Wiesenthal Center wants New Yorkers to give anti-Israel activist ‘the reception he deserves: an empty hall’, but nobody has asked for money back



No takers as NY theater offers refunds for Waters

A theater in Sag Harbor, New York has offered to refund tickets to a sold-out performance by Roger Waters over his support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel.

Waters, the former frontman of rock band Pink Floyd, has been vocal in his criticism of artists who perform in Israel. He is scheduled to perform Friday at the Bay Street Theater. Page Six reported Wednesday that the performance may face picketers in a protest organized by pro-Israel groups.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in a statement issued on Tuesday called on New Yorkers “to give Roger Waters the reception he deserves: an empty hall. We urge people who may have been unaware of his hate-filled boycott campaign and bought tickets for his performance, to vote with their feet and instead stand in solidarity — outside of the theater — with the innocent victims of terrorism in The Holy Land.”

The theater’s executive director, Tracy Mitchell, on Wednesday told local news website 27East.com that no one has requested a refund, and that the theater has people “begging for tickets.”

Earlier this month, in a much-publicized rant, radio personality Howard Stern ripped Waters for his support of the movement to boycott Israel.

Waters in an open letter to rocker Jon Bon Jovi ahead of his concert earlier this month in Israel, accused the artist of “standing shoulder to shoulder” with right-wing Israeli extremists.

In response, Bon Jovi said at his concert: “I’ll come here any time you want.”

Waters has published open letters calling on fellow musicians to join a boycott of Israel. He has also come under fire for using at in his concerts a huge inflated balloon in the shape of a wild boar with a prominently visible Star of David among other symbols, including a dollar sign and a hammer and sickle. He had used the gimmick for several years.

Having previously defended Roger Waters from accusations of anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in 2013 reluctantly acknowledged that “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” have “seeped into the totality” of the former Pink Floyd frontman’s views.

“Judging by his remarks, Roger Waters has absorbed classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and these have now seeped into the totality of his views,” Abraham H. Foxman, then the National Director of the ADL, told The Times of Israel. “His comments about Jews and Israel have gotten progressively worse over time. It started with anti-Israel invective, and has now morphed into conspiratorial anti-Semitism.”




Maybe you have read about the murder in Jerusalem of Richard Lakin, 76, an American idealist who moved to Israel in 1984 and became active in the peace movement there and then was shot and stabbed by young Palestinians on a Jerusalem bus two weeks ago, succumbing to his wounds on Tuesday. The Hartford Courant says Lakin “spent a lifetime trying to bring people of different religions and races together.” The New York Times has a moving report from Lakin’s funeral saying he was a civil rights activist in the U.S. before moving to Israel to be a teacher.

Peace Now also has a report on the case, apparently based on a translation of a report in the Hebrew press:

Less than a day after Richard Lakin passed away Tuesday from the wounds he suffered in an attack by two Palestinians two weeks ago, thousands of right-wingers on the Internet celebrated his death. The flood of hate posts began after the right-wing Israeli rapper, ‘The Shadow,’ wrote on Facebook that the murder of Lakin, an activist with the ‘Tag Meir’ group, which visits Palestinians who were attacked by Jews, should be a wake-up call to left-wingers. “He needs to be buried in Gaza and people should shit on his gravestone,” posted one on Facebook over a picture of Lakin’s face. “Another dead terrorist,” wrote another. “So it turns out Arabs do good things sometimes.” “For me he is another terrorist.” “Since I really love the left-wing, I want to wish them the same thing,” others wrote.

The New York Times did not mention those Facebook posts in its piece on Lakin. It does, however, mention the Facebook posts by Palestinian youth inciting attacks on Israelis. Lakin’s “family is now suing Facebook over posts they say incite violence,” the Times reports. It notes that a Palestinian killed in the bus attack, Bahas Alian

had announced his plans on Facebook. While sitting vigil in the hospital, the family was incensed to find on social networks a re-enactment of the bus attack “to encourage others to take the same action,” [Lakin’s son Micah] Avni said, and “specific instructions on how to slice someone’s chest open and cut their intestines like what was done to my father.”

The Times elaborates:

“My father had been a great beneficiary of social media. He used Facebook and Twitter to express his thoughts on education and on peace,” Mr. Avni said. “He also became the victim of a tremendous amount of incitement and hate on those vehicles.”

Now, Mr. Lakin is the lead plaintiff in a suit filed this week in New York by a conservative Israeli antiterrorism group that seeks an injunction to force Facebook to block posts that call for violence against Jews.

If you read this article, the people you come away judging are the Palestinians. If you read the Peace Now report, you see that there is actually plenty of hatred to go around. This is a pattern: Once again, the New York Times is covering up the frightening fascistic trends in Israel, deceiving Americans about the nature of that society.

P.S. When is the Times going to do a long profile of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun’s family? She was the 18-year-old daughter of a leading Palestinian doctor shot at a checkpoint in Hebron. We know her family would talk to the Times. They talked to Allison Deger.


Trump has become arguably the most hated man south of the border after describing Mexican immigrants as criminals, drug sellers and rapists. Trump masks sold in Mexico depict the real estate mogul with his mouth agape and a caricature blond hairdo.




It is a shame that the average American remains completely in the dark about what it means to live under military occupation. The Israeli “occupation” that Palestinians have been living under for 48 years is a brutal military rule that reaches into every corner of every Palestinian’s life. It controls where we can go and when, where we can live, how we practice our religion, and so many other vital matters, including whether we live or die.

Image by Ismael Shammout

Image by Ismael Shammout

What Americans Don’t Know About the Middle East Conflict and Why

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows better than anyone else that if we Palestinians are permitted to engage non-violently, odds are we will expose Israel’s military occupation for what it is, a system of modern-day apartheid or worse. This is why, following his March election victory, Netanyahu assembled an extreme right-wing cabinet that would work to ensure that Palestinians were provoked to the point of turning violent.

He did this thinking that such violence, and the backlash he could unleash, would have limited international repercussions since Americans have been actively, thoroughly, and consistently deprived of the context necessary to understand the conflict.

For decades, every time violence has broken out, Israel has simply switched on its well-oiled public relations campaign designed to discredit Palestinians. In a new twist, the Israeli government recently began giving scholarships to university students who are willing to sit at their computers posting endless streams of comments on news sites and social media, engineered by Israeli experts to counter any criticism of Israel. Addressing western audiences, mainly American, Israel decontextualizes the violence.

