomes the liberation of Mosul from ISIS, accuses the United States of creating the jihadist group.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday welcomed the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group, but also accused the United States of creating ISIS.

“This is a victory for all Iraqis, for all the people of the region, and all those that combat terrorism, and all those who are threatened by terrorism day and night,” he said in a televised speech, according to the Lebanese Daily Star.

“Freeing Mosul is a great victory for Iraq, Syria, and for all countries in the region and the world,” Nasrallah added.

“There is no doubt that the victory that was announced by Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Mosul is a great victory. Some from the region viewed Daesh as a revolutionary movement of the Arabic Spring, welcomed it, and endorsed it,” the Hezbollah leader continued, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

“Even the countries in the Gulf [Cooperation Council] that endorsed and supported Daesh were pleased because they were eventually threatened,” he added, while praising Iraq for having “provided all its necessary support for Baghdad” in the fight against the organization.

“Iraqis did not wait for anyone, not the Arab League, nor Arab or regional leaders…not the United States, nor anyone,” he said. “They put faith in God, their men, women, and their blood.”

Nasrallah then blasted United States officials who said that it would “take 10 years to tackle Daesh.”

“If all the efforts against Daesh were honest, it would not take years to take out Daesh,” Nasrallah said. “When the United States said it needs 10 years, they had a plan…it was in the interest of American hegemony and Israel.”

He then claimed that the United States created ISIS and gave states in the region the green light to fund and support the group.

This is not the first time that Nasrallah has claimed that the United States created ISIS. Last year, the Hezbollah leader quoted then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s statement that President Barack Obama had founded ISIS – and agreed with him.

“The American Presidential candidate is saying this. What he says is based on documents and facts,” Nasrallah stated at the time.

In another speech, Nasrallah claimed that the West was responsible for the establishment of ISIS.

“Friends of the United States in Lebanon, friends of the United States in the region. Your friend the United States and your friend Hillary Clinton said that Saudi Arabia and other countries operating in its name are those who financed the activities of ISIS in the region, helped it, strengthened it and made it easier for it,” he said.

Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and is a supporter of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, has been actively involved in the fighting in the Syrian civil war, and has suffered heavy losses there.



The revelation comes a day after Reuters reported that the US risks being branded a war criminal for its support of the Saudi war in Yemen, which has led to thousands of innocent civilian casualties.

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Did ISIS do Israel’s, Saudi Arabia’s, and USA’s bidding in Iran?

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Leaked Clinton Emails Confirm Saudi Arabia, Qatar Funding ISIS


Iran’s foreign minister meets Qatar’s Emir

Saudi Arabia/UAE/Bahrain/Egypt cut ties w/ Qatar

ISIS attacks Iran

Take your own conclusions.

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‘The answer my friends is blowin in the wind …..’

Wanna know who’s behind ISIS attack in Iran? Follow the money!

Saudi-US relations


The monster created in the Lab of Evil has gone mad!


To murder an elderly priest in a church, is way beyond evil. These barbarians are not children of God, they walk with the devil.

When you murder a priest, in a church, in such an evil way, you have long since strayed from the path of any God and any faith.

Even worse when the murderer was known to the police ahead of time!

Despicable attack in Normandy, France. 84-yr-old priest Jacques Hamel slaughtered by 2 Da'ish-affiliated knifemen.

Despicable attack in Normandy, France. 84-yr-old priest Jacques Hamel slaughtered by 2 Da’ish-affiliated knifemen.

As some cartoonists see ISIS …

Mission accomplished! ~~ Blaming Islam for the Western manufactured evils.


by Arend van Dam



A short history of US created terrorism ….

ISIS made in the USA

ISIS made in the USA

Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.

The CIA first aligned itself with extremist Islam during the Cold War era. Back then, America saw the world in rather simple terms: on one side, the Soviet Union and Third World nationalism, which America regarded as a Soviet tool; on the other side, Western nations and militant political Islam, which America considered an ally in the struggle against the Soviet Union.

