Feminists prove that you don't have to be a dummy to Photoshop

Feminists prove that you don’t have to be a dummy to Photoshop

The extremists have a history of denying the existence of women as can be seen in the following photos … (as much as we might like to deny Hillary’s existence, there are better ways than cutting her out of a photo)

Hillary Before …
Hillary After …
They even went as far as denying the role of women during the holocaust
The original …
Where are the two women in the photo? …

Two can play at the same game …. 

Feminist Paper Photoshops Male Leaders from Paris March Pics

Feminist paper’s novel response to hareidi papers photoshopping ‘immodest’ pictures of female leaders from publication…
The original
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The Feminist version
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And finally, the extremist Hareidi version
Who ever said the camera does not lie?



The occupation isn’t sexy.

The Gaza war, just recently ended, wasn’t sexy.

And so seeing these women’s limbs draped in ammunition belts, their faces smeared in war paint and their bodies surrounded with guns and knives — it doesn’t feel sexy.


Israeli Soldiers Create Least Sexy Pin-Up Ever

By Sigal Samuel FOR

MTKL’s Israeli Army Women Calendar

Just a couple of months after the Gaza war, Israel has found a new way “to show the world the beauty of Israel and its people” — via the power of a pin-up calendar featuring real IDF soldiers.

Or, as the creators of the MTKL Israeli Army Women Calendar like to call them, “the chosen amongst the chosen people.”

These chosen women, brought together by two former (male) soldiers who “scoured the ranks of the powerful Israeli army,” would like you to donate $25 to their Indiegogo campaign so that they can not only ship you this calendar, but also create a whole line of clothing and accessories that will blend “the best of military and street into must-have urban fashion.”


Their goal is to make $30,000 off the calendars, enabling them to bring their clothing line to production in early 2015. So far they’ve raised about $3700 — which means that a bunch of people are already walking around wearing jewelry “fashioned after the official IDF Dog Tag.”

Scary thought.

I say that because, if you ask me, this fashion line — and the pin-up calendar being used to showcase it — is pretty much the most unsexy thing I can imagine.

It’s not just that this product is the work of two men using a bunch of women’s bodies to make a quick buck. Leave aside for a minute the obvious feminist objections to pin-up calendars writ large — and hone in on this calendar in particular. It doesn’t take long to see that we’re being sold more than your average “male gaze” sexual fantasy. What we’re being sold is an ideology that equates sexiness with militarism, and Israel with both.

There are at least 4 deeply unfortunate things about this:

1) It shows that Israel’s macho culture — a culture that says military violence is a beautiful and even arousing thing — is alive and well.

2) Women are supposed to be grateful to be allowed into this macho culture. The fact that they’re included is a sign of the culture’s progressiveness, of how evolved and “egalitarian” it is (to quote MTKL’s campaign).

3) Plenty of women actually buy into this logic. That includes the international buyers of MTKL’s products (sadly, I have no doubt that their products will sell) and the Israeli models themselves.

4) By buying into this logic, they are — wittingly or unwittingly — working to put a sexy face on the occupation.

But the occupation isn’t sexy.

The Gaza war, just recently ended, wasn’t sexy.

And so seeing these women’s limbs draped in ammunition belts, their faces smeared in war paint and their bodies surrounded with guns and knives — it doesn’t feel sexy.

The MTKL designers may think their calendar will help “to show the world the beauty of Israel and its people” — but I suspect that for an increasing number of people, this insistence on associating Israel with militarism actually does the exact opposite.


Or … at the back of the bus, on the other side of the street …. only in ‘The Only Democracy in the Middle East 😉
Elsewhere, there are no limits…..
A leading nationalist-Zionist rabbi has written a treatise claiming that home is a women’s place, and “not the domain of social activity,” thus reflecting further radicalization among religious Zionists.

Leading Israeli religious Zionist rabbi: A woman’s place is in the home

Leaflet promotes the opinion that too much education for women would ‘harm the quality of life of the nation.’

By Chaim Levinson
Rabbi Zvi Tau
Rabbi Zvi Tau Photo by Michael Yaacovson

A leading nationalist-Zionist rabbi has written a treatise claiming that home is a women’s place, and “not the domain of social activity,” thus reflecting further radicalization among religious Zionists.

