‘If you see this video IDF pirates have taken us prisoner’


On the eve of Israel’s 67th Independence Day, the following was issued to bring Hasbara to the masses …. Zionism in Animation is a project which will tell the story of Zionism in a series of short; compelling; animated clips which cover the main Events, people, places and concepts which make up this story.

Here is their last animated attempt to ‘save their wayward youth‘ ….

It was a genuine act of desperation …

They neglect to show the true face of zionism that we have to live with every day ….

Some examples ….

The wacko settler gal …

And these ‘loveable zioteens’

Meet ‘the beloved mother of the occupation’

And see the ‘love’ on the streets of Jerusalem

Click HERE

The above was removed by YouTube …. but here is the sequel

And defending all of the above …

The true mantra of zionism …

“With malice toward none, with charity for all”

With malice towards all, and charity for none


A message from Gaza: We are still under the rubble !!


The video below has had nearly a million views since it was posted last night ….

Banksy goes to Gaza

News travels fast. Yesterday, Banksy published video and photos from a recent trip to Gaza on their Instagram account and set the internet ablaze. The New York Times published a statement from the artist: “I don’t want to take sides. But when you see entire suburban neighborhoods reduced to rubble with no hope of a future — what you’re really looking at is a vast outdoor recruitment center for terrorists. And we should probably address this for all our sakes.”

Image: Banksy

Image: Banksy

And look, a Banksy promotional travel video-documentary “Make this the year YOU discover a new destination” where he rappels threw the tunnel and burst out on the other side — in Gaza –“Well away from the tourist track”:

We love Banksy — who doesn’t?

Banksy writes, “A local man came up and said ‘Please – what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens”:

Banksy in Gaza

Banksy in Gaza

Banksy also explains, “Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.”:

Banksy in Gaza

Banksy in Gaza


#F#@k Israel Video ~~ GOING VIRAL!

Swear words at UC Berkeley.

Swear words at UC Berkeley.

The video in question was posted by Fox News yesterday and has had over a half a million hits already …. It might have been meant as a joke but proves one thing, zionism is not funny!

Help spread it … post it wherever possible, email it to your friends.

Video: Who is more dangerous, Israel or Islamic State?

In social experiment, filmmaker waves Islamic State and Israeli flags at UC Berkeley campus, to see who draws the ire of the students.

What happened when filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to wave the Islamic State flag at UC Berkeley? And what happened when he tried to wave Israel’s flag at the university’s campus? Students at the California research university, it seems, are completely indifferent towards the Islamic State, and very passionate in their views against Israel.

In a three-minutes-long video, Horowitz first waves the black Islamic State flag in different locations on campus, shouting slogans defending the militant group’s operations.

“ISIS is misunderstood, we just want our own state, why does America keep bombing us? American Western imperialism is to blame, not ISIS,” he calls out as passersby merely glance at him, most of them making no comment at these statements.

“We do not want to hurt anybody else if we don’t have to hurt them. Why is America killing us? They are killing innocent civilians. America is causing the deaths in Iraq and in Syria. America’s to blame for the deaths in Syria. Not ISIS, not Islamic State,” he continues.

It is then that a man passing him by, seeing the waving black flag and hearing the pro-IS slogans, wishes him “good luck.”

Passerby wishes Horowitz the ISIS supporter 'good luck.'
Passerby wishes Horowitz the ISIS supporter ‘good luck.’

Horowitz continues playing the role of an Islamic State supporter, bashing American imperialism and claiming “we are ISIS, we are love, we don’t want to harm anybody, we’re forced to by American imperialism and American laws.” Some passersby who see him express their support.

Reasoning that Berkeley has always been a tolerant campus, Horowitz then replaces the black flag with the Israeli flag.

It’s not long before a passerby shouts “Israel is a thief in the night… and a thief in the day” at him. When Horowitz asks the man about Hamas, the man replies with: “It’s the greatest, Hamas.”

Anger aimed at Israel at the Berkeley campus.
Anger aimed at Israel at the Berkeley campus.

Horowitz then takes on the role of an Israel supporter, calling out slogans like “Israel protects Palestinian human rights.”