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan, General William Odom recently remarked, “by any measure the U.S. has long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the U.S. would be in violation.”

During the 1970′s the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a barrier, both to thwart Soviet expansion and prevent the spread of Marxist ideology among the Arab masses. The United States also openly supported Sarekat Islam against Sukarno in Indonesia, and supported the Jamaat-e-Islami terror group against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. Last but certainly not least, there is Al Qaeda.

Lest we forget, the CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden and breastfed his organization during the 1980′s. Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies. Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan.

America’s relationship with Al Qaeda has always been a love-hate affair. Depending on whether a particular Al Qaeda terrorist group in a given region furthers American interests or not, the U.S. State Department either funds or aggressively targets that terrorist group. Even as American foreign policy makers claim to oppose Muslim extremism, they knowingly foment it as a weapon of foreign policy.

The Islamic State is its latest weapon that, much like Al Qaeda, is certainly backfiring. ISIS recently rose to international prominence after its thugs began beheading American journalists. Now the terrorist group controls an area the size of the United Kingdom.

In order to understand why the Islamic State has grown and flourished so quickly, one has to take a look at the organization’s American-backed roots. The 2003 American invasion and occupation of Iraq created the pre-conditions for radical Sunni groups, like ISIS, to take root. America, rather unwisely, destroyed Saddam Hussein’s secular state machinery and replaced it with a predominantly Shiite administration. The U.S. occupation caused vast unemployment in Sunni areas, by rejecting socialism and closing down factories in the naive hope that the magical hand of the free market would create jobs. Under the new U.S.-backed Shiite regime, working class Sunni’s lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Unlike the white Afrikaners in South Africa, who were allowed to keep their wealth after regime change, upper class Sunni’s were systematically dispossessed of their assets and lost their political influence. Rather than promoting religious integration and unity, American policy in Iraq exacerbated sectarian divisions and created a fertile breading ground for Sunni discontent, from which Al Qaeda in Iraq took root.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used to have a different name: Al Qaeda in Iraq. After 2010 the group rebranded and refocused its efforts on Syria.

There are essentially three wars being waged in Syria: one between the government and the rebels, another between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and yet another between America and Russia. It is this third, neo-Cold War battle that made U.S. foreign policy makers decide to take the risk of arming Islamist rebels in Syria, because Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, is a key Russian ally. Rather embarrassingly, many of these Syrian rebels have now turned out to be ISIS thugs, who are openly brandishing American-made M16 Assault rifles.

America’s Middle East policy revolves around oil and Israel. The invasion of Iraq has partially satisfied Washington’s thirst for oil, but ongoing air strikes in Syria and economic sanctions on Iran have everything to do with Israel. The goal is to deprive Israel’s neighboring enemies, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestine’s Hamas, of crucial Syrian and Iranian support.

ISIS is not merely an instrument of terror used by America to topple the Syrian government; it is also used to put pressure on Iran.

The last time Iran invaded another nation was in 1738. Since independence in 1776, the U.S. has been engaged in over 53 military invasions and expeditions. Despite what the Western media’s war cries would have you believe, Iran is clearly not the threat to regional security, Washington is. An Intelligence Report published in 2012, endorsed by all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, confirms that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Truth is, any Iranian nuclear ambition, real or imagined, is as a result of American hostility towards Iran, and not the other way around.

America is using ISIS in three ways: to attack its enemies in the Middle East, to serve as a pretext for U.S. military intervention abroad, and at home to foment a manufactured domestic threat, used to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance.

By rapidly increasing both government secrecy and surveillance, Mr. Obama’s (Fraud) government is increasing its power to watch its citizens, while diminishing its citizens’ power to watch their government. Terrorism is an excuse to justify mass surveillance, in preparation for mass revolt.