Rabbi Zvi Tau, president of Har Hamor Yeshiva and a leader of the more extreme orthodox trend among the national-Zionist public, wrote the treatise for internal use. The leaflet promotes the opinion that too much education for women would “harm the quality of life of the nation.”

Austria-born Tau was for many years a student of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, and one of the heads of the Merkaz Harav, religious-Zionism’s most prestigious yeshiva. In 1997 he turned his back on the yeshiva and created the Har Hamor yeshiva, but is still considered one of the leading rabbis of the movement and a notable supporter of the concept of nationalism, which considers the state of Israel holy and opposes refusal to follow orders in the IDF.

Tau publicly supported former President Moshe Katzav, who was imprisoned for rape, and called on him, at the time, to refuse to resign.

Two months ago Tau wrote, for internal use, a treatise called “who created me as he willed,” a quote from the prayer said by women every morning dealing with the proper place of women according to the Torah. Tau’s position is radical, often more than orthodox concepts.

Tau writes that men and women have different roles. Indeed,it seems that the woman is discriminated against but it isn’t so, he writes. Women, according to Tau, have more emotional power, while men are more cerebral. This division is needed because of the world’s limitations, since it is unable to contain full realization of both emotion and mind. Women, due to nature’s needs, were not meant to occupy themselves with “the depths of science and morals,” but rather with carrying, giving birth to, feeding and raising children. Rabbi Tau claims that this is woman’s “natural vocation, and God created within her the necessary talents and an inner orientation for these issues,” which negate the possibility of “commiting oneself to the depths of science.”

Tau adds that the worldwide trend of allowing women equal education, and striving for equality, can only guarantee short-term profits. In the long run this trend “will harm the quality of life of the nation and society, since the true female character will not be realized and will be missed by the world. Society and the nation should rather be built on perfecting the special attributes imprinted in women.”

Tau continues to explain that children born to couples including women who devote themselves to their career will be “weak and flaccid.”

So what can women do? Rabbi Tau answers: “Home is the natural habitat for women to express their special tendency … not the domain of social activity. At home, without the bustle … is where a woman can fully live her life.”



And they call the wind Maria…
Yesterday, statements made by a prominent spokesman for the ultra orthodox community in Israel, were the subject of the following article which appeared on Ynet’s Site;

‘Anti-Semitic media incites against Haredim’

MK Yisrael Eichler accuses media of using Nazi tactics to turn public against ultra-Orthodox sector

The full report can be read HERE*

Eichler failed to mention the recent incidents involving women which were reported in the media, but some are recalled in this post…

That was yesterday…..

Today the following reports appeared;
HMO holds men-only blood drive
An ad published this week by Maccabi Health Services called on members of all health maintenance organizations in the city of Ashdod to take part in a blood donation initiative – but only if they are men.
Full report HERE
Beitar Illit store offers men-only counter

Rami Levy supermarket introduces separate cash counters for men, women in haredi city. ‘I’m surprised they still haven’t opened separate stores for each sex,’ local resident says

Full report HERE*

Not mentioned in the complaint were reported incidents ordering women to sit at the back of the bus, spitting on women not dressed ‘modestly, refusing to walk on the same side of the street with women, but you know about those incidents from previous posts…. how convenient it was to leave them out, perhaps there is shame involved?

Yes, perhaps nazi tactics were used to turn the public against Haredim, but also perhaps they deserve it!




Fifty six years later…. On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake‘s order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger. (From) … It happened in Jerusalem today …

Israeli woman refuses ultra-Orthodox dictate to move to back of bus

When the passenger refused to move to the designated back seats, even when police arrived, the bus continued on its way, despite her refusal.

A woman passenger on a public bus from Ashdod to Jerusalem Friday was told by an ultra-Orthodox male passenger to move to the back of the bus. The man held the door of the bus open and would not allow it to move for approximately 30 minutes.

When other passengers began to complain about the delay, the driver called the police. The policeman who arrived on the scene spoke with the man and then also asked the woman, Tanya Rosenblit, to move to the back of the bus. When she refused, the man who had been holding the door alighted and the bus continued on its way.