A prime example is how Israel links every act of Palestinian violence to religious fervor, without any suggestion that Israel’s military occupation since 1967 and annexation of Jerusalem in 1980 could give grounds for legitimate political grievance. For decades, Palestinians in Jerusalem have been systematically humiliated, discriminated against, and even stripped of their Jerusalem residency status. Instead of providing a context that might help explain and stem the attacks, Israel goes to the extreme to make it seem as if Palestinians were just a different breed of people, bent on inexplicable violence. It has worked brilliantly, until now.

Today, after years of developing effective non-violent tools to resist the occupation, everything from a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns all the way to challenging the occupation in venues of the United Nations, such as the International Criminal Court, Palestinians have built a solidarity movement that can be found in every corner of the globe. We are finally giving the occupation a run for its money.

However, in America, despite widespread educational efforts on the issue in almost every state, change has been slow. Context is key, and Americans have been consistently deprived of the relevant context for understanding this conflict. Is it any wonder that so many Americans rush to contextualize Palestinian behavior by borrowing whatever negative Middle Eastern tags happen to be fashionable at the moment — from Osama bin Laden to ISIS, from Saddam Hussein to Hezbollah. If the comments online are any indication, a common response in the USA to the recent tragic events in and around Jerusalem is to call into question our very humanity.

Completely missing from this discourse is that the United States is the leading player in the actions, or inactions, of the international community that have allowed the situation to boil over once again. It is the U.S. that monopolized the peace process, that substantially arms Israel and that covers for it diplomatically like no other state in the world. Moreover, an annual $3 billion in American tax dollars flow to Israel in aid and goods. These rewards are carrots to keep Israel strategically allied to the U.S. but the weapons and equipment, not to mention the freeing up of Israeli tax dollars, are used as sticks to systematically oppress Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

For the average American citizen, in 2015, to still view Palestinians as creatures from Mars, their all-too-human desperation seen without any historic context and independently of any relation to the Israeli military occupation which runs their lives, is no longer acceptable. The American education system and media must do better, for the sake of us all.

Theoretically, American politicians and lawmakers could compensate for Americans’ lack of knowledge of the conflict but, alas, little hope is to be found in that direction: U.S. politics has long been allied with the pro-Israeli lobby and Congress has become an echo chamber for Israeli state propaganda.

It is a shame that the average American remains completely in the dark about what it means to live under military occupation. The Israeli “occupation” that Palestinians have been living under for 48 years is a brutal military rule that reaches into every corner of every Palestinian’s life. It controls where we can go and when, where we can live, how we practice our religion, and so many other vital matters, including whether we live or die.

The acts of violence we are witnessing against Israelis are horrifying — as are less publicized and more numerous Israeli attacks against Palestinians. We can remain appalled by the violence but can nevertheless understand what is motivating the actions. Indeed, to have any chance of stopping them, we are obliged first to understand why they are happening. For Palestinians, the names and places in the Bible, holy to so many Americans, are more than words we recite at church on Sundays: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jericho are our homes and when violence breaks out in those places, it is we and our children who have the most to lose.

Israeli and Palestinian casualties are a loss to us all and their memories should serve as an eternal reminder to all sides — that without an end to the Israeli occupation there can be no winners or losers, only more mourners on both sides.


Written for The Forward


First there was this ….. (Click on link to read report)

This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation

The "Israeli Soliders Costume for Kids" Walmart’s Israeli soldier’s costume for children shows insensitivity to victims and survivors of war crimes.

The “Israeli Soliders Costume for Kids”
Walmart’s Israeli soldier’s costume for children shows insensitivity to victims and survivors of war crimes.

Then a reversal in Walmart’s decision …..

Disgust at Walmart’s Israeli soldier costume for kids


On Tuesday evening, Walmart withdrew from sale two products that have generated widespread outrage and disgust: the Israeli soldier costume for children and the grotesquely racist “Sheikh Fagin Nose.”

The Halloween costumes are no longer available on the company’s website. The giant retailer has not responded to a request for comment.

Earlier, a host of groups, including the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the US Palestinian Community Network jointly called on Walmart and other retailers to stop selling the two items.

Robert Mackey has more details at The New York Times’ “Open Source” blog.

Original article

Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, has sparked outrage by selling an “Israeli Soldier Costume for Kids.”

The Halloween outfit is particularly distasteful at a time when human rights groups are strongly condemningIsrael’s policy of extrajudicially executing Palestinians forced to live under its decades-long military occupation.

The costume, seen above, includes a dark green uniform and red beret. The jacket includes the Hebrew abbreviation for “Israel Defense Forces.” An Internet search shows that it is sold by other online retailers as well.

“When I first saw the Israeli soldier costume for kids I thought it was a joke,” Gaza writer and editor Refaat Alareer told The Electronic Intifada. “The model boy used to promote this costume is probably the age of my niece, whose father Israeli soldiers murdered in Gaza in 2014 when they destroyed our family home.”

In the summer of 2014 the Israeli army killed 551 Palestinian children during its assault on Gaza.

Many child survivors of Israel’s attack now have lifelong injuries.

An independent UN Human Rights Council inquiry found extensive evidence of war crimes during the assault that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, likely ordered at the highest level of the Israeli government.

Alareer’s brother Muhammad, known as Hamada, was killed during the Israeli attack on the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya, a devastating assault that destroyed the homes of thousands of families and killed dozens of people.

Hamada had played a beloved children’s character similar to Big Bird on Palestinian TV, called Karkour. He left behind his wife, a young daughter and baby son.

“I am sure my orphan niece and nephew would be terrorized seeing the kid wearing the Israeli khaki uniform which is the reason for the death of their beloved dad,” Alareer said.

“The Israeli soldier uniform will remain an ugly scar in the face of Walmart which by selling this outfit promotes death, destruction and occupation,” he added. “As a Palestinian who lost many relatives to Israeli soldiers in a costume like the one Walmart is selling, I feel disgusted.”

Alareer urged Walmart to “remove this revolting outfit and apologize for the 551 Palestinian kids Israel murdered in the summer of 2014.”

He also called on American parents to “boycott this outfit and Walmart and not allow their kids to wear a costume of murderers.”

Racist costumes

Walmart’s “Sheikh Fagin” costume manages to be both anti-Arab and anti-Semitic.

Walmart’s “Sheikh Fagin” costume manages to be both anti-Arab and anti-Semitic.

AJ Plus producer Dena Takruri also pointed out other troubling and racist costumes for sale at Walmart.com.

These include this “Sheikh Fagin Nose” mask. The “hook nose” is regular feature of racist caricatures of Jews and Arabs. Fagin is the name of a villainous character in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, often criticized as an anti-Semitic stereotype.


