Comments Are Not Free

The comments on this Blog are locked. I have explained the reasons for this a number of times. Basically it is to avoid…
any form of racism including (real) antisemitism… or Islamophobic viewpoints.

Comments equating being Jewish with being a zionist will not be tolerated. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

any zionist propaganda…

Holocaust denials will also not be tolerated…

any form of sexism…

obscenities of any kind…

personal attacks on myself or anyone that comments…

Comments not related to the topic will not be published, nor will comments advertising commercial products or personal Blogs that do not reflect the views of this one.

Comments that go on and on having nothing to do with the topic will also not be published…. get a Blog of your own if you must.

Disagreements are welcome, discussions are welcome, but any of the above will not be published…. so save yourself the time and effort and stop sending them.


Only comments from REAL people will be considered.

Call this censorship if you like, call it anything you want… but learn to live with it! Comments are not free on this Blog!
In many cases, if your comment is totally in violation of the above, you will permanently be banned from commenting on this Blog.

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