It’s your birthday but you did not blow out the candles…

Around your birthday cake we wait but feel helpless..

Did you have to go so young defending that which is right?

Maybe so; despair not, as your name shines, like a star so bright

And your memory will stay alive in everyone’s living heart

Your courage that some ignorant dared call otherwise

It’s your life you gave up with courage and expected no goodbyes

For injustice and tyranny had no place in your eyes.

And the ignorant and tyrants claim they yearn for peace, yet are in disguise

Like sheep in wolves clothing, they are the unwise.



Your name will torment your killers until the end of time

And the day will come when you will drag them to the Divine

And you will ask: My Lord, ask them why they murdered me, and for what crime?

They followed not your commandments nor did they cry

When a child’s life they took and the mothers’ tears never did dry

Lord here they are, those who dare claim to be chosen,

It’s your wrath I do pray with which them you smite

For your mercy they rejected and your power they ridiculed

They thought they were infallible but now, they will taste your might

And in your heaven I pray I join those, who my death, they cried.



Happy birthday Rachel…