The Israeli soldier costume has already generated negative media coverage for Walmart, including in The Independent, New York Daily News, Al Arabiya and The Jerusalem Post.

An inquiry has been sent to the company, but other media say the retailer has yet to comment.

Last summer, Walmart removed items bearing the Confederate flag from its shelves.

The move came after a gunman murdered nine African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on 17 June.

Dylann Roof, an avowed white supremacist who posted pictures of himself posing with the Confederate flag, has been charged with the killings.

While Walmart had profited from the racist symbol for years, it bowed to a wave of revulsion and decided to stop selling the flag.

It remains to be seen whether Walmart will show any such sensitivity to the child victims of Israel’s occupation and war crimes.


British academics call for Israel boycott in Guardian ad

343 British scholars call for all-encompassing academic boycott of Israel in response to an ad published in the same paper on Friday opposing a cultural boycott.

The ad was in response to THIS letter that appeared in the Friday edition

The ad was in response to THIS letter that appeared in the Friday edition


343 British academics pledged to uphold an academic boycott of Israeli Universities due to their “support for Israeli violations of international law and support for the occupation,” in a full page advertisement published in Tuesday’s edition of the Guardian.

Full report HERE


98 years after the Bolsheviks established the Soviet Union, all traces have been erased in the Ukraine …. Darth Vader has replaced Lenin in Odessa’s central square ….

Lenin’s face has been covered by Darth Vader’s mask, and his coat has been turned into a cape. The helmet also reportedly serves as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

       THEN                                                               NOW


Lenin Statue in Ukraine Turned Into Darth Vader

The monument as it looks today.Credit Volokin Yevgeny/Reuters

The monument as it looks today.Credit Volokin Yevgeny/Reuters



The following is a repeat of what happened in another era ….. read the timeline HERE

One of the original mantras of the zionist movement was “A land without a people for a people without a land”

Netanyahu is on the verge of making that a reality ….


Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu recently raised the possibility of canceling the residency status of the 80,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem neighborhoods on the other side of the separation wall. Shuafat refugee camp and Kafr Aqab would be among the affected neighborhoods.

maxresdefault (1)

PM considers canceling residency of 80,000 East Jerusalem Palestinians

Netanyahu raises possibility in cabinet meeting of canceling residency status of East Jerusalem Palestinians who live on other side of the separation barrier sparking criticism from ministers.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu recently raised the possibility of canceling the residency status of the 80,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem neighborhoods on the other side of the separation wall. Shuafat refugee camp and Kafr Aqab would be among the affected neighborhoods.

Netanyahu brought up the need to address the situation in East Jerusalem’s neighborhoods beyond the wall during a cabinet meeting that took place two weeks ago.

“There is no enforcement there, no law,” Netanyahu said. “We need to examine the possibility of canceling their residency. There needs to be a discussion about it.”

The prime minister also raised the need to examine how law enforcement and security can be improved in these neighborhoods through the deployment of extra police and army units.

The neighborhoods in question are within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries but lie outside the wall and are considered extremely problematic from a security perspective.

However, since there has been no further discussion of the issue it is not yet certain whether this is a serious plan.

Netanyahu’s proposal drew responses from a number of ministers, who were surprised to hear him talk of disengagement.

MK Israel Katz had originally raised the topic of the neighborhoods beyond the wall, saying that the area had been abandoned. In response, Netanyahu suggested the possibility of preventing entry to the rest of Jerusalem from those areas.

“That is a far-reaching decision which requires a referendum, because it would involve giving up territory,” Katz remarked in response to Netanyahu.

Other lawmakers taking part in the discussion said that the matter affected residents with blue identity cards and that they could not simply be cut off on a whim.

It was subsequently agreed that a special session would be convened to discuss the fate of the neighborhoods beyond the wall.

“Netanyahu spoke about a situation which he seems not to fully understand,” a minister said after the cabinet meeting. “We are talking about an unequivocal division of Jerusalem.”

“All of Netanyahu’s lies have been exposed,” said MK Yoel Hasson of the Zionist Union. “After throwing the periphery into the gutter, Netanyahu decided to break another one of his election promises.

“There will no longer be a united Jerusalem. Hysteria and indulgence have brought us to the decision of the Prime Minister’s Office to disengage from East Jerusalem,” Hasson continued.

“This comes without the backing of the international community, without the agreement of the people and with terror spreading throughout the streets,” he added.

Jerusalem Police erected a concrete wall along a street between the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Armon Hanatziv and Jabal Mukaber in the east of the city last week. The move was billed as an attempt to put a stop to frequent stone-throwing and throwing of Molotov cocktails at homes in the area.

At the time, the Jerusalem municipality clarified that the wall was a temporary measure aimed at reducing injuries and damage to property in stone-throwing incidents.



Netanyahu obviously doesn’t say what he means and doesn’t mean what he says.


Netanyahu cannot be trusted

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

Suddenly there is a modicum of optimism in some quarters, especially in Amman and Ramallah, over Binyamin Netanyahu’s reported willingness to defuse tension in Occupied Palestine.

Since the beginning of October, as many as 60 Palestinians, including more than 20 children, have been killed, many in a cold-blooded execution-style, by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Around ten Israeli soldiers and settlers were also killed in the same period.

The Israeli policy to kill first and ask questions later was effectively, though not formally, adopted in an effort to crush Palestinian protests over reasserted attempts by government backed Messianic Jewish fanatics to arrogate a foothold at the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest places.

Israeli circles though obviously mistakenly thought that political turmoil in much of the Arab world presented a golden opportunity for Israel to drastically alter the status quo at the Mosque and its spacious courts, including allowing Jews to hold Talmudic rituals, which effectively means partitioning the exclusively Islamic shrine.

Indeed, in addition to killing and maiming hundreds of Palestinians, Israel took draconian measures to crush what seemed to be a renewed Palestinian intifada.

The stringent measures included, inter alia, cordoning off Arab quarters and neighborhoods in Jerusalem, carrying out sweeping arrests, demolishing homes of suspects accused of trying to stab Israelis, and imposing hefty financial fines on the families of Palestinian youngsters involved in the protests.

By way of deception

Unable to crush the protests, which the Israeli media referred to as “Lone-wolf attacks”, Netanyahu has been trying to use sly diplomatic ploys to achieve the same goal.

He repeatedly declared the willingness of his government to maintain “the status quo” at the Aqsa Mosque.

But Netanyahu obviously doesn’t say what he means and doesn’t mean what he says.

He simply lacks the goodwill to pursue any confidence-building measures that would defuse the powder keg at the Haram al-Sharif.