While most of his statements about Islamic State were met with apathy, this one instantly draws response. “No it doesn’t,” a woman informs him. “Yes it does!” he responds. “The whole world knows you’re wrong,” she fires at him.

“Only Hamas is responsible. Right? You agree with that?” Horowitz asks two passersby. “No, not really,” one of the men tells him. “You don’t agree that Hamas is a terror organization?” he asks, and the two men merely shrug in response.

He also encounters a vast array of anti-Israel jeers: “F— Israel,” one man says repeatedly. “All of Israel killers,” another student says in broken English. When asked whether Hamas were killers, the answer was a confident “No.”

“Tyranny isn’t cute,” another student informs Horowitz. Yet another student passionately tells Horowitz that Israel is committing “the psychological genocide of this planet,” insisting it was “part of the people who enslave the whole planet.”
“You’re killing kids,” one student hurls at Horowitz, while another accuses him of being “sick.”
“Whatever, yo, free Palestine from Israel, dude!” a student concludes.
Also reported AT
zion is obviously upset with the results …. looks good on them!




‘Committed to your spiritual safety': El Al safety video parody …..

Jewish-American comedy writers Levinson Brothers post satirical in-flight safety video in wake of recent incidents of flight delays due to refusal of Haredi passengers’ to sit next to women.


“Gentlemen, and unfortunately, ladies,” the announcement featured in a satirical in-flight safety video by Jewish-American comedy writers Stephen and Joel Levinson begins. The parody of El Al’s flight safety video presents guidelines for passengers, following recent cases in which flights were delayed after ultra-orthodox Jewish men refused to take their seats next to women.

In one of the latest of such incidents, which was first published by Ynet, passengers aboard an El Al flight from New York to Israel described their trip as an “11-hour long nightmare” due to disruptions caused by Haredi travelers during the flight.

According to the passengers who were on the plane, their fellow ultra-Orthodox travelers refused to sit next to women prior to the takeoff, which not only delayed the flight, but caused actual chaos to ensue on the plane.

Tablet, the Jewish online magazine that posted the video in question, mentioned the recent cases in which Haredi passengers demanded that secular travelers change seats, and added that “to help the airline better articulate its policies, and to educate passengers on what they might expect on their 11-hour journey to the Holy Land, we turned to our friends the Levinson Brothers, who produced an in-flight safety video El Al could screen as passengers board at JFK airport.”


Posted by  Dave Lippman


We marched, and will march again, and then will lie down in front of the liars, and stand up to the climate-killing profiteers. And on we go, learning more about the science and how to drop it, and how to build movements. And here’s the lyric:

We shall not, we shall not be moved
We shall not, we shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

Oil and coal destroy the earth
We shall not be moved
We’re gonna fight for all we’re worth
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

The 1% steals everything
We shall not be moved
Economic justice we will bring
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

They’re fracking here, they’re drilling there
We shall not be moved
To benefit some billionaire
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

Oil war hawks are swarming
We shall not be moved
Bringing global warming
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

Fossil fuel pollution
We shall not be moved
Clean energy solution
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

We shall not, we shall not be moved
We shall not, we shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved




The video presented below was intended as satire ….. BUT, the symbolism is as real as it can get. ISIS was born out of a union of Satan (USA) and Israel …. but we already knew that ;)


In a promo for the soon-to-come anti-ISIS show, broadcast several times daily on Al-Iraqiyya, we meet a Jewess adorned with a big Star of David necklace. “I hope to get a ring on my finger by someone who will destroy the country,” she says, then points to the red-clad devil, who says, “We will name our child ISIS.” The subtext here is a conspiracy theory, currently circulating in Iraq and elsewhere, that suggests Zionists created ISIS with the intention of ruining Islam.