The so-called “War on Terror” should be seen for what it really is: a pretext for maintaining a dangerously over sized U.S. military. The two most powerful groups in the U.S. foreign policy establishment are the Israel lobby, which directs U.S. Middle East policy, and the Military-Industrial-Complex, which profits from the former group’s actions. Since George W. Bush declared the “War on Terror” in October 2001, it has cost the American taxpayer approximately 6.6 trillion dollars and thousands of fallen sons and daughters; but, the wars have also raked in billions of dollars for Washington’s military elite.

In fact, more than seventy American companies and individuals have won up to $27 billion in contracts for work in postwar Iraq and Afghanistan over the last three years, according to a recent study by the Center for Public Integrity. According to the study, nearly 75 per cent of these private companies had employees or board members, who either served in, or had close ties to, the executive branch of the Republican and Democratic administrations, members of Congress, or the highest levels of the military.

In 1997, a U.S. Department of Defense report stated, “the data show a strong correlation between U.S. involvement abroad and an increase in terrorist attacks against the U.S.” Truth is, the only way America can win the “War On Terror” is if it stops giving terrorists the motivation and the resources to attack America. Terrorism is the symptom; American imperialism in the Middle East is the cancer. Put simply, the War on Terror is terrorism; only, it is conducted on a much larger scale by people with jets and missiles.

Wake The Hell Up America!!!



IMAGE ~~ #JeSuisNice ~~ PRAY FOR US

Image by Carlos Latuff

My condolences to friends, relatives of  Nice attack victims . Really dunno what to say. Lack of words after this continuous carnage. Read more @ #PrayForNice #Nizza

My condolences to friends, relatives of Nice attack victims . Really dunno what to say. Lack of words after this continuous carnage.
Read more @


This bomb attack in the Islam’s holy site of Medina reveals what we already know. The so-called Islamic State is everything but Islamic

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See #MedinaAttack

and #Medina

For updates


At least one elected official had the guts to speak the truth!

Tel Aviv Mayor Blames Terror Attack on Israel’s Occupation

“You can’t hold people in a situation of occupation and hope they’ll reach the conclusion everything is alright.”

The 'savage' himself!

The ‘savage’ himself!

The mayor of Tel Aviv blamed the terror attack that killed four Israelis on the occupation of Palestinian lands.

Hours after two gunmen opened fire in a chic shopping district, Mayor Ron Huldai said the Jewish state’s half-century rule over Palestinians was fueling the violence.

“You can’t hold people in a situation of occupation and hope they’ll reach the conclusion everything is alright,” Huldai told the Jerusalem Post.

The mayor was joined by Israeli Arab lawmakers in a plea for peace after the deadly attack.

They said civilians “on both sides” should be removed from the conflict and denounced the possibility that Israel will embark on a retaliatory campaign of collective punishment.

Even when asked about reports that West Bank Palestinians celebrated the murders, Huldai refused to take the bait. He insisted that the occupation, which he said “I know and I was a part of,” was the real culprit.

“Leaders need courage to not just talk,” Huldai said.

Israel’s right-wing government ministers wasted no time in lashing out at Huldai and other leftists, insisting that he was whitewashing terror. Deputy Defense minister Eli Ben-Dahan said Arabs were terrorizing Jews in the Holy Land even before the state of Israel was established, let alone when it seized the West Bank.

“They are the delusional ones,” Ben-Dahan said.


Written by The Forward Staff



Also see these great spoofs AT


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Joke of the Year: Saudi Arabia Forms Anti-Terrorism Coalition! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Joke of the Year: Saudi Arabia Forms Anti-Terrorism Coalition! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Saudi Arabia announces 34-state military alliance to fight terrorism

Gulf state reveals formation of coalition in statement citing ‘duty to protect the Islamic nation from the evils of all terrorist groups and organisations’


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The hacker collective Anonymous declared war on ISIS in a video. They threaten to track down ISIS members and to launch cyber attacks.


Meanwhile, at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the following is to be published …

Charlie Hebdo: Screw the terrorists

The irreverent French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, whose offices were the site in January of a deadly terrorist shooting, is to publish on the cover of its new issue a cartoon referencing the coordinated terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 on Friday.