Indeed, when Netanyahu speaks of the status quo, he has in mind something entirely different from what the rest of the world understands.

In fact, Netanyahu’s status quo includes organizing daily or regular encroachments by fanatical Jewish millenarians into the Islamic holy place, escorted by crack soldiers and heavily-armed para-military police units.

Needless to say, we are not talking here about innocent visits or innocent visitors.

Instead, we are talking about conscious and malicious efforts to gradually desensitize Muslim objections to attempts by the Israeli authorities to partition the Aqsa, probably in preparation for a more daring feat, e.g. demolishing the Mosque entirely.

This is not a phobic reaction on the part of the Palestinian community.

Messianic Jews, including members of the Israeli cabinet, make nearly daily statements about the need to achieve “Jewish spiritual  fulfillment” by way of “restoring the Temple Mount” to the Jews.

So, Netanyahu is not being honest. The opposite is exactly correct.

Second, the Israeli premier cannot be given the benefit of the doubt in case there is any doubt about his intentions.

In fact, the Israeli government which adopts daily decisions to expand Jewish settlements all over the West Bank can’t really be trusted to pursue just peace.

This week, that government took a decision to build thousands of new settler units in the West Bank, which begs the following question:

Does a government that builds more and more settlements on occupied land and transfer hundreds of thousands of its settlers to live on land that belongs to another people really desires peace with these people?

This is why the relative optimism that Israel will agree to take genuine measures to defuse tension should be viewed with great caution.

Besides, we all know that the ongoing escalation of violence is a mere symptom of the decades-old occupation as well as the de facto elimination by Israel of all realistic chances to establish a viable and territorially-contiguous Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Needless to say, this creates a real dilemma for the Palestinians and forces them to either rise up against Israeli oppression and ethnic cleansing or struggle for equality with Jews in the context of a unitary and truly democratic state.

But equality between Jews and non-Jews doesn’t really exist in Zionism’s lexicon. More to the point, Democracy and Talmudic Judaism are an eternal oxymoron.

Hence, the dilemma, which has become conspicuously acute in light of the decapitation by Israel of all realistic efforts to establish a true Palestinian state, worthy of the name.


Settlers gone wild in the wild, wild West Bank …

A video on YouTube showed a masked man lunging at Rabbi Arik Asherman (pictured) [Flickr/Trocaire]

A video on YouTube showed a masked man lunging at Rabbi Arik Asherman (pictured) [Flickr/Trocaire]

Peace activist rabbi attacked by Israeli settler

Video shows moment masked attacker beats Rabbi Arik Ascherman while brandishing a knife in West Bank.

A video has emerged of the moment a settler attacked and beat an Israeli peace activist near the Palestinian village of Awarta in the occupied West Bank.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, who heads the Rabbis for Human Rights organisation, was part of a group of Israeli and international activists attending an olive harvest at a Palestinian farm on Friday when he was attacked.

The Israeli news outlet ‘+972 Magazine’ reported that Ascherman and other activists noticed Israeli settlers stealing olives and setting fire to plants on the hillside.

When Ascherman went to put out the fire he was set upon by a masked man swinging a knife at him.

The video shows the masked man shouting at Ascherman and then throwing punches at him. The man, who later runs off up hill, lunges at Ascherman with the knife but does not stab him.

Al Jazeera contacted the Israeli military, which occupies the West Bank, and the Israeli police force, which deals with incidents between Israelis in the territory. Both said they were unaware of the attack.

On its Twitter account, Rabbis for Human Rights said the attack was unprovoked and had happened on Palestinian-administered land and not in Itamar, a nearby illegal Israeli settlement.



Another report HERE

Rabbi Helping Palestinian Olive Harvest Attacked by Extremist

Was there a report of this crime in YOUR daily western press?

I doubt it


Some of you might remember the old school desks with an inkwell in the upper right corner ….


Today, in some cases, documents or speeches are written using a different kind of well. This usually results in a complete falsehood of the intended subject. This was obviously the case when Netenyahu rewrote historical events regarding the holocaust ….

The first thing we can conclude is that Netanyahu is no historian. Himself the son of a crackpot historian, Bibi has adopted a fringe and discredited theory with no historical basis and made it the cornerstone of his understanding of the most traumatic and decisive event in Jewish history.
read more: 


The second takeaway from Tuesday night’s speech is that Netanyahu has lost it. He’s raving. His hatred of the Palestinians and his frustration at their refusal to succumb to his brutality has become an obsession in which even Hitler, the archetype of evil and Jew-hatred, has to play second fiddle to Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian predecessors.

The above is taken from an OpEd in HarAretz …

(Click on link to read)

In Mufti Speech, Netanyahu Showed His Obsessive Hatred of the Palestinians

Yet another opinion …

Hitler’s plan to exterminate European Jewry dated back to years before his meeting with Husseini, noting references to it in “Mein Kampf,” which was published in 1925, as well as the 1933 Nazi party charter and remarks in the Reichstag in 1939, when Hitler threatened to “exterminate the Jewish people.”

Yad Vashem’s Chief Historian on Hitler and the Mufti: Netanyahu Had It All Wrong

There is no evidence that Haj Amin al-Husseini proposed the ‘final solution’ to Hitler, according to Yad Vashem chief historian Dina Porat

Prof. Dina Porat, chief historian of Yad Vashem, called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that Hitler did not seek to exterminate the Jews until his meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time, Haj Amin al-Husseini “completely erroneous, on all counts.”

Porat, a senior historian at Tel Aviv University who specializes in Holocaust studies, told Haaretz on Wednesday: “Hitler did not need anyone to encourage the final solution. In terms of the facts, there’s no debate … all these actions, Hitler’s obsessions, have no link to the mufti.”

In his speech to the 37th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on Tuesday, Netanyahu ostensibly quoted from the conversation between Hitler and the mufti at their meeting in Berlin in November 1941: “And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’”

According to Netanyahu, Hitler asked Husseini, “So what should I do with them?,” to which the mufti replied, “Burn them.”

When asked whether Netanyahu fabricated the dialogue that he quoted, Porat said that Netanyahu is very knowledgeable about Jewish history. “He grew up in a home full of Jewish history. But what he said is not in the minutes of the meeting. That should be clear.”

The meeting between Hitler and Husseini was documented only with general statements and topic headings, and was not transcribed word for word. There is no record of Hitler asking Husseini what to do with Europe’s Jews.