Full report HERE


Also see THIS post




Collage By Carlos Latuff

i am palestinian first half



She’s A Palestinian

she’s just a palestinian
all her friends are from the mediterranean
everybody makes fun of the ottomans
the IDF wanna send her to oblivion

her grandma grew olives and oranges
her daddy had him a professorship
but when he spoke it always became heresy
the vatican wanna see the holes in his hands

she’s just a palestinian
she likes books, she’s not one of the fellaheen
she’s just a palestinian girl

she’s just a palestinian
her brother tries to find a job each morning
she goes to al-khaleel university
if the roads aren’t blocked and they can leave the house

her mom’s head nurse at the hospital
they make do without bandages and medicine
when everybody’s done with work and classes
they’ll meet for a drink before the curfew

she’s just a palestinian
she wanna walk in the nabi-musa pilgrimage
she’s just a palestinian

oh, what a girl
i got here, oh
i’d walk her home
but she lives in hebron

and those motherfuckers got it rough
the helicopters freak me out
and i wanna go home, not to canaan

when you’re in the middle of the IDF and the PLO
well the PLO’s an NGO….
US helicopters come with US guns and you
you ain’t got a home
i’ll be brooklyn
you’re more than welcome, you’re more than welcome
hey, hey


With the end of the ceasefire and the failure of permanent truce negotiations mediated by Egypt, Israel resumed its full-scale massacre in Gaza, killing 22 people on Wednesday.

Why did the truce talks break down? I discussed this question on Al Jazeera English on Wednesday evening, explaining that Israel rejected far-reaching and generous Palestinian offers.


Video: “Israel has failed to achieve its goals through terror,” says Ali Abunimah


Not Quite …

The female gunners can be seen scrawling birthday greetings to friends and such messages as “To Adi, Good luck with the new job!” on the mortar shells before blasting them into Gaza.


In this video, Israeli soldiers and mystics can be seen dancing and singing to bless M107 artillery shells before they are fired into Gaza:


And here you can see where those mortar shells came from …

Remnants of a Mark 82 unguided missile, made in USA by General Dynamics, sold to Israel to kill farmers in Rafah:



The staggering amount of weapons Israel has used to inflict so much indiscriminate harm underscores the urgency of calls for an arms embargo on Israel. It also highlights that Israel, an undeclared possessor of nuclear weapons, must urgently be brought under international control and monitoring.

But it is important not to lose sight of the big picture: no claim of “self-defense” could ever justify dropping this much explosives so indiscriminately and so deliberately on a captive civilian population.

Those who justify it as “self-defense” are complicit in mass murder.

It is also a mistake to look for a “military” explanation for Israel’s actions.

This massacre, this dropping of what plausibly approximates to a “small” atomic bomb on Gaza, can only be explained in political terms. As I have argued previously, it is the price of maintaining a “Jewish state” in Palestine.


See Ali Abunima’s full report HERE



Shuja’iyah: Land of the Brave


When we say “Crimes Against Humanity” – what “humanity” are we talking about?Here is the humanity of the Gaza Strip in Palestine. It features footage mostly of my family in the summer of 2013.It is juxtaposed against a stark call for help by a journalist during the Shuja’iyah massacre in Gaza in July 2014.


Taken from THIS appeal from The War Resisters League



Jon Stewart Needles Israel on ‘Bomb-Better’ War



What No One Is Telling You


To remain silent in the face of oppression is to take the side of the oppressor





From Democracy Now

Violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories is escalating as Israel bombs the Gaza Strip and threatens a new full-scale assault. On Monday, the Israeli military announced “Operation Protective Edge,” which it says aims to stop Palestinian rocket fire into southern Israel. At least nine Palestinians were wounded in Israeli strikes on more than 50 targets in Gaza overnight. Six Hamas members were killed in Israeli strikes on Sunday, the deadliest by Israel since an eight-day assault in late 2012. Palestinian militants have fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel since the weekend, causing no casualties. To prepare for a potential attack, Israel has called up more than 1,500 troops to fortify a contingent already massed along the Gaza border. Hamas says the latest bombings “exceed all red lines,” and has vowed to respond with broader rocket fire. If Israel invades Gaza, it would be the third major assault on the coastal territory in six years. The first invasion in 2008 left more than 1,400 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians. We go to Gaza to speak with Mohammed Omer, an award-winning Palestinian journalist who has been covering the Israeli offensive.