Rosenblit, who said she was dressed modestly, was traveling on Egged bus 451 to get to work in Jerusalem. She said a Haredi man, who boarded two stops after she did, refused to allow the driver to close the door after he saw Rosenblit. Rosenblit said the man called her a derogatory word for a non-Jewish woman, and told the driver it was his right to have her sit in the back and that he had paid to be able to do so.

At that point, Rosenblit said other passengers called on the driver to intervene because they were late. Some wanted to get off the bus and have their money refunded. At that point, Rosenblit said, the driver called the police.

The policeman who arrived on the scene took the man aside for “a pleasant conversation,” Rosenblit said, after which the policeman asked her if she would move to the back of the bus.

After Rosenblit refused, the man who had held the door got off and Rosenblit continued on her way. “The reason I am posting this story is not to declare that Orthodox Jews as pure evil … I want to point out that this is a social and educational problem,” Rosenblit wrote on her Facebook page.

Egged spokesman Ron Ratner condemned the incident, but said such incidents were increasing and that Egged’s directives clearly prohibit the driver from “permitting or creating any separation on the bus unless it is voluntary,” and instructing to call the police in such cases. Ratner advised Rosenblit to submit a complaint to Egged’s ombudsman so the incident could be scrutinized more closely.

Related Report


The generation my parents belonged to came into this world with nothing, and in many cases left with even less. They came to America in the early years of the last century in search of a better life than the one they had in the ghettos of Eastern Europe. Instead they were introduced to a life in the sweatshop. This generation is best described in a book written by Mike Gold called Jews Without Money. If nothing else, it shows the reader that not all Jews were related to the Rothchilds.

It was 100 years ago this month that a fire broke out in one of the largest sweatshops in the New York Area, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. 146 garment workers, mostly women, lost their lives in that fire. It is not a coincidence that International Women’s Day was founded that same year.

The above incident was truly a case of a people jumping from the fire pan into the fire. It sparked the growth of the Trade Union Movement …. a Movement that today is once again under fire in the state of Wisconsin where we are seeing the ‘fat cats’ trying to destroy the hopes and aspirations of the working people and do away with collective bargaining altogether.

As mentioned above, my parents generation came into this world with nothing and left with even less …. but the lessons they taught us are priceless. One of them being, never to give up! Never let ‘them’ take what is rightfully yours …. that being a good a decent life. For many years I represented the United Electrical Worker’s Union (UE) during contract talks with General Electric. Every year when I went into a negotiating session I wore the same T-shirt that simply said “Don’t let the bastards get you down”!

If I were to take a trip to Wisconsin today I’d wear that shirt 😉

If we give up today we give up forever! We owe it to those who died for us to keep on living.



Announcing the women4gaza boat, part of the Freedom Flotilla 2 organized by the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza

and we are asking for the support of all women around the world as we prepare for our journey ahead.

To all Women of the World, to those who abhor injustice and oppression

We invite you to join us in preparing an all Women ship destined for Gaza in coordination with the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza as part of the freedom flotilla 2, with your backing and support we will show the world that the world’s Women fully support Gaza’s Women and their right to a dignified life free from the oppression and tyranny of the Israeli state. We urge you to contact aid organisations in your country and encourage them to sponsor or organise fund raising events for this project, and update everyone on our facebook page with your efforts.

To the Women of Gaza

We are coming to stand with you side by side to support you in your daily struggle; we admire and respect your strength and resilience in the face of food shortages, lack of medical care, and lack of jobs under an unjust and indiscriminate blockade

We are a group of women who reject unfairness and oppression and believe in justice and freedom for women all over the world. We are joining the European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza and will participate in the Freedom Flotilla 2 by organizing a ship full of humanitarian aid for people of Gaza. The ship will be organized and prepared in full by women. We aim to send a loud message to the women of Gaza that we support you and we condemn all kinds of injustice and aggression imposed on you. We will prove that women are fundamental pillar in the process of change and liberation. With the participation of global women NGOs and many well-known women from Europe, the middle east and all over the world we will send this ship with the Freedom Flotilla 2 .

Bank account

HSBC Bank plc

Save Gaza 1

sort code: 400523

Account No. 81332058


send cheque payable to (Save Gaza 1) to this address

NO.1 Olympic Way

Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 0NP

United Kingdom

Donate by paypal HERE

Also read about the brave woman spoken about in THIS post.

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