“The mufti did not speak to Hitler in terms of ‘you should do this,’ or ‘what do you think of a final solution?’ Nor is it recorded that the mufti told Hitler to ‘burn them.’ Hitler never asked anyone what to do with the Jews,” Porat said. She did say, however, that Hitler told the mufti that he would “’continue his plans,’ meaning that he had already begun, and certainly not because the mufti asked him to.”

According to Porat, “all of the facts show that during Hitler and the mufti’s meeting, the ‘final solution’ was already under way.”

Porat explained that Hitler’s plan to exterminate European Jewry dated back to years before his meeting with Husseini, noting references to it in “Mein Kampf,” which was published in 1925, as well as the 1933 Nazi party charter and remarks in the Reichstag in 1939, when Hitler threatened to “exterminate the Jewish people.”

“And there’s no debating later on, with the invasion of Poland, the orders from Berlin to build ghettos, which were documented as a stage of the ‘final solution,’” Porat said.

Later, mass killings of Jews began with the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. “The order to kill wasn’t signed by Hitler, but the first death camp, Chelmno, began operating in December 1941, a few weeks after the meeting with the mufti — and it’s something that had been worked on long before,” added Porat.

Husseini asked Hitler to advance the final solution in the Middle East, but he certainly didn’t come up with the plan himself, Porat said. “Had Netanyahu added the words ‘in the Middle East’ to his speech, he wouldn’t be in this mess. But he didn’t add them,” Porat said: “That’s what the mufti wanted, and that’s why he went to Berlin.”

Our resident PsychoGal comes to the rescue of our Psycho PM in the following …

Crazy like a fox

One of her fabrications was ….

Husseini was indicted as a war criminal in Nuremberg. Rather than try him, the allies allowed him to flee to Egypt in 1946. There he was greeted as a war hero by King Farouk.

See if you can find evidence of that HERE

It’s amazing what the well of hate can write.

Click on title link to read her gibberish of the day.


Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill Jewish Man Mistaken for a Terrorist

Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Jewish man in Jerusalem that they believed to be a terrorist, echoing a similar case in Beersheba.

Hours earlier on Wednesday, four Jewish-Israeli men were arrested in the assault of an Eritrean man in the wake of a terrorist attack in Beersheba. The Eritrean was attacked after he was shot dead by a security guard who believed he was a terrorist.

The Jewish man was killed late Wednesday night. While on a bus in Jerusalem, he asked Israeli soldiers boarding the bus to show him identification, believing them to be terrorists. The soldiers asked in exchange for his national identification card, according to Israel Police. He began to argue with the soldiers and then tried to grab the gun of one of them. One of the soldiers shot the man, believing him to be a terrorist.

The man reportedly yelled “I am ISIS” as he attempted to grab the soldier’s gun. The bus driver attempted to subdue him with a taser before he was shot, according to the police.

In the Beersheba case, the arrests were made in the assault of Haftom Zarhum, 29, who was shot during the Oct. 18 stabbing attack in the central bus station. While Zarhum was lying in a pool of his own blood, he was kicked and taunted by bystanders who believed he was a terrorist.

The men arrested are not suspected of killing Zarhum; the results of an autopsy showed that he died as a result of the gunfire. On Thursday, they were released on bail.

An Israeli soldier was killed and 10 people were wounded in the Beersheba attack.


Netanyahu’s ridiculous comments this week have gone as viral internationally as Mein Kampf itself …. Surely they will boost sales for the infamous book.

BUT ….  the saga continues

Once the laughter and groans have died down, the unorthodox version of Holocaust history offered by Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem the other day confronts us with a deeply unsettling question: What to make of the fact that the Jewish state, of all places, has a Holocaust revisionist for a prime minister?

From WRH

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Why Benjamin Netanyahu’s Defense of Hitler Matters So Much

Once the laughter and groans have died down, the unorthodox version of Holocaust history offered by Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem the other day confronts us with a deeply unsettling question: What to make of the fact that the Jewish state, of all places, has a Holocaust revisionist for a prime minister?

Too harsh? Perhaps “Hitler apologist” would go down easier. What’s the proper term for a politician who stands before an international audience and declares that “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews,” but was talked into it by someone he’d just met?

That’s the thesis that Netanyahu laid out in his keynote address to the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on October 20. According to the prime minister, the idea of killing the Jews was pitched to the fuehrer by the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, when the two met over tea in Berlin on November 28, 1941.

“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time,” the prime minister said. “He wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said: ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here,’” meaning Palestine. Netanyahu continued: “’So what should I do with them?’ he asked. He said, ‘Burn them.’” (You can watch Netanyahu’s comments here on Ynet, here at Haaretz or here on CNN.)

The remark has prompted an international uproar, with barbs flying in every direction. Critics say Netanyahu “plays into those who would trivialize or understate Adolf Hitler’s role in orchestrating the Holocaust,” in the words of the Anti-Defamation League’s rookie national director Jonathan Greenblatt. Supporters are, predictably, supportive. The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean Abraham Cooper and in-house historian Harold Brackman, wrote in a Jewish Journal op-ed that the prime minister “went too far” in claiming that Hitler needed Husseini’s help thinking up mass murder, but was “right on” in his larger point, namely that the the accusation of Jews threatening the Al Aqsa mosque can be traced back to the Holocaust-supporting Husseini, way back in the 1920s.

The implication, apparently, is that the mosque accusation is a Nazi-style, genocidal delusion. The further implication is that when current-day Palestinians and other Muslims accuse Israelis of planning to impinge on Muslim religious hegemony over the Temple Mount, they’re merely carrying on the ravings of the mufti who dreamed up the Holocaust.

Netanyahu tried to walk back his statement the next day, saying he didn’t mean to absolve Hitler of responsibility, since Hitler was the one who “made the decision.” He doubled down on Husseini’s role, though, citing a German official’s testimony at the Nuremberg trials to the effect that Husseini had been deeply involved in the gestation. The German, Adolf Eichmann’s deputy Dieter Wisliceny, has been quoted as testifying that the mufti and Eichmann were “best friends” and that the mufti “constantly incited” Eichmann to “greater extermination measures.” The Wisliceny testimony helped inspire the urban legend, which has circulated for years among right-wing Israelis, that Husseini was in fact one of the architects of the Final Solution.

The legend is so deeply rooted, and the facts so tangled up in myths, high-intensity polemics and endless volumes of dry history, that many journalists reporting Bibi’s latest fuehrer furor have given up trying to find the truth. Numerous news accunts of the dustup simply report, like CNN’s Greg Botelho, that the facts can’t be nailed down. “There’s no video or audio, not even a transcript, that can definitively prove Netanyahu’s account of the conversation between Hitler and Husseini,” Botelho wrote.