Israel’s excuse for the slaughter

The threat of an Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip comes amidst heavy unrest in the West Bank and in Arab towns inside Israel following the killings of a Palestinian teenager and three teenage Israelis. The Israeli teens were abducted while hitchhiking near the West Bank settlement where they lived. Their bodies were found last week, after more than two weeks of Israeli raids throughout the West Bank that saw more than 200 Palestinians arrested and more than a dozen killed. In an apparent act of revenge right after the Israeli teens bodies’ were found, a Palestinian teenager named Mohammed Abu Khdeir was abducted near his home in East Jerusalem. His dead body was found shortly after, showing signs he was burned live. On Monday, Israel said it had arrested six suspects and that three have already confessed. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli leaders have condemned the killing, Khdeir’s death followed calls for vengeance from Israeli political leaders as well as in marches and on social media. We are also joined by two guests: Ali Abunimah, co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of the new book, “The Battle for Justice in Palestine”; and Miko Peled, a peace activist and author of “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.” The book’s title refers to a unique family history — Miko’s father, “Matti” Peled, served as a general in the 1967 war and later became a peace activist, calling for Israel to withdrawal from the territory he helped to capture.

Watch our full report today on escalating violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories:





Along with the growing Israeli settlement projects in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the siege of Gaza is part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing, community decimation and collective punishment of the Palestinian people. The 1.8 million people living in the tiny Palestinian territory of Gaza have been living under blockade for eight years and are increasingly impoverished.

The land, sea and air blockade of Gaza is enforced by both Israel and Egypt. Visiting Gaza is usually difficult or impossible. However, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt, the Egyptian government briefly eased some of the restrictions on visiting Gaza. Thus I was able to join Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright of Code Pink, Kathy Kelley of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and other delegates from ISM and National Lawyer’s Guild on a visit to Gaza just after the eight-day Israeli attack November 14-21, 2012.

I filmed “Visiting Palestine” in the Jabalya Refugee Camp on December 3rd, my last day in Gaza. My guide was Majed Abusalama, who grew up in the Jabalya Camp, which is about a half hour north of Gaza City.

A majority of the people living in Gaza are refugees of the descendants of refugees who were forced from their homes by Europeans and into refugee camps in the Gaza Strip in 1948. Egypt administered Gaza until Israel captured it in the 1967 war. Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from Gaza in 2005, but the US and Israel imposed sanctions after the Palestinian political party Hamas won a majority of votes in the West Bank and Gaza in the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006. In the ensuing power struggle between Fatah and Hamas, the latter seized control of Gaza in 2007, and Israel imposed a siege on Gaza.

What I most like about this video is the diversity of people I meet in it: secular and religious, pacifist and more militant, those with small houses and those with larger houses. And each Gazan I meet has her or his own way of coping with the absurdity of living under the siege and the repeated attacks. The video is a first-hand and, I believe, quite authentic document of the experiences and feelings of people in one place in Palestine: it is no more than that and no less than that.

Many of the Palestinians I meet tell me — quite spontaneously — that the US plays a huge role in making their lives so difficult. The people of Gaza must live every day with the knowledge that a new attack against them, financed in large measure by us US taxpayers, could be launched at any time.

I put a bit of myself in this video just so that you can see that I myself was surprised and even shocked at some of what I saw and learned. I believe that most of us Americans have little idea of the real human impact of US policies on other peoples. And it is important that we learn as much as we can, because we as citizens are ultimately responsible for the actions of our government.

The Israeli attack in November 2012 was clearly meant to be a “collective punishment” of the Palestinians living in Gaza. As one witness tells me in the video, rather than “targeting” the supposed militants, the Israelis warned them and their neighbors to get out of their houses and then blasted whole city blocks with bombs dropped from F-16s provided by the United States.

We US taxpayers give $3 billion to Israel for their military each year — this is hardly the way to achieve peace!



Kyle, Cartman and the Ginger Cow. (photo credit: Courtesy of South Park Studios)


For a bit of background on the Red Heifer, read THIS … Then watch the South Park episode mentioned …. followed by a ‘real life’ video …. If nothing else, you will get a much needed chuckle in these days of stress and sorrow.