The cartoon shows a man merrily celebrating with champagne – which pours out of the bullet holes with which his body is riddled. “They have the weapons,” reads the caption. “Screw them. We have the champagne! (The message may deliberately echo a phrase frequently attributed to the Taliban: “You have the watches, we have the time.”)

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

Full report HERE

Surely these are not the ways to wage war on terror…

First, one must know who the terrorists really are

Believe it or don't!

Believe it or don’t!



We waited decades to see the flag of Palestine raised at the United Nations Building in New York. It is a sure sign that Statehood of that Nation will soon become a fact.

But, there are elements that wish to stop this process via terrorism, on both sides of the wall.

This flag MUST fly FOREVER as part of the family of nations .... Don't allow it not to.

This flag MUST fly FOREVER as part of the family of nations …. Don’t allow it not to.

On Thursday, a Jewish father and mother of four were gunned down in their car while driving through the occupied West Bank as their children watched in horror.  This is part of a never ending process of hate that only leads to more hate and more terror from both sides.

Last night, two more Jewish Israelis were killed on their way to pray at the Western Wall.

DesertPeace condemns these actions and those responsible for them. We also condemn any Palestinian Website that condones these actions as well as any zionist Website that advocates the continuation of the occupation of Palestinian territories.


Peace and the creation of a Palestinian State will only become realities when both sides realise that is the only possible way to survive …. there is an alternative to terror. Below is a letter penned by Roger Waters, showing how the BDS Movement IS THAT ALTERNATIVE  …

Roger Waters to Jon Bon Jovi: “You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby”

Letter to the pop group Bon Jovi: 

Dear Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, and Tico Torres,

Often in the past I have written detailed, and sometimes even persuasive, letters to colleagues in the music business, encouraging them not to give succor to the Israeli government’s apartheid policies by performing in Israel. Having read Jon’s comments last week in Yedioth Ahronoth, I won’t waste my time drawing parallels with Apartheid South Africa and the moral stand that so many artists took then and that thousands are taking now in the face of decades of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

So the die is cast, you are determined to proceed with your gig in Tel Aviv on October 3. You are making your stand.

You stand shoulder to shoulder

With the settler who burned the baby

With the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie

With the soldier who shot the soccer player’s feet to bits

With the sailor who shelled the boys on the beach

With the sniper who killed the kid in the green shirt

And the one who emptied his clip into the 13-year-old girl

And the Minister of Justice who called for genocide

You had a chance to stand

On the side of justice

With the pilot who refused to bomb refugee camps

With the teenager who chose eight prison terms over army service

With the prisoner who fasted for 266 days until freedom

With the doctor banned from entry for saving lives

With the farmer who was cut down marching to the wall

With the legless child growing up in the rubble

And the 550 others who won’t grow up at all

Because of the missiles and tank shells and bullets we sent

The dead can’t remind you of the crimes you’ve ignored. But, lest we forget, “To stand by silent and indifferent is the greatest crime of all.”

Roger Waters


This graphic, “The Five Stages of Grief,” reflects on the shared experiences of grief of Americans and Palestinians in Gaza, while contrasting the stages of healing and recovery.


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Ali Abunimah

The is the second graphic by Visualizing Palestine on the current situation in Gaza, following its infographic on who violates ceasefires.

As the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza escalated – today reaching 1,088 – the United States was the only country to vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution calling for an investigation into Israel’s invasion.

This graphic, “The Five Stages of Grief,” reflects on the shared experiences of grief of Americans and Palestinians in Gaza, while contrasting the stages of healing and recovery.

The people of New York City mourned and memorialized their losses after the 11 September 2001 attacks, but their counterparts in Gaza are not allowed to recover.

They have had no respite either from Israel’s repeated military assaults, or from its ongoing siege on the territory.

Palestinians in Gaza are demanding a ceasefire that respects their basic humanitarian rights.

The 1.8 million people who live there, especially the 40 percent who are 14 years of age or younger, need more than just a ceasefire. They need to be allowed to heal.

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