Actually, there is a record — possibly two, in fact. Hitler’s translator, Paul Otto Schmidt, took notes at the meeting, and they’re readily available. (Find the English translation here or here.) Moreover, the mufti himself kept a diary. The common Internet version of what are said to be his notes from his Hitler powwow (here) tracks closely with Schmidt’s minutes.

What the records show is that the mufti did not pitch genocide to Hitler. Husseini did express support for Hitler’s plan to eliminate the Jews, which he had plainly heard about before the meeting. Hitler proceeded to describe the plan to him in general terms. Husseini said “the Arabs” supported Nazi Germany because they shared the same enemies, namely Great Britain, the Jews and the communists. Hitler told Husseini that he opposed the British-sponsored Jewish national home in Palestine. Husseini asked for a public statement from Hitler endorsing the “elimination” of the Jewish national home. Hitler turned him down.

Both documents make clear that Hitler was already engaged in his genocidal final solution, and that the mufti was an enthusiastic fan. (He would later become an active participant.) Hitler favored extermination because he believed the Jews were trying to take over the world through their domination of capitalist Great Britain and communist Russia. Husseini wanted Jews removed from the Arab world because they were trying to take over Palestine.

There’s also abundant public record documenting the substantial progress Hitler and his lieutenants had made in gearing up the final solution by the time of the November 28 Hitler-Husseini chat. The organized mass killing of Jews by the Nazis had begun in June 1941, immediately after the German invasion of the Soviet Union. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Hitler gave broad instructions to SS chief Heinrich Himmler to “physically eliminate” any perceived threats on July 17, 1941. On July 31, according to the museum, Hermann Goering, Hitler’s chief deputy and designated successor, “authorized SS General Reinhard Heydrich to make preparations for the implementation of a ‘complete solution of the Jewish question.’”

By the end of November, when Hitler met Husseini for the first and only time, planning was well underway for the Wansee Conference, which assembled various German government department heads in January 1942 to coordinate the immense bureaucratic blueprint for genocide that Heydrich had mapped out. Heydrich actually sent out the invitations to the conference on November 29, the day after the mufti met the fuehrer.

Netanyahu’s version of history is so demonstrably and utterly at odds with the historical record that it’s hard to fathom what could have driven him to offer it in a heavily watched keynote address to an international convention. The prime minister famously prides himself on his grasp of history. He makes frequent and facile use of the Holocaust as an object lesson for humanity. Even his harshest critics must have difficulty absorbing the realization that he can be so ignorant of the most basic facts of that history. There’s no lack of observers who disagree, often sharply, with his policies. But this goes to his competence.

There’s another, perhaps larger question raised by Netanyahu’s speech. It goes to the rapidly escalating level of vitriol that the prime minister is directing at Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. One of the clearly evident goals of the Zionist Congress speech was to draw a straight line between the Final Solution and today’s Palestinian national movementand its leader. At a time when Abbas has been peppering nearly every major speech with an appeal for a two-state solution, for a Palestinian state alongside Israel within defined borders, trying to paint him as an heir to the Nazis perverts the truth. Nor does the prime minister stop there. Just hours after the Zionist Congress speech, during a joint press conference with United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon, he said that Abbas had “joined” with Hamas and ISIS.

If Netanyahu’s goal is to pave the way to an eventual reconciliation and coexistence, as he so often claims, he’s picked a funny way of doing it. If his goal is, as he says it is, to discourage slander, demonization and incitement, practicing those very things is a bad first step.



More brilliant ‘wisdom’ from Netanyahu via WRH









The trial is a first in America and is also the first time an Israeli Prime Minister will be put on trial for reasons of international terrorism.

War criminal Ehud Barak Image by Carlos Latuff

War criminal Ehud Barak
Image by Carlos Latuff

Ex-Israeli prime minister sued in US for attack on Gaza flotilla

A case has been opened against former Israeli Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ehud Barak in the US who is one of the responsible perpetrators for the attack upon the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and is the first person to carry the embargo upon Gaza into effect.

The family of Furkan Doğan, an American citizen who was martyred with the attack, has made a plea in the US for the attacks to the vessels including Mavi Marmara of Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was present in the US for a conference. He is the first person to decide, and to carry the embargo upon Gaza into effect. Barak is one of the responsible for the attack upon the Mavi Marmara flotilla. The attorney’s of the Mavi Marmara case were able to get in contact with Ehud Barak to convey him the written notice with a file that was prepared earlier, even though Mossad agents had tried to hinder this attempt of communication. Ehud Barak who had suffered a shock with the notice will stand trial in the United States.

The lawsuit in the name of Furkan Doğan’s family will be tried in the Central District of California. Ehud Barak will be tried for the crimes on the board of Mavi Marmara both to receive imprisonment and to pay compensation. Other plaintiffs and families of martyrs will also be able to join the case.

The case being heard in the United States is being looked after with the leadership of prosecuter Prof.Dr Geoffrey Nice QC who had put Serbian murderer Milosevic on trial. Within the team, Stoke&White is looking after the coordination within the case, Rodney Dixon QC who is the attorney of Mohammed Mursi, and American attorney’s Hydee Dijsktal and Dan Stormer are also present.

Ehud Barak with the case to be heard at the Central District of California will be put on trial for murdering civillians and Furkan Doğan within international waters. Other reasons include“international terrorism”, “Willful killing”, “attempt of willful killing”, “intentionally causing serious injury to body or health”, “plundering”, , “intentionally causing damage to property”, “restriction of people’s freedom and instigating violent crime”. Barak will be tried for planing and leading these actions.

The trial is a first in America and is also the first time an Israeli Prime Minister will be put on trial for reasons of international terrorism.

Ehud Barak had just slipped in being arrested in France when going to a firearms expo in 2010 by hopping off the plane last minute with the trial opened against him by the wives of martyrs Cevdet Kılıçlar and Necdet Yıldırım in France.

The investigation is still continuing regarding all the perpretrators within the International Criminal Court (ICC). As it is also known, the ICC prosecuter had given the decision that the attack upon the Mavi Marmara Flotilla by Israel was a war crime. The red notice which has been issued by the 7th High Criminal Court in Istanbul is also been waiting to be sent to Interpol through the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey to be put into practice.



Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff

Not only were Netanyahu’s remarks regarding the holocaust refuted by historians and politicians ….

Even Germany itself was offended ….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has re-affirmed her country’s responsibility for the Holocaust, following controversial comments by Israel’s prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu was criticised for saying Adolf Hitler had only wanted to expel Jews from Europe but that a Palestinian leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, told him to “burn them.”