Although this is classified under HUMOUR, let us hope we will see Peace in the Middle East SOON ….. with or without the Red Heifer.



Now for the ‘Real Thing’ …


…. Or why Palestinians do not have a peace partner


First, from the Diaspora itself …


Moving on to Hebron …


The extremists in our midst …


All summed up by our very own Psycho Gal …


Foxman simplifies matters by bringing up the Pollard case …


And Kerry sees a possible solution?

He is as wacko as all of the above!


This short Photo Documentary shows the life of the Palestinians through the eyes of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Photos: Ezz Alzaanon from Gaza.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this little film available for people to see life in Gaza.


Now, Look Into My Eyes!




This past week the Western Media ran story after story about rock throwing incidents throughout Israel allegedly involving Palestinians. The victim card has been used to its fullest extent.


What that press seems to overlook is the constant struggle of the Palestinians to stay alive while at the same time living in constant fear. Below, caught on video is what the West never gets to see or hear about.


Children too frightened to sleep or woken by the sounds of rampaging settlers. Molotov cocktails through living room windows. Settlers firing guns, protected by soldiers. Hateful slogans daubed on walls. Settler children throwing rocks.


New video highlights settler terror against Palestinian families


Children too frightened to sleep or woken by the sounds of rampaging settlers. Molotov cocktails through living room windows. Settlers firing guns, protected by soldiers. Hateful slogans daubed on walls. Settler children throwing rocks.

These are some of the daily experiences Palestinian children and parents describe in this new short documentary Living in Fear: In the shadow of Israeli settlements, from Defence for Children International – Palestine Section (DCI-PS).

The video focuses on attacks by settlers from Yitzhar, a colony established in 1983 on lands stolen from surrounding villages in the northern occupied West Bank.

The attacks are frequent and ongoing as the settlers seize more land.

In 2011 alone, UN OCHA recorded 70 attacks by Yizhar settlers, “the largest figure recorded from a single settlement” that year.

Why is this happening? “They want us to leave our homes. That’s what they want,” says one mother.

Here’s DCI-PS’s description with more information:

The Jewish settlement of Yitzhar is described by The New York Times as “an extremist bastion on the hilltops commanding the Palestinian city of Nablus in the northern West Bank.” Its roughly 1,000 radical Jewish settlers terrorize 20,000 Palestinians from the surrounding villages of Burin, Madama, Asira al-Qibliya, Urif, Einabus and Huwara.

“Multiple times they would reach as far as our doorstep,” says Um Majdi from Asira al-Qibliya. “Some of them throw rocks at us, others set fires, and some write hate slogans on the walls. We’re in a stressed psychological state.”

Yitzhar settlers are responsible for hate crimes, termed “price tag” attacks, targeting Palestinians in retaliation for actions, including those initiated by the Israeli government, against Jewish settlements in the West Bank. They have also repeatedly attacked the US-funded water project in Asira al-Qibliya.

Settlements like Yitzhar continue to expand in the West Bank with Israeli government support. There are approximately 650,000 settlers living in over 200 settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“The idea behind the Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank is very clear,” says Dror Etkes, the director of Israeli organization Kerem Navot, which studies land use in the West Bank. “To marginalize the Palestinian community, which is about 90 percent of the population, still today, to certain enclaves … in order to leave as much as possible vacant land for the development of the Israeli settlements.”

Settlements have a profound impact on the lives of Palestinians throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Apart from the loss of land taken for the settlements and their related infrastructure, settler violence, such as beatings, shootings and destruction of property are a common occurrence in the lives of Palestinians, including children.

“Sometimes I dream that they shoot at us,” says 12-year-old Roa’a Abu Majdi. “They take us, along with the neighbors’ kids, and throw us in a hole.”

The Israeli authorities have consistently failed to prevent settler attacks against Palestinians and to take adequate law enforcement measures against settlers who commit these crimes. Israeli soldiers often turn a blind eye and fail to intervene in confrontations. DCI-Palestine has also documented cases where soldiers actively participate in civilian attacks by settlers.

Produced by DCI-Palestine – Edited and Directed by Dima Abu Ghoush – Production Management by Collage Production.


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