Speaking at a joint news conference with Mr Netanyahu, Mrs Merkel said she was “very clear in [her] mind” that German soldiers were responsible.


The Israeli Prime Minister’s obvious hatred of the Palestinian people has finally come to a head via his remarks this week ….

An apology to the people of Palestine, as well as to the six million Jewish victims of the holocaust, their descendants and the survivors themselves is definitely in order.

This to be followed by by his resignation from the office of Prime Minister as he has definitely proven to be mentally unstable and not in a position to continue.

Nothing short of that would be acceptable.

Netanyahu said on Wednesday there was “much evidence” to back up his accusations against Husseini, including testimony by a deputy of Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, at the Nuremberg war crimes trials after World War Two. (FROM) And that is a reliable source of historic events?

Netanyahu said on Wednesday there was “much evidence” to back up his accusations against Husseini, including testimony by a deputy of Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, at the Nuremberg war crimes trials after World War Two. (FROM)
And that is a reliable source of historic events?

THIS Op-Ed from Ynet is a MUST READ

From WRH

From WRH


More than a flag is needed to end the cycle of madness

More than a flag is needed to end the cycle of madness

The US, Israel’s guardian-ally, has used its veto power at the UN Security Council numerous times to kill dozens of UNSC resolutions that would have forced Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and allow for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

UN failure in Palestine

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Israel-Occupied Palestine, in an effort to defuse mounting tension between Israel and the Palestinians as the Israeli occupation army killed five more Palestinians Tuesday, bringing the number of Palestinian victims of Israeli repression to as many as 51 in less than three weeks..

More than 3000 other Palestinians are thought to have sustained varied injuries from live bullets, rubber-coated bullets, and stun grenades or from tear-gas inhalation.

Moreover, Palestinian eyewitnesses and some human rights groups have accused Israel of executing in cold blood a number of Palestinian youngsters on the mere suspicion that they were planning to stab Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Around nine Israeli soldiers and settlers were also killed and dozens injured in the same period.

The violence, often dubbed as the Third Palestinian Intifada or uprising, started after government-backed Messianic Jewish fanatics carried out forced encroachments, nearly on a daily basis, into the Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sanctuaries.

Messianic Jewish groups, including government ministers, make no secret of their desires to see the Islamic Shrines at the Haram al-Sharif destroyed by whatever means necessary in order to build a Jewish Temple in the area.

Most Palestinians consider the Aqsa Mosque a matter of life or death since it symbolizes their national existence. Hence, the repeated storming of the Mosque by fanatical Jewish groups is viewed by most Palestinians as the ultimate provocation.

On the other hand, Israel seems thoroughly intoxicated with arrogance of power as a result of Israel’s military might and also by Jewish domination over the American government, especially Congress.

Following his arrival in Tel Aviv, Moon reiterated platitudes, repeated ad nauseam, about the Palestinian question.

However, the UN Chief avoided blaming Israel for effectively killing the proposed two-state solution through settlement expansion which most observers contend  has eliminated any remaining prospects for the establishment of any viable Palestinian state.

“It is not too late to avoid a broader crisis,” Moon insisted. “In my meetings today and tomorrow with the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships, I will be appealing to all to take concerted steps to limit new incidents on both sides. Violence only begets violence.”

Moon added that extremists on either side, or those who think violence is the answer, must not be allowed to further fuel the conflict.

“Beyond the immediate tensions, what is missing is the resolve to restore a political horizon for talks, and a political process that delivers real results and hope,” Mr. Ban noted. “Violence only undermines the legitimate Palestinian aspirations for statehood and the longing of Israelis for security.”

Underlining that “the status quo is only making things worse,” the Secretary-General stated that this conflict has gone on for far too long.

“We must, for the future of our children, turn back from this dangerous abyss, safeguard the two-state solution and lead people back onto the road towards peace,” he urged, adding that the UN, and himself as Secretary-General, will continue to support all efforts to create the conditions for a return to meaningful negotiations and a just and lasting peace.

Moon’s visit is unlikely to contribute to the restoration of calm, especially in light of Israel’s failure to stop tampering with the delicate situation at the Aqsa Mosque.

Moreover, the deadly Israeli response to Palestinian protests over the Aqsa crisis and also the vanishing of real hopes for Palestinian statehood seem to have created an incendiary situation which can only be contained by drastic UN action against Israel’s lebensraum policies in Palestine, namely the settlement expansion.

However, such an intervention by the UN is highly unlikely due to US hegemony over the international organization.

The US, Israel’s guardian-ally, has used its veto power at the UN Security Council numerous times to kill dozens of UNSC resolutions that would have forced Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and allow for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

Moreover, the virtually unlimited military support for Israel by the US has made the Zionist state a virtual military superpower that is capable of defying the entire international community, including the U.S.  Hence, the UN failure to resolve the Palestinian question.

Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who is notorious for his dishonesty and mendacity, has been saying that Israel will not seek to change the status quo in Jerusalem’s al-Haram al-Sharif.

However, those familiar with Netanyahu’s mindset and twisted language realize too well that Netanyahu, when referring to the status quo, is only alluding to the fait accompli where fanatic Jews are allowed, with army escort and protection, to enter the Islamic sanctuary, not to visit the place as Israeli propaganda alleges, but rather to hold Talmudic rituals, in order to desensitize Muslim objections and to arrogate a foothold at the 1400-year Islamic sanctuary.

Hence, Israel bears absolute and full responsibility for the current violence engulfing the  area, first for knowingly killing all prospects for peace due to unrelenting settlement expansion and, second, for tampering with the powder keg at the Aqsa Mosque.


Daily life getting worse by the minute ….

Israeli soldiers frequently storm the neighborhood and often spray sewage and tear gas at residents and in their homes. Predawn military raids are regularly carried out, where young men are detained and Israeli forces ransack homes while families are sleeping inside.


Israeli crackdown turning life in al-Issawiya to ‘nightmare’

As Israeli authorities increase restrictions on Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, residents of al-Issawiya say humiliating inspections by Israeli forces have turned their lives into a “nightmare.”

“The Israeli occupation is trying to practice a policy of humiliation at the military checkpoints in the main exits of al-Issawiya,” said Hani al-Issawi, a member of a local committee to defend land in in the town.

“Residents are not allowed to leave the village in groups. Every single person must undergo inspections,” he added.

Men, including the elderly, are forced to pull up their shirts up and sometimes take their trousers down upon entrance and exit to the neighborhood, while many undergo physical inspections.

Female residents of the town are often searched by female soldiers who decide whether to carry out physical inspections or to check their bags and identification documents.

Israel forces on Oct. 14 closed roads leading into the neighborhood with concrete barriers, setting up make-shift military and police checkpoints for all residents to pass through.

The move was made shortly after Israel’s security cabinet announced that Israeli police are now entitled to “impose a closure on, or to surround, centers of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations,” according to Israeli media reports.

The same day, Issawi said: “The Israeli occupation forces closed most of the village’s entrances with concrete blocks and earth mounds.”

As some 19,000 residents of the neighborhood are forced to use a single exit for pedestrians and another for vehicles, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus a member of a local follow-up committee in the town told Ma’an: “They are being inspected, sworn at, and humiliated at these exits.”

“Every morning, queues of schoolchildren, workers and employees are seen waiting in front of the checkpoint,” he added, saying that inspecting a single person takes two to give minutes.In addition, schoolchildren need to take two buses to their schools: one that reaches the end of the closed road, and a second that the children reach after passing through the make-shift military checkpoint by foot.

Around 3,400 Palestinian schoolchildren leave the neighborhood every morning for schools in Jerusalem, while around 3,200 schoolchildren from neighboring areas attend schools inside al-Issawiya, including two schools for people with special needs, Abu Hummus said.

Issawi told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers have “emptied their schoolbags and deliberately thrown books on the ground.”

In response to the Israeli crackdown, Palestinian factions in the neighborhood announced general strike on Tuesday.

The strike was announced shortly after Huda Muhammad Darwish, 65, died after being delayed from reaching a hospital at a checkpoint leading out of the town.

The elderly woman had suffered breathing difficulties following clashes in the neighborhood, in which tear gas was fired. Her family tried to rush her to hospital, but locals told Ma’an that Israeli troops ignored that there was a sick person in the car, delaying them at the checkpoint.

While punitive measures have increased over the last week in response to a series of stabbing attacks that have left at least nine Israelis dead since Oct, 1, Issawi pointed out that Israeli forces had started “collective punishments” against the neighborhood months ago.

Israeli soldiers frequently storm the neighborhood and often spray sewage and tear gas at residents and in their homes. Predawn military raids are regularly carried out, where young men are detained and Israeli forces ransack homes while families are sleeping inside.

Israeli rights group B’Tselem last week called the Israeli government’s response to the recent escalation in the area as “the very inverse of what ought to be done” toward ending recent violence.

Al-Issawiya is one of several Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem that has come under such restrictions. Israeli forces on Sunday began installing a large concrete wall to separate the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir from the illegal Israeli settlement of Armon Hanatziv.

While a similar order was made for al-Issawiya, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that plans to erect separation barriers around the town be scrapped, after pressure from members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.


More photos at SOURCE


Watch as Netanyahu publicly asserts that Adolf Hitler had no intention of exterminating Europe’s Jews until a Palestinian persuaded him to do it.

Just one of the many lies in the following video

(Which, BTW, were refuted by historians and politicians)

Full report by Ali Abunimah HERE

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler?

Now take a look at MEMRI’S latest creation …. then look at who MEMRI is after you watch this …. FROM


  • Bernard Lewis, Professor of Near Eastern Studies Emeritus at Princeton University.
  • Elie Wiesel, Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom, the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal, and the Medal of Liberty Award.
  • Gen. Michael V. Hayden, retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Jose Maria Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain.
  • Stephen J. Trachtenberg, President Emeritus and University Professor of Public Service at George Washington University.
  • Donald Rumsfeld, Former US Secretary of Defense and US Representative (IL).
  • James Woolsey, Former Director of Central Intelligence Agency and Under-Secretary of the Navy.
  • John Bolton, Former US Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • John Ashcroft, Former US Attorney General and U.S. Senator (MO).
  • Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister of Israel.
  • Irwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.
  • Mort Zuckerman, Chairman and editor-in-chief, U.S. News & World Report.
  • Chin Ho Lee, former FBI Special Agent and Senior Executive of the Hyundai Corporation.
  • Peter Hoekstra, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and 9-term member of U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan.
  • Dorothy Denning, Distinguished Professor of Defense Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School.
  • Norman Podhoretz, Former editor-in-chief of Commentary Magazine.
  • M.K. Narayanan, former Director of India’s Intelligence Bureau and former Indian National Security Advisor and Special Advisor to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  • William Bennett, Former Secretary of Education.
  • Christopher DeMuth, Former President, American Enterprise Institute.
  • Anne Speckhard, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University in the School of Medicine and of Security Studies in the School of Foreign Service.
  • Paul Bremer, Former Ambassador to the Netherlands; former Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq (de-factor governor).
  • Lord George Weidenfeld, Former Vice-President, Oxford University Development Program.
  • Katrina Lantos Swett, Chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom; President of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice
  • Alfred Moses, Former Ambassador to Romania.
  • Herb London, President Emeritus of the Hudson Institute.
  • Stuart Eizenstat, former ambassador to the European Union.
  • Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University.
  • Josef Joffe, Publisher of Die Zeit.
  • Natan Sharanksy, former Israeli Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, Minister without Portfolio.
  • Jana Hybaskova, former Member of the European Parliament and Chairperson of the European Democrats Party (Czech Republic).
  • Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, Professor of Religion at San Diego State University (SDSU) and faculty member of SDSU Center for Islamic and Arabic Studies.
  • Imam Hassen Chalghoumi, French-Tunisian Imam of the Drancy mosque, Paris.
  • Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, author of 27 works as well as over 100 magazine and journal articles.
  • Yehuda Bauer, Former Director of the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem.
  • Dr. Khaled Fouad Allam, Algerian sociologist at the University of Trieste (Italy).
  • Magdi Khalil, human rights activist and Executive Editor of the Egyptian weekly Watani International.
  • Faraj Sarkouhi, former editor of the Iranian literary monthly magazine Adineh.



The true North, Proud and Free just might become that again!

For the first time in nearly ten years, I can finally say that I am a proud Canadian!

Good luck and best wishes to the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

Your Dad would be proud of you! I know that I am !! 🙂

Canada’s Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau (Jean-Marc Carisse/Wikimedia Commons)

Canada’s Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau (Jean-Marc Carisse/Wikimedia Commons)

The good news is that with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s defeat Monday in the national elections, Israel is about to lose one of its best friends on the international stage.

Even better news is that Canada will now have a government that works for Canada, not the USA or Israel!

As a humorous side note, thanks to John Oliver for possibly swaying the election results …

Full report HERE

Justin Trudeau Victory Speech



Over 1500 people braved the streets of New York as they marched for Palestinian Rights

unnamed (8)

Photos © by Bud Korotzer






































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